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Looks like a mid jewess, who dat?


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I'm not the incel who is constantly screaming about 'w*men,' but it's absolutely pointless to give any speck of attention to women online who you are not fucking or don't have any chance of fucking.

Seriously, stop following thirst trap accounts. They aren't helping you improve any aspect of your life. Clear your browser history if you've recently watched porn. Same thing - it's not helping you. The only nudes on your phone should be ones you took (pic related).

Unfollow dorky divorcee 'red pill' grifters who present monotonous lectures about how 'good women' should act to their audience of 95% men.

Fat chick or hot chick. If I don't have a way to message her and set up a meeting, there's no point of me thinking about her, even for a few seconds.

You guys need to quit being loose with your attention.

>Inb4 it's just entertainment anon

Ok. Keep entertaining yourself (aka coping) while life passes you by and focused men surpass you. Sounds like a great idea.

As far as the chick in the dress goes, very mid. But most of you fags can't afford to have high standards, so you should probably take what you can get while working your way up to something a bit thinner and more self aware.


You're mean


It's a simple dress yet it displays form quite well. I could never stand wearing that kind of no-strap shoulder displying dress though, feels like it could slide off any moment.


You're a bitch

I don't say that to be mean. It's just an observation.

Youre more concerned with feelings and tone policing that anything else, including helping people improve their lives

Standard feminine behavior

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