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>The buffalo shooter was a /pol/tard and an incel.
Thoughts? /pol/ is freaking out about getting shut down now. I….can’t see this happening because 4chan is too big, maybe just /pol/ will be deleted?


He wasnt even a poltard he just lurked for a few days and that was enough to make him go kill 10 people.


File: 1652590006824.webm ( Spoiler Image, 2.92 MB , 1100x616 , 123131314dfq13454.webm )

America is a hell hole, shutting down 4chan /pol/ would be bad for intelligence agencies (increasingly anti-social losers getting more radicalized). This individual was an autistic zoomer, instead of banning guns mental health needs to be prioritized insane asylums should massively be reopened and filled with these people. >>102 If it is true that he was screaming /pol/ mantra like "I hate the antichrist" and he only lurked for a few days he probably had a mental disorder. Video related >be american
>get shot
Fuck this piece of shit country.


As a burger NEET loser I cherish the fact that I rarely leave my apartment outside into hell on earth.


Wow after seeing this I can see why /pol/ thinks they're getting shut down.


He lurked longer than two days but he was a newfag to 4chan. Instead of being an autist he was retarded look up his reddit posts.


You know maybe wagie isn't so bad because I only leave my home for social interaction when I feel I really need it.
Can avoid shit like this in the long run.


>reddit fag

Say no more


File: 1652619864839.png ( 144.17 KB , 205x531 , ClipboardImage.png )



>Those shoes
Damn, this kid really did have autism.


They talking about any assault rifle bans yet? Should I run out and go get an AR or something before they stop selling them?


File: 1652647514334.jpg ( 178.86 KB , 826x926 , 1652644731548.jpg )



File: 1652651625451.jpg ( 108.92 KB , 768x1024 , 1652649291926.jpg )

/pol/ and the alt right are trying to say this guy was an "authoritarian leftist" lol


File: 1652660224701.jpg ( 334.02 KB , 1152x1152 , 1605205733041.jpg )

Kek at least in my turd world shithole people shoot each other because of real shit like robberies or that $200000 drugs shipment not because blackpepo make you mad or because shaquille fucked jamaal's girlfriend shaniqua


Average mutt burger.


homie i'm brown and even i have more of a caucasoid face than this uyghur


File: 1652687573974.png ( Spoiler Image, 345.14 KB , 500x667 , bbb1.png )

This why anyone becomes a Nazi Republican. All bitches want the dark beef and not no little white inferior Nazi grubworm!


I slept with plenty of black duds an I assure you the BBC myth is just that, a myth.


How fucking in denial can you possibly be in? Jesus Christ.


Yeah, well it has precedent with 8ch getting shutdown due to the NZ Christchurch Mosque Shooting.


No, if you buy one through legitimate means they'll trace you up to return it.


why the fuck does every white 18-21 year old try to grow a beard? if you have pubebeard at very best all it does is make your face look dumpy and round
>>111 you haven't already?


>you haven't already?
No, just a handgun. I poor.

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