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File: 1712829677361.jpg ( 55.65 KB , 1024x576 , it-was-horrible.jpg )

indeed nothing new here


nah, bluepilled cuck, I'm never the problem, and I will keep complaining until I get my fucking AI girlfriend, you got that?

go be a father figure grifter to someone else fuckface


Actually it's been said she dated a fellow German Jew collaborator snitch


File: 1712991657085.jpg ( 296.73 KB , 1152x2048 , 1691076771184612.jpg )

House bill criminalizing common STIs, could turn thousands of Oklahomans into felons


File: 1712993344179.jpg ( 65.14 KB , 1917x806 , e6wjwn7hm0531.jpg )

On the one hand: lmao @ sex havers
On the other hand: Bourgeois state oppressing the common man


>On the one hand: lmao @ sex havers
You can get a lot of these STIs without having sex. Kissing and surgery or even simple dental work are examples.


File: 1713009788772.gif ( 1.6 MB , 498x273 , 1650662174831.gif )

That's fucking retarded.

Now people will be afraid to seek qualified medical help, and will try to self-medicate instead.

This is another attempt to establish open feminoid dictatorship: banning prostitution is not enough, now they are banning STIs.

The feminoid state is telling sub8 men that they can't get their basic needs met except to betabux for some single mom straight off the cock carousel.



File: 1713300392447.jpg ( 358.08 KB , 976x1500 , 1708590257976068.jpg )

More young people choosing permanent sterilization after abortion restrictions
>Since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, there's been an ongoing increase in adults ages 18 to 30 who undergo tubal ligation or vasectomy, new research shows.


File: 1713905624089.jpg ( 1.18 MB , 900x1215 , RDT_20240327_1813212595996….jpg )

South Korean government offers almost $100K per baby to combat “national extinction”


Worst Korea is an incredible story. They did everything the feminists told them to do and are now facing extinction. Feminism is an actual death cult ideology.


>be worst korea
>have highest age of consent in the world
>millions of relationships that might otherwise result in reproduction are outlawed
>also have openly misandrist women who have no problem with only men being compelled to serve in the military
>roasties are so horrid men will literally skip out of $100k to avoid them


File: 1713940290502.mp4 ( 4.89 MB , 1280x720 , RDT_20240423_233045.mp4 )



Archie has some cute red hair


South Korea is feminist?
Also any form of politixs is death cult ideology.


Based Dems tell it how it is


>Feminism is an actual death cult ideology.
Just like any other identity-cringe ideology. Why the fuck did you even have to point this out, are you fucking retarded?
>They did everything the feminists told them to
<he really thinks that some screeching whores decide anything instead of deliberately diverting public attention to themselves


File: 1714231651309.jpg ( 267.65 KB , 1198x1293 , RDT_20240427_0827237283416….jpg )



Compulsory military service for women announced…in Denmark.


This is a positive development, I am glad for Danish women, this is a victory for women and feminism world wide. Israel and Ukraine next.


I'd fuck the shit out of a female Danish soldier, she'd be speaking in tongues. Even the Mossad that worked with Epstein would be shocked at the depravities of the ways I'd claim her.


Fucking Danish female soldier with her fucking Nordic model, how about you model on my dick you bitch fuckkk

Fucking Danish models thirst trapping on Tiktok and Instagram, got my fucking dick all hard, fucking freaky sluts just teasing their goods all around the place


I can't stop thinking about Danish women. I wrote this poem:
Fucking a bitch that's Danish / Fucking that bitch in the anus


File: 1714342340157.jpg ( 231.19 KB , 1439x1437 , 20240428_151058.jpg )



Okay? Maybe it's because of all the queerphobia in the world, stressing them out? And lack of of workplace opportunities for women, thus leading them to not afford the right healthcare? Women’s health research is not as advanced because of patriarchal capitalism and male doctors.

Women’s Health Research: Understanding the Roles of Sex and Gender

The Economic Benefits of Investing in Women's Health Research | RAND

Women's healthcare is a joke


>They beat each other because of homophobia.
This line of reasoning always makes me laugh.
For starters lesbians are no where near the most oppressed minority and yet they still have the worst domestic violence.
You can prove this by looking at male homosexual couple having the LOWEST rates of DV.
Secondly we don't give these excuses to other minorities, it's only LGBTQ people. Women are less afraid of CIS men than bears for all the violence they supposedly collectively perpetrate but lesbians are somehow given a pass.
Thridly you do realize that the victims of lesbian DV are lesbians too.
The fact of the matter is is that in western society violent women are above criticism. People either don't believe it, or think a man is actually behind it. So when males are completely removed from the equation and there's no way to deflect blame normies are gobsmacked


>pussy-gays have the worst domestic violence
>dick-lesbians have the LOWEST rates of DV
Always has been.

Basically it's like that fag Ulrichs have put it: "a woman's soul in a man's body" & "a man's soul in a woman's body".
Just replace "soul" with "brain/mind" & you get the actual thing: that a lesbo is just a[n unhinged] dude who got a human female biovessel @ birth, & a gayfaggie is[, consequently,] a[n unhinged] gal who's got a human male meatsack. It even finds its expression in homogays sniffing up on dudes' sweat & vice versa for homolesbos, & as we know it, smell is the 2nd most important factor in deciding over your affection towards a potential partner after visual appearance.

>Gay men report, on average, slightly longer and thicker penises than non-gay men.[132]

>because of patriarchal capitalism and male doctors
Ain't there more of you hole-fags in the education now than ever? Where is all of your shitty race superiority equality after all these years, huh?
Fuck outta here, bitch. Go choke on a fascist dick like yo funni sissies do it everywhere all the time you fucking biological class traitor cunt. None of you have ever had any problem with them as everyone can see.

>privilege-deranged cunts claim ownership even over this despite the fact that you can have a mmmmmmAaAaAyUuUl body while still having an XX pair & be treated as a disgusting eternal rapist dick-swaya (but only cuz u aint chad kek).


>Lesbians smack their partners the most because they have male brains! Nothing is ever women's fault!
To paraphrase a great philosopher: "Simpin' ain't easy".


File: 1714419494893.jpg ( 34.04 KB , 579x426 , xmpgh7k7e0r01-2139883267.jpg )


Next they should abolish compulsory military service for men.






File: 1714539294999.jpg ( 57.21 KB , 417x599 , 1712336449746850.jpg )

Korea sees more deaths than births for 52nd consecutive month in February



File: 1714544405546.png ( 1.06 MB , 1052x844 , 167530993304153658.png )

Why so many Korean women barren


>retard missed the [being unhinged] part
Faggotoid, it only proves the fact that if a cuntbrain is put into a human male body &, as a consequence, from that point is treated like a man (= you gotta be responsible & accountable for your behavior & actions) then you get a normal, sociable person who does not see others as nuisance except when it really is so.
& on the contrary ‒ if a dickbrain is put into a human female body &, as a consequence, is being treated like a shitty, ∞-ly privileged princess their whole life, then you get the most violent & antisocial degenerate humanity can ever conceive, hence the absolute delusionality in their behavior.
Hence, cunts have NO excuse for being fucking cunts toward other ppl. Cease stuffing your head so deep into your ass you retard.


File: 1714578359944.png ( 545.44 KB , 654x720 , 167530993304153485.png )

No, seriously
Why so many Korean women barren


>masculimity crisis being defined by lack of social posturing.


They're not having children because they're too poor to afford them. Infertility is a factor but not the main one


At least theure smart.
Too many people think children as essential toys one must have.


most MtF transhumanists aremt treated with respect. Theyre see as freaks


File: 1715024290090.jpg ( 535.94 KB , 906x1320 , RDT_20240423_2331498456920….jpg )



File: 1715295851927.jpg ( 179.78 KB , 2075x1240 , 20240509_160338.jpg )



File: 1715297356769.jpg ( Spoiler Image, 352.4 KB , 2048x1536 , 20240509_104712.jpg )

Trump Aide Promises Ban on Pornography in 2nd Trump Term



she looks like my 7 yo cousin (male)


File: 1715310097075.jpg ( 171.34 KB , 1448x1000 , 1714952592935996.jpg )

Korean culture is the same as Japan's except lot of people are into "materialism", "status", "lookism" and stepping on someone else to get ahead, lot of backstabbing, scheming, aggressive, and repressive culture. Shit, no wonder the Korean birthrate is the lowest in the entire world. Who the F*ck wants to have children in that sh*thole.

The irony is that only clueless white people like David Carradine and others are into "Eastern Spirituality" ,but the Asians themselves doesn't give a f*ck about "Eastern Spirituality" at all and embrace "Western degeneracy". Think about it. If Asians have embraced "Eastern Spirituality" , their countries wouldn't turn into a repressive hypercompetitive, shiny, plastic sh*thole as it is today. There would be more Asians like Winston coming out and being successful and Taiwan and Japan wouldn't be a cold and anti social place.

All that talk about Bushido, Confucianism, harmonious relationship and others are just load of crap and lip-service that other Asians say to just to feel "good" about themselves. None of them actually practice what they preach.


File: 1715380599613.png ( 3.96 MB , 1999x1441 , least retarded visitor.png )

>All that talk about Bushido, Confucianism, harmonious relationship and other
That's just a westoid race-fetishistic cope with their lyfe bruh. Some of them really think you can escape capitalism by going to some barbarian isolated traditional country which culture just doesn't bend to the outside economic pressures, somehow. Really makes me think about the recent storm of nostalgia towards USSR or other shit from fags who don't know anything about its actual history. Kinda like promised land 2.0.
I mean, just take a look @ the shit asians produce in fiction where any kind of another middle ages EVROPE is involved. All the same unbelievably idealised load of crap except it's not usually implied that any of this is, or was somehow real.

I wonder what will be invented by africans when it would be their turn to become the next industrial center of the world.


File: 1715473042596.jpg ( 320.74 KB , 1536x2048 , GNEbqL1agAAkrGE.jpg_large.jpg )

Bumble Rolls Out New Brand Identity – ‘We’ve changed so you don’t have to’
The booj are starting to recognize the romance shortage in the US.


File: 1715500143372.jpg ( 65.74 KB , 864x463 , IMG_20240512_004840.jpg )



File: 1715640070148.jpg ( Spoiler Image, 59.32 KB , 500x623 , 20240501_103320.jpg )

Germany may introduce conscription for all 18-year-olds
>Both men and women could be called up to boost numbers in the armed forces



The return of the volkssturm


File: 1715785820101.jpg ( 2.01 MB , 1290x2205 , RDT_20240515_0803533436769….jpg )



i'll make some babies if give me state-assigned gf, how about that


>imagine being so pathetic as to need state intervention to get a relationship
social state plan


Tbh why do people only care about kids as popukational ballast?

Most adults are empathetically deficient towards them.


Just released documentary of Dutch woman attempting to convert neo Nazis by fugging them XDDDD


i heard he couldn't get it up or something


I want to watch this. Have you got a link to the uncensored version? I couldn't find it on vk.






Are the people in this real or are they actors and art students?


It's supposedly real


Have you watched it? I had to turn it off because it was so graphic. She meets this roadworker who votes for the far-right party and within 5 minutes she is sucking him off in her kitchen. Then she just lets him fuck her on the table like it's nothing. Are normies really that casual about sex?


It's in the Netherlands so yeah.


Why are people like that in the Netherlands? Is it a good thing? Are there still incels?


The Netherlands has an extremely strong welfare state so people are really chillax there.
It's basically communism even though the CCP shills here won't admit it. No the workers don't own the MoP but they don't in China either yet somehow since there's portraits of Marx in the Parliament China is communist even though it has horrendous working conditions and environmental problems.
The Netherlands is a peek at what it looks like when the government actually finishes building up productive forces using capitalism and actually starts using the production capability to support it's people.


I'm sorry I don't understand how that relates to incels.


File: 1716360079251.jpg ( 1.27 MB , 1000x1082 , RDT_20240515_0800423886620….jpg )

Trump on Restricting Access to Contraception: ‘We’re Looking at That’


Being ugly is a literal crime, JFL.


kek @ th@ snout


>Feminist claims black people were happy under slavery.


File: 1716654950798.jpg ( 142.92 KB , 1024x1024 , 1712265562563325.jpg )

Male birth control breakthrough safely switches off fit sperm for a while


A lot of women about to be denied Chad's baby.


And women wonder why men are turning to sex dolls


File: 1717277602667.jpg ( 76.94 KB , 1170x1169 , Image_20240430_222811.jpg )

Texas GOP Wish List Includes Death Penalty for Abortion Patients
Are we seeing the end of the sexual revolution?


File: 1717293619702.jpg ( 456.98 KB , 1280x822 , tumblr_m5wg3ySaMP1rwuwtso2….jpg )

Men and other mammals live longer if they are castrated, says researcher
>Cat Bohannon tells Hay festival audience it is not known why men go through life ‘smuggling two little death nuggets’

First they came for my foreskin. Now they want my balls.


Doesnt the same apply for hyseterectomy?


Sex rates are gonna drop even more.

Soon we will need sex dolls.


No, that's medically necessary and the drop in QoL is recognized and clearly communicated to the patient


File: 1717449700414.png ( 168.6 KB , 1366x664 , the_atlantic.png )

I just got this ad on my browser from the Atlantic. The day of reckoning is here. Soon no normy asswiping trash will be able to ignore the brown pill. Death to all those who know how to wipe.


The fact you're reading the Atlantic is by far the most concerning part of your post.


Male birth control gel is safe and effective, new trial findings show


>After decades of attempts to develop new birth control medications for men, scientists are more hopeful than ever. With new abortion restrictions, demand is growing, experts say.


File: 1717524406219.jpg ( 81.61 KB , 664x960 , 20240604_110618.jpg )



File: 1717604779493.jpg ( 93.2 KB , 1036x791 , 20240605_092359.jpg )



File: 1718027745714.jpg ( 277.85 KB , 3024x3024 , Image_20240503_101449.jpg )

Adults and teens turn to 'dumbphones' to cut screen time



File: 1718043505149.png ( 181.33 KB , 720x1240 , 1718043492300.png )

Braindead paper assed NPCs would rather kill each other then take the brown pill. Asswipers must all be killed. Stupid paperslaves are subhuman and they'll call you a freak or 'unclean' for being natural and not knowing how to wipe your own ass.


Imagine having this little self control
just don't install apps.


File: 1718298026255.jpg ( 93.2 KB , 1036x791 , 20240605_092359.jpg )



File: 1718306997189.jpg ( 57.82 KB , 541x784 , 20240611_130611.jpg )



File: 1718312303921.jpg ( 179.78 KB , 2075x1240 , 20240509_160338.jpg )



File: 1718313548532.jpg ( 192.06 KB , 1168x1200 , 20240207_183901.jpg )



File: 1718382511245.jpg ( 212.61 KB , 1178x1692 , 20240112_080808.jpg )

The Christian right is coming for divorce next
>Some conservatives want to make it a lot harder to dissolve a marriage.



File: 1718382643840-0.jpg ( 101.87 KB , 699x602 , 20240205_005307.jpg )

File: 1718382643840-1.jpg ( 176.59 KB , 1178x1394 , 20240124_113245.jpg )

File: 1718382643840-2.jpg ( 40.73 KB , 478x507 , 20240123_105942.jpg )

File: 1718382643840-3.jpg ( 142.99 KB , 1080x820 , 20240123_090553.jpg )



File: 1718383401882.jpg ( 65.08 KB , 465x478 , 1718313548532.jpg )



File: 1718484709863.jpg ( 65.59 KB , 1400x468 , woman in the incel communi….jpg )





She's probably enjoying all the Chad examples being posted and talking to the fakecels and general schadenfraude (as typical of roasties)


not news but

>Michelle Carter Released From Prison After Texting-Suicide Case Conviction

It seems telling people to kill themselves is against the law. I wonder if it's also punishable when someone posts *** fuel.



An uncensored version is on the Dutch television's site.




File: 1718863839117.jpg ( Spoiler Image, 28.79 KB , 480x577 , Image_20240604_021559.jpg )

Woman admits to lying about attack in parking lot; innocent man freed from jail: DA
>All charges have been dropped against Daniel Pierson, who was originally arrested in the case. He spent a month behind bars before his release on Friday.



File: 1719088327804.png ( 196.42 KB , 1942x1654 , Image_20240622_133127.png )



New York’s Fat Beach Day gives plus-size people a space to be themselves


You just know it all toasties.


File: 1719169448541.jpg ( 809.15 KB , 1073x1044 , RDT_20240623_1203405031518….jpg )



File: 1719300466452.jpg ( 727.43 KB , 526x526 , 20240111_192303.jpg )

Appeals court finds 'Obamacare' pillar unconstitutional in suit over HIV-prevention drug



‘Too many old people’: A rural Pa. town reckons with population loss



The fertility crisis is here and it will permanently alter the economy



File: 1719597926048.jpg ( Spoiler Image, 38.26 KB , 520x500 , 20240614_000400.jpg )

Rate of Young Women Getting Sterilized Doubled After ‘Roe’ Was Overturned



File: 1719677496827.jpg ( 249.41 KB , 1091x981 , 20240629_091059.jpg )



With this in mind, respectfully, can I get GF if I move to Russia?


File: 1719774326318.jpg ( Spoiler Image, 117.61 KB , 1080x1095 , Image_20240520_225556.jpg )

South Korea is running out of children – and this country could be next



South Korea is running out of children – and Britain could be next

Every spring, when warm rays of sunshine herald the start of South Korea’s baking summer, fountains across Seoul’s central Gwanghwamun plaza suddenly burst into life, sending cooling jets of water into the air.

In any other city in the world, such an inviting sight would tempt young children to charge through the spray. But in the heart of the Korean capital, shouts of childlike delight are rare.

For a first-time visitor to Korea, there is a gnawing feeling that something is missing. Then it finally dawns – the children.

South Korea has the lowest birth rate in the world, and it continues to plummet, reaching new record-breaking troughs every year.

The latest figures show it fell by another 8 per cent in 2023 to 0.72, which is the number of children a woman is expected to have in her lifetime.

For South Korea’s kindergarten teachers, the national dearth of children is already painfully evident and impacting their career prospects.

The country’s record-low birth rates are projected to cause the closure of roughly one-third of daycare centres and kindergartens by 2028, a report by the Korea Institute of Child Care and Education warned in January.

This would mean the number of these institutions slipping from 39,053 in 2022 to just 26,637 in 2028, with 12,416 at risk of shutting down.

It’s a situation that London could soon find itself in. In Britain, nurseries are already closing due to government underfunding; babies are also quickly becoming a “luxury item”, says Joeli Brearley, the chief executive and founder of mothers charity Pregnant Then Screwed. “We’re running out of them. It is no surprise to us that fertility rates have hit the floor. We have one of the most expensive childcare sectors in the world, so much so that for three quarters of mothers, it no longer makes financial sense to work. With childcare fees outstripping the cost of housing for more than two thirds of families, almost half of families are borrowing money to pay their childcare bills.”

In England and Wales, the average birth rate declined to 1.49 children per woman in 2022, according to figures from the Office for National Statistics. With its birth rate of just 0.72 children per woman, South Korea’s fertility rate is so critically low that experts predict the population will have halved by the year 2100.


It's impossible to sustain a family on the average wage and modern women are retarded. There are the problems and until the government fix them the decline shall continue.


File: 1719788491462.jpg ( 66.05 KB , 680x494 , 20240630_160044.jpg )



Chinese workers in Israel sign no-sex contract


Maybe stop the cutthroat level of academia in Southeast Asia.

Youre torturing young people with bans for free time and dating amd afterschool jobs.


>The fact of the matter is is that in western society violent women are above criticism. People either don't believe it, or think a man is actually behind it. So when males are completely removed from the equation and there's no way to deflect blame normies are gobsmacked

Actually ypure kinda wromg.

YOUNG NUBILE WOMEN are excused, not violent women.


Any place that obsesses over borthrates is the least concerned abouth the individual welfare of lonely adult males.
It only shows that they see young men as convenient seed banks to make more babies to fuel the war machine.


It's statistically proven that women get much lighter sentences for the same crimes. And the media doesn't even report on female child predators regardless of looks.


Again,the peferential treatment is based on her youth, physique, and skin tone.


A lot of old hags get thrown in jail though.


thats what i was saying in the first place.
Chivalry doesnt equalise all women.
Only the young, lightskinned, curvy ones.

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