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First Incel News General archived here:
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The Christian right is coming for divorce next
>Some conservatives want to make it a lot harder to dissolve a marriage.



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She's probably enjoying all the Chad examples being posted and talking to the fakecels and general schadenfraude (as typical of roasties)


not news but

>Michelle Carter Released From Prison After Texting-Suicide Case Conviction

It seems telling people to kill themselves is against the law. I wonder if it's also punishable when someone posts *** fuel.



An uncensored version is on the Dutch television's site.




File: 1718863839117.jpg ( Spoiler Image, 28.79 KB , 480x577 , Image_20240604_021559.jpg )

Woman admits to lying about attack in parking lot; innocent man freed from jail: DA
>All charges have been dropped against Daniel Pierson, who was originally arrested in the case. He spent a month behind bars before his release on Friday.



File: 1719088327804.png ( 196.42 KB , 1942x1654 , Image_20240622_133127.png )



New York’s Fat Beach Day gives plus-size people a space to be themselves


You just know it all toasties.


File: 1719169448541.jpg ( 809.15 KB , 1073x1044 , RDT_20240623_1203405031518….jpg )



File: 1719300466452.jpg ( 727.43 KB , 526x526 , 20240111_192303.jpg )

Appeals court finds 'Obamacare' pillar unconstitutional in suit over HIV-prevention drug



‘Too many old people’: A rural Pa. town reckons with population loss



The fertility crisis is here and it will permanently alter the economy



File: 1719597926048.jpg ( Spoiler Image, 38.26 KB , 520x500 , 20240614_000400.jpg )

Rate of Young Women Getting Sterilized Doubled After ‘Roe’ Was Overturned



File: 1719677496827.jpg ( 249.41 KB , 1091x981 , 20240629_091059.jpg )



With this in mind, respectfully, can I get GF if I move to Russia?


File: 1719774326318.jpg ( Spoiler Image, 117.61 KB , 1080x1095 , Image_20240520_225556.jpg )

South Korea is running out of children – and this country could be next



South Korea is running out of children – and Britain could be next

Every spring, when warm rays of sunshine herald the start of South Korea’s baking summer, fountains across Seoul’s central Gwanghwamun plaza suddenly burst into life, sending cooling jets of water into the air.

In any other city in the world, such an inviting sight would tempt young children to charge through the spray. But in the heart of the Korean capital, shouts of childlike delight are rare.

For a first-time visitor to Korea, there is a gnawing feeling that something is missing. Then it finally dawns – the children.

South Korea has the lowest birth rate in the world, and it continues to plummet, reaching new record-breaking troughs every year.

The latest figures show it fell by another 8 per cent in 2023 to 0.72, which is the number of children a woman is expected to have in her lifetime.

For South Korea’s kindergarten teachers, the national dearth of children is already painfully evident and impacting their career prospects.

The country’s record-low birth rates are projected to cause the closure of roughly one-third of daycare centres and kindergartens by 2028, a report by the Korea Institute of Child Care and Education warned in January.

This would mean the number of these institutions slipping from 39,053 in 2022 to just 26,637 in 2028, with 12,416 at risk of shutting down.

It’s a situation that London could soon find itself in. In Britain, nurseries are already closing due to government underfunding; babies are also quickly becoming a “luxury item”, says Joeli Brearley, the chief executive and founder of mothers charity Pregnant Then Screwed. “We’re running out of them. It is no surprise to us that fertility rates have hit the floor. We have one of the most expensive childcare sectors in the world, so much so that for three quarters of mothers, it no longer makes financial sense to work. With childcare fees outstripping the cost of housing for more than two thirds of families, almost half of families are borrowing money to pay their childcare bills.”

In England and Wales, the average birth rate declined to 1.49 children per woman in 2022, according to figures from the Office for National Statistics. With its birth rate of just 0.72 children per woman, South Korea’s fertility rate is so critically low that experts predict the population will have halved by the year 2100.


It's impossible to sustain a family on the average wage and modern women are retarded. There are the problems and until the government fix them the decline shall continue.


File: 1719788491462.jpg ( 66.05 KB , 680x494 , 20240630_160044.jpg )



Chinese workers in Israel sign no-sex contract


Maybe stop the cutthroat level of academia in Southeast Asia.

Youre torturing young people with bans for free time and dating amd afterschool jobs.


>The fact of the matter is is that in western society violent women are above criticism. People either don't believe it, or think a man is actually behind it. So when males are completely removed from the equation and there's no way to deflect blame normies are gobsmacked

Actually ypure kinda wromg.

YOUNG NUBILE WOMEN are excused, not violent women.


Any place that obsesses over borthrates is the least concerned abouth the individual welfare of lonely adult males.
It only shows that they see young men as convenient seed banks to make more babies to fuel the war machine.


It's statistically proven that women get much lighter sentences for the same crimes. And the media doesn't even report on female child predators regardless of looks.


Again,the peferential treatment is based on her youth, physique, and skin tone.


A lot of old hags get thrown in jail though.


thats what i was saying in the first place.
Chivalry doesnt equalise all women.
Only the young, lightskinned, curvy ones.


File: 1721020652353.jpg ( 191.82 KB , 864x1417 , IMG_20240714_221647.jpg )

They're trying to pin this on incels now.


He was considered "ugly" and was neurodivegrent so they were going to naturally blame inceldom.


I heard he was an undocumented Cuban Chechen immigrant from Russia


lol with a face like that, the burden of proof is on you to prove he wasn't


>Misty Stone “All Male Porn stars are gay” + Sword fighting in my mouth, Part 6
Thoughts? I think I can cope well knowing I did not do sword fight even if it was in a woman's mouth. I realize now that's homophobic but yeah..


File: 1721221223592.png ( 121.67 KB , 948x418 , ClipboardImage.png )

If you think about it, being a male pornstar is kinda gay. You're on camera to fulfill the sexual fantasies of other men(majority of porn consumers are men). Also being directed and produced by other men. Add in "gayforpay" and the "heteroflexible" acts, it's pretty gay.


File: 1721230379889.jpg ( 75.46 KB , 1179x816 , 20240717_083129.jpg )

Start building up that spank bank.


The only way this will work is if they implement a state-assigned romantic companion program. Which they're too scared to do. What a bunch of dickheads


Who is willing to beat that this JD Vance guy is a closet degenerate?

Anyone who obsesses over porn or sex, especially youth sexuality, is often a miserable incel or a practicing sexual predator or something.


He's a republican with an ethnic wife, I would be surprised if he wasn't. Porn is obviously terrible for people and society but banning it isn't the solution.


Didn't you get the memo? Orc & hohol feminazis are bitter enemies 2day cuz hohols now like troons & faggots like the trve tundra uyghur honorary europeans unlike their eastern relatives who hold them responsible 4 oppressing the sacred cunthood simply by xisting or some other stuff like th@.

You don't understand, faggot. Only the aristocracy gets 2 fuck & reproduce, not the cattle th@ should work smarter & harder 4 their owners' lifestyle.

>majority 65% of porn consumers are men


File: 1721511033231.png ( 58.18 KB , 259x269 , 1721511023676.png )

>sex haver
look at him and tell me he gets laid with a straight face


he had a sense of humor




what internet search history of men doesnt have porn?
Even guys whom get pussy watch porn.


File: 1721668123641.jpg ( 125.08 KB , 598x1129 , DramaAlert_181107799702315….jpg )

think this guy is a sex haver or not?

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