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Would you rather be
a bull fucking other people's wives
would you rather be married to the love of your life and maybe have kids


I would rather watch my wife and love of my life get fucked and impregnated by the bull, for me to then raise the kids as my own.


Damn. How did you come to this conclusion? Did you ever dream of regular monogamy? If so, when did it change? And what are your masturbation habits? Did you experiment in real life? What generation are you? Hobbies?


holy datamining


I was just wonder what kind of person a cuckold might be. Who knows, maybe they're just a regular guy on the outside (2 spooky 4 me).



My name is Trevor Weaver from Akron Ohio. I graduated from Garfield Highschool and I have always dreamed of being in a monogamous relationship. Ever since I started college in Georgia Tech, I've found myself in complicated circumstances beyond my control. I've always kept masturbation to a minimum after I broke my dick at 15 when I used to hump the floor. Now since I've started my bachelor's I've seemed to attract beautiful women.

I thought that this was too good to be true that I was so attractive somehow. I thought maybe it was because I am a social democrat. Maybe it's my new hair product. Maybe it's because I'm 6'1". The trouble is my first relationship ended up being a cucking relationship. I dated her for two months but when I started having a physical relationship, she would always suggest inviting her Trotskyist friend. Eventually I broke down and consented but he gave l ended being the one who did all the fucking. Ever since then women hit me up over the phone, dating websites, in person, everything.

I left the DSA. I've blocked all her friends online but they keep coming out of the woodwork. Now I don't accept any woman's advances because I know this stupid bitch ruined my life and gave out my information to every bull and bitch in Atlanta.

Any suggestions anons? I'm trying to get a job with the FBI so I should be safe in the government dating secure co-workers who have passed security clearance right?


>trusting the FBI not to cheat on you
I think you're kind of in a pickle here. Maybe you should try to move places and change your phone number. Can you sue her for doxing and harassment?


I talked to a lawyer after the law failed me. She told me that the only way the case could go through is 1: If she slips up 2: I find evidence of a data sharing network where my stuff was published or 3: If I watch her sleep with her bull


Oigha, why would you have to watch her sleep with her bull? Is the lawyer in on it?


File: 1713306471486.jpg ( 8.26 KB , 220x229 , images.jpg )

She must be right? I gave her case details so maybe she was already like that and just happened to invite me without being part of a broader network. It's turning me schizo


Well personally, I would advise against watching her with her bull. Why? Because it'll be mentally damaging. Don't do it man.


I didn't. That was a year ago and I haven't looked into civil litigation since. I'm worried about men too because occasionally at the bar bulls give me similar offers. I fucking hate Atlanta


Do you wear a wedding ring or something? Why would they offer you that? That's so weird.


No I'm not married they just offer to let me watch


being a bvll sounds like a miserable existence


Damn. Atlanta? More like Sodom and Gomorrah!


<'A mug's game,' he told me, 'is breaking your back at midnight, trying to make another man's wife come".


tbh most men fall into despair after the forst few years of being married with kids.

Alot of men teat their wives and children as sports trophies

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