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I just realized I haven't had sex since 2020. Does that make me an incel if the reason I don't have sex is because I'm interested in other shit? Or am I some sort of asexual weirdo? I know at least one person interested in getting married with me, but I'm not interested, even though I think I should get married, since I want to have a family. I just like other things more, and I had all the sex I wanted during my previous marriage. In fact, in the end, that was all there was to it. I want to be in love, but I don't know how to do that. I'm not young anymore, and I don't think I've ever actually experience that, even during the time I was married. I do love my friends, but I'm obviously not in love with any of them, since I'm straight, so I really don't feel alone. I just feel like there's something I should be doing, but I'm failing to grasp the details. Does anyone get like this?


Freud was right




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Other incels might call you incel if they're bitter and projecting, but you're just volcel. Especially if you already had plenty of sex before.
That and you just sound older and thus less horny than most of us.


You are a fakecel at best.


My understanding of incel is wanting to have sex or be in a relationship but can't. It seems you have and can but choose not to so you're not incel but 'volcel'


File: 1691536709948.jpg ( 108.11 KB , 600x600 , 25.jpg )

>I had all the sex I wanted
kys normoid


>Other incels might call you incel if they're bitter and projecting
the fuck you're on about? no incel would call a sex-haver an incel

his normoid friends might call him tho


Bet you also had a girlfriend in high school, ie teenlove. Huh, bitch?


humblebrag thread


I did. That was my first wife.

No. I just wonder if there's something wrong with me. I never felt loved or like I was in love. This was just going through the motions. Now I wonder if I can actually get laid if I wanted to. Maybe if I tried, I wouldn't be successful. That scares me a bit.


File: 1691555799102.jpeg ( 804.53 KB , 2000x1444 , To.Heart.2.full.jpeg )

>I did. That was my first wife.
And you have THE NERVE to ask if you're an incel?

The only teenlove we incels got was by playing dating sims.


File: 1691580692679.jpg ( 311.19 KB , 1080x2321 , cant be red only dead.jpg )

>I want to have a family.
>I want to be in love, but I don't know how to do that.
<How to have irrepairably disastrous relationships with my to-be suicidal kids who won't even truly know what do they even live for 101
A miserable person always breeds misery in others. Fix your shit first.


File: 1691598130229.jpg ( 571.03 KB , 1080x1264 , Screenshot_2023-08-09-23-2….jpg )

It hertz


Alright post the link


File: 1691637562937.jpg ( 44.27 KB , 640x636 , thats not even the full tr….jpg )

Actual smegma grinders turn whiny whenever a talk is held about commie bitches since they do not mate with cuckitalists despite even strong physiological compatibilities present. Ideals get stronker than plain matter.
Throw this fanfic in trash, 'ts null & void fake & gay.


Everyone knows the leader of the leftoid sect gets all the crazy BPD pussy. The followers and fanbois are left holding their dicks and generate about as much interest as a Trotskyist trying to sell their boring newsletter in front of a metro station.


File: 1691680687139.jpg ( 119.66 KB , 980x1190 , terriblefacebookmemes-lq0m….jpg )

>Communist has a figure like a weeble wobble because she's too poor to eat anything other than processed trash.
>Capitalist is slim because he can has the time and money to make home cooked meals.
First as tragedy then as farce.


He was 58 years old when he wrote this. Let that sink in.


I haven't had sex since last week


File: 1691693760148.jpeg ( 14.24 KB , 474x266 , nanosecond.jpeg )

and I haven't had sex since the last nanosecond


I'm having sex right now


is this dialectics?


File: 1691760416077.jpg ( 153.83 KB , 592x841 , THE SEMEN DEMON OF THE FRE….jpg )

Gotta always be in condition to impregnate the Mother Russia with his revolutionary judeo-ukrainian seed.

or so the roozkies told us




>Does that make me an incel
no you stupid ass normalfag


Not since 2020 huh? wow that must be so hard. Kill yourself


Kill yourself retard


Well, I'm trying to do that. This is one reason why I haven't gotten into a relationship or even considered it. I'm quite happy as I am, but I feel like I'm missing something that's obvious to everyone else.

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