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What do you think of pornography or sex work?


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I think sex work is good so long as it is affordable for men and the women involved aren't being coerced. If women refuse to fuck incels, it should at least be an option for these men to be allowed to see a prostitute for less than a day's wages. And without having to worry about getting caught in a police sting either.

I believe that porn should be more heavily regulated at a producer level. But completely banning it would involve restrictions on people's personal liberties that I cannot accept.

As for only fans, men who pay monthly subscriptions to these whores are retards when there is so much free porn out there. I mean I found the girl in the OP's entire private onlyfans content in less than 10 seconds of searching. pics related.


eh, I can see prostitutes that are associated with pimps and porn studios as exploited proles but the self employed ones are bourgeois.


>men who pay monthly subscriptions to these whores are retards
Funny how women who get exploited are innocent victims but men who get exploited are "retards". Holding men to a higher standard means you think men are inherently superior to women and that kind of sexism is not cool bucko.


Again, it goes to show that gender ewuality can never happen. It is more likely for black men to take over the Congress as a majority than have women face the same moral codes as men.


The nature of sex work is always coercive. That's why it's illegal.
Women are to stupid to understand the value of their Bodies so some one profiting off of them is inherently imoral.


porn (especially hentai) + internet = best thing for low status men since sliced bread

as for the prostitution, I have only one question: "Why the fuck so expensive?"
I'm not paying a quarter of my wage so that I would do all the work you lazy fucking cunt! especially when I can have far more fun with my chinese cartoons and eroges

do we have any anons from countries where prostitution is legal? is it that expensive too? fucking monopolist hoes man

tho I do quite enjoy a local vietnamese "massage" parlor, if you know what I mean


this. porn is a savior.

Why do people waste their sexual/romanticurges on trying to impose themselves on another living being you can do so with fictional people?

Why is wreatling allowed to be a vicarious spectative outlet for violence but porn isnt allowed to be the same for sex?


>as for the prostitution, I have only one question: "Why the fuck so expensive?"
The same reason drugs are so expensive: government intervention (socialism).


That isn't what socialism is


Granny, it's not your '60s anymore. Here, you forgot your meds 💊💊💊

>[*nlyPhags] is a very safe space for me
Oh fuck, this is gut. Bitch's selling her sissies out for a quick buck so they won't even think about it being the same fucking prostitution (since your body is still economically alienated from you) except you do it on distance. With all the same fallout attached & even multiplied due to your potential popularity on this widely known virtual red light district.

>What to think of pornography or sex work?

Considering that pornography is just a genre of media it will still persist as long as there is demand for it in the human society. This demand will end with the destruction of human division by sex as a phenomenon when people won't anymore have any connection to, & dependence on this historical artifact of their animal era.
It's non-pro-capitalist production should be tightly controlled with trivial death penalties for the usual shit of our days in the likes of coercion, human trafficking, blackmail, extortion etc.

Sex work is the same crap. Simply slap the scandinavian model of persecution of horny on it & move your focus to something else.

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