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File: 1659827652248.jpg ( 70.2 KB , 1280x640 , Andrew_Tate.jpg )


What's the deal with this guy and why am I seeing his name everywhere?

I've noticed normies are talking about how much of an evil misogynist he is and keep giving him free publicity, hell even my sister was asking me what I think of him. Is he just another clout chasing grifter taking advantage of desperate incels or does he make some good points?


Red pill rage is spreading as more men realize the pack lies they've been sold by society and feminism.
Now that shaming doesn't work their trying to steer angry young me into following impotent mentors like the fat bong on the right.


Andrew Tate seems like a shitty mentor too. He comes across as a rich playboy who has no idea how life is for the vast majority of incels, who are poor and working class.


He doesn't really care he just wants your money


This 20 minute sermon is right up there with the Critique of Pure Reason


File: 1660838717321.jpg ( 134.18 KB , 750x998 , Andrew tate cheddit.jpg )

We need a leftcel grifter to rival this guy, he's making us all look like retards.


>That Reddit post
And everyone clapped.


Isn't Hasan basically this. Hasan is a ssive incel


File: 1660870678931.jpg ( 40.67 KB , 900x385 , hassan.jpg )

>This Giga Chad is an incel.
Fuck me I hate millennials, they think they can just make words to mean whatever they want.


He's not fucking those chicks.


If you think that chiseled Adonis isn't fucking your coping.


File: 1660906192369.gif ( 1.68 MB , 360x336 , streets of rage.gif )

I finally looked up Andrew Tate. How long has this guy been around? I keep seeing all these videos on how he's ruined a generation of young men.
I think it's funny that someone so comically boorish could amass such a following. Society has screwed over and gaslit young men so badly that they'll cling on to anyone that validates their deep set feelings of betrayal.
As usually liberals refuse to look at the material exploitation and oppression that the average sub 8/10 man experiences, because according to patriarchy theory men can never be victims, and when they are it's really their own fault. And they attack the Tate personally when he's just opportunistically taking advantage of the huge well of anger in young men that western liberals created.


File: 1660919347986.png ( 112.28 KB , 413x549 , ap 550x550 12x16 1 transpa….png )

where my tatermen at?


File: 1660921152489.jpg ( 79.3 KB , 947x2048 , tate instagram.jpg )

banned on insta


Yeah, pretty much this.


I fucking hate that guy. It deff is sad that that faggot is who the desperate young minds of today look up too. Not much to say on it though I dunno about his banning.

I'll stick to Marx thanks.


Also yeah you're right. The real issue is that he is tapping into the desperation of people to grfit them. A story as old as time. How do we turn around society from seeing the world as a system of Ideals to a system of material historical movements? How do we turn it around?


Gentlemen, Gentlemen, Gentlemen


The guy a successful troll, I gotta hand it to him but like trolling as a billionaire is just easier. Plus ultimately his class position makes him a distraction to actually helping people whether he realizes it or not.


redpillers are just panicking that blackpill is taking over and liberating MANkind
blackpiller wouldn't buy their PUA course for the low price of 9.999$

you can't stop blackpill, it is omnipresent


Tate is unironically based. Guys here who benefit by checking his stuff out but also taking a lot of what he says with a grain of salt


File: 1663647889679.mp4 ( 6.04 MB , 720x1280 , wUZdsBEuD_ZVBCu8.mp4 )

He got too popular saying stuff like this. That's why he got cancelled


>some sleazy grifter in a 5000$ jacket wearing 7000$ watch says "you're a cog in a matrix"
such revelation






This is like reading a 2000's livejournal blog.




Anything on Reddit that talks about the yputh is to be taken with a huge grain of salt.

Again, society pathologizes male youth.


Andrew Tate is another umpteenth grifter.

I wouldnt be surprised if was found out to be a mediocre junior educated rich kid whom failed at real work.


lumpenbourgeois grifter #9001
every single "influencer" and "thought leader" should be the first to the guillotines


reposting a self-described right-winger telling dateless men that everything is over cuz muh genes blah blah

burn this board, people here are politically illiterate

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