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File: 1714414829506.png ( 39.45 KB , 402x94 , Women React.png )


"Women react" AKA women deny the lived experiences of single lonely men. Last I checked, woman are not men. How would they know anything about what they go through? Muh MaNsPLainInG tho. Equality for me but not for thee. Fuck you. Cunt. Bitch. Whore. Slut. Slag. Go fuck yourself. I hate women. If you're a woman reading this trying to get schadenfraude laughs at the expense of incels, you're going to age and get treated differently, this is called The Wall. It's inevitable. Wombtard.


Why are you watching this incel rage bait?


I see more and more people online noticing how women gaslight men about their own experiences.


I didn't watch it but it appeared in the sidebar. They make this video yet also try to shovel soyciety apologist propaganda down our pigcel pen. I say no to that.

I was blind before I awoke to the true nature of women. There's a reason most religions have so many rules regarding women.


File: 1715429798994.jpg ( 20.17 KB , 493x122 , crodie.jpg )

Did anyone watch this and what do they think?


I shut this shit off after the second chick start blabing about the most innocuous and stupid shit I've ever heard. Bunch of lying nitwits.


Who cares about what women say?


File: 1715473009915.webm ( 6.05 MB , 256x384 , meds_grass.webm )

meds, grass, and dare I say, therapy


dont give these hoes the views


File: 1715977680199.jpg ( 15.63 KB , 373x213 , bullshit.jpg )

how come they get to prey on men's insecurities? yet i'm supposed to attracted to ham-beasts because inclusivity and anti-body-shaming

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