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Why are millennials and especially zoomers so obsessed with gender?


Welcome to the desert of post-politics


What do you mean?


People tend to focus on that which they don't have.

It's also part and parcel of the immense faggotry of modern youth generations. In there mad dash to 'normalize' and 'destigmatize' everything, they've turned themselves to lechers of the spoken word and prudes of the deed. Never before has sex been to out in the open and accepted. Meanwhile, never before has a generation been so chaste and unable to perform the most basic function of life.

It's pathetic and one of the reasons why millennials should be stripped of all rights. They're simply not qualified to be trusted to act like functioning adults.


We don't know how much of that was actually organic, or how much is it an artifact of communicative capitalism branding people according to marketing categories.


Gender bullshit and identity politics is actually what we are left with when our political leaders have nothing to give us. It's really a form of pseudo-politics since it's not a serious struggle for political power.
1. Capitalist postmodernity erodes traditional cultural sensibilities
2. New and/or previously suppressed behaviors emerge while social structures collapse
3. The servants of capital attempt to manage this while capital forces market forces upon the social void
Identity politics is a term that refers to a constellation of such management regimes. Every mainstream party in most of the world makes use of some form of identity politics.
For example, the more that civil society break down, the more that we see the violent reassertion of racial, national, and sexual identity. Gender is just another one of these.
This creates a paradox where what seems like the critical destruction of gender norms is also an affirmation of gender, in the form of a bajillion new genders and so on.
TL;DR: millenials and zoomers are living in an aggressively "marketed" gender gold rush


because the cia is gay

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