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Redpill anon, what is the self-help/self-improvement book(s) you recommended again? It was similar to How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie.


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The self help market is nothing but a bunch of hokem.
If you want to improve your life its literally this simple:

Eat right and Exercise.
Spend limited time on the internet.
Fap less. I never fap more than twice in a week, but, don't go full no fap like a retard because you will get prostate cancer.
Work before play. Make sure all your ducks are in order. Make sure your house, car, dishes, etc etc are clean and bills are all paid before you start throwing money in the air spending money on sluts.
Also make sure you have a savings and investment fund and PUT MONEY IN IT.

Congrats I just gave you solid financial advice and you didn't have to pay some retard like andrew tate 999.99 a month to hear it.


>prostate cancer
Is that really real?

And I still wanna know because what's so special about the book that he had to shill it


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Nothing is special about the book.

>Is that really real?

You don't know if prostate cancer is real? Ask the half million or so men who die from it every year.


Considering cancer is a run away growth of cellular regeneration you might as well just deny the existence of cancer itself.

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