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File: 1714775418508.png ( 120.86 KB , 756x407 , normie_fag.png )


We need to split from these retarded normie bluepilled beta simp cucks. We can't share a site with them. We just can't. There's a reason why parties split or people get purged, and so forth.

As long as we live under the tyrannical boot of normie Reddit orgoid modocracy, we can never be truly free. We must split, or we die.


File: 1714775780386.jpg ( 53.21 KB , 549x309 , 1714775775719.jpg )

this. We also need a noWipe leftist community. Leftpoo when?


File: 1714775924661.png ( 237.55 KB , 640x360 , 167530993304153436.png )

normies fucking all the women while pay taxes, only fans, alimony, child support, etc, is like late stage sexual capitalism
We must split


I have no place to go. All I get on 'left' spaces is talking about how I should try and try and keep trying. Maybe I'm too tired. Maybe it's over. Maybe I don't want used-up DSA pig pussy. Maybe I'm tired of getting banned.

Your analogy doesn't even make sense. Your pic radiates joy. Leftcels are miserable like 'regular' incels.

I secretly envy normies but it's over for me. That's why I try to push the narrative that normies are cucked. I am jealous as to how easy most people start even platonic relationships, let alone romantic and sexual ones. All my life I've been an outcast. I'm not even accepted in outcast spaces. Too leftist for incels, too incel for leftist spaces. It's over…


>That's why I try to push the narrative that normies are cucked
normies cuckolding another normies's wife under surface level monogamous society is proto sexual capitalism


its over. we're not even respected in our safe space..


>my dsa pig pussy phrase was this powerful
lol total leftcel suicide


kek it's based proles that cuck the finance/silicon valley fag because his wife is only with him for his money. If you can't fuck you're hardly a worker


File: 1714778255482.png ( 6.04 KB , 1617x23 , sociopathic_fash_normie.png )

Look at this sociopathic fascist normie post. What even differentiates leftist and rightwing normies at this point? Split now.


>can't even screencap
maybe you're not too ugly. maybe you're just a fuckup


oh yeah?? well you're a fucking normoid uyghur, how about that


File: 1714778680566.png ( 18.78 KB , 150x96 , 8ch.png )

has anyone tried making a board on 8chan.moe


didn't that site break years ago?


still up and board creation open


File: 1714778821829.jpeg ( 63.77 KB , 350x526 , 1714778799259.jpeg )

yep. me and the wife picrel


im an incel so i wasn't socialized to be a leader. m-maybe someone else could do it..


File: 1714803697878.jpg ( 41.63 KB , 465x465 , 20231102_161031.jpg )

>Let's split one of the smallest and most hated leftist sub-groups because my feelings got hurt!


File: 1714822968519.mp4 ( 5.41 MB , 614x1080 , fucking animals.mp4 )

Sometimes I wonder how many of you fags actually visit this place. Seems like there's just 1 schizophreniac who's revving up threads all by toing himself & maybe another genuine 1 joins in later.


Stop listening to normieshits (they're bourgeois). Stop taking insults from leftards as something serious. Leftoidism, just like rightardism, attracts vast amounts of schizos of all kinds by design.
& don't forget that you live in a soyciety where everyone is a competitor to everyone else, so don't expect these faggots to ever accept your existence.

Fags, you (or just that 1 faggot) literally want to rape kids & animals & also produce provocational goonshittery of all kinds. Tf did you expect?
Or you wanna tell me it's all a feddoid ploy to alienate actual incels from leftardism & lock them back into /pol/faggery by falseflagging as one to get this specific reaction? Cuz to me that really looks like it.


Most of the "schizos" here are moderate Aspies whom are too weak minded to work on the selves or to just stop obsessing over stereotypical sex life.


Oh boy another post advocating for tribalism becquse of superficial differences.


We've already split tho?

I'm fine as long as Comatoast keeps his jannoid bitches on a short leash. I don't mind all the bluepillers, communistcels, multipolaroid nationalists, social fascists, and other faggots.

I enjoy wiping the metaphorical floor with them again and again.


File: 1714862630146.png ( 278.17 KB , 1677x1569 , 1710353815916328.png )



>We need a split.
Go away dot ogre


Wipe your tears first lol

btw thank you fags for pointing out why did the bols introduce their ban on intraparty fractions. Better to proceed some further even with dangerous retards rather than to crumble apart by trying to maintain scarce purity in the ranks

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