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Post Leftcel takes on blackpill movies or otherwise. Here's mine:

The Breakfast Club, or more accurately The Fascist Club. The bully/deliquent/criminal bad-boy, the sport playing jock, the alternate/goth girl and the popular/prep girl all get romantic experiences with each other, yet the only one who does not get romance? The nerd, who is also exploited and gets his labor value stolen by being burdened with single-handedly writing the 'group' essay! The essay that everyone was supposed to work on, instead they do not contribute and just make out with each other like the sexual bourgeois they are. What is this, if not an psychotic open mask-off dictatorship of the sexual bourgeois? The nerd peasant/proletarian is forced to toil and do all the work, single-handedly being the reason they don't get further punishment for not finishing their essay. The nerd also was punished with detention, yet he does not get the same benefits as his sexually-bourgeois classmates. What was his character journey? Was there any self-actualization? Is he supposed to be content with being a single nerd with no romantic life? Is he not a three-dimensional character who breathes and lives and has thoughts and opinions like any other human? Instead, we could assume, is that the hand that wrote that essay will be what keeps him company until his hoe-less death.
One of the actors from the movie, Molly Ringwald, calls 'The Breakfast Club' 'troubling' after rewatching with her daughter. Because certain scenes/scenarios in the film are actually on some MeToo shit. This famous movie watched and known by millions has MeToo tropes. Yet incels have the bad reputation?

Whoever wrote this film is a bourgeois faggot!

The second film, Just Friends, is about a guy being fat in high school and rejected and friendzoned or some shit, but later he loses weight and becomes a womanizer.

The third film is named The Proposal. It is about a female boss coercing her male employee to marry her so she won't be deported. When you look at it, it is a non-consensual situation, because she is his boss, she has power over him (power-imbalance), he cannot easily refuse in fear of getting fired and losing his livelihood. Furthermore, they work in an office or some shit so that means this promotes petite-bourgeois aspiration/normalization. Spoilers for the ending: They end up falling in love for real and the marriage is then genuine. What kind of message does this send? That is very MeToo-esque. Imagine if the roles were reversed and/or if the man looked and acted like Harvey Weinstein. It wouldn't be so easily accepted, would it?

What kind of message are these movies sending? Is it on purpose? Do you agree or disagree? Discuss.


Newsflash: romantic love is egocentric fantasies.
Its meant for the rich, talented, and handsome.


In 'The Fascist Club', the nerd is the sole provider of labor, this makes him the group's BACKBONE. Yet he does not get any TAIL.

Why not simply pander to the sexual underclass as to not awake their sexual class consciousness?


>Why not simply pander to the sexual underclass as to not awake their sexual class consciousness?

What do you think FDS and incelism is? We also have alot of porn media thats patronised by sexual underclass.


>We also have alot of porn media thats patronised by sexual underclass.
I do not understand what you mean. Porno is not the exactly same as normie content that gets consumed and spoken about in the open by everyone. There is a lot of porn media, but they might be catering to different fetishes in varying degrees of extremities so that means it's not daily small talk material, unlike Barbie/Oppenheimer and things of that nature.


Fair point.
However this is why I stay away from western entertainment with romantic elements.

The only good romantic emtertainment is that found in BL or GL


What about the heterosexual underclass? Are you suggesting people should just change their sexual orientation? This is a cope and a run-away and not a solution/liberation.



I thought the unlucky cishets are part of the sexuap underclass?
Im cishet but I enjoy BL and GL more than typial cishet romance novels.

Also, you wanna talk about "copium" and "running away"?
What do you think incel forums are for?

The solution to this problem is to remember the original purpose of relationships.


File: 1711121920087.gif ( 42.5 KB , 696x775 , ukrop.gif )

BL? Like NAMBLA you fucking pedo nig? All incels must hang


BL is yaoi without the excessive sex.
Its just young men whom give hugs, kisses, and compliments to a specific peer.

Yall are too obsessed with pedophilia.


File: 1711127180024.jpg ( 146.45 KB , 1242x1544 , face the wall tranny.jpg )

>cp spam on board
>some newfag suddenly feels comfortable taking about how much he loves GL and BL (not pedo I swear)
<why are you guys so obsessed with me being a pedo?


>BL and GL is pedophilic because it just is!

Do you even know what BL or GL is? Its just those coming of age romance stories like Boy Meets Girl but done better.
Like much better. Im sorry that your millennial moral-hysteria brain has been deprived of proper youthful romance since puberty but no need to spread your misery to others.

Or is this the only way to vent without shooting uo the schools and workplaces? Or forming protest rallies?


Highly distressing image.


>Doesn't know what BL is
>Mentions phantom CP spam
>Forgets to turn off sage

Boomer's first day on an imageboard


>waaaaaah you have to know my pedo lingo or you're a newfag!
That's right I'm a newGOD now go be an oldfag on a pedo chan like freech or get


No. Hes a neo-boomer.
Actual boomers could care less


>Pedo lingo

Meds newfag


File: 1711390665810.jpg ( 1.01 MB , 1971x2940 , MV5BY2VkMDg4ZTYtN2M3Yy00NW….jpg )

Anyone seen this movie?
It's on the 'flix and I'm tempted to give it a watch.


I remember it being pretty funny when I was in high school, I don't know how well it aged.


Tbh most western romantic entertainment relies too much on slapstick.
The characters are always snarky and/or awkward to make them "relatable".
And they always make them ugly-looking. Not in disgusting ugly, but plain-looking ugly.
Any calm cool collected character is portrayed as an asshole or an NPC.


What is the point of this OP? That you found 3 movies offensive and want validation?

That the 'blackpill' is something you don't like but you think was normalized in media through 90s movies?

That movies are a reflection of the 'real world' and so looking at 90s moving can help us evaluate what's wrong with society?

That you sound edgy using incel jargon in movie reviews?

Define your terms first and come up with a thesis or something


>The nerd peasant/proletarian is forced to toil and do all the work, single-handedly

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