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The diary/manifesto of the femcel who shot up the Covenant elementary school in Nashville has been leaked by Steven Crowder.
It's pretty much what we all expected.


lol even female autists write like shit. I like how she can't draw her retarded smith and wesson ez bitch gun in the third pic. I wish hell was real so these psycho faggots could burn forever


Did she say why she did it. Racism against white people seems implied but she was white herself so there has to be more to it.


Woke mind virus

It's right there on paper


File: 1699309808192.mp4 ( 11.72 MB , 360x640 , VID_20231107_052840.mp4 )

School shooting protocols are designed to get more people killed. Or they are designed by incompetent people


I think it's to limit the success of the shooter. They pop one door and get what 30? But they spend minutes doing this so it gets headlines without a shit ton of kids dying. They could march everyone outside the building like a fire drill to kill more or arm teachers to kill less. Shooters clearly caught on though as apparent through this document by targeting lunch hours.


I wonder what happened to her stuffed animals.


File: 1699314369710.png ( 1010.19 KB , 1080x794 , Screenshot_20231106-164539.png )



Steven has fruity handwriting


>leaked by Steven Crowder
I'll wait on a real source.


>I only believe things when people I like relay the information

Jesus the left is so mentally feeble. No wonder you guys never get shit done


File: 1699319388550.jpg ( 494.56 KB , 1080x1837 , Screenshot_2023-11-07-08-0….jpg )

Nashville pigs are pissed this got leaked

Why is porkie so against (((trans)))parency?


It's not about liking people, it's about trusting people with a reputation for lying.


Are we talking about Steven Crowder or the left? Only one has a specifically instrumentalist and consequentialist viewpoint.


Why wasn't this released in the first place?

Why was it hidden from the public?

Why is Google and Meta suppressing it now?

Why is the Nashville mayor investigating the leak?

>We know why. Woke trooons are a protected class in Amerikwa, useful in hobbling the working class and ensuring the expanded power of state-finance-tech oligarchs.


File: 1699331549982.jpg ( 537.44 KB , 1400x1400 , 20231107_113128.jpg )

Lol. The Nashville mayor trooned out his son. No wonder he didn't want the manifesto released


Nazis kill way more people every year. I heard that she did it because she got diddled st the school which makes way more sense.


Oh shit is that who leaked it. Yeah, it does seem like an alt right parody of what a deranged trans shooter manifesto would look like. OP as usual is a fag.


>Still thinks it's 1936
Are the Nazis in the room with you right now anon?


>DNC talking points


based accelerationist troon. absolute schizo, but its a troon ofc. She knew she was killing little pigs though


/pol/ has warped your mind little man.


>t. butthurt Biden supporter


>Everyone that doesn't like CHUDs is a Democrat.
Yup /pol/ fried your brain. Can't wait for this to be revealed to be the obvious hoax it is and you alt right wing nuts pretend you never believed it kek


Ya, the Nashville mayor is launching an investigation because it's a hoax.

Leftism, processed food, and HRT has fried your brain, friend


File: 1699348854980.jpg ( 105.19 KB , 1080x489 , Screenshot_2023-11-07-16-1….jpg )

Which file should I save this in?

>'leftists always lie'

>'leftists are divorced from reality'


If this is it, this would be confirmation she's some brainfried Qoomer trying to write what she thinks wokes sound like, right?


Put it under "two more weeks".


File: 1699373049537-1.jpg ( 46.88 KB , 680x680 , F-Q68NyakAM8fzP.jpg )

File: 1699373049537-2.jpg ( 33.76 KB , 461x900 , F-V3qgeWIAANuSw.jpg )

File: 1699373049537-3.jpg ( 138.36 KB , 1280x999 , F-R8ivKaIAAIMd3.jpg )

File: 1699373049537-4.jpg ( 154.04 KB , 1280x917 , F-R8g5JaEAAhQkI.jpg )

Youtube, Reddit, and META (team good guys) are removing Crowder's lies from their platforms.

Just like with the Hunter laptop, once again the left is joining together to fight dangerous disinformation perpetuated by Nazi enemies of our democracy!

Hooray!! Cope and Seethe CHUDS!!


>spreads commercial spam
>gets treated as spam by the advertisement mafia
>pretends this is confirmation this is legit despite the content of the document itself being evidence againt it to anyone with human-level pattern recognition skills
Total Long-Covoid Dissection


That's right. You tell that CHUD. Truth is always on the side of people who refuse to release information (and the LEFT)!!


File: 1699384382154.jpg ( 175.92 KB , 930x1024 , 1696951335762160.jpg )



File: 1699416574927.jpg ( 16.72 KB , 185x241 , 1696694429986758.jpg )

What the fuck am I looking at?


Do you think your basic bitch republicunt is shooting up schools every day?


Show me where the transhumanists touched you, anon.


Isnt Steven Crowder a toxic combination of the transhumanist mass shooter and a prep school kid?

The guy was cussing out his pregant wife for not giving medicine to their pet dog and wanting to go buy groceries.

He also tried to frame Bem Shapiro as a bad guy for pre-official contract that would pay twenty five million US dollaes for four years of content to Crowder.


I could've saved her/him.


File: 1706750041172.jpg ( 50.26 KB , 634x430 , anti-gun-mom-of-nashville-….jpg )

lol is this a joke or something?


This thread is just altright culturewar agitprop.
crowder, like his friends, just blends the truth until it becomes unrecognizable




it's less a manifesto and more a pre-shooting rant inside a diary

manifesto's have statements of principles, right here she is just stating criminal intent with some racism mixed in

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