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im a comfy NEET, do you like to be A neet anon?


File: 1654046379873.jpg ( 476.35 KB , 850x1245 , 1653956601036.jpg )

I'm not a n33t i'm a wagie, but, I literally do nothing but work a dead end job and come home. At this point in my life I just want to go full hikkimori, but, I don't have the smarts to generate passive (exploited) income. Becoming a hermit sounds quite nice at this point.


Being a NEET is an enjoyable life. A NEET will watch a lot of movies, TV shows, anime or whatever entertainment down the line.


There's got to be more to life than the consumption of commodities, anon.


File: 1654059950581.png ( 26.2 KB , 128x128 , 9807-pepecringe.png )

>we finally get a femanon on leftychan /r9k/
>it's junko


>it's junko
That's a man.


Post tits.


That is all NEET's do. Play vidya, watch TV/movies, and shitpost just entertain themselves. Normies do the same thing but they have to work a little bit and have more money for their entertainment. That is all life is finding something to entertain yourself until you die a NEET just might have a bit more time to do so.


Some NEETs do work but have the mindset of a NEET which is most important above all else.


File: 1654100381514.jpg ( 94.4 KB , 800x484 , 1641467181619.jpg )

Yeah, but, why are we considered weird when we are basically doing the exact same thing they are? Is it because we don't mindlessly consume retarded cattle content like "Is it cake?" Or what?


are you under the impression that /r9k/ is worthy of a better femanon


That's a man.


I literally have no idea what you look like so I can't say.


File: 1654406880851.mp4 ( 1.78 MB , 576x1024 , wdsmbt.mp4 )



File: 1654418399708.webm ( 7.65 MB , 427x240 , 1621092067387.webm )

away with you, zionist


I don't believe this is you. Time stamp.


File: 1654436729487.mp4 ( 1.46 MB , 576x1024 , 9a212257345347631cc238e377….mp4 )

Lol it's obviously not her tiktok, look at some of those videos…

This one is actually from junko's tiktok, I don't have a link for the account but you should be able to find it.


Anon I don't use any social media what so ever, lol.
Not suprised junko is a jew, though.


I know Junko claims to be a Joo but do you has pr00fs?


Junko's a man.




It's what I imagine you look and sound like though. Don't ruin my fun.


What's wrong with looking like that junkie?


its not me that's what matters.


You don't know that for sure.


Trips confirm that is indeed junkie-poo


Being a NEET is better than working under some boss I am just doing nothing just waiting for the revolution. Maybe I will try to find some work in an industrial job in a few years.


I will work only when Putin conquers the shithole I live in and gives me a job


>Simpin for putin bruh


no, just realizing the reality.


Putin invaded Ukraine to keep a monopoly on oil and the LNG supply to Europe.


i mean putin also did invade ukraine to keep nato away but he's still a faggot.


Ukraine was nowhere near joining NATO. And now predictable several Nordic countries have joined NATO now making everything worse.
The invasion was always about protecting Russia's only revenue stream, gas and oil.


File: 1656986989037.jpg ( 66.58 KB , 576x432 , 1655865583751.jpg )

This is a lie. Talks were being had about joining NATO which prompted Russia to act.


They got laughed out of the room the last time they brought it up. Also got voted down in 2014.


Another lie. Ukraine has been begging to join NATO for 20 years.
Doesn't matter anyway. The US shouldn't be doing it in the first place.


>You lie!
You tankies are getting tiresome. Ukraine will be the death of the Russian Federation, just like Afghanistan was for the USSR.



This is such a useless term. You actually are lying. Shut up fag


>Ukraine has been begging to join NATO for 20 years
That is true but incomplete, after the regime change operation the US did in 2014, the CIA started working with the Bandera-Azov axis to low key integrate parts of the Ukrainian military into NATO. Azov social media accounts were bragging about US handlers training them to NATO standards. So at least one of the contingencies was to integrate Ukraine into NATO on an informal basis and then wait for a political opportunity to make it official.

Obviously that was the path not taken, Ukraine massed up troops in the Donbass region and started heavy shelling of the DPL and LPL regions. 2 days later the Russian military rolled in and crushed that. We can't be certain whether this was bait to escalate the war or a attempt of taking over the DPL and LPL. There is a RAND corporation thinktank startegic paper that outlined the idea that a war between Russia and Ukraine in combination with US led sanction might drain the Russian military and destabilize the Russian economy (which as we now know was wrong). So maybe they did a dual strategy.

>Ukraine will be the death of the Russian Federation, just like Afghanistan was for the USSR.
According to Pentagon estimations Russia lost about 2000 to 4000 troops out of 180.000 troops that went into Ukraine.
According to the Ukrainian defense ministry, Ukraine is loosing about 1000 troops a day. (Loss = dead or injured badly enough that they can't fight). The sanctions war is crashing the European economy and it's causing a massive economic depression in the US. It's also weakening the US controlled global financial system as the BRICS countries are now building alternatives to circumvent sanctions. It has weakened the western diplomatic ties with India and soon all the countries that face famine because they can't import fertilizer from Russia and Belarus. Russia and China have improved their relations and have repaired the damage since the days of the Sino-Soviet split. The Russian economy took a mild hit from the sanctions but it didn't falter. The Rubel exchange value even strengthened slightly compared to before. Unemployment in Russia has gone down and the Western goods embargo didn't hurt them much because they can mostly substitute with Chinese goods.

If You still have illusions about war of attrition against Russia, read the attached pdf from a British Think tank that admits that the western industrial base is too atrophied to do industrial warfare.


>According to Pentagon estimations Russia lost about 2000 to 4000 troops
You dropped a zero on that estimate bro.


NEETing is almost as soul crushing as wageslaving but at least you gain money that way, money is cool


File: 1668151206557.jpg ( 17.17 KB , 450x370 , 45.jpg )

>just like Afghanistan was for the USSR
but it wasn't?

not a good look for you ukroid, because if we make parallels with the USSR then the "death" needs to come from the very top, ie from Puting and his bourgeois buddies lol
which as you might expect - not gonna happen
nukes will fly before any of the oligarchs lose their assets, because this time elites actually have capital to lose, just like their ukroid brethren than had no qualms whatsoever with plunging ukraine into chaos


Agreed, NEETing was just horrifically boring for me.


File: 1669213833133.png ( 2.79 MB , 1440x1440 , 234567890.png )

speak for yourself pussy. Proles have no balls


I'd give literally anything to go back to N33T


How does sitting in your bedroom all day masturbating not make you want to kill yourself? It sure did for me.


too comfy to rope


File: 1669243746447.png ( 7.19 MB , 3264x2448 , ClipboardImage.png )



How does working 8 hours per day, 5 times a week not make you want to kill yourself?
I also have a job, mostly /comfy/ wfh job so it's not the end of the world, but there is not a lot more in life than entertain yourself with whatever you like the most.
Reading Lenin REKT the socialdemocrats from the past is better than any new form of entertainment consumption though.


It beats working all day and destroying my body. Been at this job one year and my back and shoulder are already giving out.


File: 1679430051839.png ( 176.35 KB , 321x400 , 057.png )

anyone have protips for maximizing comfyness as a neet?

any interesting/useful websites?

easy little to no cost skills to learn?

Also how does a neet proper engage in finding members of the female species?


File: 1679439101615.jpg ( 44.86 KB , 700x700 , badguy.jpg )

Dedicate set time to extracting the maximum possible NEETbucks from daddy government. You can literally get paid to sit at home and masturbate, it's insane.
As for what to spend your time doing, you need to be realistic about motivation. Sure you could go on jogs, do some volunteering, learn to code, learn a new language etc. But are you really going to do that when sitting at the computer and masturbating all day is so much easier?

>Also how does a neet proper engage in finding members of the female species?

Not going to happen so don't get your hopes up. Women are parasitic as fuck and if you don't have a source of income for them to leach off, they're not interested. Also what woman wants to tell their friends and family that they're dating an unemployed guy?


File: 1679442366233.jpg ( Spoiler Image, 2.54 MB , 1944x2592 , 438.jpg )

Find a photographer that does social media pictures, then (1) open an instagram account and post 3 or 6 professional quality pictures of yourself, (2) do the same with tinder and include some zoomer meme in your description. If you don't know how normal people talk or what memes are popular outside imageboards, use tiktok to find out. Once you have these two things, you start matching women on tinder. I don't know why, but women like instagram, some matches are going to ask you to add them there. Target women in the <consent_age> to 23 range - believe it or not, older women are slightly harder to talk, with the young ones you can just spam tiktok memes and they will find it funny. If they ask you about your job, say construction or welding, women have no interest in these so they will quickly change the subject.

Perseverance is the key: The method has a low success ratio (around 0.005), but no matter how ugly you are, if you grind tinder (or social media in general) long enough you are going to fuck. Beware though, women are extremely vapid and boring, the conversations you are going to have will be painfully banal. These relations are going to be one-day things, obviously. Long-term relationships are a big no-no as a NEET.

It isn't worth the effort imo.


File: 1680137161296-0.png ( 515.01 KB , 704x704 , 00000-1641988976-No.1987.png )

File: 1680137161296-1.png ( 442.4 KB , 704x704 , 00001-3215904720-No.1988.png )

>Also what woman wants to tell their friends and family that they're dating an unemployed guy?
lumpens getting their rocks off isnt an alien reality at all. living in anglostan however the gravity is kinda setting in
>believe it or not, older women are slightly harder to talk, with the young ones you can just spam tiktok memes and they will find it funny.
experience has told me this is very true, girls get jaded pretty quick, trade off is they are fucking more annoying to deal with
>It isn't worth the effort imo.
thats hard to disagree with anon. will say tho hitting on girls at random(in public) to purposely piss them off has given me many fond memories
i turned your posts into waifus as late thanks


>i turned your posts into waifus as late thanks
u r welcome very cuten
How did you do it though


File: 1680245082743-0.png ( 591.83 KB , 704x704 , No.2206.png )

File: 1680245082743-1.png ( 1.23 MB , 1024x1024 , No.2206 online site.png )

File: 1680245082743-2.png ( 561.16 KB , 704x704 , this post.png )

well the short of it is
>open stable Diffusion
>copy text
>post text in prompt
>copy/post decent negative prompt
>generate image

the details/boring part of it
>watch and follow along https://watch.thekitty.zone/watch?v=onmqbI5XPH8 (requires gpu)
>torrent Anything-V3 from https://rentry.org/sdmodels (win defender gets autistic about it)
>place chkpt in models folder
>run webui-user.bat
>switch to Anything-V3
>check "Restore faces"
>set sampling to 112
>set cfg to 21
>set Negative prompt: deformed, blurry, bad anatomy, disfigured, poorly drawn face, mutation, mutated, extra_limb, ugly, poorly drawn hands, two heads, child, kid, gross, mutilated, disgusting, horrible, scary, evil, old, conjoined, no extra leg, lowres, bad anatomy, bad hands, text, error, missing fingers, extra digit, fewer digits, cropped, worst quality, low quality, normal quality, jpeg artifacts, signature, watermark, username, blurry , mutated , mutation , out of focus , mutated,extra limb,poorly drawn hands,missing limb,floating limbs,disconnected limbs,malformed hands,out of focus, pubic hair,crooked teeth, half body, unfinished body, contorsion, partial head, partial body, poorly drawn feet, figures partially out of frame, figures out of frame, inscription, gibberish, headless bodies, contorted body,random symbols, scribbles, extra hands, extra legs, dress, conjoined, male, blur, fuzziness, , armor, tongue, extra leg, extra arm, jewelry, extra foot, extra hand, extra finger,male, man, boy, horns
>copy text
>post text in prompt
>generate image

other site used for regular computers
>set Negative prompt
>set model waifu
>set sampling to 75
>set cfg to 15
>max out LxW
>copy text
>post text in prompt
>generate image

others sites

it is really hit or miss


File: 1681512774623.jpg ( 128.16 KB , 680x1090 , f7b.jpg )



File: 1683638797598.mp4 ( 2.85 MB , 640x360 , Shrek - The Proto Neet.mp4 )

the feels in this clip are on point




The wagie cage was such a stupid meme. It would have increased worker safety in a warehouses where stuff is stacked several stories high.


File: 1689424705142.mp4 ( 10.64 MB , 1280x720 , 5 Days Until Naked And Afr….mp4 )

>It would have increased worker safety
nah fuck those dudes


File: 1690060404266.png ( 618.96 KB , 442x557 , neet revolution aka wagie….png )



File: 1690253719208.jpg ( 145.94 KB , 960x960 , comrade reazhnev.jpg )

Comrade Reagan, do that again!


File: 1690337375823.webm ( 3.51 MB , 1080x1920 , 85095_n.webm )

make more milkshakes roastie wagie, also loling @white knight wagie guarding the milkshake machine


File: 1690340199802.png ( 288.31 KB , 597x559 , 1690253859867071.png )

ITT: pol


File: 1690343083833-0.jpg ( 81.93 KB , 960x540 , lolwagies1.jpg )

File: 1690343083833-1.png ( 785.1 KB , 799x705 , lolwagies2.png )

File: 1690343083833-2.png ( 1.63 MB , 1037x646 , lolwagies3.png )

File: 1690343083833-3.png ( 280.82 KB , 558x368 , wagiein the wild.png )

ITT: wagecuck muck


File: 1690345562698.jpg ( 56.16 KB , 660x452 , 1688136174460172.jpg )

My job is actually pretty bad ass.
I love my job, unironically.


File: 1690349685257.png ( 432.16 KB , 1043x733 , 00000.png )

>My job is actually pretty ass. my job sodomizes me, unironically.
fixed that for you, now where are you on this graphic?


File: 1690710254946.webm ( 921.39 KB , 422x750 , 88.webm )

found the anon @ >>3056


File: 1690739310639.gif ( 34.08 KB , 853x593 , 1690152718409643.gif )

I work in a factory.
Why would I not feel good making society products they need. It's important and necessary. Sure capitalism sucks because it makes me work longer than truly necessary, but, I would rather make paper than do nothing all day and sit around like a loser.


wtf is that?


>I would rather make paper than do nothing all day and sit around like a loser.
neets don't sit around doing nothing tho

that's just wageslave cope


What do you do?
It's not cope, I legitimately love my job, lmao. Is it really impossible for n33ts to not understand why people enjoy work?
Even if you do nothing in the literal sense the point is that you provide nothing for society much like the capitalist class. You need to get off your lazy ass and do some work. With out work society will collapse.


File: 1690778599893-0.png ( 81.32 KB , 204x360 , 1.png )

File: 1690778599893-1.png ( 63.5 KB , 204x360 , 2.png )

File: 1690778599893-2.png ( 66.92 KB , 204x360 , 3.png )

>I work in a factory.
lol run-of-the-literal-mill wagie
No ethical production under capitalism bitchass wagecunt
>I legitimately love my job
stopped reading, love is for faggots lmfao


What does capitalism have to do with the inherent value of work?
You come off as sub autism score.

>Run of the mill wagie

Lol ok? What's wrong with that?


File: 1690821230563.jpg ( 130.58 KB , 862x1280 , laborware.jpg )

>Is it really impossible for n33ts to not understand why people enjoy work?
Work is not labor since it is not creative but mechanistic in its nature. Only dehumanized literally braindead fashtards can enjoy being a rotating cog in one & the same ongoing process.
So I would say that on the contrary: it is the n33ts who have more means to understand the nature of work & labor specifically. NEET doesn't mean "I wanna be like cappie but without capital", it means that you're not engaging in the commodity-production of the capitalist system, @ least not on the aspiring producer side, which gives you >50% of your lifetime to do other things than slaving away for your rent-master.
>you provide nothing for society much like the capitalist class
Because it is their society, & by participating in the exploitative social relations system you only enforce its grip over the whole humanity. Imagine being so porkd.com that you cannot anymore conceive a society relationships outside of the capitalist commodity-production system!
>With out work society will collapse
LITERALLY OUR GOAL. What the vulva you thought is the point & the birth of any social revolution?! What the pingas do you think all revolutionaries were doing in any of the so-called civil wars? Why are there lines "Of the past let us wipe the slate clean / The world is about to change its foundation" in Le Internationale, the hymn of commieanarchos of the whole world?


File: 1690843872172.png ( 394.15 KB , 939x929 , 1690830362713701.png )

No one has ever said that labor has to be "creative" and not "mechanistic" that is something you have completely pulled out of your own ass.
It doesn't matter what you think n33t meats idealistically it's the fact of the matter than if you do not productive labor or work for society then you are leeching off society for nothing.

That's just fact. You will cope and seethe about this but it's true you are worthless.

it's not their society it's our society. Working people still put in and do their part regardless of the current nature of the economy. I some how doubt you would do anything but laze about all day outside of captialism as wel.


No it is your dumb ass childish goal.
You have to be over the age of 18 to posthere.
The point of revolution is for workers to take control of the means of production anything else is just revisionism go back.


File: 1690850651229.jpg ( 44.21 KB , 620x413 , 10.jpg )

>it's not their society it's our society.
the least deluded wagecuck

next time inflation eats your wage share, don't forget to remind your employer that it is "your" profits lol


File: 1690871006971.png ( 450.56 KB , 680x680 , 1690845048261697.png )

>He has to keep conflating two different ideals of society in order to have anything resembling a point

Are you done yet you fucking loser?


File: 1690905465803-0.jpg ( 155.15 KB , 1019x1280 , you must woooooooork.jpg )

File: 1690905465803-1.png ( 659.89 KB , 620x1271 , OUR society amirite guize.png )

>No one has ever said that labor has to be "creative"
In my motherfucker tongue it is. Well, worse for you then lmao.
Now I get it why it is precisely English that is considered as the business language ‒ it seemingly doesn't have a way to distinguish a machine-like, executionary, human activity from a creative one.

>It doesn't matter what you think n33t means idealistically it's the fact of the matter than if you do not productive labor or work for society then you are leeching off society for nothing.

<Your opinion: idealist. My opinion: materialist.
1) It is one of the first ideological class social theories that whoever doesn't work is a disgusting leech on the whole class society (= societal system). It was made up because that way the leading class could "recruit" their new profit slaves into forcing other people, who were out of class-relation production system, into werking their lives off along with them because, supposedly, this social behavior is "normal".
In reality, it is promoted into societal culture because this is the most profitable meme for the ruling class(es) to have in their social system, which was specifically modified for extracting as much profit from human work as fast as currently (due to the class struggle) possible.

1.1) Need I remind you that it is not some little group of alienated kids who take your goods away for nothing but your bitch boss who wants more & more production of things nobody really needs anymore? Problem is not some neets, it is the hyperproduction which has already gone to such degrees that we're destroying our own home with massive emitions, waste pollution & overconsumption of goods that's made just to try to sell them for whatever reason invented.
Point of Gommunizm, as a revolutionary movement, is in restructuring (not "improving"!) the industry in such a way that nobody would need to work anymore just for maintaining the present consumption rate, which will liberate people from wasting their lives just for producing stuff. This point of improving the production forces has been achieved long ago, the problem now is in nation-alienated production forces along with the localized resources, born by the inherently hierarchical capitalist system of humanity-wide division of work. This alienation of one group of humanity from another is upholding the system of economy (= the trade/exchange of commodified things),
which inevitably forces any such nation to compete against other nations in having more goods to sell & less goods to buy,
which inevitably leads to constant planned overproduction of things to sell (no any overcompletion of production plan is in any way possible under socialist system of production!),
which inevitably leads to oversaturation of market due to physical (not even financial!) inability of humans to consume more & more goods indefinetily (except… see further),
which inevitably leads to a clash of overproducing nations with each other,
which inevitably leads to a humanity-wide war for crushing the competition & getting even more monopolistic position in the capitalist system of division of labor for getting even more market share for even more production dominance. This war will also open up many new markets for repairing destroyed commodities, people included, so a total war is profitable even for the smallest of nations, due to nations being a bourgeoise invention for mobilizing as many less-contradictory populations living in a designated area as possible for turning it to producing as much goods as possible.
So yes, the retarded rightoids are completely right: communism is bad for the economy, since it aims to abolish it as a phenomenon by removing any societal barriers to unalienated production of goods, which will eliminate any need in trade or exchange of goods between human populations & any need in (@ least economical) competition between them.

2) & just to remind you, Garl Margz himself is defined as NEET too, since neither was he obtaining knowledge for upgrading the current, capitalist, social system (= not in Education), neither he himself in any way participated in production of commodities (= not in Employment), neither he was getting any training/conditioning for being a competent addition to the industrial commodity producing machine (= not in Training).
Man, the reactos were completely right! What a dogdamned parasite of the working class! (inherently layzee proles are not included)

>it's not their society it's our society

Then why do you live like the elites of this same society tell you to? Why don't you own the fruits of your labor, in your society? Why is your voice in this society of yours doesn't mean anything?
Maybe you were just memed into solidarizing with your exploiters through belonging to the same society relations system, like billions of other people?

>you are capitalistically worthless

A usual state for an agitator.


You mean heresy, as defined by the catholic one & only Papal State of Moscow/Beijing/whatever whenever its elites were/are pissed off @ anyone rejecting their profit-preferable strain of theology economics.
& yea, the og revisionista was Lenin who was criticised by the entirety of SuccDam reactionary dismovement in the likes of Plekhanov, lmao. & the most ferocious fighter for revisionism was Marx along with his bro Engels, who understood very well who & what for would like to use their incomplete theories as a dogmatic approach to societal problems. In one moment, all of the antirevisionistic aktion scicoms became the most ferocious & fascistic apologets of neofash reyganomics in post-USSR. I wonder why.
Same stuff with adventurism, a derogatory term which the United States of Soviet Rushia's ruling class was putting onto any uncontrolled popular guerrilla movement, including the Cuban one.

>You will cope and seethe




File: 1690975585808.png ( 396.98 KB , 640x480 , 1690440787343813.png )

You still haven't answered my question because you seem to think that work will not need to be done outside of the capitalism system. You realize that right? that work will need to be done under a communist economic system the only difference is the amount of work will be less because we no longer will have the exploitation of a class of people living off our labor on our backs. So, do you believe that you will not have to work outside of communism or what? Because that is the point I am making, regardless of the economic system some level of work is going to have to be done so you might as well get used to it. I enjoy the work I do regardless and even if being exploited sucks that doesn't change anything outside of that fact. People are still going to need their shit outside of capitalism regardless.


File: 1690984383504.jpeg ( 13.75 KB , 474x266 , mfw.jpeg )

you literally a grunt in a factory, what is there to enjoy?

sounds like massive cope tbh

I could understand if this said some artist or engineer or something, not a literal fucking human automaton whose only advantage is being cheaper than a literal robot


I enjoy being a useful productive member of my society. What is so hard to understand about this?


>I enjoy being a useful productive member of my class society.
Sounds cucked as fuck.

In class societies your aim as an individual should be to get out of the main class dynamic, for example becoming an artisan in the medieval times, or a freedman craftsman in a roman empire, or even a fucking pirate-explorer in the age of discovery.

ANYTHING, but being on the receiving end of the main class antagonism.


File: 1691000166387.jpg ( 56.25 KB , 400x388 , 1690570450273495.jpg )

It's like talking to a brick wall:

I will reiterate once more: I enjoy doing the work I do being a useful member of my society producing value and utilities my society needs. In any society some labor is going to need to be done this is true under capitalism or under communism.
I do not like the fact that my labor is exploited under capitalism but regardless I would find joy out of working in either situation. You do not have to hate work to hate capitalism.

The two are two different things.


File: 1691016753805.jpg ( 122.87 KB , 630x840 , Less work for everyone!.jpg )

this is why i disagree with the neet theory that work is bad in every case from experience ive had jobs that ive enjoyed more than others its mainly the long hours that get to me, besides not everyone has the choice to be a neet.


>this is why i disagree with the neet theory that work is bad in every case
that's not "neet theory"

that leftcum was right, it's hard to communicate with people who don't have separate words for routine and creative work in their vocabulary

>besides not everyone has the choice to be a neet

don't go on a tangent now
we were talking about enjoyment from work


>I will reiterate once more: I enjoy doing the work I do being a useful member of my society producing value and utilities my society needs.
And I will reiterate back at you: Sounds like a massive COPE.

>In any society some labor is going to need to be done this is true under capitalism or under communism.

Labor is not homogeneous fag. It's one thing being an appendage to machine, and it's another thing being a conscious agent in a labor process.

>I would find joy out of working in either situation.

Again - I don't buy it.

Maybe because I have actually worked in manufacturing as a welder. Never seen a person there who I thought genuinely enjoyed their work lol.


>Never seen a person there who I thought genuinely enjoyed their work lol.
except from shop floor managers maybe

but their enjoyment came from bossing people around lol


You can believe anything you want I just find it hard that you believe people truly dislike an honest days works.

>Labor is not homogeneous fag. It's one thing being an appendage to machine, and it's another thing being a conscious agent in a labor process.

Meaningless psychobabble.


File: 1691079802050-0.jpg ( 567.18 KB , 1079x1085 , 1634939353646.jpg )

File: 1691079802050-1.png ( 1.37 MB , 948x720 , file.png )

>I just find it hard that you believe people truly dislike an honest days works.
lmao "honest" wagie cunt is about to dump


File: 1691204471877.webm ( 2.63 MB , 1280x720 , dumbbitchforgottobringten….webm )



>you think this reinforced glass is to keep me from you?
>WRONG. It is to keep YOU from ME.


File: 1691235218290-0.jpg ( 232.28 KB , 1200x800 , spot a difference.jpg )

File: 1691235218290-1.jpeg ( 817.26 KB , 2979x1683 , spot a difference 2.jpeg )

>Meaningless psychobabble.
<says literal human cattle
yeah, ok, whatever, kek


seriously, you fag is a prime example of slave morality

no aspirations, complete resignation
simply pathetic

Thanks Allah, I actually got out of the factory into the office, and don't have to interact with you pathetic faggots ever again.


Based Marxist-Nietzscheist brother in Allah


File: 1691712561631.png ( 787.19 KB , 1203x672 , t09.png )



>Can barely even lift up a pencil.
>Calls anyone pathetic.

Wha's wrong with being happy?
You people come off more like jaded cunts and bitter people more than anything. You sound jealous happy people can exist in spit of everything.

Some one has to create the teddies for dishonest faggots like this weather you like it or not. It's amazing we live in a world where literal chilren think they are better for doing less than people who actual create and control society.


File: 1691729902574-0.webm ( 1.92 MB , 600x320 , lolwagiesinthewild.webm )

File: 1691729902575-1.jpg ( 34.7 KB , 421x614 , images (2).jpg )

File: 1691729902575-2.png ( 88.88 KB , 1199x306 , 293.png )

>happy people can exist in spit of everything

LMAO golden wagie moment. Freudian slip FTW. screenshot there incase wagecunt deletes post


File: 1691747843953.jpg ( 65.87 KB , 1248x1280 , pic.jpg )

>What's wrong with being happy?

>You sound jealous happy people can exist in spite of everything.

Ignorance is bliss, it seems. Somehow it is possible to be happy when the majority of people are forced into the workforce or else they fucking die, the whole social-cultural-political-economical system is built, managed & modified precisely to support this status of things.
It's a wonder how can we be jealous of somebody who supposedly has a great time while the world around them is burning with deadly exploitation & wars, keeping everyone's life in shit.

>Someone has to create the tendies for dishonest faggots like these

See, that's precisely the problem: someone has to. Someone has to do a work that shouldn't even exist in the first place. Someone has to throw all their life into wooooooooorking just because otherwise they cannot survive without it.
& I'm an honest faggot you faggot.

>It's amazing we live in a world where literal chilren think they are better for doing less than people who actually

>create and control society.
Oh fuck, this is bait. Okay feddo, you were cool.




the beginning of this thread is like some ancient ruins


Faggotry and victimhood rewarded in the terminally ill west.


>Psyoped beyond belief by the crisis post-industrial complex


what do i when i have all the free time in the world but don't even do anything productive even if it's low-stakes because it somehow feels high-stake?


uh… stop wasting your life


its too hard


File: 1692866872832.jpg ( 189.38 KB , 768x951 , 1d38982460428c83c7affaf028….jpg )





File: 1692973650611-1.mp4 ( 802.69 KB , 202x360 , clean it up wagie - Invidi….mp4 )

File: 1692973650611-2.mp4 ( 6.57 MB , 202x360 , Clean it up wagie! .mp4 )

File: 1692973650611-3.mp4 ( 29.91 MB , 1280x720 , Wagie Compilation.mp4 )

File: 1692973650611-4.mp4 ( 3.77 MB , 640x360 , ineedawifelikethis.mp4 )







File: 1694473444934-0.png ( 382.28 KB , 1084x653 , 11987654321.png )

File: 1694473444934-2.webm ( 2.83 MB , 480x852 , store.webm )

File: 1694473444934-3.webm ( 5.66 MB , 320x568 , neetsupremacy1.webm )

File: 1694473444934-4.webm ( 2.1 MB , 360x640 , neetsupremacy2.webm )



File: 1694473942165-0.png ( 293.95 KB , 500x706 , IMG_9437.png )

File: 1694473942165-1.webm ( 4.85 MB , 720x706 , neetsupremacy4.webm )

File: 1694473942165-2.webm ( 4 MB , 406x720 , neetsupremacy6.webm )

File: 1694473942165-3.webm ( 5.01 MB , 320x568 , neetsupremacy7.webm )

File: 1694473942165-4.webm ( 4.11 MB , 640x800 , neetsupremacy8.webm )



File: 1694478850615-0.png ( 696.55 KB , 680x1061 , e68.png )

File: 1694478850615-1.webm ( 3.77 MB , 320x566 , neetsupremacy10.webm )

File: 1694478850615-2.webm ( 4.14 MB , 480x852 , neetsupremacy11.webm )

File: 1694478850615-3.webm ( 2.67 MB , 408x720 , neetsupremacy12.webm )

File: 1694478850615-4.webm ( 5.64 MB , 320x566 , neetsupremacy13.webm )



File: 1694480709645-1.webm ( 5.91 MB , 1920x1080 , neetsupremacy14.webm )

File: 1694480709645-2.webm ( 5.2 MB , 1280x720 , neetsupremacy15.webm )



File: 1694502332765-0.webm ( 2.8 MB , 1280x708 , 1234567.webm )





realizing wagies and students are sleeping, at work or at school around these times


The weekend is coming, let's be nice to the proles and students


The weekend's ending, fuck those proles and students


>second vid

if you're a wageslave and see someone stealing from the store - simulate an effort to catch them, for example by tripping yourself or something


File: 1695470540410-0.jpg ( 117.09 KB , 1091x732 , 593.jpg )

File: 1695470540410-1.webm ( 1.96 MB , 360x640 , retail_store_free_drinks.webm )

File: 1695470540410-2.webm ( 5.87 MB , 328x480 , NYC is smashing.webm )



Twice as much is stolen via wage theft than street theft.


File: 1695665419315.jpg ( 71.2 KB , 576x1024 , Imagepipe_11.jpg )

Here's some stupid art I saw the other day


You know if you're not a worker then you're not part of the proletariat…


You must be some sort of pseudocel who says Starbucks baristas aren't workers


File: 1695725137835-0.jpg ( 77.17 KB , 500x476 , 1595982921109 2o138l.jpg )

File: 1695725137835-1.jpg ( 139.25 KB , 2048x339 , 9r209rj90rij2309.jpg )



<NEET thread
<Not in Education Employment or Training
<you're not a worker if you don't work
>But I work in starbucks!


>The labor I contribute is putting coffee into a cup, encouraging people to buy more, and misspelling names as a cheap marketing ploy


File: 1696575990546-0.jpg ( 23.59 KB , 400x318 , 20c.jpg )

File: 1696575990546-1.mp4 ( 2.24 MB , 640x360 , neet_conversion.mp4 )

File: 1696575990546-2.png ( 1012.66 KB , 873x582 , 0000 L22.png )



File: 1697941529716.jpg ( 89.58 KB , 1006x706 , a7e.jpg )



File: 1699159764647.png ( 1.08 MB , 1024x641 , 6.png )

could use some breasts on the side, wagie


File: 1699603038853.mp4 ( 13.62 MB , 720x404 , uber neet .mp4 )



>Target women in the <consent_age> to 23 range - believe it or not, older women are slightly harder to talk, with the young ones you can just spam tiktok memes and they will find it funny.

This is true of women up to age thirty-five.

If they ask you about your job, say construction or welding, women have no interest in these so they will quickly change the subject.

They only care if you have flashy job like working as a scientists or something.


This. People will promote education as being a mandate for society but when it comes to work, they do a complete 180.



>No it is your dumb ass childish goal.

You have to be over the age of 18 to posthere.
The point of revolution is for workers to take control of the means of production anything else is just revisionism go back.

Alot of these loser neets are way over 18.

I agree with you though. The anti-labor sentiment that is in the Millennial left is just coping with zero-social life in childhood.


File: 1706948296666.webm ( 3.94 MB , 852x480 , reddit.webm )



Wow, look at all those antinatalist takes. Didn't know that zoomers were this based.

This gives me hope that we are actually evolving as a species.


Theres nothing theyre doing that millennials have not done


why did i have to become a leftist? my forum of choice is dead because people are in school or training or working


File: 1714801940653.mp4 ( 3.28 MB , 1280x720 , 167530993304153744.mp4 )

Considering both NEETing and working have its downsides, what are for you the main reasons to NEET?.

I would personally say my number one is heavily contested. I am absolutely not a morning person, even beyond working reasons. I wake up when i want to wake up. Being forced to wake up to do shit you hate is one of the worst feeling a human has to experience from day to day. On top of that you usually work with NT baboons who are working on their max capabilities intellectually to be able to repair an electricity cable for example. It sets in dread and realisation of how utter shit your life is each morning.

The last reason is on par with blue collar labour. I fucking fucking hate breaking my back for pennies while NT MD, engineer and computer uyghurs are making bank. I am too non NT to ever stay interested in a subject for more than 2 weeks so thats just not going to work. I fucking hated construction work so much. You must be a fucking pre programmed slave cuck to enjoy destroying your body 8 hours a day, unless you own the company.

The other reasons seem to be less relevant. As i don't feel the time worked wasted more or less than by doing any other activity. It doesn't matter, just suffer till you die, pick your poison.


File: 1714867504644-0.mp4 ( 9.72 MB , 1280x720 , y2S49wEuktWg.mp4 )

File: 1714867504644-1.mp4 ( 634.99 KB , 640x360 , 175309933041537112.mp4 )

File: 1714867504644-2.mp4 ( 3.5 MB , 1080x1920 , 2dKjjDcJuyOU.mp4 )

File: 1714867504644-3.mp4 ( 2.61 MB , 1280x720 , 175309933041537111.mp4 )

There are plenty more wage slaves where they come from


>>5949 (OP)
Third one is in Aus, that McDonald's looks vaguely familiar.


aussies Based?


Honestly it looks like they were having fun but some poor wagie gonna have to clean that shit up.


what do neets do all day?


>claim to be based comfy neets
>website still inactive for hours
glowing fed posters confirmed


guys im bored


NEETs live on money the government extracted from workers through taxes. How are NEETs not just another parasitic class living from the surplus value of workers?


The US is a country of overproduction and over-importing not the opposite.

It's not the early 20th century, productive people are more often than not causing actual harm in the USA.

Why all these worker obsessed ideologies miss the mark.


File: 1720797379139.png ( 480.23 KB , 720x720 , 89.png )

Gen Z are increasingly becoming NEETs by choice—not in employment, education, or training
porkys seething about zoomies
choosing neetdom over being a wageslave. love to see it


Being NEET doesn't hurt the porkies it hurts the working class who are forced to pay for your lifestyle through taxes.


source? and by that logic people fund wars by paying taxes


Idk man. I think its more to do with rising costs for college and lack of available unskilled labor.

I dont trust any article talking about specific generational cohorts about fashion stuff or whatnot.


The fact th@ all wh@ I would be doing would be systematically stolen by some glorified mafia instead of being eternally public, or just working as a side-tool 4 this same mafia if you apply 4 de '"public"' gubbermint job.
Also brain damage due to neverending narzi torture.


>if you dont give more capital to your local bitch boss then its u who hurt wonkahs! think about the proles, libbies!
Stupid fucking uyghur either kys 4 being a feddo or learn about private property's property.
& stop idolizing wonkahs you christcuck essentialist idealist identarian classist fuckwit. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hard_Hat_Riot


Where do you think the money is comping from. Workers are forced to pay taxes and those taxes pay for your NEET lifestyle. Did you think Joe Biden was paying your unemployment checks out of his own bank account or something.


no, because businesses also pay taxes. further more, there's money from state owned enterprises and natural resource extraction

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