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I regret to inform you all that our favorite Israel supporting social-fascist has become the victim of a prolonged misogynistic verbal attack right outside the center of US democracy.

While on her way to push biden left by voting to send heavy artillery to Nazi paramilitaries in Ukraine, our socilaist qveen was ambushed with a barrage of hate speech by an assumed white supremacist incel. Just when the savior of the american left was finally recovering from the trauma of being involved in the january 6th riots (she watched them on TV) another case of entitled white male anti-establishment protest struck.

When will brocialists and class-reductionist chuds finally take the oppression faced by our female elected officials seriously?


Damn, she does have a nice booty.


You are putting the finger on the identitarian based criticism deflection technique of the super-structure, and the hypocrisy of warmongering. I personally liked the sarcastic delivery of your polemic, does it get resonance with the masses ?


I heard on the "It's Going Down" anarchist podcast one activist saying that it's good that abortion proponents are now actually calling it abortion instead of abstracting with the "pro-choice" moniker.
I'd have to agree with this, but I think she misunderstands why it was originally done. 3rd wave feminists framed abortion has having zero ethical quandaries, likening it to having an apendex removed, but the visceral imagery of an abortion is to vivid for even a layman to ignore so to avoid having to explain how a pile of cut up baby parts is in fact not a human, they abstracted it by saying it's a choice.
But by using the term abortion I think they are going to have an uphill bad explaining to the public how this disturbing practice is infact simply healthcare. I say all this as someone that supports abortion, but this is the political reality.

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