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its the fist time ive made a friend who's a girl (female) in my 19 years of age, turns out it wasnt that hard. Im still afraid of women though

am i winning?


did you fuck her?


How did you do it and is there any chance of sexo?


File: 1677767763157.jpg ( 95.37 KB , 653x490 , 1590430544701.jpg )

no kys, she's a 4/10 face but 7/10 body, either way i'm not going to fuck up one of the few friendships ive made for some coom
though if she wants i aint saying no
>How did you do it
i attend an afternoon hobby/course thingy where people do different activities because i'm lonely as shit, it's mostly old people but she's the only one my age so we started talking, i got her number and we see each other almost every day, we crack jokes and talk and are just in a similar vibe. been a month and i'm confident enough to call her a friend.
simple as


Jesus, this is sad. Thank God I quit being a pretensious faggy leftoid, or that would probably be my existence as well.


thank you anon


Congrats anon. It sounds like something that could turn into a relationship if you both want it. Just promise to not leave us if that happens..


Depends, is the relationship 100℅ reciprocating? Is she helping you find a gf, cause she knows you're lonely. If not you're a simp.


Be careful about taking relationship advice from leftychan. A solid proportion of guys here couldn't get laid to save their lives and are in no position to offer good advice about relationships or women.

As with anything in life, figure out what goals you want to achieve, then listen to people who have achieved those goals already (and preferably who have also helped other people achieve those goals). Ruthlessly but politely ignore the rest, since they naturally give terrible and misguided advice.


No retard, she's just as lonely as me, she even told me about her suicid3 attempt. she was even the one who initiated contact with me i was skeptical at first
i don't wanna force it though i don't even know if i like her. i just know theres a connection


>listen to people who have achieved those goals already (and preferably who have also helped other people achieve those goals).
redpilltard can't help but shill his courses lol


Be careful of advice from nearcels like Captain Save A How here. While it's true they occasionally get sex, they are still not getting anywhere near the sex chad is and are being kept as clean up men for when a roastie inevitable had to get off the cock carousel. They try to avoid having to reconcile their exploitation of roasties leading them on by white knighting for them. Telling themselves that they're nothing like the incels they pillory.


File: 1677780270380.webm ( 3.1 MB , 608x1078 , 1677624912630303.webm )

>No retard, she's just as lonely as me, she even told me about her suicid3 attempt.
Dude this is classic narcissistic behavior, they tell you something horrible like this to obligate you into supporting them. It is most likely not true and even of it is she needs treatment by a pro, not an emotional tampon like you.
People do not tell you deeply personally things like this to people they don't know. Run away now, she will sabotage any chance at any future relationship you may have with someone else.
Just test it by telling her you're going overseas to get a wife. If she thinks you're about to get into an actually reciprocating relationship that she can't sabotage she will drop you like a hot potato.


OP try get her naked and check for tattoos.
Tattoos only for pump n dump, worst she can be in a gang. Take care and stay vigilant.


First I thought they are speaking hungarian or something, but nah, they are just brits.


*exploitation by roasties


Make those connections while you are young OP cause by the time you are my age (31) it becomes impossible.


File: 1677915730393-0.jpg ( 161.86 KB , 1080x1152 , IMG_20230304_143935.jpg )

File: 1677915730393-1.jpg ( 230.64 KB , 1080x1259 , IMG_20230304_143954.jpg )

Getting laid isn't hard

The 'trick' is simply not being a pussy fag.

This, however, is an insurmountable task for the leftist numale


File: 1677932655925.png ( 53.33 KB , 701x832 , 21126 - SoyBooru.png )



File: 1678120768516.jpg ( 64.91 KB , 960x960 , 163145787029.jpg )

OP here, this might be growing into something more, I'll keep you updated


File: 1678200718887.jpg ( 37.01 KB , 400x420 , 1654900548522.jpg )



>t. emotionally manipulative roastie
OP is dealing with a classic narcissist and it will ruin his life. Assuming OP isn't some LARPing tr00n


Yeah, you're growing into a simp. Don't you want a real relationship? With someone that wants you as much as you want them? Just travel max homie.


What does this even have to do with "the left"(TM)


OP is an emotional tampon who will end up warming the bed for a Chad

I bet she has "Chad only" tattooed on her crotch


Women are turned off by equality and weak men, two things the left(tm) represents more than anything else.


Has never had sex in his life


*with a fat chick

Cope, faggot


File: 1678320951149.jpg ( 55.07 KB , 680x818 , socialism is for chads.jpg )

>he doesn't know


>There was equality in the Eastern Block.
Kek, it was just that everyone was poor so there was no one to monkey branch to. Guarantee party cadres were swimming in pus since under state capitalism they owned the MoP.


>We wuz east Germany n shiet (nasally voice)


>Totally not part of reproducibility crisis
This sounds like something some dork junior lecturer made up to impress freshman girls


>muh socialism is when poor
lib detected
cope and seethe
>sounds like something some dork junior lecturer made up
<posts on leftynig.net


>>muh socialism is when poor
>lib detected
>socialism is when the government owns things and the more it owns the socialist it is.
All state capitalists must hang.


Socialism is actually when you're a NEET who believes the state should take over the role of parents.


>socialism is when strawman


Cope apple stealing twerp.




File: 1678778915665.png ( 67.42 KB , 474x568 , ClipboardImage.png )


shes officially my gf now. sorry i'm so happy


nobody cares

have fun cleaning after the Chad, twerp




You have the process backwards (sex 1st, then maybe a relationship), but good job nonetheless
Ignore the spiteful mutant


Congrats OP!!!!


Well at least you got some play, but I'd still be weary OP.


Dude, you're dating a narcissist, this will not end well for you. Please keep us updated!


>I have low smv and zero social skills, therefore everyone else must also


>You have to accept an emotionally manipulative woman or you're a loser with a small pee pee.
Cope, OP can do better. It's always a bad idea to date damaged goods. Women need to learn to unpack their own baggage.


But you are a loser with a small pee pee…


No, because I don't listen to white knighting tr00ns like you.


So you do have a girlfriend who had a zero laycount before you…?


Cope. OP is a poor desperate beta that eats out of the Chad's trash bin.


We're talking about you now. Do you have a girlfriend? What was her notch count before hooking up with you? What's her relationship with her dad and family like?

Or are you the type of guy who's too alpha to settle down with a borefriend. In that case, how many chicks have you pulled on day2s this year? Any same day lays?

You seem like an expert with women (and definitely not like a spiteful stunted faggot), so I'm hoping you can tell us more about qualifications in this area. That way, we can all know how valuable your advice is and what sort of results we can expect if we listen to you.


I never said anything about notch count cunt. I said he's bad because she's clearly a narcissist like you are. That's why your panties are in a wad about me saying so. It identify with her.


*I said she's bad because


*You identify with her.


So that's a no for both a trad girlfriend and for spinning plates?


>implying what was never implied.
Cope and seethe tr00n


Oh, so you're not successful with women…?

I guess I'll treat your advice similar to how I'd treat health advice from a fat positivity activist. Any other areas of life that you're massively incompetent in that you'd like to share your opinions on?


File: 1678832387832.jpg ( 144.68 KB , 1170x1340 , shitposting-zwnl29.jpg )

>Oh, so you're not successful with women…?
Cope, I'm successful with women in the 3rd world. You'd know how easy it is overseas if you ever left your room, much less the country.
>Any other areas of life that you're massively incompetent in that you'd like to share your opinions on?
Haha, you're clearly triggered by the fact that I got you and OP's gf pegged as narcissists.
Even if your cope about me being an incel were true it wouldn't make dating a narcissist any less foolish.


Oh, so you currently live in a place like Asia or Latin America - and in the shittier part, suppose? Good for you, I guess.
<It sounds like he goes on sex tourism vacations and deludes himself into believing he's not simply a low smv whoremonger. The Thai girls who speak English for no apparent reason have been stuffed by every third backpacker on Khoa San road btw. Maybe instead of being a whoremonger, he's getting international pan European leftovers instead?

>Muh narcissism, muh never leave room


Bạn bê đê và ế bởi vì tính cách của bạn là gãy (the Google translate is a bit off but close enough lol)


>White burger thinks the only place dub 8 men can pull women is in Thailand
My gender fluid friend, please look at a map. There's a whole world south of the border. The more you talk the more it's clear that you've never lived outside your sheltered suburb much less outside the country.


File: 1678860944106.mp4 ( 6.64 MB , 608x1080 , aww-11lt0my.mp4 )

You're just moving the goalposts again. First I was an incel, now I'm just a whoremonger that always pays for dates. Homie I've been approached on numerous occasions and the women wanted to pay.
The whole world doesn't buy into man hating feminism like you think. A lot of women appreciate a guy with a stable job that takes care of himself.
Next you'll let your racism slip out again and say they only want a green card. As if a poor women could never exercise her agency fully and consent to sex or marriage.
People like you are such hypocrites, you'll scream holy hell about Republicans wanting to ban the LGBTQ lifestyle but you feel perfectly entitled to meddle in the sex lives of sub 8 men.
Like damn niqqa, why do you care so much what I do in the bedroom. Touch grass.


Cope ya little malignant narcissist.


Women from Latin America are ugly though. And I can't speak to all of Latin America, but Mexican chicks (besides being ugly af) are also hard core feminists and quite slutty.
I literally live in another country btw, guess you didn't pick up on that. but I haven't travelled to remote villages in the andes just to get laid. My bad.
Did your mom abuse you as a child by any chance?


>Women from Latin America are ugly though.
Lol, okay /pol/
>but Mexican chicks (besides being ugly af) are also hard core feminists
So don't date a Mexican
>I literally live in another country btw, guess you didn't pick up on that.
>I was only pretending to be retarded.
You're so good at it though.
>I haven't travelled to remote villages in the andes just to get laid. My bad.
>Everywhere outside the west is a backwards shithole
Common, you're American. This act is just way too convincing.
>Did your mom abuse you as a child by any chance?
No, that's why I'm not a doormat for western toasties like you.


No, I'm pretty well travelled and live abroad. I can say for certain that women in places like Mexico City (beyond themselves not being attractive), aren't impressed by a white guy with a job. Furthermore, there are parts of places like CDMX and Medellin that I can't even afford, let alone impress people just by having the right passport. (The whole First World/Third World divide doesn't really exist like it used to. Parts of America and Western Europe are absolute shitholes now, whereas parts of the 'global south' are soulless and overdeveloped)

So ya, it sounds like you are going to absolute backwater places to try to fuck impoverished girls, either through cheesy nongame or through paying for it.

And again, if you don't speak the local language of whatever country you're going to, youre basically fucking (if not prosties) the 5% of local girls who are infatuated with white guys. Talk about leftovers lol.

That said, this anon does generally have the right idea. Women outside of the west are less fat and have far more feminine personalities. Women from the US and Western Europe walk like sasquatch. But Mexican and Central American women look like literal trolls. Short, fat, hairy, big facial features (nice eyes though, IG). Fun in bed but simply not the easiest to look at.


Yeah BS, you can get laid for being a guerro much less an actual white person.
Mexico has some of the worst wealth inequality on earth so I'm not sure where you get the idea every woman in a Mexican city has money.
Sounds like you just have shitty socialization skills and can't make friends and be introduced to women via your network.


>But Mexican and Central American women look like literal trolls. Short, fat, hairy, big facial features (nice eyes though, IG). Fun in bed but simply not the easiest to look at.
You defo are not well traveled if you think that. Regardless, I'm not good looking myself so my looksmatch isn't going to be hot eithet. I just want a woman that's not obese, not crazy and doesn't have kids. And that's just too much to ask for from a Western woman.


Ya, America has a shitty dating market for men.
>That said, no one is going to magically fix things for you. No one is forcing you to stay in Burgerstan.
The onus is really in you to improve yourself. Not wasting money on sex tourism might be a good start. Instead, figure out a way to actually live abroad. Looksmaxxxing is just a no brainer. I expect the average leftoid to be so delusional and oversocialized that they honestly believe women 'should love them for who they are.' thus they tend to be faggy slobs. You sound a smarter than that though. Fix what you can, position yourself well in terms of location and logistics (you're not going to find attractive childless women in Iowa, and even third world refugees are going to be put off if you are 22+ and live at home - this is just common sense), have cool shit happening in your life (this one's kinda optional tbh), be fun, and have solid d game.
It sounds like the best thing you have going for you is really high standards. Now just ask yourself, what sort of dude gets the sort of chick I want. Then become that dude.


File: 1678875037246-1.png ( 187.7 KB , 1128x515 , 54c12548ecad04ce1e9135d6.png )

>Be leftist
>Can't figure out why you can't find skinny childless trad gf
>Go to Mexico to swoop mestizos
>Still banging fat uggos with bad attitudes, but at least they're less high maintenance than the average white moid.


>The onus is really in you to improve yourself.
t. liberal


>the onus is one you to cry online about how women don't give you the sex you think you deserve
t. A leftist, I guess


>People who complain about the liberalism that is screwing them are cringe.
t. lib


1.) What standard are all these men failing to met. It's a rhetorical, these men are too poor for Western women. That's it.
2.) Why improve yourself if another woman will accept you as you are.
Seems very foolish, why make life harder on yourself for a woman that will still resent you because she couldn't net a Chad?


File: 1678907151358.jpg ( 30.29 KB , 589x521 , 1664346269354068.jpg )

>Be me
>Western women don't want to have sex with me.
>3rd world women do.
>Leave Western women alone to have sex with women that say they want me.
>This is pathetic and wrong somehow.
Please help me understand. How is throwing myself at Western women that have made it clear they are not interested good for me or even them?
Wouldn't continuing to pursue women that don't want me make me a creep?


Nah man. I'm more wondering why you haven't just moved abroad?
Also, imperialism is literally the only reason why third world women want you. If that's the case, why would you oppose imperialism?
Honest questions for both


>Nah man. I'm more wondering why you haven't just moved abroad?
It's the same reasons as always, work, school, family. All my roots are here.
>Also, imperialism is literally the only reason why third world women want you.
Real talk, this is thinly veiled racism and neo orientialism. If you ever traveled you'd know the entirety of the 3rd world's women isn't clamoring to marry a Western Man. It actually takes something of a unique women to want to leave behind everything they've known for a relationship. They're usually women that don't fit in with their own culture for one reason or another.
Why not try speaking to foreign nationals who are married to Western men and just let them tell you for themselves their reasons.
Also the INS ended the whole "get married for a green card" scheme decades ago.
They look up the asshole of you and your bride for seven to eight years and even then your ass can still get deported if they decide retroactively your scamming.
>If that's the case, why would you oppose imperialism?
>Getting married to a foreign national is imperialism.
You don't live in the real world buddy. It's ironic that the people most vocal about passport bros are Westerners, not 3rd world women or even 3rd world men. There's actual patriarchy in much of the 3rd world, when 3rd world women marry Western men they are imbued with right's and privileges they could never dream of in their home country.


>Muh roots
Lame reasons. Once you finish school, everything else is an excuse
>Muh thinly veiled racism
No one cares except for dorky white guys whose sole sense of value comes from having the correct opinions
>You don't live in the real world buddy
Does one of the mods want to let him know where my IP address is coming from?
>Women in the 3rd world suffer from lepatriarchy
>Bitches in the first world won't date me because I'm not rich
Honestly, just not being a faggy sjw permavictim would help your life a lot


>No one cares except for dorky white guys whose sole sense of value comes from having the correct opinions
What I'm saying is the foundations of your politics are profoundly bullshit.
>Does one of the mods want to let him know where my IP address is coming from?
This Peruvian Anime Pillow Dating Forum isn't real life my fren.
>Honestly, just not being a faggy sjw permavictim would help your life a lot
Would help me be convenient to the liberal superstructure you'e defending maybe.
You still haven't answered my question, why should I seduce Western women that have told me to buzz off when other women will accept me?


Have you tried transmaxxxing?


File: 1678915015811.jpg ( 175.52 KB , 947x836 , feminists.jpg )

>Have you tried sterilizing yourself at the alter of liberalism.
You can have my privates when you pry them from my cold dead hands.


You're not using them for anything important anyways


>Also, imperialism is literally the only reason why third world women want you.
Imperialism is the reason why Western Women reject me. What is your point?


>Nothing is my fault or responsibility. I'm perfect just the way I am. Everyone else is either wrong or out to spite me. Or they are a narcissist.


Did you recycle your sodie pop cans and cardboard boxes today, anon?


Soda is for poor stupid people


Did you recycle your Soylent bottles and Amazon shipping boxes today, anon?


>Half of all men under 35 aren't having sex.
>Don't you know liberal capitalism is a meritocracy inkwell. If you're alone it's all your fault, sweaty, stop saying it's systemic. Only LoSeRs do that!


>Accuses 3rd world women of having white fever because of imperialism
>Unknowingly implicates Western women in rejecting their looksmatch because of that same imperialism.
>Moves the goalposts to moral failings of men now.
Why are liberals like this.


>Make light of eugenics.


>deranged samefag
touch pussy


File: 1679083468625.jpg ( 25.26 KB , 854x336 , IMG_20230317_130357.jpg )

>>deranged samefag


File: 1679937752092.png ( 78.95 KB , 482x427 , 1616632783505.png )

well it's over. we just broke up for no real reason. she has to be bipolar or something

either way i don't really care. I'll keep you updated but i can tell you she's gonna come back and i will say no for being a dumb bitch

2 weeks. not that bad


i apologize to everyone in this tread. you weren't that wrong


Your furst breakup is always tough OP. Did you at least get to séxø with her before it went to shit?


Yeah 3 times. we also made out like every day lol
>Your furst breakup is always tough OP
Nah i'm just disappointed. i feel bad for her not for me she's too unstable and retarded. she had a chance.


I tried to warn you mate.


You dodged a bullet. It's fine to date women with baggage but they need to have handled that baggage BEFORE entering a relationship with you.


pray to the Gods that it happened so early

just imagine if you were stuck with her for 10+years lol



Any news?


can anyone made this into a thread simulator ?


File: 1698573986199.jpeg ( 5.49 KB , 300x168 , 1620396907438.jpeg )

LMFAOOO I forgot about this thread

Well to keep it short, we actually came back together after a few weeks. I only really hated her for the first few days but then i couldn't resist when she tried to amend things with me (found out she emotionally cheated with this person who then tried to hit her up but she rejected, also she had a sui attempt during that time). Either way I didn't think much about it, she seemed stable and compromised and stuff and we were happy, until my sister and her had an argument and then she became paranoid my whole family hated her or smth and broke up again out of the blue

Fast forward to June, I reached out to her and the next day we were having SEXO & became partners again. She told me her mood swings change by the seasons and summers were usually stable. Which she was right, we were together for three months straight (the longest we had been), went to a few parties although none of us are really the party type tbh and also went on vacation together. Things were looking fine overall until September when out of the fucking blue she didn't respond to my call one day, and the next day she was breaking up over text. I told her that was an episode, that I was gonna give her a week to think about it but she just ghosted… I tried to reach out the next week to find out I was blocked (and still am), so alright, I gave up

TLDR; avoid bipolar bitches like the plague


Jeez anon. Considering the circumstances, your simping worked out in your favor.

If you would have pumped and dumped her, she'd probably still be obsessed with you.


File: 1698574715066.png ( 200.35 KB , 734x382 , ClipboardImage.png )

Anyway this was my first relationship and I'm already traumatized like fuck. I came back to school last month so at least my mind is occupied with other stuff. Even if she reaches out (which i'm not sure, it's been more than a month already) I'm gonna ghost her, this time for real i swear FUCK OFF I'm such a retard. Now i realize how emotionally dependant i was on her during that time. I'm making friends again and this time for real for real don't want to go back there

Also, I know i should probably wait more time until getting into another relationship but fuck me i've found a golden opportunity. There's this classmate of mine i've only known for a month really but she seems to be interested in me and me in her, could be as a friend or whatever but hell that's how things always start. She isn't the type to have guy friends hell she only talks to me and another girls in class and does the usual subtle signs to me, laughing all the time, random looking, all that jazz. She could well be waiting for my move or not I don't fucking know she's too difficult to read

Should i go after her bros? or wait till my mind is at peace? I don't want her to be the rebound but also time passes and she could get bored of me i'm not sure how strong that interest really is. I've already missed opportunities like this in the past

I just want love


Yeah there's some positive side to it, i'm not that afraid of women anymore really and the sex was pretty good


>I'm already traumatized like fuck.
Stop this faggotry


Fuck off


>Anyway this was my first relationship and I'm already traumatized like fuck.


>>4172 (me)
Also funniest shit is that we live in virtually the same neighborhood, none of us go out a lot but i can tell some day im gonna bump into her and is gonna be awkward as fuck


Ignore her entirely. Don't glance at her. Don't read her messages if she sends one. In your mind, she should be a non entity


Disturbingly raw thread.


File: 1699275002372.png ( 12.69 KB , 990x1184 , 1588981278450.png )

>fuck me i've found a golden opportunity
BROS BROS bros i just made huge progress. Luckily we were paired up in class for an activity and we were talking the entire hours, in between classes and even came back home together and exchanged numbers and all… Bros i can't help it but feel hopeful again… at least she seems mentally healthy which is sad i gotta say that
Also although im a manlet and she's around my height she doesnt seem to care you incels said i was doomed lmfao


Don't forget to keep momentum. If you don't ask her out in the next ten days maximum, you can consider the offer expired in most circumstances.


Ive dealt with a schizo bitch for three years.


How was it?


sex was good but the tantrums so werent. Her own family and friends cannot stand her. Shes not a bad nor dumb person. But goddamn she is infantile.

>Thirties is the start of senescence

Youre twenty years too early man.


You're putting your dick in crazy. You're going to regret it.


I do regret it.
I even tell any bystanding male witnesses of her public meltdowns to never stick their dick in crazy.

And we did have a pregnancy scare almost three yeaes ago.
Thankfully it turns out it was psychosomatic.

Shes very delusional. Shes crafty as well though.


File: 1711913255797.png ( 235.06 KB , 474x474 , ClipboardImage.png )

Ok uyghurs quick update. Shit is just going slow as hell

We text several times a week, every week. In person everything seems going fine, she laughs at even the dumbest of my jokes, we talk personal stuff, and all that jazz that makes me think there's interest on her part. I wouldn't say crazy interest but hell there's something i could work with

But here's the problem. She never initiates, like literally never. She seems shy only around me which could actually be a good sign but motherfucker it's been 5 months already. Also a i've recently been suggesting studying together either in person or via call but she either changes topic or flat out refuses, yet she keeps showing interest? And continues being open to flirting like nothing happened. On top of that there's the odd day she seems to be pissed off about me and the next day be so talkative. I'm so confused bros

I'm starting to think she's either autistic or just dumb. Maybe she's a lesbian. Maybe she's playing with me. I don´t fucking know

My gut feeling tells me i should keep trying, what if i gave up but she was actually into me the whole time only that she was shy? That would haunt me forever
But also i'm getting fucking tired.

What do?


>My gut feeling tells me i should keep trying,
No, you should communicate openly with her all these frustrations you feel.


She wants you to be the one to initiate you retard. Women don't initiate. Men are the ones who initiate.


She likely doesn't want that either and is just going through the motions to keep him. We've already established that she has narcissistic traits.


Fuck no that would scare her out. You gotta keep it cool while also being assertive no need to spoil the whole thing like that.
Soy level advice
AND IM TIRED OF INITIATING THATS ALL I FUCKING DO. Gonna wait a few weeks see if she changes her mind about meeting up to study but theres just so much i can do
Yeah thats something i dont wwant to believe but you cant rule anything out.
She seems the insecure type though, could be that she just likes the attention… but hey aren't all women like that


This thread makes me feel slightly better about missing out on young love.


she doesn't want these fake study "dates" dumbass ask her to explicitly go on a date just reading this is annoying as fuck I can't imagine her putting up with this retardation much longer


Glad i helped someone
Ok mr. don juan give me some date ideas


File: 1712001577883.jpg ( 84.33 KB , 667x1000 , 1712001573556.jpg )

depends on the girl. if she's just a college bitch she'll be happy just getting coffee as an explicit date. if you don't go to a based state school or community college you might have to do something more high effort like any medium restaurant: Applebee's tier. If she says she likes something particular in the past do that, bitches love it when you "listen" to them in a limited capacity: "I like pho" you months later "I remembered you like pho do you want to go out on a date and get some"


File: 1712009773599.jpg ( 135.63 KB , 876x831 , chasers.jpg )

>She never initiates, like literally never
Maybe that's because she doesn't have to put any work @ all into just having a fucking retard eagerly & actively orbiting her, you fucking blind autist?
>On top of that there's the odd day she seems to be pissed off about me
>My gut feeling tells me
That's not your gut, those are your fucking balls which have to compensate for your nonexistant coombrain activity you deranged degenerate. Fucking kys faggot.
She's just pissed off that she can't openly dump you like that by telling you to g&fys already, that's why she has to put all this already cracking facade whenever you're gravitating over her eyes for this whole day once again.

Dough, why are you so fucking stupid.


could be this. but you'll never know unless you ask her on a date. in any case your relationship is quickly expiring at this stage. leap forward and embrace a new mode of social production or be left in the dust with your decaying relationship productive forces


Young love is not possible in our post-1985 society


File: 1712079219394.png ( 346.46 KB , 475x633 , yungluvnigga.png )

cope or rope I guess


File: 1712085221580.png ( 173.66 KB , 474x355 , ClipboardImage.png )

You know what, nevermind, I'm giving up on this bitch. If she was interested she'll reach out at least once if not then that's it
>if you don't go to a based state school or community college
I aint a burger what does that mean.
Fuck u


File: 1712085797478.jpg ( 416.34 KB , 1080x1322 , 1712085790649.jpg )

Just shoot your shot what are you afraid of? You're going to end it like this anyway so why not just go for it?


if you're afraid of it ending or getting hurt then I'm sorry but you should have never been born. life is pain and you have to live with that. this will net you experience even if the only conclusion you can reach is "I shouldn't have waited so long". If you hadn't fucked the last girl you'd still be thinking you're entirely hopeless which no one is. now you're self sabotaging another potential lesson for no reason. you're stopping yourself from tripping, stumbling and learning to walk. you've got to live your life man


uyghur i ran out of shots already. If she hasn't even accepted simply studying together she wont accept shit.
All i have left is confessing directly to her. Which i admit is scary and not sure if its worth it.

Just doomin rn


Also i bet she's just as confused as me, probably isn't into me that very much but theres some interest in there she doesnt wanna completely rule out. Bear in mind she's extremely shy and kind of awkward

At least thats what i want to believe


dude studying together is infuriating if you want to go to the next level. people don't like to be led on like that. it sounds like you're going to find any excuse not to ask her out so I can't help you. If you want to permanently fellate yourself about the potential without ever realizing it, then there's no helping you. Not wanting to have a sexless faggot study time =/= not interested in you at all. just fucking ask her you spineless cuck


File: 1712099358489.png ( 1.06 MB , 1280x720 , ClipboardImage.png )

FUCKING HELL its all so tiresome

Why the fuck do i have to do all the heavy pulling. its not fair.

This is it. Im confessing to her in person tomorrow. All or nothing.


File: 1712099732410-0.jpg ( 106.27 KB , 1213x376 , 1.jpg )

File: 1712099732410-1.jpg ( 88.54 KB , 997x290 , 2.jpg )

shes just gonna say no

If you knew her youd know. Idk why shes so dry over text but in person she laughs and flirt back. Shes so autistic.
There are more positive signs than negative but my patience is running out.

All or nothing


If it goes wrong i swear im slipping back into the incelsphere


This is why autism sould never be romanticised.

Leftypol is especially guilty of doing this especially if said autists are female.


true autists should be put in collective farms never to touch the internet again


I'm actually rooting for you good luck but don't be disheartened if it doesn't work out.


Nah I cucked out. I'm giving the fuck up

Lets see tomorrow. If i havent confessed in a week's time then its truly and irreparably over





File: 1712176572569.jpg ( 176.37 KB , 800x557 , 1712176563969.jpg )

it's only over when you give up





I love that song!


Well great, she just sent me this song.

I asked if she wanted to study. She said i don't know, then said no. I asked if she wanted to do anything after class, ANYTHING, she said no, without further elaboration. I recently stopped chasing her and now there are days it seems like she hates me for no reason

Now wtf you mean "Make you mine". JUST DO IT BITCH


File: 1712586688460.png ( 264.29 KB , 474x484 , ClipboardImage.png )

Now wtf do i do

If I chase her, she gets awkward and pulls away.
If I don't, she will give mixed signals she's interested and pull back in



next time you meet her physically irl, grab her and push her up against the wall. tell her, "move away if you don't want to get kissed", and move in for the kiss. you'll know then


This is literally rape.


ask to meet her somewhere irl. when u meet her irl, tell her that you want to tell her something. ask her what she's going to do on her birthday. then give her a cellphone case that you bought because she said she needed one last time (this also shows that you do listen to her)

its supposed to be romantic. like in the books, tv, films, maybe music, etc. also, in the proposed plan he does tell her she can move away, so..
positive point: it shows assertiveness on his part (since she gives mixed signals, seemingly not wanting to make the move herself), if it brings desired results than it will have paid off
negative point: possibly seen as non-consensual MeToo

well if we dont give good advice then the bad advice wins. hes gonna be stuck here with us if we dont try our best to help him


>it shows assertiveness on his part
Assertiveness only works for chad, otherwise it is sexual assault.


Just move on OP you're clearly not an incel so can have sex with other girls.


File: 1712602103133.jpg ( 296.96 KB , 712x1024 , 1712602100045.jpg )

you stupid bastard. I told you studying isn't going to work now you've pissed her off by being so gay and autistic. I told you to ask her on a date explicitly but you're too much of a pussy bitch and now it might be too late. You gave up you worthless bitch. Why didn't you just listen and man up and ask her?


File: 1712602225627.jpg ( 64.59 KB , 432x666 , 1712602221813.jpg )

listen to this guy too it sounds like he has also touched a woman before


as if you would know, subhuman. this thread is for people who are wanted at one point only. not hopeless trash like you


I will force my cock up your asshole


at least you're admitting you're a faggot now. all that's left is for you to chop your dick off you putrid autistic troon


I'm not asiatic I have scottish heritage


what if u ask her, "arent u lonely" then gently touch her hand or arm and caress it.

what about asking her to come to a playground at night, sit on the swings next to each other. hold a boxed cake in ur hands, this will trigger her curiosity like, "oh, is that for me? hmm" and also her appetite/stomach. ask her what shes doing for Christmas. then tell her that during Christmas, couples sometimes eat cake together. ask if she has a boyfriend. if she says she doesnt, tell her youre not dating anyone either.
>"do you like [flavor type] cake?"
and at some point, confess while giving her the cake


File: 1712607050146.png ( 64.57 KB , 380x483 , 1712607042871.png )

then what's your clan, faggot? I want motto I want tartans or you're a lying bitch


what if you take a bite of your sandwich and pinch her nose so she has to breathe out of her mouth then force feed her your pre-masticated Arby's as a sign of goodwill and devotion? When you're done you can say "Hmmmm, did you like my beef? BC I would like to get my lips around yours!" Then start performing romantic cunnilingus in the Arby's bathroom.

If she doesn't then just don't tell her you spiked her jamocha shake with quaaludes. Take her home and let her sleep on her couch. When she wakes up tell her that she has to eat from a bowl of hard-boiled eggs.


File: 1712607786307.jpeg ( 1.21 MB , 1284x2517 , 657A7DD6-5A2E-4E8A-9C54-A….jpeg )

what if you start wearing perfume around her and see if she notices it like maybe when she hugs u (do you guys have physical contact/skinship?) or when she sits next to you.
pic related


faggot shit he needs to be direct and ask her out on a date or fuck off


The best pieces of advice we can collectively come up with for OP are "try wearing perfume" and "rape her". It's no wonder we're all incels.


File: 1712608650291.jpg ( 50.08 KB , 960x560 , 1673280427595417.jpg )

you're an incel because you're an autistic faggot who doesn't understand the difference between rape and desired advances. It will never be necessary for you to learn but I'm sure you can eventually postulate of the existence of someone wanting someone else to take charge in a relationship.

You're right about the perfume idea though it is retarded on the face of it. That type of thing is what you experiment with when you're already in a relationship.


That is a misrepresentation of my advice, I strenuously deny those allegations as demonstrably false and slanderous. And when OP comes back you will find out you're contradicted by the new extensive detailed evidence.


OP YOU FAT Jewish nigger
you can basically consider her sending the song to you as a final warning. don't make the poor girl beg. ask her to go on a date with you NOW before you're out of time.


>It will never be necessary for you to learn
Why are you being so mean?

I too am anxiously awaiting OP's update on the rape attempt.


>muh poor girl
feminoid emasculated man-slave

if she wants to fuck him she should say so, not play these retarded feminoid mind games


"desired advances" are Chad advances you bluepilled retard


Bluepilled cucks not worshipping women because of their manipulative neoteny challenge (Impossible)


OP, will you invite me to the wedding? I promise I'll dress up and act my best.


How's adiivka doing?


File: 1716961232493.png ( 58.8 KB , 480x360 , ClipboardImage.png )

Well boys, long time no update

She's still dropping hits although much more rarely and now I'm even more hopeless. Did I miss my chance? It sucks so much

Also been wondering if i even like her that much. Would i be willing to be with someone this socially retarded? Though she just like me fr
School ends in a few weeks and man i don't know how to feel kinda feeling nostalgic that all the fantasies in my head will probably be gone when i stop seeing her regularly

Just kms

Yeah Iḿ glad i didn't listen to you retards

Also note that i DID ask her out but apparently to all of you don juans meeting up to study isnt a date lmao


Also I tried giving her the silent treatment but it backfired WHAT CAN I FUCKING DO IVE TRIED EVERYTHING ALREADY




Bruh, she's playing you like an XBox. Just sleep with a prostitute for now and them book a flight overseas to find a relationship.


I'd advise against seeing a prostitute. Not a good habit to get into.


yes uyghur it probably is too late should have listened to me >>5548


She lowkey flirts IRL but then takes ages to reply to texts. Other times she ignores IRL but be talkative over text. It's so bizarre
>Bruh, she's playing you like an XBox
Either that or she's socially stunted and retard can't make up her mind


Bros I feel i'm starting to hate her and i really don't want it to end lik this. Gonna do one last charge and i'll update in a few weeks


>Either that or she's socially stunted and retard can't make up her mind
OMG, just move on already.


File: 1717090825226.jpg ( 312.41 KB , 750x938 , 1717090802685.jpg )

You're the one who's stunted and apparently unaware of any modicum of dating culture. You'd know that it's your duty to initiate a relationship so don't come crying like a pathetic faggot when it sounds like she did her part to show interest and you fumbled like a faggot. You deserve this.


This thread reminds me of a quote from Charles Darwin: "the definition of insanity is doing the exact same fucking thing over and over again expecting shit to change"


File: 1717093798861.jpg ( 139.8 KB , 900x889 , 1717093784818.jpg )

uygha got laid once. this time she didn't just fall into his lap is the difference. he did the same thing by not doing anything but the conditions changed around him and he was unwilling to adapt. She made the fucking pass but he was too stupid to move a few steps to catch it thinking: "It fell right into my hands last time so why not this time?!" tl;dr op is a coward faggot with no initiative


I thought einstein said that.
But theres also the inverse:
Doing different random shit and expecting the same result.


File: 1717991516334.png ( 183.69 KB , 474x471 , ClipboardImage.png )

Well so this is the last week of class. I've already decided I'm gonna confess to her one of these days, fuck it, ain't got nothing to lose anymore.
It hurts inside bros… it hurts inside.
Nah mate you're dyslexic. Read again and see that I've already tried most of what I could and still it seems she'll give mixed signals till god knows when. I'm probably gonna blow my chances away 99% with this plan but at least my mind will be at peace.

Man why do I fall so hard for these unstable type women


"uh so… do you want to go study" isn't an explicit date you retarded faggot fuck off


File: 1718135555499.png ( 93.8 KB , 474x588 , ClipboardImage.png )

Well. That was it. There's no coming back from here.

I just confessed via voice message. It took me half an hour to spit out a 20 seconds message but hey. I've put my phone on airplane mode until tomorrow so i don't deal with notification anxiety.
Today was the last day of class. There's little chance i'd see her again until september and that is if we even got in the same class which there was little chance of because of reasons. And anyway after the summer any sort of feelings that might be there would dissipate and I can't afford to let her keep living rent free in my mind.

So I figured there was little if nothing to lose. That was my last shot, friendly fire if you will
I hope anons respect my decision. Let me kill her before she kills me.

There's no coming fucking back. I feel void but at the same time kind of relieved


Tell us what her response is anon. I am too invested in this love story.


pathetic you've set yourself up for failure and for what? to vindicate your own misguided self hatred and to continue your own self sabotage?


File: 1718204724474.png ( 327.15 KB , 1280x1280 , ClipboardImage.png )

Said she just wanna be classmates


>leave the site for awhile
>come back to this
no… this isn't how this was supposed to go
you were supposed to win and it'd mean there's hope for me too


I wouldn't even be mad at least you got to get pissed on.

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