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its the fist time ive made a friend who's a girl (female) in my 19 years of age, turns out it wasnt that hard. Im still afraid of women though

am i winning?
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I will force my cock up your asshole


at least you're admitting you're a faggot now. all that's left is for you to chop your dick off you putrid autistic troon


I'm not asiatic I have scottish heritage


what if u ask her, "arent u lonely" then gently touch her hand or arm and caress it.

what about asking her to come to a playground at night, sit on the swings next to each other. hold a boxed cake in ur hands, this will trigger her curiosity like, "oh, is that for me? hmm" and also her appetite/stomach. ask her what shes doing for Christmas. then tell her that during Christmas, couples sometimes eat cake together. ask if she has a boyfriend. if she says she doesnt, tell her youre not dating anyone either.
>"do you like [flavor type] cake?"
and at some point, confess while giving her the cake


File: 1712607050146.png ( 64.57 KB , 380x483 , 1712607042871.png )

then what's your clan, faggot? I want motto I want tartans or you're a lying bitch


what if you take a bite of your sandwich and pinch her nose so she has to breathe out of her mouth then force feed her your pre-masticated Arby's as a sign of goodwill and devotion? When you're done you can say "Hmmmm, did you like my beef? BC I would like to get my lips around yours!" Then start performing romantic cunnilingus in the Arby's bathroom.

If she doesn't then just don't tell her you spiked her jamocha shake with quaaludes. Take her home and let her sleep on her couch. When she wakes up tell her that she has to eat from a bowl of hard-boiled eggs.


File: 1712607786307.jpeg ( 1.21 MB , 1284x2517 , 657A7DD6-5A2E-4E8A-9C54-A….jpeg )

what if you start wearing perfume around her and see if she notices it like maybe when she hugs u (do you guys have physical contact/skinship?) or when she sits next to you.
pic related


faggot shit he needs to be direct and ask her out on a date or fuck off


The best pieces of advice we can collectively come up with for OP are "try wearing perfume" and "rape her". It's no wonder we're all incels.


File: 1712608650291.jpg ( 50.08 KB , 960x560 , 1673280427595417.jpg )

you're an incel because you're an autistic faggot who doesn't understand the difference between rape and desired advances. It will never be necessary for you to learn but I'm sure you can eventually postulate of the existence of someone wanting someone else to take charge in a relationship.

You're right about the perfume idea though it is retarded on the face of it. That type of thing is what you experiment with when you're already in a relationship.


That is a misrepresentation of my advice, I strenuously deny those allegations as demonstrably false and slanderous. And when OP comes back you will find out you're contradicted by the new extensive detailed evidence.


OP YOU FAT Jewish nigger
you can basically consider her sending the song to you as a final warning. don't make the poor girl beg. ask her to go on a date with you NOW before you're out of time.


>It will never be necessary for you to learn
Why are you being so mean?

I too am anxiously awaiting OP's update on the rape attempt.


>muh poor girl
feminoid emasculated man-slave

if she wants to fuck him she should say so, not play these retarded feminoid mind games


"desired advances" are Chad advances you bluepilled retard


Bluepilled cucks not worshipping women because of their manipulative neoteny challenge (Impossible)


OP, will you invite me to the wedding? I promise I'll dress up and act my best.


How's adiivka doing?


File: 1716961232493.png ( 58.8 KB , 480x360 , ClipboardImage.png )

Well boys, long time no update

She's still dropping hits although much more rarely and now I'm even more hopeless. Did I miss my chance? It sucks so much

Also been wondering if i even like her that much. Would i be willing to be with someone this socially retarded? Though she just like me fr
School ends in a few weeks and man i don't know how to feel kinda feeling nostalgic that all the fantasies in my head will probably be gone when i stop seeing her regularly

Just kms

Yeah Iḿ glad i didn't listen to you retards

Also note that i DID ask her out but apparently to all of you don juans meeting up to study isnt a date lmao


Also I tried giving her the silent treatment but it backfired WHAT CAN I FUCKING DO IVE TRIED EVERYTHING ALREADY




Bruh, she's playing you like an XBox. Just sleep with a prostitute for now and them book a flight overseas to find a relationship.


I'd advise against seeing a prostitute. Not a good habit to get into.


yes uyghur it probably is too late should have listened to me >>5548


She lowkey flirts IRL but then takes ages to reply to texts. Other times she ignores IRL but be talkative over text. It's so bizarre
>Bruh, she's playing you like an XBox
Either that or she's socially stunted and retard can't make up her mind


Bros I feel i'm starting to hate her and i really don't want it to end lik this. Gonna do one last charge and i'll update in a few weeks


>Either that or she's socially stunted and retard can't make up her mind
OMG, just move on already.


File: 1717090825226.jpg ( 312.41 KB , 750x938 , 1717090802685.jpg )

You're the one who's stunted and apparently unaware of any modicum of dating culture. You'd know that it's your duty to initiate a relationship so don't come crying like a pathetic faggot when it sounds like she did her part to show interest and you fumbled like a faggot. You deserve this.


This thread reminds me of a quote from Charles Darwin: "the definition of insanity is doing the exact same fucking thing over and over again expecting shit to change"


File: 1717093798861.jpg ( 139.8 KB , 900x889 , 1717093784818.jpg )

uygha got laid once. this time she didn't just fall into his lap is the difference. he did the same thing by not doing anything but the conditions changed around him and he was unwilling to adapt. She made the fucking pass but he was too stupid to move a few steps to catch it thinking: "It fell right into my hands last time so why not this time?!" tl;dr op is a coward faggot with no initiative


I thought einstein said that.
But theres also the inverse:
Doing different random shit and expecting the same result.


File: 1717991516334.png ( 183.69 KB , 474x471 , ClipboardImage.png )

Well so this is the last week of class. I've already decided I'm gonna confess to her one of these days, fuck it, ain't got nothing to lose anymore.
It hurts inside bros… it hurts inside.
Nah mate you're dyslexic. Read again and see that I've already tried most of what I could and still it seems she'll give mixed signals till god knows when. I'm probably gonna blow my chances away 99% with this plan but at least my mind will be at peace.

Man why do I fall so hard for these unstable type women


"uh so… do you want to go study" isn't an explicit date you retarded faggot fuck off


File: 1718135555499.png ( 93.8 KB , 474x588 , ClipboardImage.png )

Well. That was it. There's no coming back from here.

I just confessed via voice message. It took me half an hour to spit out a 20 seconds message but hey. I've put my phone on airplane mode until tomorrow so i don't deal with notification anxiety.
Today was the last day of class. There's little chance i'd see her again until september and that is if we even got in the same class which there was little chance of because of reasons. And anyway after the summer any sort of feelings that might be there would dissipate and I can't afford to let her keep living rent free in my mind.

So I figured there was little if nothing to lose. That was my last shot, friendly fire if you will
I hope anons respect my decision. Let me kill her before she kills me.

There's no coming fucking back. I feel void but at the same time kind of relieved


Tell us what her response is anon. I am too invested in this love story.


pathetic you've set yourself up for failure and for what? to vindicate your own misguided self hatred and to continue your own self sabotage?


File: 1718204724474.png ( 327.15 KB , 1280x1280 , ClipboardImage.png )

Said she just wanna be classmates


>leave the site for awhile
>come back to this
no… this isn't how this was supposed to go
you were supposed to win and it'd mean there's hope for me too


I wouldn't even be mad at least you got to get pissed on.


>true autists should be put in collective farms
State farms. Our production is not so underdeveloped anymore to rely on enforced collective private property relations.

Stupid ass uyghur. Things are done PRESENTLY, not in the future, not in the past but right fucking now. Either you do shit rn or shit never even xisted in the 1st place you stupid fucking fuck.

kek. Stupid fucking cunt, wh@ did I tell ya back then you fucking retard? kys already & take that seething sex offender any% retard along with you will ya?
How much fucking time did you even waste on this shit holy fuck.


File: 1720210417837.png ( 1.17 MB , 1280x720 , ClipboardImage.png )

Well what the actual fuck. I wasn't expecting this.

This other classmate of us, who is really out of my league like I'm talking model 9/10 looks and personality all of a sudden is liking my stories and texted me. I'm legit dumbfounded I don't know if this is a prank or some shit it really is catching me off guard

I know they're close to each other so there's a chance she knows i fancy her friend so she got jealous or some shit. Or maybe she's just very social and likes to talk? but that doesn't make much sense I mean in person we have barely talked to each other outside of group settings you know, we are acquaintances if that.

She's kinda intimidating honestly. So far we've only talked about our music tastes and dumb shit like that but man the conversation doesn't seem to stop… really don't know how to feel rn

I mean she never caught my eye because in my mind i had literally 0.1% chance so why bother. But now I'm fucking confused because I'm still kinda into the other girl I confessed to, I mean she been on my mind for like 8 months it cant go away easily and now I'm scared of developing new feelings for this girl who idk if she's messing with me or probably will break my heart…

What the hell. This can turn out amazingly or terribly bad there's no in between

Final boss type shit


All i know is that if i really hit the jackpot with this girl it's gonna wreck their friendship gonna send that other girl to therapy i swear

Cope bitch


Anyway chances are shes just an attentionwhore. But let a man dream goddammit


>9/10 looks and personality
What is 9/10 personality?


NTA but a 9/10 personality means he hasn't actually spent any time with her yet and she mainly exists in his head.


She probably wants something from you. That's the only time femoids talk to incels. It could be validation, it could be money, whatever it is just keep your guard up.


Why don't you ask her to hang out and go do something? Like rock climbing idk


I've seen this movie one too many times…


File: 1720345885725.png ( 85.56 KB , 1204x1440 , ClipboardImage.png )

Nah nevermind, conversation fizzled out my incel ass was fantasizing again. Guess shes just social media addicted and hits people up randomly.

I managed to hint to her that a like her friend and she told me something like she already knew, and that her friend doesn't want a relationship rn but that i should keep talking to her normally and shit… what did she mean bros… Either that's true and there's hope or she lying to not hurt my feelings…


>Make You Mine
>music video is about two woman being into each other
uygha shes gay

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