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File: 1679422406753.jpg ( 240.43 KB , 1080x357 , 1679119419064709.jpg )


This guy learned the hard way
>What women think or say they want and what they actually respond to are two very different things


99% of sex is non-verbal cues what did this retard think was going to happen lmao


Not her being retarded which I think was a fair expectation.


'demonstrate, don't explicate'
Red pill 101


He made her feel uncomfortable. What was he expecting exactly? By the way he explains himfself, it looks like it was a very autistic conversation.


the story is obviously made up to own the reddit libs, adult women being too repressed/prudish/shy to talk about consent is a fantasy. but lets assume it did happen, he did the right thing in more than one sense. first, there were two courses of action
>to do what he considered right
<to do what she wanted (and he considers wrong)
he chose the first. it was also the right choice in a more practical sense: it went the way it did, but it could have gone worse if he had just "gone for it" and she had considered it inappropriate or even rapey. if this was a real situation I would say that she didn't want to have sex with him in the first place and was just looking for a excuse to tell him to fuck off


File: 1679522488680.png ( 849.76 KB , 668x1000 , ;.png )

>the story is obviously made up to own the reddit libs, adult women being too repressed/prudish/shy to talk about consent is a fantasy.
I wouldn't be so sure. I remember seeing a thread about the topic on r/redscarepod and all the girls there said the same about getting "verbal consent" during sex being a huge 'ick'.

And to be blunt, a woman overreacting about some ridiculous shit like this is hardly unprecedented. Women think very differently to men and a lot of it when it comes to sexual attraction is instinctual. Sorta like how dogs face a certain direction while shitting, they don't know why they do it but it's clearly important to them.


>all the girls there
were my alt accounts. how many times have you had trouble talking about consent with actual women? and again, worst case scenario, they tell you to fuck off. worst case scenario for just going for it is a criminal record

you can use human instinct to make one argument or the other. instinct, society, nature, ideology, you could pick any of these, you could even gather some "evidence" to support your claims. at the end, people can overcome it, specially if they want

but more importantly, even if that was the case, what would you choose, to keep an idealized image of women that are equal to men, or to have sex with your instinctive women that are practically demonic beasts in quasi-human form?

>overreacting about some ridiculous shit like this

most of the times I have seen this, it is just an excuse to tell the guy to fuck off when they (the women) lost interest


This is such a myopic Reddit tier response. It IS weird to explicitly ask for consent in the context of an on going dating relationship. Some women do take offense to it because it makes the dating seem transactional.
The idea that you need explicit consent everytime comes from some very misanderist feminist theory that men are predators.
You're defo some orbiter that thinks he's an sexpert because you get pity sex once in a blue moon.


I mean, you are the one using reddit and claiming to know the "female instinct". I guess that makes you the chad that fucks twice per day and owns the feminists online in his spare time


I'm not OP ya triggered cuck. And this is not a red pill thing, this is just a normal social thing. I've never asked for consent explicitly when dating someone. If you're dating you make a pass and if they reject it you move on. You and feminists have this hysteric idea that any and all unwanted sexual advances are RAPE. But it comes across as this weird self loathing to any woman that isn't indoctrinated into 4th wave feminism if a guy treats them like a minefield.


might as well depict me as a soyjak, you are calmly and collectedly arguing in good faith, right?
>I'm not OP
and yet, you defend the same point, trying to re-engage from a different approach after the other guy ran out of ideas
I live in a country where most women don't even know about feminism and I have never had problems talking about consent. otoh I have a friend that got charges for trying to make an advance without asking. it isn't anecdotal evidence, it's common sense. if you were a woman alone in a room with a man - physically bigger and stronger than you - what would you prefer?


I've literally never talked about consent with any girl. That sounds gay af. Wtf is wrong with zoomers. Are you all really that autistic?


I'd prefer a man who could read social/nonverbal cues and knew how to make me comfortable without himself needing reassurance that everything was ok.

Like someone else said, I find it hard to believe you've ever had sex that wasn't out of pity. That, or your version of 'asking for consent' is pestering.


>I'd prefer a man who could read social/nonverbal cues
bunch of words that means nothing

>knew how to make me comfortable without himself needing reassurance that everything was ok.

the reassurance is part of the comfort. specially when both of you are basically strangers

personally I find it hard to believe that you ever talked to women


Cope niqqa, most women outside your middle class man hating feminist bubble would find it very strange.
Most women are not raised to see men as adversaries.
Like a lot of emotionally broken feminists you have weird hang ups about sex and see it as something women "give" me, and that they are debasing themselves when they do it. Instead of a reciprocating act of intimacy that both parties get something out of.


*and see it as something women "give" men


oh you are that guy. nevermind


Si, your point?


This anon is a living Chappelle skit kek.


File: 1679592645063.gif ( 2.53 MB , 600x429 , kek.gif )

<I'd prefer a man who could read social/nonverbal cues
>bunch of words that means nothing
holy shit op confirmed sperg


>He doesn't know about nonverbal queues.
>Accuses others of being a sperg.


Dystopian Cyberpunk writers used to write about people like you in the 80's.


The reality is that MeToo scared the utter fucking shit out of self-aware guys and they're now terrified that if they make the move and it goes wrong, the woman will then at a minimum, post about it all online, dox the guy and destroy his life.
This was the atmosphere that Zoomers had their sexuality awoken into and it's scarred a lot of guys.
I've literally had female friends of mine talk about this, that nice guys are "too woke" and "too scared to make a move now" or "too timid and not assertive enough in relationships".
The irony is, that guys who literally don't give a single fucking shit about any of this stuff, are the onest that get the girls because they actually have confidence and game and no problem with being assertive.
My tinder game was fucking atrocious, like I would try talk to the girl, complement her, have a discussion about their interests and they would ghost every time. So I asked my 4/10 Chad friend "You look like shit, you live live shit, your house is a trash pile and yet you hook up with girls every weekend, what the fuck are you doing?" and he is like "give me your tinder", he started messaging very direct, very sexual, aggressive shit at women and had literally 3 in the span of 10 minutes agreeing to come around for a hookup. After that, I used Tinder as essentially just a fun shitposting app where I would shitpost the most cringe, sexual pickup lines at women and I shit you not, literally would pick up 2-3 girls a week.
Then covid hit and my life was ruined, but that is another story.

tldr: Girls like assertive guys who will push them up against a wall and kiss them, girls don't like whiny men and when they talk about men being sensitive and emotional and talking about consent, it's literally the infamous focus testing "coffee paradox". People say what they think will make them look good, rather than their actual desires.


>talks to her like a fucking usb stick to a port instead of participating in a normal human interaction of human fucking beings with their wants and desires and needs to express each other
>huuuuuuh why did she take it like one of the grossest behavior she ever endured


He learned that contemporary social norms surrounding dating places contradictory demands upon men and women


See this is the bullshit games these whores play in order to be able to have power over you by always being able to fucking claim rape no matter what you do.


It's not the right choice; It is cringe and 99% of the times I have attempted this I get fucking ghost. It is akward and the best sex I have ever had in my life has been non verbal ques. It's just part of our soyciety wanting to control young men (and women) by imposing super ego bullshit morality over our lives. This will DEFF turn off 99% of women.


File: 1679886713808.jpg ( 74.38 KB , 593x552 , 1675280418907572.jpg )

See this is why most women are not worth it though. I understand as a man needing to be sexually assertive and just assertive in general, but, I will never ever be attracted to a women who cannot or will not love me in return and we will not mutually share more than just their own superficial sexual desires with me I could never understand why guys debase themselves by playing these dumb games. I would literally rather die alone than be with some one who doesn't give a shit about me on an emotional level. If that is how things really are today then I would rather be alone. Fuck that. Human relations are more than just superficial acts of sex.


File: 1679901219047.jpeg ( 256.96 KB , 1365x2048 , Chadlamet.jpeg )

>muh confidence muh game
u telling me that Chadlamet would not get pussy if he started to talk about consent, redpilloid?

never fails to make me chuckle - the sheer amount of hoops redpilloids need to hop through for the honor of getting breadcrumbs from the Chad's table

Chad could be the most timid autismo in the room and he would still get his dick sucked that very same day while redpilloid with his "game" gets relegated to humping his pillow lol


File: 1679902099000.jpeg ( 43.64 KB , 992x584 , jeremy-meeks-ny-fashion-w….jpeg )

U tellin mee there is ANY scenario where Meeks doesn't get pussyy, redpilloid? LMAO

Quod licet Iovi, non licet bovi, redpilloid
don't project your sub-male circumstances on Chads


File: 1679903158608.jpeg ( 137.86 KB , 452x640 , take-the-jeremy-meeks-pil….jpeg )

reminder, betabuxers


>Imagine having a 6 years longer life expectancy due to less work related stress, making up only 7% of workplace fatalities, 4% deaths due to war, 24% of suicides and homicides, 20% of the homeless, having people assume you are the victim when you initiated DV in the majority of cases, having laws that cannot identify you as a perpetrator of r ape, having a 40% higher adoption rate… and thinking you are oppressed



>4% deaths due to war
now add to this that w*men are usually the most rabid nazoids that preach war and shame men for refusing to die

From w*men giving men skirts in the American civil war, to white feather campaign in ww1, to w*men giving white flowers in ww2, I'm sure you can find this shit all throughout history

God, I fucking HATE w*men.


also, men are far bigger victims of rape, but w*men monopolized this victim status and so nobody cares

Did I already mention that I hate w*men?


Sorry, I don't take advice about women from incels

Lol, this is true though


>I'm not liek u inkwell!!
lol ok
I'm not like you too, betabux
keep simpin


File: 1679912650515-1.png ( 1.48 MB , 1931x1855 , keek.png )

>I'm not like you inkwells!! Don't u see what a catch I got just with a couple of showers, haircuts, and my personality?


File: 1679915044229.mp4 ( 15.16 MB , 634x360 , M I S E R Y.mp4 )

It never even begun. And it's a good thing.
Do you really think that ignorance is bliss?
All this intimacy, all this warmth - it means NOTHING. It's just a blinding veil. Wake the fuck up.


File: 1679918418629.mp4 ( 27.07 MB , 640x332 , Sermon on self improvement….mp4 )

>it's better to be alone
Spitting facts brother

too bad leftoid solution to everything it to throw more money at w*men
Cockshott literally advocates for socialization of childcare so that all externalities of the Chad's cock carousel should be shouldered by incels
and the argument? literally because "we live in a soyciety" and reproduction of the population is a social business

Well if it's such an important "social business" then why not just force w*men to fuck incels? Why only force incels to pay for w*men riding Chad's cock carousel? Because it's more politically convenient? Yea, thought so, leftoids.


>the inequality in the dating market for each gender was further analyzed, and it was found that if the dating markets were considered like financial markets, the dating market for women would resemble Western Europe, while for men, it would resemble South Africa with its "kleptocracy, apartheid and perpetual civil war"
It's truly OVER.


>Using the Gini index, it is found that the distribution of the number of sex partners both for men and women throughout their lifespan is as unequal as the distribution of wealth among the most unequal countries in the world (South Africa Gini 0.63 in 2014 and Namibia Gini 0.59 in 2015). The number of female sex partners is more unequally distributed among single men (Gini 0.60) than the number of male sex partners is among single women (Gini 0.58) although both male and female sex partners are highly concentrated among people
There is no such thing as a sexual bourgeoisie they said lol

what's our copes now, leftoids?


Now show me all the statistics for the USSR


niqqa USSR didn't have such statistics
soviet bureaucracy generally didn't care about such trifle matters as social and sexual issues of their slaves

the only time they cared about social issues was when it impacted labor productivity, as was the case with rampant alcoholism and absenteeism


go back


sorry, my bad



File: 1679944191563-0.jpg ( 74.89 KB , 550x751 , fr.jpg )

File: 1679944191563-1.jpg ( 85.13 KB , 960x656 , fr2m8.jpg )

There was no sex in USSR you retarded westoid.

Okay, memes aside, the sowoke, being a thermidorian nazoid society with imperialistic puritanian culture characteristics, actively suppressed all sources of sexual information it just could. This is also one of the main reasons that RSFSR became the most HIV-riddled shithole in the world so fast: because not only then, but still it is not okay to talk about such topics, especially with your children! & also, one of the most popular & attractive professions for the highschoolers in the late 80-s was… prostitution for currency! Woo-hoo! The holy purity of innocence strikes the waest's degeneracy of knowledge once again!

>noooooooo! shitty Great_Russian™ SoWoke wasn't the same capital-accumulating commodity_production-oriented work-exploiting conscience-proletarianizing repressive imperialist chauvinistic shithole with the same industrial society with the same economical & political elite just like its competitor for the world dominance which goes by the name of U asS of Ay!!1
>i was told so by muh favourite ideology! it just can't be! fuck your rootless cosmopolitan margz for obliterating the idea of national-socialism - the socialism in one cuntree! & fuck your adventuristic judas lenin for trying to give at least some more political powers to the stupid peasants & industrial proles over their managerial-bueraucratic overseers who've got all the power in their state & who surely have the common solidary interests with their eternal subordinates! fucking bald red-headed antisovetchik!

If i have forgotten something about your fav reich, then tell it, please.

horee fug. it appears that even the sex-nihhils are more clean in their mind than gummiez. i guess Marx was still too soft on these destructive impotent retards




>second pic
you know that there were border clashes between the USSR and China with dead on both sides, right?


tho nationalism was always rearing its ugly head, at least there was some push back

conservative literature about muh idyllic peasant past got criticized in top journals

tho Stalin undeniably fucked it up with his retarded wanking over Ivan IV and rehabilitation of some "good" Imperial generals like Suvorov


Autismo "chad" here (I get multiple 7+ girls hitting on me every night I go out)
No, I don't get laid, because girls still expect me to make the actual move to kiss and I'm too paranoid and autist to do that, they also get bored of conversation after like 10 minutes.


>thermidorian nazoid society with imperialistic puritanian culture characteristics
>actively suppressed all sources of sexual information
>became the most HIV-riddled shithole in the world
>one of the most popular & attractive professions for the highschoolers in the late 80-s was… prostitution
hello Agent Smith, do you have any proof for those claims?
>same industrial society with the same economical & political elite just like its competitor
<when you don't understand political economy


remember anon, the real moral evil isn't violating her consent, it's disgusting her with your presence.


If i put on my autism hat, that reads like you get beaten up by seven or more girls every time you go out when it's dark.


This video is messed up and it makes me feel insecure




>is this a zoomer thing.

Once again, millennials cannot repress their generational supremacism despite having problems with "adulting".


>tfw seeing this video again
Just gonna cope and say that she was planning a surprise birthday party.

That's why she didn't wanna show her phone, because she worked really hard and it couldn't go to waste because of some Youtuber.


Gott, I really enjoy the fact that I learned not to care about "your" shitty "opinions" to such a degree that I don't even read them. Bet there's nothing in there but only more ideological cope & seething due to their picture of the world crumbling under contradictive data.

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