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>normalize dating sex workers


LMAO, it's funny how all these roasties want you to marry a hooker, but these women could literally marry any of their former clients easily.
Even sex workers don't want anything to do with anyone in sex work haha


File: 1688969148493.webm ( 5.77 MB , 626x476 , lenin.webm )

>>2897 (OP)
does anyone except white mites and west heads really adhere to this bullshit of marrying a used women? i only heard of weird ass tribes here and there and mostly weirdos throughout ancient history.
>Even sex workers don't want anything to do with anyone in sex work haha
yea its the coldest of all professions, anon


>yea its the coldest of all professions, anon
Bullshit, most of the time it's between people that know each. Most hooking happens on social media like Instagram.


File: 1688971767138.png ( 287.05 KB , 720x405 , 123456.png )

someone likes to get their clothes second hand


File: 1688976638272.png ( 91.42 KB , 338x360 , lol woot.png )

>social media


I dated a sex worker and it was very easy dating them. It was miserable but also easy. I think they had a few love or sex related addictions to once the relationship was very superficial. And I don't think they really thought about me much after they left me, just looking for a new high.


File: 1689009681156.png ( 226.84 KB , 443x505 , 9ununu.png )

>I dated a sex worker
your mom doesnt count anon. did you pick up on any freudian shit she probably doing


Whores deserve love and better lives
and I'm not gonna stop anyone from dating one, but anyone who says shit specifically worded like "normalize dating sex workers normalize fat women blah blah" will brually mock any short or balding man asking them out. You don't view anyone shorter than 6ft as male, some men are just turned off by the idea of dating someone who got ass blasted everynight before they met you. Accept it, it not being normalized isn't the full issue


no, it was a sex worker i dated


File: 1689351097858.png ( 520.75 KB , 740x408 , s4d5f.png )

so any freudian shit?


>No one wants to date me
<A legion of men literally pay you to love them.


File: 1690261293763.jpg ( 104.15 KB , 789x564 , comrade lenin looking at c….jpg )

>She has become dissatisfied with her husband's sexual performance
Absolute bullshit. She has become dissatisfied not with her husband (whose inherited second name Kollontai she kept for herself despite cringing @ the whole marriage institution), but with le Uhmereecunt dream's woman life as a member of a "traditional" family: doing householding routine shit all the time every single day like some kind of drone.
>[She's] an inventor of theory of love which she called "The glass of water theory"
Absolute bullshit. "Theory of glass of water" outright rejects any kind of affection between participants of sexual relationships, denigrating it to a simple animal instinct (which human uyghas don't have @ all). Literally petitbourg shice of an ideology for soulless seggz junktards.
>le baldie wrote sumfin!1
When writing about this issue our Baldie Mushroomovitch specifically mentioned "I'm an old man." before his critique, hinting that in the imminent destroying the libbery with facts & logic he may be too harsh on the youth's wants & interpretations of revolutionized sex relationships due to him having some senile outdated retardation in his moral codex (he had A's in theology both in school & uni, & married Krupskaya in church, after all).

So where the fuck do you even find such meme shit? Where's your ruthless critique of all that exists, uyghas?


File: 1694569018598.png ( 19.27 KB , 652x168 , relationship marriage and ….png )



For people who don't wanna open pics:
>Pornstar: Crazy concept, but you can have all traditional aspects of a relationship/marriage and still do porn. Because porn is simply what I do. It’s not who I am.


>Whores deserve love and better lives
Sure, but not from me.


Your profession is actually who you are. When people look at me, they look at an engineer. They don't see an interesting individual interested in jazz music or race cars. If you do porn, porn is who you are. The two are inseparable, whether you like it or not.


File: 1694574698586-0.png ( 58.9 KB , 889x577 , HZduXld.png )

File: 1694574698586-1.jpg ( 52.58 KB , 744x832 , plu.jpg )

Would you date a Trotskyist sex worker?


>a fucking trot
Three strikes.


Okay, but consider the following:

Probably a weaboo (enough to visit and apparently live in Japan), seems to be fan of (or referenced) Reincarnated As A Slime, Death Note, Fate/Stay
Owns kunai (Japanese knives) and showed it off in nude post
Watched the 2022 Batman film, familiar enough with his rogue gallery to speculate about sequel villains. Was disappointed in Batman Ninja (anime Batman film made by Japanese)
Made a Pokemon reference
Played DnD, enough to prefer a class.
Gamer? Plays Diablo IV

Sex work
Note she actively does (online?) sex work, has an OnlyFans, Cash App, ManyVids, maybe more.
Posts her nudes online.
Sex work (OF daily content?) seems to be mainly solo (nudes, masturbation, dildos, plugs?) but have also included penetration by other men (unsure how often)
May be a cam girl
Claims to be kink fetish friendly, claims to love lingerie, claims to be horny 24/7
Has tattoos
Does cosplay, including maid, Harley Quinn, sailor uniform, school girl
Asked online for tips on using a strapon on a partner
Claims to procrastinate by masturbating, but also thinks it's okay because she does it for a living
Once spontaneously flew out to Tokyo for less than 48 hours on a whim to visit a guy and have fancy dinner (How could she afford this? Sex work pays that much? Sugar daddy?)
Seems to have visited and live in Japan for some period of time (recently made forum post asking about Japanese internet, is studying Japanese, familiar enough with certain Japanese places to know which restaurants and shopping places to visit).
Claims to work from home (online sex work?)
In April 2022, claimed to start moving 4000-6000 miles away from home, begged for OnlyFans 'love' to relieve stress
Answered a now-deleted question where her answer was: friend/acquaintance first, then intelligence+humor (getting into pants? attraction?)
She calls herself slut in one of her usernames, as well as personal posts calling herself slut or whore. At least two posts have her begging to be degraded for sexual purposes by strangers' comments online and she also replied to them to play along. Posted a picture with the words "dumb slave" written with a marker below her bare breasts.
Had sex with a man, allegedly for hours, and he, like her, has an OnlyFans. Both posted pictures and clips of them together online for everyone to see, she said that no one does it like him, revealed she was sore for a couple of days, and also invited him to stretch her out anytime.
Had anal sex with well-endowed man but had little practice on her part, implying she needed time to recover after that.
Had a spitroast threesome, with two men she called 'strangers' and 'new friends' which implies she didn't know them for very long.
Is into BDSM, seemingly as a submissive. May be into getting spanked/whipped as she was seen with red bruise marks on her butt and thighs, and also presumably into getting tied up (as seen in nude posts).
Apparently got ghosted by one of her dominants (BDSM relationship) before.
Had, in her words, "great recurring" and eventually hyper-realistic sexual dreams about her polisci professor, which in her words made class "more interesting". (Was the polisci professor a Trotskyist or something else leftist?)
Claimed to have flashed her breasts at one of her teachers who then had to cancel the rest of the lecture.
Claims to have gotten aroused sitting through a lecture on the Platonic dialogues.

She identifies as communist, Marxist, Trotskyist, and so despises Stalin as dirtying the word communism and as not real communism. Claims to subscribe to historical materialism and the materialist conception of history, meaning she studies "the fuck" out of historical events and lays them in proper context.
Replied to questions in communist/political forums and lengthy reply explaining why she supports communism to anti-communist detractors. Besides posting about communism, also posted about US history such as a leftist take on Ulysses S. Grant.
Posted in forum for 'IATSE: the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees', which revolves around trade unionism and the performing arts. (Meaning she may be involved in the performing arts?)
Recommmended Kollontai's 1921 work titled 'Sexual Relations and the Class Struggle' when the topic of marriage and private property came up. She is a communist sex worker who refers to Kollontai, even though Kollontai said that "Prostitution destroys the equality, solidarity and comradeship of the two halves of the working class."
Accused the communist Reddit forum mods that banned her to be closet libs on a power trip that also read ten too many books on identity politics.

Was studying for finals in May 2020
Apparently does graduate research at a university.

Now would you date her? What is your opinion on someone like this? Do you think she's a hypocrite? Does she not vibe with your politics? What about her hobbies/interests? Personality? Are you okay with her actively doing sex work? What about Adam 22 style where you don't let her fuck dudes until later on for some reason? What if she were to retire?

Also, remember the WSWS news poster who is also Trotskyist and was posting this Japanese women. And this Trot sex worker with weaboo tendencies living in Japan. What if… (Maybe schizo theory)


Nerds are insufferable. You can be smart without being a fucking nerd.
>Probably a weaboo
Like a nerd with AIDS.
>Sex work
Hard no. I don't care how you dress it up. Nevermind, just read the rest of what you posted. Did you think any of that was desirable in a partner?
>She identifies as communist, Marxist, Trotskyist
Literally the worst people do this. Socdem girls are where it's at, since they're not usually mentally ill losers.
>Now would you date her?
Absolutely fucking not. I wouldn't even be her friend.
>Also, remember the WSWS news poster who is also Trotskyist and was posting this Japanese women. And this Trot sex worker with weaboo tendencies living in Japan.
Bro, I literally don't fucking care. This person is a fucking loser in every way.


>Did you think any of that was desirable in a partner?
No, I was just really disturbed by what I found and needed input from others. Like the contradicting controversial positions she may have
>Socdem girls
Really? Even if they vote blue no matter who, or vote Biden and celebrate it?


>Even if they vote blue no matter who, or vote Biden and celebrate it?
Especially if they do that. Biden is as based as US presidents get.

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