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File: 1661562830469.jpg ( 98.09 KB , 1075x1065 , wallstreetbets-wylbl8.jpg )


Whatcha' eatin'
Whatcha' watchin'
Whatcha' playin'


File: 1661563550464.jpeg ( 19.26 KB , 188x267 , download (7).jpeg )

Eating fucking taco bell stoned and watching sailor moon. People would say it's "girly" to watch it if they found out about it but the show is actually beautiful and very aesthetically pleasing. Plus anything cell shaded is instantly better than any modern anime.


File: 1661566512753.jpg ( 204.13 KB , 748x1498 , C13BFBFC-DC5E-495F-AEEB-8C….jpg )

Eating chocolate cookies.
(re)Watching breaking bad later.
Playing some insurgency.

Overall good night by neetcel standards.


Are you excited for the chainsaw man anime anon?


I don't watch anime tbh. I that where the girl's cosplay is from? I just have that image saved because she's cute lol


I don't watch anime

Well it's not an anime yet
It's currently a maga. It's pretty good. not liking maga and anime makes you a fag. So you should probably read it


File: 1661590867440-0.jpg ( 44.84 KB , 720x720 , 9029401909041.jpg )

File: 1661590867440-1.jpg ( 46.95 KB , 720x720 , 100104109401.jpg )

The cat is watching me fap to western rpg porn games I also have spaghetti with extra salt. Any good pc game recommendations? I'm burnt out of PC games and when I'm burnt out I stay up later than I would like (2 AM) usually I'm searching for a game I would like. I also have a hacked 2ds and 3ds so I can play all the classic nintendo games for free. Other than that gaming is so shit now I miss the PS3 and xbox 360 days me and my friends would mess around on cod and then we would fap off to hentai.


Lethal League 2


That's online? I can't play online games my family and I moved to a more rural place and I get like 700 kbs and I haven't touched steam since 2015.


I heat up my lube in a plastic bottle how badly am I gonna get fucked by microplastics?


Why are you heating up lube lmao


You what?


Warm lube is better than cold lube, no?
I squirt some lube inside one of those plastic water bottles and put it in the microwave for 10 seconds, also put the toy in warm water like 3 minutes beforehand


>Warm lube is better than cold lube, no?
I guess…? Honestly never tried it.
>also put the toy in warm water like 3 minutes beforehand
What kind of toy?


Clearly he has a real life doll.


How could he put a doll in warm water… unless he runs a bath for it


I found this on UD

Alice Syndrome
A Syndrome where all the males of a group believe that a female (in said group), is far more desirable than she really is. The defining characteristic of this syndrome is that all the rest of the females (either being crazy or unattractive), make this particular female appear desirable. Alice Syndome specifically occurs in small groups where there is no outside competition from females. Alice syndrome is quite common and effects all clicks equally.
Friend 1: Don't you think Vanessa is hot?!
Friend 2: Hell yeah! She is so freaking hot! What do you think?
Friend 3: I think Vanessa is hotter than Katie, but Vanessa isn't that hot. You guys must have Alice Syndrome or something…


Wrong thread or just schizophrenic?


It's Friday Night Boyos.
Whatcha' eatin'
Whatcha' watchin'
Whatcha' playin'


>Whatcha' eatin'
chips and beer
>Whatcha' watchin'
>Whatcha' playin'


about to watch the burgers get btfo in glorious fashion


I didn't even know the US had a fucking soccer team


Yeah they're pretty shit but they managed to qualify for the world cup.


well fuck.




File: 1690988929063.jpg ( 4.2 KB , 186x152 , EDP445.jpg )

this picture. is this all that awaits me? is my life over?


who dat


File: 1690992721258-0.jpg ( 66.01 KB , 1080x681 , 3yjnddqrey341.jpg )

File: 1690992721258-1.jpg ( 33.68 KB , 454x362 , Top 200 Pornstars Of All T….jpg )

File: 1690992721258-2.jpg ( 32.12 KB , 500x357 , nearly threw.jpg )

File: 1690992721258-3.png ( 2.04 MB , 2560x1440 , channels4_banner.png )

It's EDP445, known for viral videos like "is jacking off a sport?", "top 200 pornstars of all time", and "nearly threw hands with a 13 year old", "my left leg has went totally numb" (because he jacked off) and fanboying/raging about his fav football team the Eagles.

He was very popular, had a big following and online fame, until he got caught in a sting. He tried to meet what he thought was a 13 year old girl (who he had been chatting sexually with), but instead he got confronted by these predator catcher Youtubers (like Chris Hansen's To Catch a Predator). He hasn't really recovered his online career since.

Before he got cancelled he also made videos about his stolen bra collection (like literally stole them from random unsuspecting women at like laundromats).


File: 1690995920522.jpeg ( 14 KB , 474x262 , really.jpeg )

what a fucking idiot

you have all the loli hentai in the world, but you get jailbaited chasing a 3dpd cunt

bluepillers, not even once


He literally got paid to make Cameo videos to say random shit like celebrities at some point, but now he's working extra shifts doing security, struggling to pay rent, and getting dialysis for his diabetes or kidney failure or something.


must've been the early days then

modern popular whoretubers are basically set for life even if they get cancelled - bitches are raking in millions


He also showed pictures of his shit to her(the pedo hunter guys)
Those guys were also shifty and suspicious too, one of them used his actual little brother as a "decoy".




sad friday night


File: 1692405774412.jpg ( 85.15 KB , 500x500 , 20230814_123400.jpg )

Eatin': Kale salad
Drinkin': Soda water
Watchin': Cisco Tik Tok memes


File: 1692415783575.jpg ( 105.68 KB , 1075x343 , Screenshot_2023-08-19-03-1….jpg )



'All of Marxism can be boiled down to a single sentence: dats raycist'
- Mao


>He got triggered just like the meme.


> tfw you think you're fighting the ruling class but spend all your time dunking on literal whos online and patting yourself on the back for having the good opinions


>Implying race isn't a class.
Now this is idealism.


Back to reddit!


Yes my Fuhrer


Another dats fashist guy


File: 1692472499507.jpg ( 9.29 KB , 210x295 , doug-walker.jpg )

>Another dats fashist guy


>Implying class isn't race.
Get a load of this multiculti succdam cuck.


File: 1692506086489.png ( 240.86 KB , 680x425 , 655.png )

>Get a load of this multiculti succdam cuck.


went to a bar and talked with a boomer labour aristocrat

how tf do you introduce yourself to the hot chicks at bars instead of talking with the old MFs lmao


You're scary.


File: 1694832522355.jpg ( 312.44 KB , 1920x1080 , witch.jpg )

>Whatcha' eatin'
>Whatcha' watchin'
Automotive History Documentary
>Whatcha' playin'


sounds comfy

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