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Lets ask for and give each other advice ITT


I have this problem. I have this friend that I really like. I want to push our relationship out further than what we have right now. I mean all we do is just have sex or chitchat a little bit but mainly it's just sex. She licks me all over and I caress her and then we have sex and then that's basically it. But I want it to be more than just that. Please can you help me. I guess I should I should let it out too though it's quite embarrassing. She's my dog. I really really love her and I want to make this work out between her and me. Please don't look down on me for this either.


back to the ogre caballo you furry faggot


How do I stop being attracted to almost every woman I see in real life?


Become a monk.


That sounds quite drastic but thanks for the advice. I'll have to consider it as an option.


I got a problem. The other day I took a shortcut into an alleyway when two women wearing face masks and hats ran up to me and start hitting me in the genitals with their fists. As I fell over in pain, one of them reached into my pockets and stole my wallet and phone while the other continued pummeling me. Should I report this to the police or should I keep this quiet since I'll look like a bitch-made beta-male cuck? Please advise.


get a gun


castration, physical or chemical.


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Ok, ok, I met two, hot ass goth chicks.
One is skinny and a bit lanky, but, I love a girl I can throw around and the other is shorter than the first and has a bit more weight, but, is sexier, imo.
they're both really hot and cute. they're both 19 and I got their numbers already. We have been hanging out. I have given them space and they are startin to initiate contact with me first, eg, texting, calling, etc etc.
we've hung out a couple times. I am trying to hook up with both of them, but, my question is, how do I get them both in bed with me at the same time? I have never had a threesome before and I really want to have one before I fade away into oblivion.
Any advice chads?


Do what your heart tells you to do


Bitch this isn't about my heart.
This is about my PENIS.


When you holla at a girl and you get rejected, what do you is you loudly say, "Aight fuck you then, I ain't like you anyway!" as she walks away.


They might get jealous of each other. So what you do is you three convert to Islam. That way when you have two wives, they know you're serious about it.


A guy asked me out. I said no and that he is ugly and that nobody will ever date him. He got a girlfriend and I'm jealous. What should I do?


File: 1715373935105.mp4 ( 7.93 MB , 360x472 , irl story.mp4 )

You should cut yourself for attention


>I said no and that he is ugly and that nobody will ever date him.

Holy shit why'd you say that? I hope it wasn't in person.

Regardless of whether or not it will happen, do you think you deserve this guy even if you could win him over somehow? I think you should just let go.


Why would I do that? I want him to cut himself because I rejected him.

Idon't know of I want him per say. Maybe it messes with my ego to know that someone I rejected found someone after all? It makes me feel like I lost power and control in the situation.


Anon we do not offer advice on theoretical situations.

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