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Any oldcels here? What's dating like for you?


idk but what if i cradle rob, (no pedo), then what


Is dating idealist? You don't know for sure if a relationship is gonna work out, so how do you investigate that materially?


You should see a shrink of you really don't know.


ruh, this is how dating is for any male, regardless of age.
Stop treating age thirty as a paradigm shift.
Its a sign youve been living as an extended child.


Romantic love is idealist.
Dating originated as a marketing scheme to find rich suitors for debutantes.


Nah, women can make their own money and can have careers so it's not so important, if anything those material assets are for younger women who want a sugar daddy and females who lack a sense of self who cannot judge a mans personality to distinguish their worth other than superficially


If you're having issues with that, just fake being poor or pretend to be thrifty on the first dates. Weeds em right out


After high school it's all down hill
. 30 is just an arbitrary age.


>High school is the peak of life
>Adulting is too hard

This mentality is why society is getting weaker.
Contrary to Hollywood, teenage years arent a kumbiya phase.


Sure it's not as smooth as people romanticize it to be, but it beats adult life for the majority of people


Yet still, people hate children, pathologising them as cringe and dumb.
Any sort of positive public attention given to kids is automayically criticised.

Most of our metaphorical terms for faux pas uses children.
"childish", "infantile", "adolescent"


Also, if you adult life sucks more than your teenage life, something is wrong with you.
You either have no life skills or you got into a serious accident which left you physically, financially, and psychologically dismembered.

Gen X and Millennials have normalised nihilistic sentiment about work too much.
Knowing the average postmodern person, its more likely they have no life skills.


And they always say that high school/college are the best years…
This is a cope, modern adult life is terrible, with or without life skills.


If high school/collefe are thebes years, why the pathological hatred for teenagers then?

Also, modern adult life is much smoother than adult life even tow centiroes ago where ypu had to go work in a factory for pennies a day or be a peasant-farmer harrassed by prospectors and interlopers.

Again, Generation X and Millennials are too averse to basic responsibility.

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