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It was a decent board with the occasional good effortpost, and importantly the only place online for leftist incels to freely discuss our ideas. Now that it's gone I feel like leftcelism has died as an ideological current - in the anglosphere at least.

This board was never supposed to replace /leftcel/ and it's always been more shitpost orientated. I had assumed that after the breadtube troon took down 9chan, the /leftcel/ mods would make a new board somewhere else. But unfortunately this has not happened.


it's better to not split unnecessarily tbh. At least back on 8ch it was all on one site.


There hasn't been another 9chan "create your own board" image board since they went down. I'm the old BO of /leftcel/.
I'll try to bring back some of the more thoughtful threads like the Blackpool science one.
All of the best threads have been archived on archive.org




Pretty sure Endchan still exists. It's just completely dead.


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transhumanists, you must go back


I believe the opposite. It's best not to put all of our eggs into one basket and always have a backup site.

I see, so there was simply nowhere else to migrate to.
Do you have the numbers for how many weekly IPs you were getting on the 9chan board? I'm curious how many we've lost.


Leftist spaces and incel spaces have basically no overlap. Incelism was never designed to be woke, and leftists care more about economics and breadpilling regulars of their local tabletop gaming store than complaing about not getting laid, and it's easier for leftists to get laid than rightist.
It's a niche that sounds paradoxical to most people not in the niche.


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Stop shitting up my thread with your weird obsession please.


It is a niche and seemingly paradoxical idea right now, but I believe that will change. Marxism is the only way to analyse incelism in a way that makes sense.


Faggot jannies are deleting posts under flimsy pretenses, a la .ogre style

Butthurt much?


File: 1698796000555.jpg ( 83.74 KB , 1080x431 , Screenshot_2023-11-01-05-4….jpg )

Sorry jannoids. You can't obscure the truth with your fantasy LARPing politics


>screenshot of otherwise plain text of some article about a survey with no context
>making the distincion of right wing and centrist
38.85 + 17.47 = 56.32
As well as liberals (centrists) calling themselves left / not understanding the term leftist.
Like I get the joke but this is just cringe.


>Omg your study didn't explicitly include people who identify with my sectarian ego-stroking definition of left – so therefore isn't valid!!!

The link was posted earlier. You can either search a phrase or ask the jannies (you) why they felt compelled to delete it the first time


It's .net of course they're paranoid about counter raids.


File: 1698797625400.jpg ( 61.7 KB , 1077x725 , IMG_20231101_071324.jpg )

Here's proof that I'm not from .ogre


lmao by that logic I should consider 99.9% of the self-described "left" as right wing too.


>Do you have the numbers for how many weekly IPs you were getting on the 9chan board? I'm curious how many we've lost.
Probably a 100 a week. 500 if sharty raided us or we posted something that got /pol/'s attention


Nah, you just have this liberal idea that incel=/pol/ because of the chinlet memes. I'd argue that much of /pol/ actually isn't unattractive since fascists tend to be petite booj, so they have money to take care of themselves, and are white passing.
Incels overall are generally ethnic minorities and while not class conscious, are anti liberal at least.


Incelism is an ideology tho, getting laid doesn't magically make them stop being incels, it was never about celibacy, it's just news addiction. That's why the vast majority of virgins never have an incel phase, it's a fringe-by-design consumer identity for customers of a niche pocket of a mostly western 24/7 news cycle.


Nah, your liberal ideology is showing again. Incelism is a material condition with an ideology wrapped around it to explain the material condition.
No,.you cannot be an incel if you get into a relationship or somehow find yourself getting laid regularly. This is your "bad people are always bad" liberal moralizing.


At no point did I make a moral assertion tho.


>That's why the vast majority of virgins never have an incel phase, it's a fringe-by-design consumer identity for customers of a niche pocket of a mostly western 24/7 news cycle.
Bluepilled dumbfuck.

Yes, virhins don't have a blackpill phase, they have a fucking Nazi tradcath phase and Islamic fundamentalist phase.

The whole Islamic terrorist movement is incels getting duped with a promise of a harem in the afterlife by fucking normgroid mullahs.


Points stands

You're an idealist that lives in a world of make believe, where existential reality is only given attention when it's convenient for supporting your apriori unreality about the way things 'really' are (according to same fake/ghey leftist idealist lens).

You stating that 'incel' is a set of ideas/beliefs with no correspondence to actually reality is just a clear example of this. But it pretty much applies to most of contemporary western muhleftists ideas.

>Inb4 screeching and insults

Perhaps if it wasn't so easy to point out where your confidently-stated ideas deviate from truth and simple common sense, you wouldn't constantly have anons running circles around you. Just a thought


No one cares what faggy low T white incels think

Not women
Not men
No one

You (rightly) get as much respect as morbidly obese people.

Whereas fat people display their ugly, shameful body - with some narcissistically convinced that it's something to be proud of

Incels do so with their ugly, shameful personalities

You are beyond help

The biggest contribution you could make to society is if some feral future scholar robbed you of the laughable amount of money you have

If there is a god, he hates you for being such a pathetic faggot who has done fuck all nothing

And you deserve absolutely everything in your life

Go back to your vidya games and porn addiction

There is nothing and no one here for you


You asswiper bluepillers make me sick. Imagine wiping your ass. I never learned how to wipe my ass and I'm proud of that. Clean asses only make you vulnerable to diseases that would otherwise be beaten back by your own good bacteria. Asswipers get so mad when I tell them that I never learned to wipe my ass because it triggers their npc brains.
Yes not everyone knows how to wipe their ass
While everyone around me was learning how to wipe their ass I resisted the paper and I'm stronger and more independent for it. My own bluepilled family despises me for my knowledge and try to make me learn but I never will. NoWipers are starting to notice their own power. NoWipe rise up! Slava Ukraini! Death to Asswipers!


Imagine all the time bluepilled asswipers spend wiping their ass. No fucking thanks. And they actually spend money on toilet paper. Hmm. Paying money just have a clean asshole for a few hours. Pathetic.

I have better, more meaningful things to do.


I cant stand these miserable bluepilled faggots. /leftpoo/ when? Maybe we can open a board on 8chan.se


This thread is a strange example ofiwhat happens when a glowie gets run into a corner with the objective truth that incelism was not only a psyop, but one that was overblown to begin with. Incomprehesible scribbling of what is presented as jargon to pocket sand the reader into thinking there's more context than what the critique had pointed out. The system is scared and has stationed it's guards in every dank allayway to evanrelize.

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