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>Radicalisation Awareness Network
Do you think their take is accurate?

Are you an incel shitposter?

Btw deradicalisation programs were also done on communist insurgents in Central/South America


reminder that shitposting is the use of humor to conceal extremist or violent language


I guess fed posters don't want to acknowledge the materials they were instructed to read


Is this from the same people who said that CS:GO radicalises people into doing mass shootings?


Pure imperial identarian ideology.

>Female involuntary celibates (“femcels”) are not recognised by the incel community

Yeah sure faggot, it's not like any fucking sensible person would laugh @ the mere idea of a poor cunt-haver who just cannot find sum good dick to jump on lmao. Who the fuck do they think they're fooling with this shit? Or was this prepared for purely internal interpretation?
>Femcel communities exist, but they do not subscribe to the same misogynistic ideology as incels.
Yeah cunt, they subscribe to all the other shit instead, & doubly so by being raised as narcissist princessess.
>Concerningly, suicidal individuals are often encouraged by their fellow incels online to commit murder-suicide as a way to inflict punishment on society for their inceldom.
Fucking based. Render unto caesear & all th@.
>Digital natives aware of being monitored
>Incels tend to be conscious of data privacy and potential for online surveillance, and so take measures to protect their privacy online. Posts on incel-created websites will often comment about their potential surveillance or encourage users to use virtual private networks for personal security. The
transnational nature of this community, as well as the steps they take to protect their identity, makes it difficult to identify incels geographically. This poses a challenge for intervention providers who aim to provide support to at risk individuals based on geographical location. Voluntary engagement with an interventions service is particularly important for the incel community because of their fear of being targeted and their high levels of resistance to external support.
Verdammt, is this how cyberterrorist cells (kek) of the future actually look like?
>This section sets forth recommendations for countering the risk of incel-motivated violence.
As xpected, shitty normalfucks & their institutions only care about the consequences of the contradictions of their equally shitty inhuman farce of a society. No reform, only more repression for trying to fight opppession.
>• Teen dating/intimate relationship education
>• Gender-based violence programming, particularly perpetrator-focused programming
<chinese-style brainwashing
>Develop alternative, positive spaces for men and boys to share grievances
<make them some cope-cages lmao
>positive masculinity

>Digital literacy (= ideology infusion) may help at-risk individuals to critically think about the messaging and narratives used by the incel ideology and to identify the way the community plays on grievances and manipulates research in order to attract new members. Inoculation has proven effective in tackling violent extremism, and so may be effective for the incel population. Further testing of this approach and its effectiveness for the incel population should be conducted to inform future initiatives. More information on attitudinal inoculation and its potential effectiveness in promoting resistance to persuasion can be found in Braddock (2019) (35).

A-ha! Now they're talking!

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