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Neurotypical Peers are Less Willing to Interact with Those with Autism based on Thin Slice Judgments | Scientific Reports

Tell me how autism isn't a curse…


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It is possible 4 an autist to become obsessed with sex?


that girl with autism has a very diluted case of it.
Also shes young and pretty so of course shes gonna get sympathy


yes that's the entire modern mtf transbian transgender movement. They get tricked online to obsess inward on their own preferences unaware that this action itself affects their preferences and they end up scrambling their own mind with self obsessed troon lore.
>wtf I can see myself with a man too sometimes but I don't always think like a man and sometimes I feel effeminate so I guess I'm fae/faer, demisexual, hufflepuff, dark jedi, INTP…


Some Dutch people seeking euthanasia cite autism or intellectual disabilities, researchers say

>In one-third of cases, Dutch doctors concluded autism and intellectual disabilities were untreatable and that there was “no prospect of improvement,” the researchers wrote.

By doing so it looks like society is really OK with sending this message, that there's no other way to help someone and it's just better to be dead.


>>7019 (Me)
>“Helping people with autism and intellectual disabilities to die is essentially eugenics,” Stainton said.
Was Eugene right after all?


>It's over for these autistic people. Now let me go enjoy my legal weed and legal prostitution


As someone with autism I say that euthenasia is based.
I tire of society trying to patronise us as charity cases for ther brownie point systen.

Yall dont like us,
Yall dont want us sexually intimating with you.

Why bother?


speaking as a spe-ed. the famous saying is true. autistic women get laid and loved by bf's/gf's. meanwhile autistic men get the opposite.


Thats because theyre young and habe vaginas.
But it also has to do with physiognomy.
And how severe their autism is.

Autistic girls whom look like Sasquatch probably would self-delete as well.

Or, even if theyre young, physiognomically blessed, when they hit their thirties, its over.


>when they hit their thirties, its over
damn whats the point anymore


It's a cope, it's almost never over for a woman.

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