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Why does porkie hate men?


because they're effeminate cucks who'd probably kills themselves if they ever had to work for a living.


This is just journo porkie's genuine reaction to realising they've created a generation of easily-radicalised military age males with very little to lose.


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Problem solved


Men are disposable so their bodies can be used to defend private property. If they start getting uppity and asserting themselves and their needs it makes it harder for porky to own the means of production.


Just because you can't serve in porky's imperialist doesn't mean you can't be an effective insurgent in your hometown


Because low-T causes lack of proper puberty, leading to a lack of mature minds and creating infantile, limp-wristed man-children that are too stupid and childish to organize, fight or do anything other than consume the shit they're given, literal NPCs for maximum exploitation.


The problem is much larger in scope than that. It's like how porky hypes up "the AI will turn ebil and replace your job and fuck your wife" to hype it up to investors. Porky created the current conception of manliness and now hypes it as a cool, dangerous thing that you can be if you consume that which is required to be manly.


Porky needs cannon fodder to protect his private property. Cannon fodder can't go around talking about their needs and shit.


The concept of masculinity as a distinct set of virtues and characteristics is older than written language itself.

Faggy numale conceptions of post masculinity only arise in decadent finance capital ruled countries.

Congrats on being part of the psyop of ghey capitalist cultural complex.


>didn't watch the video
Are you even able to sort those "distinct set of virtues and characteristics" from that which le gods wrote and that which arose as mechanisms of control? Then what is your issue what what I said?


They dont.

They love mascukinity but they dont respect men.

Lol at all the other responses in this thread talkin about some intentional metaphysical androcidal agenda.

Its just machismo culture making men eat each other


>machiso reactoid as usual.

Yep. You still think masculinity is about theatrics.


Go back to leftypol


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Isn't the point of these boards to do the lefty- spin on each of them?
Tho I guess a fully commit to the bit leftyr9k would just be glegleposting since people who actually go outside and do praxis tend to have decent romantic lives.


Romance is unfortunately dead. Capitalism has killed it.
It's just people mindlessly slapping their genitals together now.


Agreed somewhat, I feel like people are too desperate because they think they won't have other chances if they fuck up (and with alienation how it is, that's reasonable) so they try to speedrun the dating process, don't open up enough, accept unfulfilling pairings and just try to breed because that fits the suburban dream of exponential population growth in unscalable vehicle-centric city layouts, further increasing that alienation in a feedback loop.

If you go outside more than most, especially community organisation activities, you're gonna have better chances though. Probably one of the better ways available rn to overcome that.


>Become an activist just to pick up chicks



>people who actually go outside and do praxis tend to have decent romantic lives.
>Just go out bro, women aren't collectively rejecting you
Liberalism, not even once.


If you have no political convictions then sure, stay inside. Going out and having a purpose is gonna naturally lead to a healthier social life, and just a blanket stat boost all around for your heatlth. Your main goal in life shouldn't be pussy, women like people that are actually doing things instead of being an npc waiting for an active agent to approach them. Demonstrable intellectualism and agency is hot.

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