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reminder that if your penis isn't 6 inches (15 cm) long at the absolute least you're a waste of meat in the eyes of a woman. don't even bother


What? Women don't know your dick size until after you get in there pants in the first place.


bro… most of those 12 inch searches are middle schoolers looking up stupid shit, chill with that


Why is the 9 incher before the 6 incher?
that isn't right


Are you a glowie trying to give people sexual insecurity ?
Do you think were morons or angsty teenagers ?


>tfw exactly 6 inches


File: 1656089466840.png (57.88 KB, 720x576, 1653335825337.png)

i don't make the rules


Women love large cocks, that's the whole point, our cocks are gigantic compared to other primates because evolution went that way.
If nature wanted it like that, then so be it.


Right and these two graphs contradict each other, the first one is implying that 10 and 12 inch are the most preferred size while the second is saying 7 inches is. Don't remain obsessed about your penis friend, it doesn't actually matter, sex is nice and all but it ain't the end all be all.


nobody measures their dick in centimeters


What then? in burgers per square inch?


What's the source on that chart? I would've assumed horse, dog, and dragon dildos would've taken over the market by now. Then again those aren't exactly sizes, so they probably wouldn't be counted.


Not everyone is a size queen anon


It's not just women buying dildos


What size do you buy?


Giga extra large dragon cock extreme.


Nice, now I know what to get my son for his birthday.


Jesus christ the tiny dick energy


If you're a Chad you can have a 10cm pee pee and foids would still fly to another country to get their cheeks clapped by you.
It's all about bones man, and there are no bones in your penis.


Silence, omega


Women are different. Not every woman like a Godzilla dick


Yeah but there's a bare fucking minimum


Wdum? Bare minimum of what?


File: 1667511706205.png (Spoiler Image, 802.98 KB, 606x811, 46C22F85-F7D4-4074-9DD6-1E….png)

Serious question:
will life for sissyclit-cels be better under socialism?


Dick, phallus, penis, member, cock, schlong, weener, BBC, peepee, sword, dong, sausage, willie, peeter, cumgun, genitalia, meat, florida, etc


File: 1667513489355.png (388.53 KB, 1800x1296, 1665910768911778.png)

I legit don't undertanx what you are saying.

I would have segg with you now qween.
Do you like anime perhaps?


also regular deep penetration by large cocks makes childbirth easier


Big dicks are uncomfortable to some women though.


People are getting taller each generation, pussy depth is related to torso/hip size so soon it won't be a much of a problem


Evolution takes millions of years and there's actually no data that says that is happening anyway

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