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Share you feels here.
No bully
also feel free to share your feels in the /leftcel/ thread at https://9chan.tw/leftcel/thread/2696


I think I'm finally getting over my hatred of my mom.


Why does everyone hate it when low status men are happy.


It's biology and social conditioning. People want to be with a nate who is healthy and good for bearing offspring also people in our society fetishize suffering so the more you do to yourself the better you are. Like look at women and anorexia and unrealistic beauty standards. This is why when you a beta cuck gets lucky with a bimbo they turn around and claim rape. Because they Are embarrassed.


I don't think it's some kind of evo psych. I'm short, fat and ugly and I know it. I build model kits as a form of escapism but everytime I'm caught outside holding a model, or even wearing a Gundam shirt, without fail a normie will give me this condescending smirk or even laugh at me.
It completely turns my happy moment of getting a new model into one of deep shame.
I'm not hurting anyone, I'm not competing for anyone's girl and don't have a chance in hell in stealing one away. So why do normies always insist on shitting on me anyway?


>My guy you are literally expresing that you have undeniable traits that women find undesirable. You're contradicting yourself right now. However I will say that only you allow people to treat you like shit. I used to be like that but I started telling them to fuck off.


How am I contradicting myself, and pose no threat to anyone in any manner yet I'm still bullied.
Yeah I could just tell them to fuck off but I'm not like that and that doesn't change how wring it is.


*wrong it is


I think it's more you let them walk all over you. Next time some one fucks with you beat the shit out of them and spend 15 days or so in jail until you get let out on bond. No one will mess with you after that.


I'm too weak, I'll lose.


Waiting to board my flight. So boooooooooored.


Where you headed to anon?


Las Vegas


Noice, have fun and don't get chlamydia lol


Thanks, going for Defcon, not hookers lol.


File: 1660165503343.mp4 ( 64.59 MB , 3840x2160 , VID_20220810_134644.mp4 )

Greetings from Vegas


File: 1660173719139.png ( 428.59 KB , 1000x871 , Zoomed_Neutral_Pepe.png )

w-what is supposed to be in those IV drips?


Just the fluid that normally comes in them. People get them to get over a hangover quickly.


rich people are weird


I this advertised in poor neighborhoods too.


Sorry but if you're poor and need a medical intervention to get over a hangover you're ngmi




I think my therapy is starting to work, I feel less angry all the time.


Well done anon, that sounds like definite progress.


People enjoy making others suffer as a way to cope for their own. They're angry that you're happy when they're miserable with an objectively better life. Enjoy your kits, bro. Don't forget to work on your health, but enjoy. I have tons of anime figures, gundam(and lately megami device) kits, and I even sleep with a dakimakura. People don't know this about me, because I have some image to project due to my job, but if they did, it wouldn't bother me. I love me, first and foremost, and I'm going to be happy. Be happy, and don't let anyone talk shit to you. Those people are miserable and are going to keep being miserable because they don't embrace their true selves. Always work on improving yourself, but do it for you, not for anyone else. Btw, what kit are you working on? I'm about to start on a Kshatriya and Stark Jegan. Have to see if I can make some sort of floating diorama of that scene.


File: 1664866233985.jpg ( 3.61 MB , 4032x3024 , IMG_20221002_223847_978.jpg )

Greeting from Frankfurt Germany


why are germans so ghey


Proud of myself today. At work I got invited to go out to a bar for lunch with a few others and I accepted, it wasn't too bad either. While it may not sound like much, usually I would politely reject and eat my lunch on my own. Hence why it's quite a big step for me :)


File: 1665112478514.jpg ( 7.09 MB , 4032x3024 , IMG_20221007_045200_097.jpg )

Greetings from Berlin, Germany.


File: 1666372547729.png ( 580.28 KB , 390x380 , 965 - closed_eyes closed_m….png )

Blackpilled once more.


9chan down, where ya'll migrate to?


Here and .ogre I guess.


Holy fuck we truly live in the end times.


No offense anon but you're a piece of shit


Why? Because I hate my mom? Fuck you, she's a fucking narcissist who constantly sabotaged me.


Hate is too strong of a word. I wouldn't be able to hate a mother unless I was directly and systematically abused

Also weren't you getting over your hatred kek?


I'm not as angry at her and U accept that she will never change and that I cannot turn to her for support for anything but I still hate her for that, it just doesn't make me as angry anymore.


I've gone low contact with my mom. I don't hate her, but I don't really want her in my life anymore.


is she nice to you?


Yes, doesn't absolve her of all the shit she's put me through.


A feel you mate. Best 'revenge' or 'medicine' is to simply be a better person, to not let their actions of the past weigh down your present.


No she is not. She undermines me at nearly every turn when I'm around her. My mental health takes a decline when I have to spend time around her. I do not look forward to spending Christman with her.


Which one of you is real?


Both mate.


The narcissist mom to class war anticipation pipeline is real. "On the mom question" when?


My life is falling apart. I'm barely getting by with my shitty wage job and falling behind on everything else. Been shit posting and doomscrolling to numb the pain. Waiting to die at this point


My life has been falling apart too. It feels like it's been in slow motion for the last 5 years. I think a lot of people are feeling the heat in the economy today.


I fucking hate women.


File: 1672276327783.png ( 248.3 KB , 500x369 , WomanHater.png )



lmao saved






Ouch holy fuck anon what happened? Sorry to hear that. I've been evict d before and over complete bullshit too.


What do you do when you run out of copes?




There are always more copes if you have the money to pay for them.


File: 1681695051670.jpg ( 1.12 MB , 1080x1451 , EstrangedAdultKids-12ohtfu.jpg )



Happy Mother's Day


Currently feeling milquetoast.


File: 1688174756213.jpg ( 28.28 KB , 477x484 , Clipboard.jpg )



fucking your mom yeah


Why would you want to do that, my mom's hideous.


File: 1688533112321.jpg ( 153.28 KB , 1433x1713 , ClipboardImage.jpg )



Just came from an okay photoshopped porn image I made myself. Took a while too but I made it work.


The worst part about losing contact is it's awkward if you come back


tfw no robot bodyguard gf


File: 1689599271423.jpg ( 117.41 KB , 706x265 , ClipboardImage.jpg )

I hate the mainstream media and its hegemony.

I saw something that triggered me now I feel bad.

The attention economy is evil.


File: 1689600146143.jpg ( 48.65 KB , 640x360 , my-eyes-gif-19334673 my-ey….jpg )



sometimes i wish isekai was real


>dont know something
<get called a newfag and to lurk more

>know or say stuff

<get told to go outside and touch grass

>question something or point something out

<get called a normie/normoid/normgroid

>be into something or deviate from normie-ness

<get called a twisted degenerate weirdo and malformoid


tfw hungry


I tried to organize a tenants union. I had like 40 people in Signal room via word of mouth and then I some nitwit Anarchist group talk me into canvassing and the landlord found out and ended my lease.
Then I let another radical lawyer talks me into fighting it and the judge ruled in their favor out of hand.


File: 1689660945867.jpg ( 62.02 KB , 1241x698 , orgasm earlobes.jpg )

tfw no earlobe massage orgasm


tfw the people who are radicalized and into leftist stuff are people who are forced to work and only post on leftychan at certain specific times (when they're off/free)

meanwhile apolitical/grill neets have all the time in the world, but go on degen/evil sites

normies have fbi.gov, twitter, facebook

what about me
where's my active website


Twitter isn't normie depending on what circles you are in


so oo-mox is actually a real thing ?



yeah I guess
still more active though


File: 1689874879891.jpg ( 137.46 KB , 1080x1080 , 20230720_104047.jpg )

Greetings from Phoenix AZ


I would actually kill myself


Yeah try working in a factory in this shit. I'm not in Phoenix, thank God, but man it still sucks in 103+ heat.


I was gonna contribute to the revolution but then I found out I was an incel. Sucks.


How os Arizona. It seems too have the most psychotic lunatic right wingers of the country


It's basically a failed fascist state. It's as expensive as California but as shitty as Louisiana. I want to leave.


File: 1690069581972.jpg ( 95.38 KB , 1080x1080 , 20230722_163958.jpg )

I'm so desperate to move out of Arizona but every place else either sucks more or is more expensive.


it's over




File: 1691890235076.jpg ( 373.53 KB , 640x1607 , if_only_com.jpg )

i should've been more clear, i was saying it's over for me


Why is it over for you?


File: 1691891521673.jpg ( 33.38 KB , 910x168 , schadenfreude tourism.jpg )

is this your post?


File: 1691891924387.jpg ( 10.21 KB , 542x469 , 735808eb331eed2dbb2a90f293….jpg )

>caring about what .ogre troon freaks think
That was your mistake.


Might not be totally wrong
The limitations of Neo-classical thinking aside. The people who'd build that super advanced civilization from the 3rd panel clearly aren't the ones capitalism puts in power, considering how the world looks right now. Those potential civ-builders must get stuck in various dead ends in the capitalist system.


tfw u watch video where someone loses a bet and has to fly to another country to bring back the native made food and it looks really good and you want it too


if i could send a a cyborg back in time and prevent myself from being born, i would

i would not send it back for revolutionary purposes because i'm selfish


That would create a paradox though.

Also, is faggotry genetic or environmental in your case?


tfw people call u a faggot online


I have two friends who struggle with psychiatric illnesses. They have their shit under control though, but I was with one of them when he had a bit of an episode, and the other is paranoid about stupid shit and has really bad anxiety.

Anyway both of these gents have incredible insight if you talk to them about shit. I think because their brain works a bit different they can give you a perspective on an issue that you will never have thought of. I consider these guys to be incredibly smart, both awesome friends I'm happy to have.


File: 1692034733473.jpg ( 75.42 KB , 683x684 , cogwar.jpg )

I wouldn't be so quick to judge people as mentally ill.
Check out this article on "cognitive warfare"
One has to wonder how many people they have attacked with this stuff.
At least consider the possibility.


>approach girl and try to strike up a conversation in hopes of getting her contact info
<"why are you bothering me? I have a life to live, you know."
>"do you know how many people approach me every day? you should be more considerate of others."
this didn't happen to me but I imagined it, doesn't feel good


File: 1692300161101.jpg ( 146.33 KB , 900x900 , scen.jpg )



This has never happened to me, and ive approached many hundreds of girls.
The difference is when I approach, I try to give her emotions, not get her contact info. That and I screen for her vibe and availability.


This plus setting matters too. If you're at a uni and girl is deep in study this will be a less approachable opportunity. Not always so cut and dry though so some risk is always involved something incels can seemingly never accept in any situation


File: 1692304350328-0.png ( 323.77 KB , 466x585 , cards.png )

File: 1692304350328-1.jpeg ( 123.3 KB , 750x1029 , experiment.jpeg )

File: 1692304350328-2.png ( 103.75 KB , 960x468 , incelchad.png )

File: 1692304350328-3.jpeg ( 134.5 KB , 1349x1050 , revisionism.jpeg )

File: 1692304350328-4.jpeg ( 114.74 KB , 710x947 , this is a chad.jpeg )



File: 1692304532948.png ( 2.41 MB , 2561x2027 , kp2s1zwvebd11.png )



File: 1692305070739-0.jpg ( 60.5 KB , 500x602 , incel army.jpg )

File: 1692305070739-1.jpg ( 497.17 KB , 4736x2044 , incelchad.jpg )



It's so bizarre how true this meme was.


Most reddit tier leftists are faggy idealists who consider thought, opinions, and political lines to be fundamental and defining. Hence, they throw 'incel' around as a political insult. They see 'incel' as defined by a general collections of ideas about gender, women, sexuality, dating, feminism, etc. It's a fantasy that has no consideration for reality.

In reality, incel is a state of being - literally a guy who, for whatever reason, can't get out of his own way to commit the minimal task of spasming his penis into a living, semi-willing woman.

But, living in existential reality isn't a habit of reddit tier leftists. Instead, they prefer to retreat into their fake and ghey fantasy of a moral hierarchy of beliefs,


>tfw i look like the pol face
am i genetically predisposed to being a fascist?


I love my dog so much bros


File: 1694225835612.png ( 714.84 KB , 666x960 , ClipboardImage.png )



you should feed it chocolate


File: 1694298737746.jpg ( 64.51 KB , 727x750 , dog-conspitated-bloated.jpg )

Noo don't, dogs get super constipated from chocolate and in some cases it can kill them.


Oh no that dog is very bloated :(


there is too much to fap to


I thought a pornstar retired and became a registered nurse or EMT, but I just saw an Onlyfans video from her. Not sure why but I'm a little disappointed


File: 1694543368838-0.jpg ( 546.64 KB , 1722x1722 , Image (2).jpg )

File: 1694543368838-1.jpg ( 85.98 KB , 633x758 , Image (3).jpg )

File: 1694543368838-2.jpg ( 110.02 KB , 750x897 , Image (1).jpg )



What's going on anon, you don't seem well.


what are some ways to cope?


i don't even know why im crying right now


>try to cope by consuming
>song is about love or feature f*male vocals
>media/stories features (romantic) love or f*male characters


Find a male-dominated hobby and consoom into that maybe.


Smh shaved my face, now I look like an animal rapist


Ready yaoi/BL webcomics or watch BL roleplay videos.


Nah. Even after pawning your opponent, people srill fuck with you. In the ghetto, self defense begets more assault.


Humans are glorified animals. Everything humans do is for sex. Directly or passively.


Society hates male individuality. We live mascukinity but hate men as individuals.

Men are not allowed to seek fullfillment outside of sports, pussy, politics, gym or plain old tragedy.

Men are expected to be eternal demigods seeking dragons to slay to "save the world."


>Tfw seeing cute cashier with septum piercing who looked sad or bored
We need to do a revolution


File: 1706474276563.jpg ( 205.19 KB , 1283x1386 , 20240120_085927.jpg )

Unethical life tip: If you live next to a military base sign up for Tinder. Military wives are easy and freaks in bed and their husbands are about to be deployed for a year or more. Start planting those seeds now.


Inshallah, kill all women.
Also if h finds out your fucking his wife he's gonna kill you.


Irony is, military men would fuck foreign women wherever theyre deployed.


Yrah, but. it's socially acceptable for me to be whores.


File: 1706561542466.webm ( 3.06 MB , 1280x720 , 1705187685873192.webm )

Lol, they won't do shit. First off they can't fight, second off they don't want to lose their precious benefits.
You've clearly never lived near a base. The NCO club has always been to easiest place to score pussy.


juniper lee?


And men wonder why feminists always attack fathers.


Tfw walking past window and a woman dropped the blinds she was pulling in shock. Was it because of my sheer handsomeness or sheer ugliness?


Gawd I hate living in the US so much


It's over. I feel like crying


I'm a fucking joke


File: 1710965443448.jpg ( 59.65 KB , 650x773 , D4re7pzWwAIJ7sz.jpg )

>tfw you sat on melted chocolate and it created a brown stain on your gray sweatpants and you went outside so people might've seen you and thought you shit yourself
Anyone relate? How do I deal with this feel?


It's so over.


Looking back, I think a girl saw me and said something to the person next to her with judgement on her face. F**k…


Well she wouldn't have wanted to sex you even if you hadn't shit yourself. Look at it that way.


File: 1710972468985.webm ( 263.86 KB , 638x480 , PLEASE_BELIEVE_ME.webm )



File: 1711044381540.jpg ( 433.99 KB , 1328x1488 , dark-wojak-light-grey.jpg )

>haven't ejaculated in 3-4 months
>still can't delete my porn collection


>haven't ejaculated in 3-4 months
That's not normal.


The nerd virgin the top right corner isnt too bad-looking.


get really into Gentoo Linux and the C programming language and never be in contact with another woman again


File: 1711271986446.jpg ( 30.26 KB , 500x528 , 5fsfo8.jpg )

>when you see a social media post that says "when you already found who you're going to marry"


when your peepee gets hard


Why are you browsing facebook


Actually the post was from Twitter years ago but I still remember it for some reason


File: 1711646131192-0.jpg ( 89.51 KB , 960x540 , k0axdnpnntsa1.jpg )

File: 1711646131192-1.png ( 114.33 KB , 400x225 , who-has-the-ugliest-cry-in….png )

why cant i just find a gf?! this cant be my life! this isnt how this was supposed to go!!!


you know what to have to do


I understand.


tfw u might as well be castrated


I'm alone in an indifferent world. This forum is one of my few social outlets. I'm about to eat a bowl of yogurt, and I don't even feel like eating it, I'm just trying to eat the pain away. I can't even cry.


I hate Fridays too.


ewww! that is disgusting!!


Bxtch, it's a natural occurrence. What am I supposed to do about it? Put on a chastity cage?? Fxxk outta here.

Speaking of chastity:
>TFW when a porn content creator/sex worker you've been following deletes her solo masturbation videos from her public page, leaving only her paywalled OnlyFans
>as well as starting to do femdom Tiktok videos where she promotes femdom (female domination), CBT (Cock and Ball Torture), male chastity/male chastity belts, orgasm denial, SPH (Small Penis Humiliation), and self-admitted misandry (a hatred or negative view of men).
>She also seems to be moving into non-nude content such as streaming on Twitch where she constantly burps and the only clue to her being a sex worker is a sneakily-placed cup with an OnlyFans sticker on it.
How do I deal with this development?


I can't bring myself to delete my music that has female vocals in it or was made by female musicians.


have you thought about transitioning? that way you can actually help us in providing more safe space for women ‒ the less of incel cock there is, the better our quality of life will become!

think about it!


maybe you should quit porn and get an actual bitch to fuck before it's too late. As >>5489 suggests you can also troon out and kill yourself that way


I was unhappy while scrolling through porn videos and now I'm craving McDonalds (oh because someone brought up the Russian version of it)


>tfw thinking of your crush pooping doesn't even turn you off
What level of simping is this?


Why are you thinking of your crush pooping?


Well, people said it's a good way to get over a crush, so yeah..


It's just going to make you develop a scat fetish


Darn, I got 4D chess tricked. This can't be happening.


File: 1713377802479.jpg ( 261.85 KB , 867x881 , wojak-stage-2.5-doomer.jpg )

when you realize you've spent 162 bucks in the last week alone because of donation simping


Anon you could have had sex with an escort for that amount of money…


I don't think I'm at the point that I wanna cross that line yet. Did you go for that?


I haven't crossed that line either. But I do think that if you're spending that much money on women at least get something nice in return. That's how capitalism works.

Hell you could get a really good massage and blowjob from a 22 year old asian chick for $160, with money left to spare. That's surely got to be better than whatever validation you get from orbiting some egirl online?




I can't go for paying sex worker for that kind of sex work because it'd be too real. Donation simping is easier, it's from a distance and it feels like you're helping them out (I sometimes feel sorry for some of these girls)


>it'd be too real
The money disappearing from your bank account is very real anon.
>I sometimes feel sorry for some of these girls
Don't. They are manipulating you and taking advantage of you for your money.


I did it again, spent 52-54 bucks today. I get a rush from participating in a parasocial relationship. Perhaps it's because I'd rather have fake simp interactions than nothing at all. Is it really manipulative if I get something out of it too?


>>5647 (Me)
It's like that one scenario in the novel Serotonin (2019) by Michel Houellebecq
<What is disturbing, I think, is the way that the text complicates the usual relationship between perpetrator and victim.
<What if the girl “enjoys it”—can one be a victim and enjoy it at the same time? Is one really victim to one’s own enjoyment?


File: 1713563325053.jpeg ( 188.74 KB , 1080x1670 , simp.jpeg )

>Is it really manipulative if I get something out of it too?
Anon you are not the one being manipulated in this situation. For the love of god stop giving your money to these hoes before you turn out like picrel.

>Serotonin (2019)

I need to get around to reading that book.


when you realize in some alternate universe you would be putting all the buff stats in your online bio


File: 1713819479096.jpg ( 38.23 KB , 503x498 , venting.jpg )

it's over for ventcels


someone post or share links to repositories of simp cringe like this. need to laff.


Comrade, unless you have some serious disability and can't leave the home I'd recommend you replace this habit with mutual aid. Not only is it a better rush to be in a real community where people actually care about your help, sometimes they even give you free stuff.

Giving $20 to a FNB stall on your way from work is a better rush than throwing money at a simp mill. Neither of them care if you're kind of awkward!


>Giving $20 to a FNB stall on your way from work is a better rush than throwing money at a simp mill.
plus you get some healthy food too!

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