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Share you feels here.
No bully
also feel free to share your feels in the /leftcel/ thread at https://9chan.tw/leftcel/thread/2696
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tfw imageboards arent a good replacement for a social life


tfw tired but feeling unfulfilled so i continue doing stuff on electronic screen


is it really over
am i gonna in minecraft over no gf


incel freak why dont u go die


tfw no social bonds and isolated so that im easier to control


it s disgusting, venereal


when a girl has her bare feet out fuckkk


tfw psycho creep loser


>"Just DON'T be ugly"
>*YOU'VE BEEN WARNED* Ugly Men DO NOT Approach Women
whats the point anymore


Tfw you have to wait
Wait for people, wait for reply

Tfw no fun


So much for Fridays #Loneliness


dead end


tfw unattractive


tfw waiting for glowie feds to clock in and fulfill their posting quota


tfw no gf


very relatable feel
tfw u relate to a feel


tfw feeling stuff


obscure outdated niche
dead site
dead end




Can't fry faggots who's got nitrogen instead of actual human blood.

>tfw it's possible to partake in leftoid orgs only on interwebs rather than irl


tfw eugenics has won and its over for u

the only thing left is psyching urself up to go and how u wanna go


How do you cope with being a beta male cuck?


>still no replies
dead site


File: 1716324407036-0.png ( 399.76 KB , 1180x2076 , A Comprehensive Guide to L….png )

File: 1716324407036-1.png ( 101.1 KB , 1180x416 , DarkStarDowns' LDAR Guide.png )

File: 1716324407036-2.jpg ( 180.66 KB , 1080x1080 , leftists vs incels.jpg )

LDAR=Laying Down And Rotting

i did it by myself before i knew the term. maybe its time to go back to it


Is betabux an option?


no im broke and have no job experience besides picking up trash and a little bit of cooking 10 years ago


>doomposting on Ogre but not here


imagine still posting on Ogre, fucking uyghurs




I remember seeing a video of a teen punching himself in the face on an incel forum


Start picking up trash again and save the money in a high interest bank account.


>(…) persons shall not enter Paradise: (…) he who lets his wife to fornicate with another
its over for Islamic cuckcels

>Three persons are prevented from entering Paradise (by Allah): (…) the pimp who supports the immorality of his wife

its over for boyfriends/husbands of women who have an OF (OnlyFans)


File: 1716386408819.jpg ( 10.57 KB , 300x90 , ShiaMatch.jpg )

would you convert to Islam for this?


I thought muslims all had arranged marriages or just married one of their cousins. What kind of muslim would even use a website like that?


new converts/reverts?


That leads to another question, what kind of woman converts to islam?


File: 1716406082772.png ( 729.82 KB , 1080x1080 , Pike_CA_Portrait.png )

Picrel is a selfie I took. I'm 18 and I'm a web designer. Is it over for me?


You could easily pass if you started taking HRT right now.


I thought you were gonna recommend fin or Minoxidil/Rogaine, but you went straight to HRT?


Well I just think you would make a really pretty girl anon! You have a very feminine facial structure.


How long do you last masturbating or having sex? Recently I've been ejaculating pretty fast


Should've known better than to get involved with sports mediaslop normieshit


Really bad cope after getting ghosted by this girl I really liked. I wish I had intimacy with her, but now I'm fucking rotting with the worst normie cope. Going to go back to focusing on myself. Talking to other girls right now but still feel destroyed.

I'd start dermarolling, maybe check out the treeless subreddit.


Sex, like a week or two. I masturbated often but it's gotten boring. Lost interest in both, still thinking about my oneitis.


File: 1716446784430.jpg ( 74.16 KB , 750x893 , 846647436.jpg )

tfw it's a new year but not a new me


i get mental blockage if I try to fap to irl crushes


tfw findom mistress says, "did i say you could talk to me?? pay up first, loser" but you're broke


Masturbation just feels pointless to me now, can't bothered to expend that energy. I think about the time we shared together, wish I was bit more aggressive. Oh well…


U cannot cope with something th@ doesn't xist. It's like you fags got your own type of colonial syndrome, mb I (& u) should read franze fanon on that?


File: 1716697593480.jpg ( 1.91 MB , 4080x3072 , IMG_20240525_212527_394.jpg )

Greetings from Las Vegas, Nevada USA

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