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Share you feels here.
No bully
also feel free to share your feels in the /leftcel/ thread at https://9chan.tw/leftcel/thread/2696
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tfw hungry


I tried to organize a tenants union. I had like 40 people in Signal room via word of mouth and then I some nitwit Anarchist group talk me into canvassing and the landlord found out and ended my lease.
Then I let another radical lawyer talks me into fighting it and the judge ruled in their favor out of hand.


File: 1689660945867.jpg ( 62.02 KB , 1241x698 , orgasm earlobes.jpg )

tfw no earlobe massage orgasm


tfw the people who are radicalized and into leftist stuff are people who are forced to work and only post on leftychan at certain specific times (when they're off/free)

meanwhile apolitical/grill neets have all the time in the world, but go on degen/evil sites

normies have fbi.gov, twitter, facebook

what about me
where's my active website


Twitter isn't normie depending on what circles you are in


so oo-mox is actually a real thing ?



yeah I guess
still more active though


File: 1689874879891.jpg ( 137.46 KB , 1080x1080 , 20230720_104047.jpg )

Greetings from Phoenix AZ


I would actually kill myself


Yeah try working in a factory in this shit. I'm not in Phoenix, thank God, but man it still sucks in 103+ heat.


I was gonna contribute to the revolution but then I found out I was an incel. Sucks.


How os Arizona. It seems too have the most psychotic lunatic right wingers of the country


It's basically a failed fascist state. It's as expensive as California but as shitty as Louisiana. I want to leave.


File: 1690069581972.jpg ( 95.38 KB , 1080x1080 , 20230722_163958.jpg )

I'm so desperate to move out of Arizona but every place else either sucks more or is more expensive.


it's over




File: 1691890235076.jpg ( 373.53 KB , 640x1607 , if_only_com.jpg )

i should've been more clear, i was saying it's over for me


Why is it over for you?


File: 1691891521673.jpg ( 33.38 KB , 910x168 , schadenfreude tourism.jpg )

is this your post?


File: 1691891924387.jpg ( 10.21 KB , 542x469 , 735808eb331eed2dbb2a90f293….jpg )

>caring about what .ogre troon freaks think
That was your mistake.


Might not be totally wrong
The limitations of Neo-classical thinking aside. The people who'd build that super advanced civilization from the 3rd panel clearly aren't the ones capitalism puts in power, considering how the world looks right now. Those potential civ-builders must get stuck in various dead ends in the capitalist system.


tfw u watch video where someone loses a bet and has to fly to another country to bring back the native made food and it looks really good and you want it too


if i could send a a cyborg back in time and prevent myself from being born, i would

i would not send it back for revolutionary purposes because i'm selfish


That would create a paradox though.

Also, is faggotry genetic or environmental in your case?


tfw people call u a faggot online


I have two friends who struggle with psychiatric illnesses. They have their shit under control though, but I was with one of them when he had a bit of an episode, and the other is paranoid about stupid shit and has really bad anxiety.

Anyway both of these gents have incredible insight if you talk to them about shit. I think because their brain works a bit different they can give you a perspective on an issue that you will never have thought of. I consider these guys to be incredibly smart, both awesome friends I'm happy to have.


File: 1692034733473.jpg ( 75.42 KB , 683x684 , cogwar.jpg )

I wouldn't be so quick to judge people as mentally ill.
Check out this article on "cognitive warfare"
One has to wonder how many people they have attacked with this stuff.
At least consider the possibility.


>approach girl and try to strike up a conversation in hopes of getting her contact info
<"why are you bothering me? I have a life to live, you know."
>"do you know how many people approach me every day? you should be more considerate of others."
this didn't happen to me but I imagined it, doesn't feel good


File: 1692300161101.jpg ( 146.33 KB , 900x900 , scen.jpg )



This has never happened to me, and ive approached many hundreds of girls.
The difference is when I approach, I try to give her emotions, not get her contact info. That and I screen for her vibe and availability.


This plus setting matters too. If you're at a uni and girl is deep in study this will be a less approachable opportunity. Not always so cut and dry though so some risk is always involved something incels can seemingly never accept in any situation


File: 1692304350328-0.png ( 323.77 KB , 466x585 , cards.png )

File: 1692304350328-1.jpeg ( 123.3 KB , 750x1029 , experiment.jpeg )

File: 1692304350328-2.png ( 103.75 KB , 960x468 , incelchad.png )

File: 1692304350328-3.jpeg ( 134.5 KB , 1349x1050 , revisionism.jpeg )

File: 1692304350328-4.jpeg ( 114.74 KB , 710x947 , this is a chad.jpeg )



File: 1692304532948.png ( 2.41 MB , 2561x2027 , kp2s1zwvebd11.png )



File: 1692305070739-0.jpg ( 60.5 KB , 500x602 , incel army.jpg )

File: 1692305070739-1.jpg ( 497.17 KB , 4736x2044 , incelchad.jpg )



It's so bizarre how true this meme was.


Most reddit tier leftists are faggy idealists who consider thought, opinions, and political lines to be fundamental and defining. Hence, they throw 'incel' around as a political insult. They see 'incel' as defined by a general collections of ideas about gender, women, sexuality, dating, feminism, etc. It's a fantasy that has no consideration for reality.

In reality, incel is a state of being - literally a guy who, for whatever reason, can't get out of his own way to commit the minimal task of spasming his penis into a living, semi-willing woman.

But, living in existential reality isn't a habit of reddit tier leftists. Instead, they prefer to retreat into their fake and ghey fantasy of a moral hierarchy of beliefs,


>tfw i look like the pol face
am i genetically predisposed to being a fascist?


I love my dog so much bros


File: 1694225835612.png ( 714.84 KB , 666x960 , ClipboardImage.png )



you should feed it chocolate


File: 1694298737746.jpg ( 64.51 KB , 727x750 , dog-conspitated-bloated.jpg )

Noo don't, dogs get super constipated from chocolate and in some cases it can kill them.


Oh no that dog is very bloated :(


there is too much to fap to


I thought a pornstar retired and became a registered nurse or EMT, but I just saw an Onlyfans video from her. Not sure why but I'm a little disappointed


File: 1694543368838-0.jpg ( 546.64 KB , 1722x1722 , Image (2).jpg )

File: 1694543368838-1.jpg ( 85.98 KB , 633x758 , Image (3).jpg )

File: 1694543368838-2.jpg ( 110.02 KB , 750x897 , Image (1).jpg )



What's going on anon, you don't seem well.


what are some ways to cope?


i don't even know why im crying right now


File: 1696017864117.jpg ( 12.96 KB , 246x237 , Πρόχειρο_Εικόνα_01.jpg )

>try to cope by consuming
>song is about love or feature f*male vocals
>media/stories features (romantic) love or f*male characters


Find a male-dominated hobby and consoom into that maybe.

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