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Since Hunter Biden’s dad took office, $3.4 trillion have been printed. The excess money in the market generates inflation and currency devaluation. As the USD is the international trading currency, the BRICS is opting to launch their crypto currency to protect themselves from the effects coming from US sanctions and the impending US Dollar crash. When -not if- this major shift in international currency happens, all industries will suffer, and Onlyfans is going to be massively affected by it.

Adopting a new currency for international and also ditching the SWIFT system will have major repercussions on transactions on adult websites. Since February 2022 we have seen Russian girls being “eradicated” from Onlyfans. Russian-based customers got their accounts deleted, having their credit cards of no use for purchasing content. This was one platform. Now imagine if all adult platforms were give the “choice” to either align with the current system or join BRICS, instead of using both.

1. Less international trade in USD would mean that there are going to be more dollars floating around that less people would care about, increasing the supply of dollars, devaluating the currency

2. Currency Exchange Risks and Costs would force creator to increase their subscription prices and PPV prices

3. Multi-currency payment options could cause issues for platforms, which would be affected by different foreign exchange fluctuations, which might end up forcing them to increase their % or charges passed to the customer.

4. Economies relying on USD or US-exports would see major economic downturns.

5. Content would be devalued as creators would be forced to increase prices. At the same time, currency devaluation in the US may force more women to look for online revenue. Again, more supply than demand (as customers would be affected by the economic crash, too).

6. Inflation or hyperinflation would take place in USA and Canada. Americans and Canadians may be required to get VISAs to enter other countries as many of them are fleeing already to Mexico and other Latin American countries to avoid the rising inflation.

7. The end of Producers or the beginning of a new Era. I am more inclined to think it is the end of producers. As even if there is a higher supply of girls wanting to work for producers, economic crisis or economic golden age will not erase the simp mindset of men who would overpay 20 dollars for 2 photos



we got whoreconomics before gta 6


This makes no sense, why wouldn't only fans just accept a BRICS currency too.


OnlyFans is UK-based no nato meber would allow that currency


Okay, then why wouldn't customers just use USD, BRICS citizens banned from using that too?

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