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just got banned (again) from my main forum of the last few months..

tips? and share ban stories, maybe


>just got banned (again) from my main forum of the last few months..
What's your main forum ?


requires context.


nice kot


It's a koshka.


I got banned from 4chan for a month for posting that the janny Jay Louis Irwin was shitting up /g/ with apple shilling


I got banned again. This time I got accused of being flame bait. Yet at the previous ban I got accused of being reactionary. Fuck.


Banning people from a forum or chat should be considered a human rights violation.
For some people this is their only social outlet because they occupy a certain niches and have certain quirks.
And to deprive them of this is inhumane and cruel. It's like solitary confinement.


I remember that fag god fuck that guy


stormfront probs


File: 1686803572469.png ( 359.57 KB , 1170x814 , 4tixnkptu9061.png )

Someone started a thread with a gif of an ugly transhumanist and I posted picrel and got banned for it. None of the other off-topic replies mocking the transhumanist got deleted. And of course the ban's not long enough for me to mock the janny in the appeal for being a triggered chud. It's good to know /pol/ cancer shitting up the rest of the site is now enforced by the moderation. 4chan is dead.


if we can learn anything from dot org is that troons do exactly the same thing but worse. so yeah, get fucked, degënerate. rare janny W


>offtopic shitposting is BASED actually!


based get fucked troon


File: 1686870582021.jpg ( 12 KB , 236x320 , dangerous.jpg )

The people who fucked .org were mainly ciz neet beta males who wanted to micromanage.

>reddit jannies are good when I agree with them
Unironically go back.

Also I really like the OP kot. It's an image that makes me happy.


File: 1686874197085.png ( 63.87 KB , 1777x298 , class-struggle banned doto….png )

>fucked .org
i think it was stuff like pic related that damaged the reputation of .org

Socialists should always welcome when somebody asks for a class-analysis.


File: 1686874908038-0.png ( 81.45 KB , 256x256 , craymin 1.png )

File: 1686874908038-1.png ( 106.82 KB , 256x256 , craymin 2.png )

File: 1686874908038-2.png ( 101.7 KB , 256x256 , craymin 3.png )

lol been getting banned @org for say the faggots/homos ruin everything and they banned another guy for pretty much agreeing. been enjoying pissing off org's jannie trahnies using different ips and spamming ai gen art of trump


you're as cringe as jannoids

you all sexually obsessive spergs are cringe, such cringe

I feel embarrassed for you


File: 1686968996051.png ( 24.1 KB , 61x96 , 09jd09jqd.png )

fuck off back to org, faggot
i feel embarrassed for you


File: 1687582226644.png ( 13.99 KB , 200x200 , interdasting.png )

Currently banned from:
.org, for a month, ending in a week(for soyposting)
4chan, permantly(for furry)
KC, a whole month, just now, range ban. Just finished a three day ban for frogposting. Funny how that reminds me of another site.
Not banned from wizchan but it's become clear their mods are right wing white supremacist faggots so you can talk about how you can fuck other women from other races but get banned for making BBC memes even though both go against the rules, so I stopped posting there.
Guess I'm stuck here again,


you are gay

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