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Incel News Thread
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I swear The Economist is on a mission to get me to move to China. They make it sound almost utopian in their reportings.




File: 1670167844709.jpg (156.35 KB, 1080x1470, antifeminists-zbmimx.jpg)



File: 1670170859338.jpg (103.73 KB, 979x1024, 1670169775024004m.jpg)

>who run this mother
>who run this mother
>Whu ohhh uh ohh ohh oh oh

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Fuck rosties.

That is all.
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Dude isn't even ugly just looksmaxxed it's fucking over


Dudes a faggy simp and gets treated appropriately


File: 1668922628260.jpg (68.46 KB, 680x453, 07.jpg)

>Fuck rosties.


File: 1670081212205.jpg (92.88 KB, 960x706, 20221203_152625.jpg)



File: 1670089249702.png (267.08 KB, 1149x630, how?????.png)


File: 1669569813170.jpg (252.79 KB, 1908x1146, Balenciaga.jpg)


I would like to know what you think about the Balenciaga case. In my opinion, I think that all these brands conspire to send subliminal messages and unfortunately, they ha

ve been doing this for several years but we have not noticed it because we do not pay attention to the details.

Now, just imagine, if this is the case with Balenciaga and Adidas, do you think there are more brands in other markets that do this kind of thing?

I would like to know opinions and/or thoughts, as this is a topic that is very recent and is of international interest.


It's fucking incredibly weird.
I don't think there's some pedo conspiracy but holy fuck there's zero chance that was an accident or something. What the fuck


Very sus and it's good that this shit is still controversial.


Well it's good but the right will keep blaming it on the left for whatev reason


Kinda funny how Balenciaga hasn't been cancelled by banks or social media.

File: 1652993005834.jpg (667.66 KB, 864x1174, BlatantMisogyny-ut7uyz.jpg)

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Incel humor thread.
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Low smv male tell


If I was high smv I wouldn't be here


>on the right
still chad only
welcome to 2022


Jesus look at her face.
How the mighty have fallen.


File: 1669863051060.jpg (92.58 KB, 710x1024, 1669852547685020m.jpg)

Why are top tier athletes subsidizing a bunch of mediocre, entitled dike feminists who regularly lose to high schoolers?

File: 1669198161446.jpg (142.18 KB, 1280x1280, IMG_20221123_170508_150.jpg)


Incels don't deserve rights.

Here's what I mean. Banging a few chicks isn't very impressive. It's a rather low bar. But what does that say about a guy who can't even do that? It means they are a low quality man.
It's like being able to do one pull up. It's not very impressive. But if you can't do that, it means you are weak and have neglected to train your body.

A lot of incels run their mouths, thinking that they're offering insightful knowledge.
<You're not.

Listening to an incel talk about women is like listening to a homeless person talk about financial planning, or listening to a guy who can't do a pull up talk about fitness. In short, you have absolutely no clue what you're talking about, but have convinced yourself you do as some ghey coping mechanism.

Obviously, there is a grain of truth to incel screeds, in a hermetic philosophical sense. The problem is, it's the most disempowering truth available, framed in the worst way possible.

'Girls don't fuck average guys,' you say.

Ok, don't be average. Find a way to leverage aspects yourself to rise above your own stale faggotry. It's not that hard. And if it is too hard for you, then I guess you get exactly what you deserve considering you claim to know the consequences of being average.
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File: 1669791843446.jpg (284.35 KB, 979x652, IMG_20221130_135825.jpg)

Also, they have some pretty based spicy takes which typically confirm common sense. No wander the faggy know-it-all-and-do-nothing left hates it
>Pic related
No one respects fat people


The field of psychology is going through a reproduction crisis. Many many studies cannot be reproduced with the same results.
So I'm extremely discerning when it comes to psy studies. Psypost already has a bad reputation for clickbait studies. The only one here with Dunning Kruger is you drawn to a study that appeals to your prejudices.
>Common sense
The amount of scientific findings that refutes "common sense" fills tomes.


Pretty sure low openness to new ideas and self assuredness correlates with low eyeq
Still waiting for you fags to talk about something which doesn't amount to crying from the sidelines though


>Pretty sure low openness to new ideas and self assuredness correlates with low eyeq
Pretty sure not understanding what actual science is is low autism score. Hint: it's not "common sense" and it's not things you already want to believe.
>Still waiting for you fags to talk about something which doesn't amount to crying from the sidelines though
There's your liberalism talking again. People with grievances must prove to the liberal status quo that they have sufficiently competed for their needs before complaining


<There's your liberalism talking again.
>Does nothing
>Why won't you take me seriously!!!

File: 1663363076671.webm (1.03 MB, 640x426, ciara.webm)


4chan /r9k/ is full of them, why don't we have any?
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orbiter alert


Junko posts here every now and then. Get bee over here fuck it lmao.


Tripfag or doe she post anon?

Bee posting on /r9k/ would be fucking cursed lmao


yeah I know lmao. but whatever I don't let it get to me it's just nice having someone to chat with sometimes and I make myself not take it too seriously.
she posts anon, she told me she was gonna stop posting (at least recognisably) cuz people were being annoying to her tho lol


>she doesn't wear earrings
okay, that's actually hella cute
tho painted nails ruin it

the last femoid being shilled on fagchan I remember was some brit physics scientist femoid or something that was making youtube videos
but that was long time ago

File: 1668997272551.jpg (102.5 KB, 561x450, Ded.jpg)

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Reminder if you are not a chad women will not take any interest in anything you say or do, no matter how remarkable it is. How do I know? I used to be 'the hot kid' for a year or two in my teens and became average after I grew older. Though I never scored with a chick because I was an autist, here's the kind of shit that used to happen.

-Girls would ooh and ahh when I walked past, some pinched me trying to get my attention
-girls would 'sneakily' follow me everywhere and try to catch a glimpse of me
-one girl would pretend to use a makeup mirror to spy on me
-Girls would approach me and try to start conversations even though I was an introvert and had nothing to say
-Neighbor used to invite me out to hang out with her and would rub my hair
-girls would giggle around me in class and try to rub my hair
-Female hs teachers gave me better grades and tried to hangout with me after class
-girls would openly compliment me call me sexy in class etc
-if I went to my friends house his sister would try flirting with me, laugh at my jokes even if I made none, always try to hover around me

All that shit is gone now, women now will just ignore me/act like I dont exist at parties. Will not bother talking to me or taking any interest, never find my jokes funny or compliment me etc.

The cold reality is if you're not a chad women dont really have any reason to give a fuck about you and you will always be friendzoned at best. They don't really give a shit about your personality, it's all a halo effect from your attractiveness. No amount of hairstyles, confidence, style etc will change anything unless your face is attractive. And if you do somehow score a gf, she will hop branches, never have true sexual attraction towards you, sex will be lame etc. There is no 'type,' only a singular hot chad and if you were in the 5% you would.
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they're low-wage blue collar workers


File: 1669632024394.jpeg (88.44 KB, 1200x630, bezos-dicaprio.jpeg)

lol you don't need to be a Bezos to be a betabux

betabux just means that you get regularly materially exploited in a sexual relationship

do your cousins have a mortgage? other debts?

chad never gets materially exploited in a sexual relationship because women are naturally attracted to him
just like men don't care about material things when it comes to women, so women don't care about material things when it comes to chads


File: 1669635732949.jpg (231.86 KB, 2048x1448, 03.jpg)

>just like men don't care about material things when it comes to women, so women don't care about material things when it comes to chads
and that's what I'd wager is the apple of fbi.gov here and why all betabuxers get so aggressive-defensive at incels

redpillers can't fathom a possibility that women can not care about material things when it comes to mating
obviously because of their material conditions (being a betabux) determining their psychological and ideological state

some of them go as far as to claim that women are actually frigid lol and don't enjoy sex

and bluepillers can't fathom a possibility that women care primarily about material things when it comes to non-chads that they are not sexually attracted to
of course because of their material conditions too

as you can see, marxist materialist framework is really good at explaining these ideological phenomena


Simple explanation

Incels are narcissistic fags with low social status and a repulsive victim mindset.

I'm short, broke, spend nothing on women, and can still get laid with attractive females. The problem isn't women or the culture. If you can't get laid, the problem is you.


File: 1669652699166.jpeg (59.64 KB, 1280x720, P7fwkFH-629389131.jpeg)

>spend nothing on women
imagine bragging about spending money on women

File: 1655034725594.jpg (128.75 KB, 1048x1076, 726353281917.jpg)


How do I stop myself wanting a gf so badly that it hurts?
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>solving this dilemma would require widespread use of some moral incentives
or some kind of brainwashing and social conditioning, or maybe even genetic engineering? but I guess that ideal society would not be that "ideal" anymore lol


so the ultimate problem with the experts - their political aspirations that come with the territory

we need to somehow politically "castrate" them without them noticing lol, so it wouldn't have a major demoralizing affect on them


Itt: weirdo losers being weirdo losers


yeah wtf is this lmao. "t. fat roastie" to a basic Marxist take???? you'll say anything to defend your misogyny lmao


>"t. fat roastie" to a basic Marxist take????
show me where Marx rolls out this "basic Marxist take" in Capital roastie

File: 1661562830469.jpg (98.09 KB, 1075x1065, wallstreetbets-wylbl8.jpg)


Whatcha' eatin'
Whatcha' watchin'
Whatcha' playin'
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about to watch the burgers get btfo in glorious fashion


I didn't even know the US had a fucking soccer team


Yeah they're pretty shit but they managed to qualify for the world cup.


well fuck.



File: 1663187296476.jpg (117.78 KB, 736x987, Sorayama Female Robot art.jpg)


Post anything regarding sex robots or dolls here.
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even modern Luddites are idpolpilled
it's over

gotta hand it to the porks, they played leftoids like a fiddle


Anime mouse pads? I don't think you can fuck them though.


that must be for one big ass mouse lol
also no, I can fuck it




Sex robots are for bottom of the barrel men who've somehow managed to scrape together enough cash.

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