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File: 1711216127144.webm ( 303.27 KB , 640x360 , fat_hasan.webm )


Lets ask for and give each other advice ITT
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A guy asked me out. I said no and that he is ugly and that nobody will ever date him. He got a girlfriend and I'm jealous. What should I do?


File: 1715373935105.mp4 ( 7.93 MB , 360x472 , irl story.mp4 )

You should cut yourself for attention


>I said no and that he is ugly and that nobody will ever date him.

Holy shit why'd you say that? I hope it wasn't in person.

Regardless of whether or not it will happen, do you think you deserve this guy even if you could win him over somehow? I think you should just let go.


Why would I do that? I want him to cut himself because I rejected him.

Idon't know of I want him per say. Maybe it messes with my ego to know that someone I rejected found someone after all? It makes me feel like I lost power and control in the situation.


Anon we do not offer advice on theoretical situations.

File: 1688841461643.jpeg ( 34.19 KB , 375x500 , wife.jpeg )


"Nizhny Novgorod incel blogger Alexei Podnebesny posted on his Telegram channel a correspondence with his wife Valeria, who accuses him of beating her. In the photo, the girl shows bruises on her arms. Alex, in a dialogue with his wife, does not deny that he raised his hand against her, but in the telegram channel he accuses her of slander and tells how Valeria stole his chocolates and psychologically put pressure on him with her behavior.
When exactly the couple got married is unknown, Valeria became the second wife of Alex. In February 2022, the girl went on a picket in support of single men. In the same year, both spouses were fined by the Russian government for discrediting the RF Armed Forces."

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He gets what little money he has from his friends in Russia. I'm not aware of him ebegging in the content of his videos


You're the same single guy throwing out 2 second negative opinions in every thread critical of people opposing the blckpill.

Yes, he is not by any means a betabux, he's borderline emaciated and doesn't have a job you retard


Alex opposes the blackpill for the same reason anyone with a brain does. It's some pseudoscientific fashy thing developed in the open by weird evopsych people and neo-nazis on blogs before r/incels even existed.




lol incel faggot worship

File: 1715279765410.jpg ( 525.97 KB , 1260x1260 , 1715279727.jpg )


can diaper fetish be leftist?


yes very leftist (social fascist)


is bdsm reactionary?


File: 1715280498693.png ( 1.31 MB , 1799x1339 , abdl_wojak_2.png )



>i need a change
damn, an entendre


Always has been. Read Fromm.

File: 1714988440997.jpg ( 80.54 KB , 900x1388 , 9780374721039.jpg )


is book any good?


From a mixed review:
>but the idea that the imagination could choose to make sex good again
Imagination posters win yet again…

File: 1714179152915.jpg ( 353.4 KB , 2448x2448 , 16753099330415313.jpg )


American Christianity is Satanic
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File: 1714242341407.png ( 488.31 KB , 584x689 , 167530993304153449.png )

Christianity is for roman slaves. Christian pastors tell incels to pray to God for comfort, FUCK that. I used to be a Christian.


Thats because of Protestantism


File: 1714907241255.jpg ( 89.03 KB , 841x1187 , 167530993304153171.jpg )

There's no satan tricking women into fucking Chad, they're following their inherent biological nature.


File: 1714908160000.jpg ( 412.52 KB , 907x1622 , One therapy session cured ….jpg )

You don't know that. Pic rel is an example of a woman chasing men, sleeping with men to fulfill her need for power and control. And self worth issues. Search up 'limerence'.

Some paragraph quotes:

He explained that in my unconscious way of processing relationships, I was simply not seeing people. Not as human beings, ever, at all. What I am actually seeing is a mirror, a reflection of myself. As in, the way they see me entirely defines my value. I have no real sense of self properly speaking, and I am constantly looking for reassurance of my worth in the mirror that men represent. What this means, is not only that I don’t really value them as I thought I did (fantasizing the perfect partner when he is in fact a piece of shit), but also that when I feel like falling in love, I’m actually falling in love with myself.

This is THE CHASE. When a man is inaccessible, doesn’t want me, pushes me away, the reflection I get in the mirror is so awful that I can’t love myself - I actually hate myself so bad that it becomes a challenge to prove myself that I am worthy of love, through him, and finally be able to love myself.

My tool is SEX. This is my bait. All of this is activated by an unconscious and stronger than anything drive for POWER and CONTROL. I realized that when I’m rejected, ignored, I am actually more ANGRY than I am sad. The less control I have, the bigger the obsession.

To sum it up, I realized that when I fall in limerence for someone, it has actually not much to do with who they are, but everything to do with me and what I need to prove myself. Yes, sometimes physical chemistry is real, but it’s also biased and emphasized by the need for power and control when I feel it slipping away. It NEVER means emotional or intellectual connection when you don’t actually know or love someone for who they are.


File: 1714929858115.gif ( 1.25 MB , 388x388 , insane.gif )

>All those words, words, words..
She'll be back chasing that cocaine sniffin Chad tomorrow

You can't logic your way out of sexual attraction YOU STUPID BITCH

in the words of our patron st. Patrick: "This confession has meant NOTHING"

File: 1698219631845.jpg ( 115.95 KB , 1170x1824 , 20231025_143825.jpg )


Where did I go wrong?

I thought being a feminist was supposed to get me laid. When will this starting working?


that woman in particular probably wants a strong dominant bbc alpha god king


its over… i just cant win

File: 1661992631766.jpg ( 962.58 KB , 640x896 , shitposting-x2kxgt.jpg )


Oh yeah, porn thread.
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Socialism is about equality. Israeli-American pornstars turning to the porn industry, turning to sex work, selling their body - that is not a sign of bourgeoisness, but in fact the opposite. How could Israel be an affluent settler state if one of their citizens is condemned to do this?




watching currycels have sex is like watching paint dry

she just lays there like a fish.. at least fucking choke her or something! Grab her nipples and twist them out!


>footage of them actually having sex


he's a betabux, just look at that chin

possibly arrangedmarriagecel

the way she just lays there, 100% she's imagining some American military base Chad railing her

File: 1714908611391-0.jpg ( 116.09 KB , 800x2000 , love-1.jpg )

File: 1714908611391-1.png ( 41.35 KB , 350x876 , lvrkjhthuou91.png )

File: 1714908611391-2.jpg ( 221.41 KB , 1928x1243 , 654ab33f33a0dbd731846116_l….jpg )

File: 1714908611391-3.jpg ( 46.54 KB , 750x458 , EzauAy1X0AA5iiz.jpg )


Love vs Limerence

Do you recognize yourself in these graphs? Discuss.


File: 1714908668172-0.jpg ( 946.23 KB , 3240x3240 , 1-4.jpg )

File: 1714908668172-1.png ( 808.73 KB , 2048x2048 , 120287674_214232436703230_….png )

File: 1714908668172-2.jpg ( 147.38 KB , 1080x1080 , 421610507_1800331409651598….jpg )

File: 1714908668172-3.png ( 356.5 KB , 800x2000 , The-key-stages-of-limerenc….png )

File: 1714775418508.png ( 120.86 KB , 756x407 , normie_fag.png )


We need to split from these retarded normie bluepilled beta simp cucks. We can't share a site with them. We just can't. There's a reason why parties split or people get purged, and so forth.

As long as we live under the tyrannical boot of normie Reddit orgoid modocracy, we can never be truly free. We must split, or we die.
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Oh boy another post advocating for tribalism becquse of superficial differences.


We've already split tho?

I'm fine as long as Comatoast keeps his jannoid bitches on a short leash. I don't mind all the bluepillers, communistcels, multipolaroid nationalists, social fascists, and other faggots.

I enjoy wiping the metaphorical floor with them again and again.


File: 1714862630146.png ( 278.17 KB , 1677x1569 , 1710353815916328.png )



>We need a split.
Go away dot ogre


Wipe your tears first lol

btw thank you fags for pointing out why did the bols introduce their ban on intraparty fractions. Better to proceed some further even with dangerous retards rather than to crumble apart by trying to maintain scarce purity in the ranks

File: 1714587040509-0.jpg ( 202.76 KB , 840x1045 , 1714586862.jpg )

File: 1714587040509-1.jpg ( 441.93 KB , 1706x1444 , 21z8gjf3ud.jpg )

File: 1714587040509-2.jpg ( 514.03 KB , 1280x1707 , 791j1kk5qb.jpg )

File: 1714587040509-3.jpg ( 343.95 KB , 1080x1331 , dokbyxkef0.jpg )

File: 1714587040509-4.jpg ( 676.8 KB , 1920x2560 , pvtp6ausd5.jpg )


Porn captions about dominating your landlady trust fund bunny. As requested.
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This is a very specific fantasy


File: 1714596605245-0.jpg ( 104.7 KB , 850x499 , iexqn97g4koz.jpg )

File: 1714596605245-1.webm ( 5.39 MB , 608x1080 , 6-73d0b4c196.webm )



File: 1714601995775.mp4 ( 27.35 MB , 720x408 , 167530993304153725.mp4 )



nice find
this should be a real series/genre/tag like how incest is


Congrats you made gooning class conscious uh somehow.

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