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File: 1688537424106.jpg ( 103.8 KB , 1239x293 , DJ Akademiks details his c….jpg )


>normalize dating sex workers
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>a fucking trot
Three strikes.


Okay, but consider the following:

Probably a weaboo (enough to visit and apparently live in Japan), seems to be fan of (or referenced) Reincarnated As A Slime, Death Note, Fate/Stay
Owns kunai (Japanese knives) and showed it off in nude post
Watched the 2022 Batman film, familiar enough with his rogue gallery to speculate about sequel villains. Was disappointed in Batman Ninja (anime Batman film made by Japanese)
Made a Pokemon reference
Played DnD, enough to prefer a class.
Gamer? Plays Diablo IV

Sex work
Note she actively does (online?) sex work, has an OnlyFans, Cash App, ManyVids, maybe more.
Posts her nudes online.
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Nerds are insufferable. You can be smart without being a fucking nerd.
>Probably a weaboo
Like a nerd with AIDS.
>Sex work
Hard no. I don't care how you dress it up. Nevermind, just read the rest of what you posted. Did you think any of that was desirable in a partner?
>She identifies as communist, Marxist, Trotskyist
Literally the worst people do this. Socdem girls are where it's at, since they're not usually mentally ill losers.
>Now would you date her?
Absolutely fucking not. I wouldn't even be her friend.
>Also, remember the WSWS news poster who is also Trotskyist and was posting this Japanese women. And this Trot sex worker with weaboo tendencies living in Japan.
Bro, I literally don't fucking care. This person is a fucking loser in every way.


>Did you think any of that was desirable in a partner?
No, I was just really disturbed by what I found and needed input from others. Like the contradicting controversial positions she may have
>Socdem girls
Really? Even if they vote blue no matter who, or vote Biden and celebrate it?


>Even if they vote blue no matter who, or vote Biden and celebrate it?
Especially if they do that. Biden is as based as US presidents get.

File: 1661992631766.jpg ( 962.58 KB , 640x896 , shitposting-x2kxgt.jpg )


Oh yeah, porn thread.
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File: 1681627052720.webm ( 5.75 MB , 1280x720 , Stefania Mafra latin-teen….webm )



File: 1681711688620-0.webm ( 1.48 MB , 1280x720 , Charlee Chase Attitude 1 ….webm )

File: 1681711688620-1.webm ( 5.53 MB , 1280x720 , Penelope Reed AtkGirlfrie….webm )

File: 1681711688620-2.webm ( 20.22 MB , 1920x1080 , penelope stone c8735.webm )

File: 1681711688620-3.webm ( 44.67 MB , 1920x1080 , penelope stone c8735 cum.webm )

File: 1681711688620-4.webm ( 6.58 MB , 1920x1080 , amina_fara_deepthroatsire….webm )




I like how the nsfw threads on crytal cafe are all like 99% text


File: 1689784299822-0.webm ( 106.85 KB , 658x599 , Financial domination by H….webm )

File: 1689784299822-1.webm ( 144.97 KB , 833x591 , Financial domination by H….webm )

File: 1689784299822-2.webm ( 149.14 KB , 1000x666 , General humiliation by Ho….webm )

File: 1689784299822-3.webm ( 130.7 KB , 690x460 , General humiliation by Ho….webm )

File: 1689784299822-4.webm ( 162.69 KB , 1518x768 , Family humiliation by Hor….webm )




File: 1693522944935.png ( 408.4 KB , 1144x888 , 1693029634764428.png )


I met a "plus size" girl.
She's really cute and me and her really get along well and I don't mind the fat thing, really.
She's really sweet and can cook like a mad woman.
I really like, her. Why haven't you just gotten a slampig gf r9K?
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Wrong. High body fat composition is unhealthy in men and women, irrespective of muscle mass. No, I don’t share your fetish for fat women. No, they aren’t healthy. No, I don’t care that some of them lift. Being fat is bad for you, full stop.


Relax, you don't have to justify having a preference for skinny women.

Anyway research suggests that increasing muscle mass and muscle density, regulates metabolic and cardiovascular function, respectively. So it seems that there also is a homeostasis peak for higher body mass. That's probably good news because it means it's easier to optimize health-outcomes. You know, just put the hypertrophy resistance exercise machines into the Fast-food-chain restaurant, and make the meal 10% off for people using them.


I'm not justifying anything. I'm just reminding you of my earlier point. There may be overweight women I could find attractive, due to personality, goal orientation, and so on. However, this does not contradict the fact that being fat is unhealthy.

>That's probably good news because it means it's easier to optimize health-outcomes. You know, just put the hypertrophy resistance exercise machines into the Fast-food-chain restaurant, and make the meal 10% off for people using them.

This is fantasy land. At no point will you be able to make enough muscle to offset being morbidly obese. Remember, your skeleton is also a thing you need to care for, as well as your other organs. You need to eat clean, and that means eating mostly veg. I'm functionally vegan and I don't even buy into it, and no, I will not stop killing a animals, even if I were fully vegan in my diet. Shit is too fun.


>Anyway it seems many obesity related health issues might be caused by lacking relative muscle mass rather than absolute weight.
Incorrect, overweight bodybuilders are prone to similar heart problems as overweight fat haulers. Cardiac muscle is not as flexible as skeletal muscle and when you force the heart to pump more blood to more tissues than it was designed to handle you putting the same kind of life-threatening stress on it.


>bodybuilder heart problems
Only for the ones doing steroids, the ones that don't juice, tend to do well health-wise.

Maybe the problem is rapid physiological changes. Roids cause speedy muscle gains, and it increases mortality. But mortality also increases from rapid weight-loss.

So maybe the correct health advice is to only change your body slowly.

File: 1694033687514.jpg ( 660 KB , 1825x1902 , 1252703471000.jpg )


>your type
>describe your favorite way to explain cognition; stacks, circles, etc
>explain where you discovered this way of thinking and why it stuck with you
>what do you seek to gain by discussing typology
>do you actually gain that in these threads

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is an introspective self-report questionnaire indicating differing psychological preferences in how people perceive the world and make decisions. The test attempts to assign four categories: introversion or extraversion, sensing or intuition, thinking or feeling, judging or perceiving.

Learn the Basics

Don't know your type? Take a test here:

An introductory article:
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>an introspective self-report questionnaire
That type of stuff is always limited because it can't really remove biases. The really interesting insights into cognition will come from objective measurement of brain activity.

Once cognition is fully demystified, we'll probably end up rewriting 3/4th of psychology and sociology. A bit like when microscopes upended most of biology.


File: 1694036041514.png ( 411.17 KB , 1080x1355 , datamined.png )

According to google I am the same type as Condoleeza Rice and Hitler.
What does this actually mean?


I did this once on 4can r9k and everybody scored INTJ or INTP. I think people who would lurk imageboards are more likely to fall into these categories as we are more likely to be individualistic, Open minded, and willing to change with new data and contradictory information.


File: 1694037044805.jpg ( 51.93 KB , 531x500 , popcorn.jpg )

>Google called Condoleeza Rice Hitler-brained
great fun

>What does this actually mean?

For you personally it means nothing, if you're looking at your computer-screen, and the information it displays doesn't help you, ignore it, click on something else.


You realize this shit isn't any more useful than your Zodiac horoscope right?

File: 1694152039933.jpg ( 529.78 KB , 1080x1807 , Screenshot_2023-09-08-12-3….jpg )



If you are a male feminist, then you are inherently beta at best.

And if you are a beta, you are viscerally undesirable to women.

And if you are undesirable to women, even if you have sex, women will regret it and later say it was unwanted.

And if women claim you SAed them, legions of other beta males will come forward to denounce you

>Feminism is a shit test. Your future depends on not failing it


How do you define feminism?


I define it as:
Fuck her right in the pussy

File: 1694156961792.jpg ( 73.9 KB , 1284x688 , 20230908_000310.jpg )


Women never worried about men's body count because they know the average guy can't pull hoes.
But a homo or bi man can get dick even easier than a woman. Will women change their tune on how the number of partners shouldn't matter to your lover?


Can mods unspoiler the image, I didn't mean to do that.


Women like studs, not faggots


File: 1694186838369.gif ( 703.93 KB , 360x270 , gachimuchi.gif.903dc5360eb….gif )

ghey is a spectrum


You are on the spectrum

File: 1685669982603-0.jpg ( 128.22 KB , 750x743 , Dzy6mXgXQAAJj1D.jpg )

File: 1685669982603-1.jpg ( 100.36 KB , 750x746 , Dzy6mUvX0AEsgab.jpg )

File: 1685669982603-2.jpg ( 130 KB , 1080x1026 , FUjhVjqWAAAZJXx.jpg )

File: 1685669982603-3.jpg ( 65.98 KB , 475x468 , tumblr_inline_ozyc5lFGdv1u….jpg )

File: 1685669982603-4.jpg ( 41.46 KB , 750x750 , FTBSgWIWUAAwOjP.jpg )


Talk about how to live with anorexia/bulimia and make people not notice.
Post thinspiration, restrictive diets, what you eat in a day, extreme workouts, etc.

The following links may be outdated:


Low Calorie Food & Drinks List:
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File: 1692862994178-0.jpg ( 156.17 KB , 736x981 , F1VIpjcaQAAplw_.jpg )

File: 1692862994178-1.jpg ( 63.53 KB , 735x490 , F1aY5agaIAACUcY.jpg )

File: 1692862994178-2.jpg ( 167.93 KB , 1170x1150 , F2dki_vbgAAw8uI.jpg )

File: 1692862994178-3.jpg ( 15.01 KB , 249x274 , F2fAuSQaIAA0XQz.jpg )

File: 1692862994178-4.jpg ( 265.75 KB , 1079x1346 , F3NZkWna0AAVrY5.jpg )



File: 1692863186772-0.jpg ( 136.78 KB , 736x981 , F1R3yVpaMAA3Wng.jpg )

File: 1692863186772-1.jpg ( 177.17 KB , 656x1200 , F1Q8FCzaIAEdkyn.jpg )

File: 1692863186772-2.jpg ( 510.94 KB , 1933x2048 , F08M8S2aAAATIpx.jpg )

File: 1692863186772-3.jpg ( 367.04 KB , 1536x2048 , F08M8S4acAAbdKG.jpg )

File: 1692863186772-4.jpg ( 431.65 KB , 1536x2048 , F08M8S4aEAAFyKV.jpg )



>Why is this a thread?
cus it's hot as fuck?

what are you, a landwhale?


that rebecca girl is so fkn dreamy

skinny black mestizo girls are the best


how's everyone's diets going?

File: 1693876945299.jpg ( 267.1 KB , 1280x1016 , Clipboard.jpg )


>Sharing space with others to watch porn, giving ourselves entirely into something beyond ourselves, a crowd as one entity made only possible through the shared passion of individuals coming together. Are goon group sessions not innately communist?


No they are just gay


File: 1693938415000.jpg ( 275.43 KB , 1284x1266 , D82DCABD-3D14-46EA-A1F1-10….jpg )


Btw original context/reference:


Communism is about making the workers control the economy.

Attempting to redefine Communism as sex-stuff is probably a psyop diversion. Don't fall for that crap.

File: 1693823200164-0.png ( 17.52 KB , 460x511 , 1693762153021.png )

File: 1693823200164-1.png ( 87.81 KB , 1080x1081 , FB_IMG_1680905341372.png )

File: 1693823200164-2.png ( 95.05 KB , 803x688 , 1608526612888.png )


post pic that i could use in a r9k type board/community.


incels are worse than troons


We have an entire incel humor thread.


File: 1693846363644.png ( 27.84 KB , 674x584 , McChudd.png )

And femoids are worse than both.



File: 1693822695687.png ( 201.93 KB , 900x930 , 84-841225_porky-capitalist….png )


We need to create bourgeois culture. How about we shame commoners and call them involuntary poors or inpoors? Let me know what you think, fellow Persons of Wealth.


File: 1693822951503.jpg ( 66.13 KB , 884x380 , fighting back against weal….jpg )

the wealth pill is rising


File: 1693823017470.jpg ( 33.02 KB , 785x130 , relatable wealth.jpg )



File: 1693823112070.jpg ( 25.8 KB , 620x95 , people of means.jpg )

educate yourself


>tfw i have to go board meeting or else my dad'll fire me
>tfw golfing in the hot sun to nail this business deal
inpoors don't know how much struggle comes with being a person of means


This is actually brilliant.

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