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File: 1685222045765.jpeg ( 37.77 KB , 640x386 , hale.jpeg )


What could have motivated a femcel to do such unspeakable acts against children?
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there's a video of her speaking

it's clearly the 'tism

and no she didnt go on a rampage because of a lack of psychiatry or whatever


The place she/he/they/whatever shot up had a scandal involving a whole decade of child abuse, which would've included the years she attended. I suspect that must have motivated at least some animosity


That's some retarded mgtow tier bullshit especially when she probably wanted to appear as male as possible and thought this was manly, walking in with a backwards cap and baggy pants


Every queer bull dyke tra Annie I've ever known like her has been a rabid man hater. Just because she identifies as male doesn't mean she doesn't believe in the patriarchy or is foolish enough to believe that society actually accepts her as a man, no matter how hard people like you try to blow smoke up her ass.
This is like saying black can't be racist against blacks because how could they hate their own race when in reality some of the biggest racists are black people.



File: 1678326363930-0.png ( 1008.38 KB , 1208x912 , 1678261930176750.png )

File: 1678326363930-1.webm ( 1.83 MB , 720x1280 , 1678263631940761.webm )


Why are women aging so fast suddenly?
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Kek, you actually think you're just like Lenin lol


I'm glad you recognized that


Puff puff pass


COVID reduced everyones socializing so everyone became more fat and lazy.

That's it really

All the women I see on Tinder in the USA are ugly af now lmao


its been that way since the mid 2010s atleast. you referring to femoids 17+ now?

File: 1682877574063.jpg ( 117.59 KB , 690x1024 , 1682864518040467m.jpg )


What are the political implications of letting social-media addicted women vote?
Good thing voting doesn't actually matter, right
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oops i forgot
<constantly strawmans
<brimming with resentment
<Twitter-tier clapbacks
<no intellectual curiosity or integrity
should i continue


>Good thing voting doesn't actually matter, right


>Butthurt that no one cares about their own obscure leftoid pet theory such as cybersocialism
>Omg why won't you effortpost (couldn't possibly make this claim in good faith unless they're a mod)
>Even then not making a good faith argument since anything which doesn't comport with their preferred obscure leftoid pet theory can't count as effort poasting. Alternative pet theories, even when presented in long form, dismissed
>Doesn't understand how active imageboards boards operate
>Wants to talk about speculative fiction, presented as fact, instead of real world
>Wedded to ghey western liberal values while loudly proclaiming themselves as superradical omegaleftist
>Simp in the streets, lonely in the sheets
Missing anything?


Like clockwork


File: 1683958034795.mp4 ( 2.15 MB , 320x568 , rVxSHi23Zj5kf7zx.mp4 )

>I just go with the popular thing
t. Women

File: 1681931647757.jpg ( 580.76 KB , 1080x2051 , 1681931061271286.jpg )

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>contraceptive for men with no side effects invented
at least you found something to bitch about


SWERFs get the bullet


What is a SWERF?
Try to explain it without sounding ridiculous


File: 1683203650040.jpg ( 36.01 KB , 736x736 , swerve.jpg )

What is a SWERF?
That might be spelled wrong, the Swerve is the name that ancient greek atomists had for random particle motion in physics. (It's been roughly 1500 years since those texts were written so the interpretation is somewhat contested.)

The greek atomists say that all of reality is composed of the void (absolute nothingness) and atoms . With atoms they don't mean elements from the periodic table you might learned about in chemistry, they mean the smallest most fundamental and indivisible building blocks of matter.

The ideological mysticism enforcers on Wikipedia attached a "reductive" label to atomism, and you know when these people say "reductive" they mean "it's accurate but we don't like it", it's like one of the social discrediting mechanisms that mysterians use to attack you with when you cut through their bullshit.


feminists who support making sex work illegal

File: 1682575931173.jpg ( 40.03 KB , 1088x581 , 20230426_230942.jpg )


Will this be the new norm?
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>Will this be the new norm?
Probably not, polygamy and polyamory require too much mental capacity to keep track off the social complexity, there is a potential small advantage in genetic diversity for societies where everybody has multiple partners, but it usually isn't worth the tradeoff.


I do some times think that society would be better if we treat sex and romance as a more group oriented thing in society, some times. I know it's idealistic but…


>Everyone else should change to accomodate my feelz and sense of inadequacy
Leftychan is on a roll today


That's no what I said at all.
Imagine posting the same straw man every single day to try and get a rise out of people on an anonymous image board. I be you have a super interesting life.


That already happens a lot. It's called swinger parties and orgies. A big underground kink thing

File: 1675717685435.jpg ( 416.63 KB , 2048x2048 , moreplatesmoredates-10v9ya….jpg )


Well Gentlemen?
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kek, is this OC?


wait, there's a watermark
who tf watermarks their memes? imagine being such an egotistical fag

my enjoyment of this meme is now ruined


Dengoid cope.

Just wait and see how production shifts to India now that labor costs in China are rising.


>India can't become a big power without wage-growth stimulating the tech base.
How did China become "big power" Gods I hate this nazoid speak then, multipolaroid?

India is already becoming a "big power". It's not even "if" anymore.


>How did China become "big power"
The industrial foundation were build during the Mao era, with some help from the Soviets. During the Maoist period there was also modernization of society. For example backwards social practices like foot-binding was rooted out. They also did literacy programs and much more. During the Deng era the communist party traded surplus from Chinese workers for advanced technology and productive forces with western capitalists. And during the Xi era China has begun a massive expansion of Chinese domestic technology development.

India never had social modernization, they still have socially backward practices from their cast system. They did not have dedicated industrial base builders, they never put much focus on means of production or domestic technology expansion. That's why India is only a regular power.

India and China were at a similar level of development at the beginning of the 20th century. But then they diverged because India had a bourgeois revolution while China had a communist revolution. And the communists were much better at development, that's why China overtook India and it's also why China is still increasing it's lead.

>Gods I hate this nazoid speak

I'm supposed to insult you back, but i can't be bothered, just pretend that i did.


more than one Polaroid picture ?

File: 1679026141039.mp4 ( 25.9 MB , 1066x1080 , TIHI-11t2n9j.mp4 )


Why are millennials and especially zoomers so obsessed with gender?
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What do you mean?


People tend to focus on that which they don't have.

It's also part and parcel of the immense faggotry of modern youth generations. In there mad dash to 'normalize' and 'destigmatize' everything, they've turned themselves to lechers of the spoken word and prudes of the deed. Never before has sex been to out in the open and accepted. Meanwhile, never before has a generation been so chaste and unable to perform the most basic function of life.

It's pathetic and one of the reasons why millennials should be stripped of all rights. They're simply not qualified to be trusted to act like functioning adults.


We don't know how much of that was actually organic, or how much is it an artifact of communicative capitalism branding people according to marketing categories.


Gender bullshit and identity politics is actually what we are left with when our political leaders have nothing to give us. It's really a form of pseudo-politics since it's not a serious struggle for political power.
1. Capitalist postmodernity erodes traditional cultural sensibilities
2. New and/or previously suppressed behaviors emerge while social structures collapse
3. The servants of capital attempt to manage this while capital forces market forces upon the social void
Identity politics is a term that refers to a constellation of such management regimes. Every mainstream party in most of the world makes use of some form of identity politics.
For example, the more that civil society break down, the more that we see the violent reassertion of racial, national, and sexual identity. Gender is just another one of these.
This creates a paradox where what seems like the critical destruction of gender norms is also an affirmation of gender, in the form of a bajillion new genders and so on.
TL;DR: millenials and zoomers are living in an aggressively "marketed" gender gold rush


because the cia is gay

File: 1660334174129.jpg ( 22.98 KB , 640x360 , 726328916291.jpg )


>revolutionary defeatism with incel characteristics
It's happening bros
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bump and also get rid of the faggot e-celeb spam


File: 1679606843139.png ( 402.29 KB , 1180x2087 , A Comprehensive Guide to L….png )

This got posted on .org earlier today. I didn't know there was an entire movement around being a sexless bum tbh


These people should be put into a gulag. Let them rot while doing labor


So the Haz-thot is just the same stalinism. Good to know, I guess.


File: 1669569813170.jpg ( 252.79 KB , 1908x1146 , Balenciaga.jpg )


I would like to know what you think about the Balenciaga case. In my opinion, I think that all these brands conspire to send subliminal messages and unfortunately, they ha

ve been doing this for several years but we have not noticed it because we do not pay attention to the details.

Now, just imagine, if this is the case with Balenciaga and Adidas, do you think there are more brands in other markets that do this kind of thing?

I would like to know opinions and/or thoughts, as this is a topic that is very recent and is of international interest.
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> is this probably overblown?
> is this some bourgie pedos winking at each other?
Nah. Prob just an intern trying to mess with anyone that tried to look into it for the lolz
> will I defend a megacorpo for this shit?


Who's defending Balenciaga?


>what do u think?
I think "what an ugly little goblin"

I hate kids.




Spiteful mutants have an intuitive hate for children because deep down they know that they themselves are defunct and could only produce more defunct people. It's an evolutionary adaption that helps inhibit harmful mutations from being rapidly proliferated.

File: 1678402898202.png ( 445.87 KB , 640x960 , 1678313388627340.png )


Is the friendzone really just a social construct. Is it really a simp's fault or do women have some sort of responsibility to let men they know are courting them that they're not interested?
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>then why shouldn't men fight against that?
Even if we assume that what women are attractive to is somehow objectively wrong, there isn't really a unified collective of men capable of mounting some united effort to change things, especially in the context of contemporary western society [the very notion of divine moral objectivity has been replaced with post modern values faggotry.]

>Like suppose that women find it attractive for men to always be subservient to their bosses. In that context, being a socialist don't think it's unreasonable for men to be upset about it.

This is such on unreal claim (women attracted to subservient men) that is doesn't even warrant a response.

>Generally speaking I think what women find attractive in men and vice versa is partially shaped by bourgeois values but also by the necessities of life and to some extent biology, so it's more often than not plastic to whatever social situation they're in.

Women are generally attracted to 3 things: status, preselection, and genetic fitness/superiority. Those three things are conditioned by society (i.e., what is given status or how genetic fitness presents itself is conditioned according to social context), but the underlying basis for female attraction remains constant. Women don't recognize the underlying thing that they are attracted to. It doesn't register for them. Instead, they tend to register the emotions of fun and security. Hence, they believe that they are attracted to guys they have fun and feel secure with.

>In the perfect ideal world in my head, both sexes would have a shared responsibility to figure out what ought to be to them by engaging the topic together in civil society organizations rather than simply allowing their values to be the result of social conditioning or biology.

You frequently make the mistake of reification. Taking some abstract concept (i.e., the collective of men and the collective of women) and mistakenly assuming it's a real thing that acts in the real world. It's not. People are largely individuals, pursuing individual interests, which in turn are shaped and conditioned by society.

Obviously, society will change over time. But dedicating yourself to changing society is a fool'sPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


In b4 some faggot's gotcha hot take
>This is such on unreal claim (women attracted to subservient men) that is doesn't even warrant a response.
As I said, women are attracted to a few fundamental things (status, pre selection, genetic health/fitness). What they don't particularly care about, aren't aware of, and aren't moistened by is the work and effort that might go into these things.

In fact, it's much more attractive to women when they aren't aware of the work (or subservience) which might go into these things. They want status, pre selection, and fitness that seems to come naturally, as if it's a gift from god, not something which had to be created through discipline and practice.

This is why things like self help, work out pictures posted on social media, or even consciously trying to improve one's social skills and experience with women (i.e., learning game) comes across as cringy. It violates this idealized principal that things should just sort of happen naturally for high quality men.

But, when it comes to women as well, they are acting based on their perception rather than any sort of objective reality. Hence, in many cases, presentation is more important than fact or reality. This can cut both ways. Thus, presenting yourself in the right light is crucial and will help determine which zone you end up in.

<unlike spinning your wheels about muhcommunism online, you are able to test out theories of social interaction with women in real time, gaining direct feedback, and refining your practice into something which has the effective impact you desire. In essence, the art of seduction, relationship management, and virtually anything practical in the real world is more scientific than muhimmortal science of Marxism..


>Even if we assume that what women are attractive to is somehow objectively wrong, there isn't really a unified collective of men capable of mounting some united effort to change things
Yeah that's true, ideally I'd want both men and women tome come together and consciously work this shit out.
>This is such on unreal claim
Don't be autistic just substitute the claim for a more realistic one and address the actual point
>Taking some abstract concept (i.e., the collective of men and the collective of women) and mistakenly assuming it's a real thing that acts in the real world. It's not.
>People are largely individual
I know this, the point is it doesn't have to be this way. What I want is to constitute men and women into a community and develop a form of group consciousness.
>dedicating yourself to changing society is a fool's errand - one which usually makes society worse
Capitalist realism? On MY leftychan?
I can get being skeptical of aocial movements but come on now


File: 1678455260276.jpg ( 68.81 KB , 762x772 , shoulderpain.jpg )

>Is the friendzone really just a social construct.
It depends if you chase after barely socialized women with good looks, nice makeup an flashy attire, than yes. If you go for the plain looking ones with a good brain, then no.

It's a bit like those game character creation screens, you only got so many points and you can't max out all the character traits.


*to let men they know are courting them know that they're not interested?

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