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File: 1689569208975.jpg ( 7.79 KB , 225x225 , 1634973077395.jpg )


I was set up for failure in life. My mom and dad conceived me in their 40s and i was the product of a poorly made sperm colliding with a rotten egg. It should be illegal to reproduce before the age of 25 and after the age of 36
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>Don't trust peer review and data driven science instead trust my tiger blood lily pad potion from China

Gonna have to pass.


File: 1689630914495.jpg ( 195.45 KB , 1080x1350 , _user-uploads_Sofia Mina D….jpg )

i bet you still believe in herd immunity, you sheep


So you don't have an actual argument? That's all I am hearing.


File: 1689632807221.jpg ( 122.31 KB , 1080x1161 , Ec8FKDm.jpg )

>That's all I am hearing.
you can hear written werds?
on a unrelated note are you continuing your retarded boomer fuckery just so you can see more tits posted? post some tits or gtfo


File: 1689634136173.png ( 306.13 KB , 551x311 , s4de657fr68gt7.png )

File: 1689604779382.jpg ( 188.72 KB , 1430x1645 , 6Qke0A3.jpg )


has neo-feudalism gone too far?


Personally I enjoy the shallow grave option.
A+ Service.


<arm proles to "euthanize" other proles
<proles "euthanize" the rulers

File: 1655034725594.jpg ( 128.75 KB , 1048x1076 , 726353281917.jpg )

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How do I stop myself wanting a gf so badly that it hurts?
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File: 1685888091886.jpeg ( 25.97 KB , 474x429 , laugh.jpeg )

>you're willing to result to petty personal attacks and strawmenninnorder to justify your own inane bitching and self depreciation
I neither bitch nor self-depreciate

Being a deluded bluepiller is what truly self-depreciating!

>This is one thing I really hate about other Marxists is once you become influenced by materialism as a concept you then act as if your mind as now power what so ever.

and I hate philosophycel leftoids that act as if their consciousness is a superpower lol

basic histmat maxim leftoid - men don't make history as they please - you can be impotently butthurt about it all you want

just a dog barking at the sky lol

>Lmfao I don't think you understand what a universal law is.

Ok brainletoid, please do tell me why chemical reactions have a tendency to reproduce, some less, some more?
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>You're either x or y
>laughing anime gif.jpeg



File: 1685909981250.png ( 241.76 KB , 525x546 , 1676575427657401.png )

Men don't make history as they please but we still make history your moronic faggot.
Jesus christ you people are so stupid.

>it reminded me of Peterson's take that if God doesn't exists, then everything is allowed kek

He's not wrong though the issue is that it's not a bad thing that is the point you miss because you are a pea brained retard.

Also this isn't an actual argument against my position you are just saying "oh wow the fact you said that thing really offends me" because again you are a pea brained retard.

>other people suffer so that means for some reason that we don't have free will.

Bottom text.


So much smirking. So much jabs. So much laughing.

Clearly a massive cope with an internal unresolved crisis.

Let me smile at you.


Based and materialist, not reading the other posts

File: 1688841461643.jpeg ( 34.19 KB , 375x500 , wife.jpeg )


"Nizhny Novgorod incel blogger Alexei Podnebesny posted on his Telegram channel a correspondence with his wife Valeria, who accuses him of beating her. In the photo, the girl shows bruises on her arms. Alex, in a dialogue with his wife, does not deny that he raised his hand against her, but in the telegram channel he accuses her of slander and tells how Valeria stole his chocolates and psychologically put pressure on him with her behavior.
When exactly the couple got married is unknown, Valeria became the second wife of Alex. In February 2022, the girl went on a picket in support of single men. In the same year, both spouses were fined by the Russian government for discrediting the RF Armed Forces."

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>He makes no money and begs people for food and money routinely.
so he's a youtuber?

I wouldn't trust a fucking whoretuber's self-reported earnings

professional begging is their business model if they're not on the top with sponsorship deals - they need to appear poor for it to work


He's primarily an environmental advocate in his Russian city.

He's been surveilled and tortured by his local extremist-watch center for trying to block construction of various environmentally unfriendly projects. They also once launched charges againist him for his incel advocacy. There's hundreds of pages written about this guy online. He was a staple of 9chan's leftcel while it lasted


He gets what little money he has from his friends in Russia. I'm not aware of him ebegging in the content of his videos


You're the same single guy throwing out 2 second negative opinions in every thread critical of people opposing the blckpill.

Yes, he is not by any means a betabux, he's borderline emaciated and doesn't have a job you retard


Alex opposes the blackpill for the same reason anyone with a brain does. It's some pseudoscientific fashy thing developed in the open by weird evopsych people and neo-nazis on blogs before r/incels even existed.

File: 1688838491969.png ( 4.18 KB , 270x38 , protecc.png )


"What is LASIT?

"Left-Wing, Anarchist and Single-Issue Terrorism (LASIT) encompasses a wide range of ideologies. It includes those from the political left-wing as well as anarchists who seek to use violence to advance their cause in opposition to the capitalist system. It also includes those with single-issue grievances who seek to use violence in opposition to a specific policy or practice."


"We assess a terrorist attack in the UK motivated by LASIT ideology to be highly unlikely. The threat is low."


"Single-issue grievance narratives that commonly feature within the protest space include environmentalism, animal-rights, anti-abortionists, anti-vaccination and Involuntary Celibate (Incel)."

"We currently assess that Incel-related activity in the UK remains below the terrorism threshold."
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>Right-wing retards are incapable of not allowing their groups to be filled glowies or obliviously doing their bidding. What a joke.

There's one in here vigorously defending it even. The blackpill space is an extra special right-wing space in that they are so suicidal that when feds infiltrate their spaces looking to indiscriminately surveil virgins they just smear shit on their faces and call it a good thing



When Trump lost the election, incels.is through an enormous fit on Twitter, posting like 50 posts in absolute terror. Owner is some Tim Pool fan dork. Par for the course for blackpillers


;edit threw


>Who was incels.is cooperating with, the Jesse guy?

This is Jesse Morton


A right-leaning "former Jihadi" who got thrown in jail for threatening the South Park creators with death early in their careerss. He was given reduced prison sentence for becoming an FBI informant. He struck up a friendship with the former head of NY police intelligence, named Mitch Silber.

After Jesse's prison, stay of them started Parallel Network, a now defunct CVE org that worked with Feds to surveil and infiltrate "extremist organizations". In practice, and due to the polical affiliations of Jesse, the org served as a laundromat for neo-nazi reputations. Various neo-nazis like Heimbach would go to them for fake positive publicity as a reformed Nazi. Parallel Networks, before they enrolled incels.is as a partner, were infamous in left-wing spaces for seemingly providing legal cover for those involved in the Unite The Right Rally



Also of note is that Jesse died the exact same day a criminal investigation was announced against one of his partners, Diego galante, the founder of incels.is

The criminal investigation was about the sodium nitrite overdose forum Galante founded and ran where minors died and pedos roamed free to terrorize people.

File: 1688672694003-0.jpg ( 149.25 KB , 800x1269 , 1631481659581.jpg )

File: 1688672694003-1.png ( 23.03 KB , 550x488 , 1621217511752.png )


Are women with BPD aka hysterical thot syndrome a severe mental illness and form of hysteria that comes from a woman's ovaries over the mass production of period hormones that causes a woman to have irrational emotional reactions to nonsensical problems and being intentionally manipulative towards men the number one threat to leftism due to how prone they are to engaging in woke idpol and sabotaging leftist movements with their drama?


Yes but not quite for the reason you think. BPD women in organizations, in my personal experience, are the sole active women in the party. This is dangerous because they have the social capital among non-active women to mobilize the party to doing retarded shit. It is particularly difficult for men in the party who 9/10 are themselves retarded neet incels who are just there to get laid. You have the BPD controlling all the women controlling most of the men. The only solution is to ban dating in the party unless a couple is entering the party with an established relationship of course. We need active men and women in charge who are not mentally ill autistic freaks–this may prove too difficult for burgers and britbongs


it's a meme illness meant to describe women who have attachment issues and act like an asshole because of it

psychiatrists/therapists routinely scam women out of money by saying it's an illness and they can cure it. Some specialize in it and have these women lining around the block and coming in 3 times a week, afraid of losing their therapist.

File: 1683793020744.jpg ( 38.74 KB , 736x736 , OG3un7eTB3w.jpg )


just got banned (again) from my main forum of the last few months..

tips? and share ban stories, maybe
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File: 1686874908038-0.png ( 81.45 KB , 256x256 , craymin 1.png )

File: 1686874908038-1.png ( 106.82 KB , 256x256 , craymin 2.png )

File: 1686874908038-2.png ( 101.7 KB , 256x256 , craymin 3.png )

lol been getting banned @org for say the faggots/homos ruin everything and they banned another guy for pretty much agreeing. been enjoying pissing off org's jannie trahnies using different ips and spamming ai gen art of trump


you're as cringe as jannoids

you all sexually obsessive spergs are cringe, such cringe

I feel embarrassed for you


File: 1686968996051.png ( 24.1 KB , 61x96 , 09jd09jqd.png )

fuck off back to org, faggot
i feel embarrassed for you


File: 1687582226644.png ( 13.99 KB , 200x200 , interdasting.png )

Currently banned from:
.org, for a month, ending in a week(for soyposting)
4chan, permantly(for furry)
KC, a whole month, just now, range ban. Just finished a three day ban for frogposting. Funny how that reminds me of another site.
Not banned from wizchan but it's become clear their mods are right wing white supremacist faggots so you can talk about how you can fuck other women from other races but get banned for making BBC memes even though both go against the rules, so I stopped posting there.
Guess I'm stuck here again,


you are gay

File: 1687103499875.jpg ( 87.66 KB , 1122x633 , Influencer-Made-An-AI-Girl….jpg )



>23-year-old influencer Caryn Marjorie has more than 1.8 million followers on Snapchat. Connecting with that many people can prove to be difficult. So she came up with a way to connect with her followers, especially the lonely ones, and makes some money off them at the same time.

>Marjorie created an AI chatbot designed to be an “AI Girlfriend.” One that her followers would pay $1 per minute to engage with. Thousands of hours were spent getting CarynAI to sound like her and mimic her personality.

Here it is boyos, the beginning of the AI girlfriend revolution.
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>An AI bf isn't going to be able to elevate their socioeconomic status
This gonna age like milk lmao


You think proprietary ai companions will inspire the creation of open source ai companions ?
I don't know, maybe, proprietary software has indeed inspired the creation of free software before.

However if those proprietary AI-companions turn out to be psychologically abusive, it might destroy their reputation, and people start avoiding them like a dangerous neighborhood. It could turn into a marginal phenomenon and nobody bothers to make a foss companion because nobody is interested in it.


File: 1687375317246.jpeg ( 29 KB , 474x315 , and then she said "my AI ….jpeg )

>This gonna age like milk lmao
how is AI bf gonna elevate foid status retard?

imagine a foid bragging to her girlfriends about her new AI bf lmao
her status in foid hierarchy would plummet faster than you could pronounce "bluepill"


>You think proprietary ai companions will inspire the creation of open source ai companions ?
Yes, the same thing happens in the current open source world. A commercial product comes out, it's widely adopted, users run into the limitations of proprietary software and and open source version is started as an alternative.
I honestly can't think of any major open source project that didn't start this way.


>proprietary software has indeed inspired the creation of free software before.
It was the other way around. It was the Gill Bates who looked @ software & came up with an idea of taking someone's code into your private property. The Stallman's Free/Libre shit started only as a reaction to the protective measurements of this private property (= taking away all freedom of owning a thing from the customers who bought it).

But putting a copyright on the thing that was always free to use & recruiting an entire lawyer army on his side wasn't enough for our "philanthropist", as the media calls this progress sabotaging cyberkulak-grade utter fuck. He doesn't want just having the computer code in private property. He also wants to have biological ‒ the genetic code of people to be in the same private property. Hence his interest in biology of all things after creating microsoft.

File: 1680037779776.jpg ( 76.42 KB , 1220x1020 , DATA.jpg )


The decline was almost entirely driven by teen boys killing themselves at a significantly lower rate.

What is the explanation for this data?
Many of you were teenagers yourselves during this period, what made life so good back then?
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File: 1680117605703.mp4 ( 6.4 MB , 576x1020 , -R20YzObu9Ccy0k6.mp4 )

Major events around then would be 9/11, Iraq War, the internet going mainstream and the begining of a general cultural decline. Another big one would be the west losing the last of their industrial jobs to China, as the Chinese economy really started to take off.
Although to be honest I don't see how any of this would make teenage boys suddenly decide to rope.

>It has to be pointed out that OP may be trying to collect data on the age of the user-base.
I'm not but it's good to be paranoid of course.


don't forget the great recession bro
actually that seems to line up perfectly with the point it rebounds


rollout of the internet


File: 1652917513254.jpg ( 223.59 KB , 1200x890 , 1652155039518.jpg )


Circumcision is a Fraud is Hosting a Web Page with FOIA Documents on Circumcision
Also, circumcision general thread. I think it's male genital mutilation.
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What you need is exposure therapy. Start jacking to only pictures of meaty, throbbing, circumcised penis. It worked for me.


dear god, this drives me insane as well. what makes me absolutely mald is that boorus have tags for absolutely everything, no matter how niche, yet i have never seen a booru with a "circumcised" tag to let me filter that shit out. the oversight is so glaring that it must be intentional.


i have never understand why westerner always freaks out about circumcision like there is a satanic sacrifice happening in the 1980's


Because it's genial mutilation? It's literally intended to diminish a man's sex drive.

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