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File: 1708795063021.jpg ( 79.49 KB , 600x600 , tinfoil_crown.jpg )


>thinking of gore to ward off mind readers
anyone else do this?


i like the decorations on that schizo hat


Yeah, it's nice. Who says schizos can't be stylish?


If they can read minds I'm sure they have seen worse.


I have seen what you are not


Worse gore or worse than gore?

No, that can't be, my opsec is 100

File: 1708697743332.png ( 118 B , 1x1 , wp_ss_20240223_0001.png )


I've been reading lots of Nick Land in the last months and his work had convinced me, that I had to reposition my self on the (supposed) contradiction of reality/fiction. I mean, look at our current cyberpunk world, Nick was probably right. The future is cyborg-hybridization. We see how powerful technocapital is. Consider, he wrote this stuff 30 years ago. So the main idea of Land is hyperstition, which basically means, there is no difference between fiction and reality. Keep this mindset and everything you read, everything becomes theory. Yes, THEORY in the leftypol sense. Example: The dimensional merge theory by Chris Chan. Holy shit, could you believe, what kind of based theories this guy is potentially able to write?? Another example: Lately I was playing Splatoon 3 and in the menu, you can read the story of Alterna. Holy shit, this real/fictional theory is so good! A few years ago, I would have called these ideas "schizo" or a "shitpost". But I came to the conclusion, that using these labels are symptoms of reasonable thinking i.e. normie thinking.
Please don't mind the pic, I'm runnin on 56kbit/s.
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At the end of the day Nick land advocates for a type of corporatism. Corporatism is just capitalism trying to resolve it's contradiction by bullying people harder. It's been refuted in theory and praxis. End stage capitalism is a boring dystopia, without any of the cool cyber-punk elements. Until we upgrade to a more advanced mode of production, no fancy scifi shenanigans, capitalism is fettering the means of production too much.

>The future is cyborg-hybridization.

Not exactly. There isn't enough advantage from mixing technology with your flesh, you can get 90% of the utility from gadgets without any of the surgical downsides.

Cyborg-parts will be a medical thing, that comes after the biological potential for life-expectancy and health maximization is exhausted. When the flesh begins failing from old age, people will swap in machine parts. Future People will go through 3 phases. Biological, cyborg in between flesh and machine and than full machine android.

The biological phase is where people procreate, and the android phase is where people can go explore space at lower risk, because machine bodies can endure more space adversities, for example android bodies don't suffocate if the spaceship air-lock malfunctions. The cyborg phase is just going to be the awkward in-between phase, where people learn to let go of biological existence. At the end of your android phase, you're digital mind gets archived as a interactive historical record that can be summoned as a digital ghost.


File: 1708702455614.jpg ( 18.27 KB , 320x306 , C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppD….jpg )

Dojo, casino… it's all in the mind.



This reminds me of the imagination anon who posted things like
>hungry? just imagine you're eating!


What if I made something up, but then another person's imagination doesn't mesh with mine's?


File: 1710388549364.jpg ( 785.73 KB , 1240x1499 , OP is a Phaggot.jpg )

enslave him

File: 1688003705813.png ( 351.99 KB , 1200x1076 , ClipboardImage.png )


How to stop this board from being dead
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Majority of 4channoids still think bunkerchan is alive and fearmonger about "bunkertranshumanists" raiding them daily, few of them have little idea about it dying nor the split. You'll just get some soijaks spammed at you, and some schizos rants about how commies are weak transhumanists who also kill millions of white aryan babies and that's why you should kill any teenager who says something bad about capitalism. This place would probably just get overrun.
I've never been to lainchan at all but I hear it's better than most imageboards, but that was years ago


File: 1689178402062-0.png ( 630.76 KB , 1280x720 , 4de5fr6gt.png )

File: 1689178402062-1.png ( 92.14 KB , 1151x361 , neet lainon 1.png )

youre right and also too lazy to deal with their captca tbh
>I've never been to lainchan at all but I hear it's better than most imageboards, but that was years ago
ehh its gotten pretty slow(last i regularly browsed there was few months ago). recently there were times where the site was raided regularly with soyjacks and ugly ass pron.besides that the site is pretty quality


Banning incel and kf glowshit would increase traffic to the site as a whole, but other than that, maybe a draw thread? An arg involving posts on here perhaps? One of those animated 81x33 stickers.


Never heard that track before, 10/10


In my case, it is all Haz' fault. He is a cringe retard, but he infected me with irrationalism. So I started reading Heidegger, Nietzsche, Land etc. and now I'm what I am and I am here. Thank you Haz, you cringe retard, it is all your fault.

File: 1688712455326.png ( 1.23 MB , 1200x1200 , untitled_design_-_2023-07-….png )


redpill me on this hot woman who thinks reptillians are real

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>She's not mentally
She doesn't have brain damage that is causing this, sure, but what she did was deranged non the less, it doesn't really matter if it's cause by capitalist economic incentives. Why should we participate in normalizing this strange shit, just because it's cause by capitalism and not crossed brain-wires.

>She did a similar PR stunt years before

<She has recurring outbreaks of PRstunt-syndrome
Lets call it that.


<Skinnyfat leftists will turn their face blue screaming about how masculinity isn't an important issue and then turn around to discussion some viral clip of retarded bitch on a plane


>leftists will turn their face blue screaming about how masculinity isn't an important issue
I'm sorry what? You're building some kind of strawman that doesn't sound like anyone on this imageboard, are you lost?


>Bottom text


Shes a suburban white woman. Theyre attention whores.

Only slightly less worse than black American ghettofab queens

File: 1629823742047.jpg ( 199.5 KB , 1400x1400 , 0bab5a09e46747103ae3ab563e….jpg )


Aliens dont exist, its all a trick to unite the world against a common enemy
reject spacism, embrace human dialectical materialism
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>Its time to nuke this Earth
lmao good luck with that, nukes aren't real.


there is no space, there is just multiple dimensions.


So when I went into the other room earlier i actually switched to a parallel universe ?


Pretending they don't exist in the face of the mathematical certainty they do is one thing. Aliens are the go to distraction when something fucks up though. We really don't need to worry about seeing anything else until we're well past equipped to engage safely.


>Pretending they don't exist in the face of the mathematical certainty they do is one thing.
We have certainty that alien life exists but that doesn't necessarily mean intelligent enough to build space ships.

>Aliens are the go to distraction when something fucks up though.

The original reason for the UFO narrative was for distracting attention away from military airplane prototype test flights. They might have reused that narrative for other stuff. Alien abduction stories could have been used to distract from kidnapping people to make them labrats for experiments. But you are right that today it appears that Aliens get into the news when fucked up shit happens.

>We really don't need to worry about seeing anything else until we're well past equipped to engage safely.

First contact with extra-terrestrial life, is probably going to be some microbe on one of Saturn's moons.

File: 1690499780214.png ( 73.95 KB , 600x716 , blue alien.png )


So I've been seeing alot of news head-lines talking about aliens. Like there is a sustained hype about it. People are putting "evidence" and "revelations" into head-lines. I haven't really engaged with it, because unless there's a alien specimen or some piece of unexplainable technology from a space-probe/vessel, it's not aliens.

Did anybody click the alien-news, is there anything with substance ? or is this just distraction with alien characteristics ?
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File: 1698966603306.jpg ( 6.19 KB , 275x183 , mummy.jpg )

The UAP stuff is interesting. Almost like the government is trying to get us ready for something.

Yet the bourgeois press decries actual mummified aliens as "hoaxes" The ruling class wants us to see the crafts, but not their pilots? Hmmm, interesting….


File: 1698970549794.png ( 11.88 KB , 1500x1244 , hmm thinking.png )

>mummified aliens
I can't see any detail because your picture is only 275x183 pixels, but that looks like a B-Movie prop.


File: 1699031905307.jpg ( 744.65 KB , 1200x675 , ea46612a693de074ffeb6d9615….jpg )

>that looks like a B-Movie prop.
probably because it's cake


File: 1699038162573.jpg ( 49.64 KB , 640x480 , the lie is a cake.jpg )

>probably because it's a cake

So it was a epic prank.

Maybe that baker rendered a great public service by making people realize they are gullible fools, and perhaps motivate them to be less gullible in the future.


no she made a cake based on the Nazca mummies.

Search for "mexican mummy aliens -hoax -fraud" for more info.

File: 1689345087924-0.jpg ( 58.05 KB , 500x500 , 51wrXpCBdgL.jpg )

File: 1689345087924-1.jpg ( 109.91 KB , 1339x785 , 61y6RD90wYL.jpg )

File: 1689345087924-2.jpg ( 31.1 KB , 357x231 , ntR0-WDlc_M.jpg )

File: 1689345087924-3.jpg ( 386.7 KB , 1429x1411 , 6464264624642762.jpg )


post and discuss: subliminal, manifestation, law of attraction, sleep hypnosis, subliminal affirmations for clear skin, weight loss, etc.



File: 1689345212404.jpg ( 64.21 KB , 787x615 , positive_reactions_001.jpg )



Cringe f*moid spirituality.
And if you ask me, something that only *manifests* in a society that's experiencing decreasing social mobility and increasing amounts of desperate people bad situations seeking quick answers. Same reason why anyone would fall for faith healing.


stop listening to subliminals that’s gay. read neville goddard. just do that. and stop everything else you are doing. his methods work, its real. all his stuff is free online

File: 1693286921076.jpg ( 108.36 KB , 1080x833 , 1691988272662388(1).jpg )


TFW you realize both the past and future do not actually exist.
The only thing that exists is the present.
To call the last and the future illusory is a misunderstanding.
In truth the past and future are merely ideals that we collectively and individually hold about ourselves. Furthermore, if that is the case, then how can you even clearly define yourself as a person? If the only thing that exists is the now and that now is constantly in a state of change then how can you even tell who you really are? You are not the you 1 second ago that you are now.
You are fundementally different.

That is a terrifying realization.
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why would people try to debunk the atom


>why would people try to debunk the atom
If we are talking about the philosophical atom, as in the smallest, most fundamental, indivisible, fragment of matter:
There are many reasons.

Hardcore idealists believe that the reality is made out of thoughts, they want to get rid of the Atom because that's not a thought. Basically the atom is the building block of a physical world, they don't want a conception of reality that acknowledges a physical world that has definitively measurable objective reality. They try to incrementally undermine the concept of physical reality by getting rid of the atom first. The most hardcore subset of these idealists are solypsists who think that only their mind exists.

Sometimes it can also be very banal stuff like an intelligentsia that seeks to make their theories as incomprehensible as possible, so they can seem to be more intellectually impressive than they actually are. Hard materialism is the opposite of obscurantism, and doesn't help with big-brain-vanity.

The concepts in Greek atomism is what kick-started modern science. And people in power have a tendency to interfere with science, because scientific know how can lead to technological change and changing relations of power.

Theocratic societies try to suppress science because scientifically literate people are much harder to trick. If i know that the sun is a giant ball of mostly hydrogen gas that is producing light and heat via fusion that will continue for billions of years, you can't trick me into worshiping a sun-god, and manipulate me with fear that the sun-god might not come up in the morning unless i do what you say.

Even today there can be anti-science tendencies in the power structures, while capitalism is somewhat supportive, science can still have a precarious position. Scientists that figure out new stuff can set off unpredictable developments that can overturn entire economies. That can induce interference from up top. Interference can also come from the lesser echelons of Social status seekers. Those also have a tendency to inject them selves as middle-man in between measured physical evidence and theoretic conclusions for scientific models. I went on a tangent, sorry.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


>If i know that the sun is a giant ball of mostly hydrogen gas that is producing light and heat via fusion that will continue for billions of years
How do you actually know that?


Because every element and compound emits a characteristic wavelength of light when heated.



File: 1692876414758.jpg ( 46.99 KB , 720x719 , ClipboardImage.jpg )


What's the deal with cryptids? Is it real?


Of course, not. To prove it to you, just go into the woods at night with a lantern, turn it off, then just scream as loudly as possible. I guarantee you nothing is going to look for you.


same phenomena as UFOs and ETs.
probably intra or extra-dimensional rather than actually existing beings on our plane of existence.


Aliens deff exist though 100%. It's problematically impossible for them not to.


File: 1695518142137.mp4 ( 3.73 MB , 576x640 , forests.mp4 )

They're just yet-to-be-known animals


spbp, aliens, fae, bigfoot and many other cryptids are probably all just the same thing in different forms. like they are metaphysical or interdimmensional or some shit.
phenomena like missing time and strange lights in the sky are reported in sightings of bigfoot, fae and UFOs. and while strange lights and missing time has been reported by themselves, they’re otherwise only really attributed to UFOs/fae/bigfoot afaik

File: 1692984117118.jpg ( 119.06 KB , 1024x682 , ClipboardImage.jpg )


Do you believe?


File: 1693031982178-0.jpg ( 699.92 KB , 2048x2048 , lv4mw88hwdv31.jpg )

File: 1693031982178-1.jpg ( 87.87 KB , 720x920 , z1nkhas28gs81.jpg )



It's probably the same satanist networks protected by the military and intelligence agencies.


the us federal government is too incompetent to make something like this


Maybe the incompetent federal government is just there as window dressing to obscure and hide the elite/reptilian bloodlines that truly rule


File: 1699023720103-0.png ( 1.32 MB , 1834x1144 , rocks.png )

File: 1699023720103-1.jpg ( 813.24 KB , 931x932 , Bigfoot-Map.jpg )

>David Paulides talks about granite fields corresponding to disappearances (picrel)
>Fae supposedly house in quartz/granite fields
>Native American folklore (idk what tribe) about a boulder that swallows you if you jump on it/go near it
map shows limestone, quartz and magnetite deposits. quartz, limestone and magnetite supposedly have paranormal correlations according to the The Stone Tape theory.
(source - see page 5 →) https://gis.smumn.edu/GradProjects/DanielsonL.pdf
(also see page 6 for "ghost locations" map)

second map shows bigfoot and UFO sightings.
(source: Kate Berg - https://www.geohipster.com/2023/04/27/maps-and-mappers-of-the-2032-calendar-kate-berg-march/)

none of these maps (including the cave systems) correlate enough with the missing 411 map to make any conclusions, to be fair. but the sheer amount of cases and anomalies surrounding them (hairy men/wolves/bears, robots, missing time, etc) there are most likely numerous causes/influences. most likely not all paranormal either but some most probably are imo. been interested in this for a while and its obviously not easy finding potential "causes"

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