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File: 1632205225903.png ( 702.8 KB , 888x583 , ggg.png )


How did they know?
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File: 1632322580585.jpg ( 160.21 KB , 1023x582 , skymarx.jpg )

I thought this was marx


Now you say this I realise this looks like a brain cross section


I think he was fucking blind, he did it on accident
Take your meds


wtf are you even saying


isn't it heretical to draw god wearing clothes? Wasn't the whole clothes thing because the humans ate the apple?

File: 1694022252362-0.png ( 168.29 KB , 1280x698 , QThOb17.png )

File: 1694022252362-1.png ( 53.75 KB , 1379x712 , zeeBx9f.png )


tulpa thread


File: 1694022275435.png ( 307.3 KB , 1280x768 , 31lHyba.png )



File: 1694022434485-0.jpg ( 296.75 KB , 850x797 , v2F45sg.jpg )

File: 1694022434485-1.jpg ( 2.28 MB , 1580x2238 , Hq5ug5R.jpg )

File: 1694022434485-2.jpg ( 176.93 KB , 680x717 , rwML5Gg.jpg )



>self induced schizophrenia thread


File: 1694797958141.png ( 1.33 MB , 921x1155 , ClipboardImage.png )



File: 1694798105673-0.jpg ( 160.05 KB , 1296x1728 , 42959108_2296135277290830_….jpg )

File: 1694798105673-1.jpg ( 356.48 KB , 1296x1728 , 42977567_2296136267290731_….jpg )

File: 1694798105673-2.jpg ( 304.08 KB , 1296x1728 , 42981124_2296133890624302_….jpg )

File: 1694798105673-3.jpg ( 169.18 KB , 1296x1728 , 42987682_2296135230624168_….jpg )

File: 1694798105673-4.jpg ( 208.16 KB , 1296x1728 , 42996746_2296135857290772_….jpg )

File: 1692140005658.jpg ( 89.69 KB , 762x960 , energy vampires.jpg )


protect your peace, beware the energy leech


Rule 1 and 2 are also safety tips for electricians.

File: 1692109731617.jpg ( 1.27 MB , 1050x3964 , cruffatin.jpg )


I wrote all three posts in the pic and much more.
I have been online since 1997.
I have been an anon since 2005. Proof is my YTMND account: https://ytmnd.com/users/anono/sites
I am addicted to learning and have spent the past 23 years of my adult life exploring, creating, and discovering to the maximum of my ability.
I became an anticapitalist and socialist because I love my family, country, species and world.
Beginning around 2010 I began to speculate about a "memetic singularity," an explosion of cultural and social change catalyzed by the internet.
I watched my speculation come alive before my eyes, while I continued to build upon it and develop my theories.
8/01/2023 was The Tipping Point.
There is much more information here: https://old.reddit.com/r/NarrativeDynamics/


You should kill yourself


File: 1692110819104-0.png ( 171.38 KB , 1783x1157 , ultimate_community.png )

File: 1692110819104-1.jpg ( 1.03 MB , 832x2271 , AutoEvolutionarySelfHelp.jpg )

File: 1692110819104-2.png ( 106.05 KB , 970x1344 , Universal_Creativity.png )

Physically impossible as I am learned optimism incarnate.
You should love life. Here is how.


Didn't you make this post already? Was the first thread not good enough for you?


File: 1692114031098.jpg ( 243.29 KB , 696x702 , analogical_backtracing.jpg )

File: 1691503005585.jpg ( 54.02 KB , 622x505 , future.jpg )


Which one are you looking forward to most?
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It seems like it was a roadmap from an nonprofit organization started by a Russian entrepreneur trying to find the key to immortality

and then I stumbled upon stuff like him getting a robot built by Epstein associate David Hanson and other spooky conspiracy stuff


wow the future-visions of the 2010s where a lot more hopeful.


mind transfer in artificial body. That would be virtual immortality.


>That would be virtual immortality.
Yeah yeah theoretically machines can be endlessly repaired, but if you buy one from a vendor like apple, it'll have a non-standard ssd welded into the chassis and you'll be fucked if it craps out.


bougies not being eccentric cringe faggots: mission impossible

File: 1689601034032.jpg ( 35.33 KB , 557x415 , Woman who had sex with 20 ….JPG )


thoughts on ghost relationships?
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God Bless your soul!
Found the vid. Imagine not sharing on a fucking leftist imageboard..


Here's a link for anyone interested.

Oh, and FUCK YOU blueballing pathetic bitch, HAHAHAHAA


File: 1689636685937.png ( 268.55 KB , 1273x756 , e8923eh.png )



File: 1689706403277.png ( 725 KB , 872x654 , 0000000.png )

did he died?


File: 1689736109638.gif ( 6.74 MB , 498x498 , frankelda-cinema-fantasma.gif )

My wife

File: 1689600674932-0.jpg ( 77.39 KB , 609x576 , h306vp4br2b31.jpg )

File: 1689600674932-1.jpg ( 53.79 KB , 750x885 , per9viy71fa31.jpg )


realized Storm Area 51 could've been like Capitol Hill storming
>Storm Area 51, They Can't Stop All of Us
populism and cooperation?


This must've been when most qanon schizos were sexless 4chan fash weebs and not divorced MAGA boomers

File: 1659905875651.jpg ( 94.47 KB , 720x1600 , IMG-20220807-WA0005.jpg )


Want to go into astrology. Any books recomendations?
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File: 1659948067232-0.jpg ( 588.18 KB , 725x1097 , 9780892817634.jpg )

File: 1659948067232-1.jpg ( 214.85 KB , 429x648 , 9780892812509.jpg )



Astrology still sounds gay as fuck but it's interesting to learn it isn't just "your scorpio is in gatorade", but way more complicated and has way more variables. Just gives more plausible deniability when it goes wrong


You retards realize what cold reading is, right


astrology is real. electromagnetism from celestial bodies (and from anywhere else probably) cannot but inform our "soul", and especially in the crucial moments when we are in the womb. if you deny this you are stupid.


You do know I'm just talking about all the stupid lore and added bullshit right, retard

File: 1630942707279.jpg ( 87.86 KB , 576x768 , Aniki thinking like steave….jpg )


Is it me or shit has been happening with an interval of every 4 years in this new millennium? I know y2k was supposed to happen in 2000 and 2004 was ok (unless one considers election of Bush to be that kind of happenings), what I have seen is that
>2008 - stock market crash
>2012 - world was supposed to end hysteria
>2016 - brexit and Trump
>2020 - Covid-19

Is 2024 going to be the year where it will be ogre?
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>if you ignore the multiples of 4 where nothing happened and also ignore all the things that happen in between 4 year intervals, things happen every 4 years WAKE UP SHEEPLE!

take your meds


This is why we need a world revolution so we don't have to deal with any news of who becomes the president of United States.


if we want to survive we have to go back to the absolutely roots.
all these shit is just distraction.


It's defo not just you. Futurists have been predicting that the 2020's were going to be a pivotal decade.
I think so we're going to too 5 years in the same way as past generations see decades. As like this discrete era with commonly shared experiences.
AI is already making COVID seem like a lifetime ago.


9/11 was an event that affected geopolitics and raped and pillaged a whole region for 20 years and didn't happen in a leap year. 2012 was only big because of places like History Channel milking it for ratings
Also kinda fucky that this thread was before the war in Ukraine

File: 1681962582651.jpg ( 103.61 KB , 2123x1413 , GettyImages-138546114-ff57….jpg )


i never really believed in this shit before. i'm still not sure if i believe it. but my coworker is convinced and says he has proof that he is a targeted individual. He says our job is some kind of PsyOP. I do have to say, there are some things that are making me personally suspicious as well. I know it is probably his unchecked mental health issues, but i am giving him the benefit of the doubt and entertaining the idea. I looked into the owners of the LLC and it was a whole web of things, all leading back to buildings on the same street/next to major headquarters of US Government agencies. They also all have some really weird fake sounding names. i'd rather not say them here. the mirror in the bathroom appears to be from the "nail check" to possibly be a 2 way window. on the other side of that wall IS apparently another company, but it's such a small space, but perfect for a monitoring room.

what I'm looking for here is 2 fold. How do I research this more to find out how much credence i should give to this whole theory? what research should i do? and how should i protect myself physically and digitally because if it IS a psyop, that means i'm unwillingly part of a secret government/black ops experiment.

thanks in advance, and please try not to mock the situation too much. imagine you're me in this, just trying to do your due diligence on the claims that have been made


ask them to check their mirror/phone while taking a selfie to see if they're being followed

deviate from daily schedule to see if anything pops out

put cameras around house if they can afford it

and maybe: watch the film Truman Show and copy it (dont wanna spoil it too much)

idk, my bad if this is bad advice


2-way mirros are obsolete spy tech, as you already know they have easy tells:
You can see through a 2way mirror if your room is darker then the other side. If you put a really powerful work-light up to the mirror so that it illuminates the other side you can probably see through it.

A 2way mirror might just be somebody recycling it as a regular mirror and there is nothing behind it. It could still point towards something fishy going on that is not a government op. It's probably illegal to put 2way mirrors into bathrooms, so if you want to make a fuss, you can make it about legal principles.

These days Spy-agencies probably use little cameras, sometimes they drill small holes in to walls to stick very thin fiber-optic light-guides with a camera at the end through a wall (if they can't get direct access to a room), or they put tiny smartphone camera-modules into light switches, smoke detectors or randomly placed objects. They can use laser microphones that can record voices from great distance via measuring the vibrations on the window glass.

Honestly those spy tools might already be outdated as well, because they might just have hacked your phone. You could make forensic IT your hobby, if you get good enough at it that they might risk detection they probably will move on to another target.

Keep in mind that most conspiracies are boring stuff, not black-ops experiments. Like laundering money for funding spy operations off the government books. If there is deep-state shenanigans going on you're probably just an unwitting extra that got employed to make a front org appear legit. The Horro-fiction plots are less likely.

Also consider other possibilities like corporate espionage, or some kind of mafia organization.

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Hey Op you still around ?


nice job, retard. now they know you know

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