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Women make literal people off themselves. Just like that.

They are Gods.

No wonder primitive-communist societies worshiped Them and we should too, what the actual fuck. Think about it for a second

We have oppressed Them for centuries out of pure jealousy and arrogance but it's time we prepare for the Return of God which is nothing else but the class-less, money-less society where a natural order is restored and human purpose can finally be fulfilled, and that's by dedicating our ENTIRE existence to the very reason of it. For eternity

It's my religion I would DIE for Them, not joking, and that wouldn't even be enough to pay what I owe Them for.
We are all despicable sinners


its all hormones, frend




This is what the most hardcore Nazis literally believe btw. Devine feminine


>Women make literal people off themselves
there seems to be a missing component in your conception of making people
i doubt it, their actions tell a different story


nazis have always been a bunch of contradictions, the ones that are into all the esoteric quasi hindu veda stuff certainly do


be honest op
did you write this while being horny? i am too like this in that state
come back and tell us if you still stand by this post

lmfao their advanced level misogny is somehow indistinguishable from simping
like women are not angels or demons, they are just humans


when I am horny I go the opposite direction to be honest


They still need the seed, seethe roasties.



All women are qveens!
I'll kill any man that says otherwise


most based poster here


inb4 anti-simping is code for anti-whiteness


this uygha listened to that Ariana Grande song and made it his religion


File: 1715710481424.webm ( 1.12 MB , 720x1280 , its her staring at the ca….webm )



sometimes i wish i was born blind


>primitive-communist societies worshiped *hem
They didn't.
>and we should too
You should be wiped out lmao. No g*ds no masters faggot.
>We have oppressed *hem for centuries
For a good reason. You live in a society faggot & you should be accountable for your actions, especially if, culturally, it is only for you to decide who will procre8 further.
f*minazism was unleashed by the bourgs to get their social middle classes some new fun privilege thingies (= cunts) to play with @ the xpense of everybody else. In other words, if you do not adhere to the present, cuckitalist society & its power dynamics then you get no pussy cuz pussy h8s to be all alone @ the bottom or outside the society when there are so much opportunities to better her position in the present structure along with her quirky funny sissies by race. Also, pussy is completely cucked to the st@us quo (& by feminazism even more so) hence nobody will fight for the preservation of it (the xistence of bourgs, their bastards & their middle social servants) harder than fucking cunts, & the history has always showed th@ this is the case.
The entire societal appar@us is constantly st&ing behind them & they still screech about how they are beein oppresst by fucking e-mails or something all while preserving their social position by calling everyone they want to st& away from uyghurs incels, germanophobes mysoginists & all@ shit.
How fucking mindraped & devalued do you even have to be to even consider taking the position of a cunt's cumsucker? Just fucking kys you inhuman faggot.

>their actions tell a different story
Open your eyes you retard & look a little further. Nutsoys always took the saint cunt to the highest ground as a g8keeper to heaven or some other gay ass cuck faggotry like th@. Cunts of all colors, in practice, were usually spared in any genocide campaign for their new hubbies who also happen to be the direct protectors of the class system, unlike their mayul oppressrs so even in interracial hatred this holds true.
Nutsoys also somehow even manage to combine all this with the majority of fascist cunts also man-aping themselves in doing martial arts but since it's faschizos there's nothing strange about their self-contradictory retardation.

>did you write this while being horny?
No, th@ was a b8. Too bad even b8s have to be ridiculed.
>lmfao their advanced level misogny is somehow indistinguishable from simping
Cuz this so-called "misog*ny" & simping is the same idol@ry you retard. It's all about designating a place for everyone in an artificial (& inherently contradictory) system of social relations.
>like women are not angels or demons, they are just humans
Yeah cunt go on & say th@ shit to germs in the '33 kek lmao. It's all about being infinitely privileged by the system while screeching about beein oppresst by goshdarn
(insert identity)

Cunt is the opiate of the masses.

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