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File: 1663282392275.gif ( 607.04 KB , 800x600 , AtWork(1).gif )


How do young people even move out of their parents now? I'm nearly 18 years old with zero plans to go to college and I don't have my driver's license. I live in California so rent will cost an arm and a leg. My dad bought a house in this hellhole and he's expecting me to work and help him pay the mortgage if I want to live to live here. I don't want to live in this hot as fuck place, if you know California as it is now it's getting hotter every year and the fires get worse and worse. What I really want is a place to start fresh in another state, but rent is going to be costly as fuck in every city in this country.
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You probably don't leave your suburb or collective house in a gentrifying neighborhood, and your 'concern for worldly affairs' is a fake and ghey overcompensation to soothe your moral anxiety.


you probably live in suburbs anyway and your "toughness" is just overcomoemsation for lack of mutual concern.

Alot of people like you I emcounter in the suburbs or "ghettos".

Yall dont care because you dont have to live in it.


And you do, white boi?


Actually, upon second reading, your comment was nonsensical. Perhaps you aren't white, or maybe are from the Balkans or st


tbh this is the black ad white petulance logic alot of adults have concerning kids.

They think kids dont deserve mutual respect nor autonomy.

They complain aboutkids "leecging off their psrents" (aka having fun without having to work).
But they forget that kids dont have any legal rights. They cannot buy anything for themselves or negotiate contracts for themselves.

They are not allowed to go anywhere by themselves except school.

Imo, childhood is incarceration.

By right, adulthood begins at ouberty but our dumbass Victorian forefathers thought that childhood needs to last as long as your youth.

File: 1695872264302.mp4 ( 767.32 KB , 464x848 , atEJdgADFYpW8ERG.mp4 )


Which one of you made this?
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Dont factories and mills have airconditioning nowadays?


It depends on the facility and where you are. The mill I work in has air-conditioning in the control rooms but outside on the floor, no. During summer it can get over 100 degrees easily in the floor.


Right? Exactly, you really do feel pretty accomplished working in a facility like that. I'd much rather do that than soy out at Amazon.


Freelance voice actors buy these sometimes so they can go over the top without disturbing the neighbors: Neat.
Honestly this just seems like a neat thing to keep around even with with the hellish context.


true that.

Alot of office jobs have the same toxic dynamics as middle/high school sociology.

As a kid, alot of childrens shows only shown office jobs as the default of adulthood amd that triggered some existential anxiety.

My prepubescent hunch about adult dynamics based on cartoonish portrayal of office jobs are somewhat validated years later.

At least with blue collar work, your work has practical effects on the real world.

You can survive on such work.

Office jobs are just pushing pencils amd throwing around papers to feel busy and having to dress formally all the time and dealing with unwanted romantic effects.
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File: 1673499008814.jpg ( 38.9 KB , 744x677 , recruitinghell-1094s3m.jpg )


Post wagie humor here
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File: 1675061453767.jpg ( 168.98 KB , 851x1200 , 20230129_234959.jpg )



File: 1675137330976.png ( 3.07 MB , 4328x7588 , Rumia (600 PPI, With Glow)….png )

heres one said by blacks
"last to get hired, first to get fired"


File: 1698424929207.jpg ( 126.33 KB , 946x2048 , 20231027_094055.jpg )



Cut in line at the buffet, take all the crab legs


January Eleventh Twenty Hundred Twenty Three Anno Domini

November First Twenty Hundred Twenty Three Anno Domini



this is the american proletariat

fix him

ps fuck janny transhumanists rest in piss


File: 1698963750282-0.png ( 342.6 KB , 517x358 , 09876543212331.png )

File: 1698963750282-1.png ( 314.65 KB , 543x335 , 09876543212332.png )

File: 1698963750282-2.png ( 276.81 KB , 485x391 , 09876543212335.png )

File: 1698963750282-3.png ( 577.6 KB , 551x446 , 09876543212337.png )

File: 1698963750282-4.png ( 226.02 KB , 561x396 , 09876543212333.png )

american proletariaat checking in

File: 1674405657638.jpg ( 354.34 KB , 1080x1446 , IMG_20230122_233605.jpg )


Wtf. You guys told me that electing Biden and beating Cheeto Hitler was a victory for labor?!
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>This was typed with Cheeto stained fingers.


File: 1678690583511.jpg ( 101.41 KB , 1024x907 , 1678683543809697m.jpg )

Good job, team left


File: 1678690846959.png ( 236.57 KB , 424x589 , 1678682910782255.png )

I'm so glad we voted out Orange Man to appease a bunch of histrionic roasties


Yeah that was the only reason, the ultra capitalist bootstrap party with a historical disdain for poor people sure is any better
Maybe that's why half their fucking talking points are about their addiction to twitter


File: 1689339061219.jpg ( 285.66 KB , 540x862 , 1689330279207868.jpg )




File: 1689340781629.png ( 339.04 KB , 557x313 , 8byb.png )

chins really are pathetic


File: 1689419978102.jpg ( 131.72 KB , 797x385 , china.jpg )

Xi-bros.. I don't feel so good.. written before the housing bubble popped..


what, you don't want to work 12hours a day 30 days a month for our multipolarist cause, you fucking NAFOid?

you're just brainwashed by the neocons, you don't know what's good for you!

File: 1688986138963.mp4 ( 655.52 KB , 1280x720 , Traveller's Tales.mp4 )


Been trying to look into trades for antisocial drifters who dont have to tolerate the disgusting masses on a day to day basis
only positions i could find were
>night security
>truck driver
>night janitor
and thats it ideas are pretty tapped. have no prospects on any above posted positions. any anons know any trades that wont break your body?


A machinist or night-shift warehouse operative are good for solitary people. There'll always be demand for them too.


File: 1689179481429.jpg ( 105.95 KB , 1600x1147 , 4e6d5crftv.jpg )

thanks, kinda slept on this post. gonna see what it takes to become a machinist since warehouse work has been ass to me in my previous experiences


I got a job stacking shit on shelves at a grocery store and I'm actually surprised by how much I'm left alone. Maybe I'm something wrong and am gonna get fired soon


File: 1689340077021.jpg ( 59.62 KB , 565x592 , 1677174133394726.jpg )

anyone kno what is the easiest trade to learn? The trades are pretty memed up and watched some videos on how elevator technicians make bank. proceed to look up to profession's reqs and theres a news headline along the lines of "glut of elevator technicians leaves many seeking alternate employment". the only trade that i could think that isnt gonna physically wear you down is trucking, is there anything near that? i hate driving with amerigip fuckwits and have been at least five accidents i can think off the bat(3 rearends/2 sideswipes/havent driven in 2yrs), i can think of off the bat.
you have my envy, dont fuck it up

File: 1686960193011.png ( 479.26 KB , 756x885 , image.png )


>workplace type/position/Maybe company
>favorite shit to steal

heres mine, probably forgot the odd job or 2 whatever

warehouse, packer, amzon (pretty much my favorite job tbh)
>coworkers gloves(dipped them in bleach, also fuck em)
>label stickers
>safety vests
>safety tape

library,temp frontdesk clerk
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I stole a lot of fucking chips and chocolates from one of my old jobs


File: 1687592968212-0.png ( 506.49 KB , 916x517 , milk milk.png )

File: 1687592968212-1.png ( 438.48 KB , 687x492 , weeb breed.png )

u work at convenient stores or bakeries or something


File: 1688879061687.png ( 729.96 KB , 1279x680 , 2345tyu.png )

did u get got?

File: 1684190782054.png ( 747.59 KB , 1200x795 , ClipboardImage.png )


Of course the board for work is dead
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File: 1684549141224.png ( 650.34 KB , 1920x1080 , he-who-can-does-he-who-can….png )

Shaw knew his shit.
Also not surprised that he was a fabianist.


Finally got work at a fucking deli brothers


Is it unionized ?


>any service industry job

UFCW does exist tho


It's in a big box store in America, of course it fucking isn't
I think there's only one state that recently made it illegal for your employer to force you to watch anti-union propaganda for a fucking hours

File: 1671517096136.mp4 ( 42.03 MB , 606x1080 , boringdystopia-zq1ezp.mp4 )


Don't want to work for what we give you? Fine, be replaced by robots.
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File: 1674760844681.jpg ( 80.09 KB , 937x783 , productivity.jpg )

>Maybe in absolute terms more energy and complexity is emerging but relative to the amount of wealth being created complexity and energy use are dramatically going down.
Societies that deploy more complex technology use more energy without exception.
Measuring how much total energy was embodied in a commodity (assuming that is what you mean with wealth) is almost impossible in a capitalist economy, because capitalist economics doesn't record externalized costs.

> With AI a single worker will be able to run an entire factory floor, it will unironically be like "The Jetsons".

That means increasing the amount of capital-stock, You need the regular factory production machines plus the AI tools.
The rate of profit goes down if Capital-stock increases proportionally to the population size.
Capitalism is not tending towards the Jetsons scenario. The capitalists are not investing in technology driven labor productivity increases anymore. It has completely stagnated for over a decade. (see graph)


When This Pilot Quit Her Job, Her Employer Billed Her $20,000

You will work for is and you will like it.


Honestly, bring on the AI automated revolution, it's what is going to lead most likely to the collapse of Capitalism as Westoid politicians won't even do the bare minium to help people like Basic Income.
I've already on my home computer, tested out using AI voice and Chat GPT to automate my job (call support) and it literally works, honestly better than I do my job, if was allowed to do work from home, I could literally just make my computer do my job for me while I shitposted on the internet.


Questions about that graph:
1. How is the output measured? In what units?
2. Do you have a graph that goes back beyond 1987?
3. Data of what countries was used in the graph?


Every advance in real living standards has been brought on by technological innovation, but in capitalism this is not so straightforward. Capitalism creates contradictory situations where progress coincides with immiseration. A UBI will not solve this basic tendency, one only has to look at the effect it will have on real wages. The eventual outcome of such contradictions is always destruction of capital, human and otherwise.
Capitalism will not collapse without politics. Yes, rapid automation will likely push capitalism into crisis. But every prominent communist has triumphantly pointed out moments when capitalism is in severe crisis, in its "last stage", at its most "rotten and decayed", et cetera. All this ever lead to was a violent reassertion of capital's power. Without the political will to seize power at such moments, crisis is merely the cocoon from which capitalism is reborn, stronger than ever.

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