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Welcome to the work day general.

Tell us about your day anon. Did you have a good day at work? Its OK we know work is horrible.

I work graves at a factory. If you have it shitty at work I can relate.

Tell us about your day under the crushing weight of the profit motive.


Work fucking sucks. Kill me.


day felt fast and we finished early, was happy.


It went relatively fast, nothing out of the ordinary happened tbh.

Highlight was breaking about 1000 health and safety regulations by hitting a spinning lathe with a mallet.


Lol, one time we smelled fire and our team lead literally just made us keep going. It turned out to be nothing, but, yeah OSHA wouldn't be happy about that one.


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Lol your boss is like that this is fine dog meme.

The best health and safety training I ever received was watching those liveleak videos from Chinese factories. They made me actually treat the machinery with the respect it deserves.


Yeah those a pretty scary. Anytime I think about acting dumb in anyway I think about those videos, lol.
We had a guy get the tip of his finger ripped off the other day from acting stupid.


Yep those videos will fucking scare the shit out of you, kek.


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Just picked up trash off the streets. Now I realize, why the hell do people litter?!


Because the masses are dumb beyond all comprehension


I never litter, but as a result, pockets of my attire have a tendency to collect random pieces of trash. Maintaining a habit of emptying out when in range of a bin can be tedious.

>the masses
It can only be a minority of people that litter, otherwise the world would look like a garbage dump.


I don't think you understand how big the world is.


Today I will slack off all day and do the bare minimum.

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