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File: 1608526372668.jpg ( 281.31 KB , 1210x1436 , rust.jpg )


Do you use any proprietary garbage against your own will because your peers refuse to switch to better alternatives?

Pic related, though only the web client. I don't use anything else that's proprietary, not even youtube.
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You are a winrar!


You have to take yourself by the balls and organize the means of communication yourself. Pool a couple of bucks with your comrades for server hosting each month. Don't forget about threat modelling and police investigations. Let's say being a person under 30 using Discord on their ISP logs against person under 30 who visits same jabber server with 10 other people looks entirely different from investigator's perspective and the latter is much easier to investigate since the metadata is already there, no need to send a warrant or set up wiretaps on foreign networks. It becomes even easier with f2f protocols like Tox, Retroshare or Scuttlebutt since traffic never leaves the country if you chat with a neighbor, and it plays on hand with ISP and police profiling. Popular proprietary chat software hosted within foreign jurisdictions is objectively harder to investigate for third world police, bear in mind they can pull tricks like number revocation and reissue to access your chat history on apps that require phone registration, and you already used your real number there. Take adequate precautions with burner phone numbers not associated with your identity, locations, and set up security confirmation codes if available. Otherwise I strongly recommend on utilizing anonymous darknets like Tor and i2p for hiding both server and chatters locations, obfuscating their destinations from ISPs and local law enforcement to a higher degree than using popular chat software which would more eagerly cooperate and in a faster manner than mailing in abuse to all 7 Tor nodes. Anon darknets are not suitable for low latency large capacity voice chats, but otherwise are adequate for file sharing, and probably you shouldn't do voice chats when planning a coup online.


Is there some onion service that lets you set up chats through tor?


You can run XMPP chats through Tor.


File: 1610755448244.jpg ( 21.57 KB , 279x445 , faggot.jpg )

Discord, and I fucking hate my guts for using it
Pretty much everyone uses discord, it's programmable with all the bots and whatnot
Every single human on earth that i've ever spoken to uses discord as a side effect of using social media
It's proprietary shit outside of the bots that are programmable, it scans every word you say so you can't be a meanie butthead (god forbid) and it does deals with the feds, its a psych ops done by the agents in ((Langley))

Element is bare bones in userbase compared to discord
and there's literally no other alternative for socializing with people who aren't total schizoids most of the time

File: 1608526279689.jpg ( 139.23 KB , 640x1529 , 1603597122688.jpg )


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The writer is such a faggot I want to rip his skull off


Why the fuck do I have to upgrade my phone at all?
The things a smartphone can do didn't change at all in 10 years yet every fucking year I need more battery and more CPU, what for? To display a bunch of text and pictures on a fucking screen?


Nothing new from CONSOOOOOMERS. You would be surprised at how many articles out there are as dull and lifeless as the one in the pic.

>Why fight it?

>4 IPs:9 posts


Jokes on you, I have no one to communicate with. Eat shit porky.


Because your phone is full of proprietary shit that makes you vulnerable. Here, upgrade to this:

File: 1610665651063.jpg ( 73.18 KB , 820x615 , hacker man.jpg )


Been teaching myself to code recently, I won't make a rambling OP because the replies will probably be more insightful.
I've been using Codecademy and I found it's really good except for when the bash terminal decides not to work (and then works perfectly when I reload the exercise and copy and paste the code from the old one). I don't learn skills particularly well from reading, so actually get walked through the doing is a major plus for me.
Is it the best thing going? Are there better sites? Are there other self-taught people here? I don't want to spend years in a university and would rather get some qualifications rather than fuck around any longer (opinions on things like CompTIA?)

Course I've been doing for people more clueless than me (you don't need to buy the pro stuff, just try to figure everything out before using hints, and always read the hints even when you've finished it):


Books with practice problems are the ideal way to learn since they actually put some pressure on you to commit your full conscious brain to the work.
I tried codecademy for some time off and on but that shit never got me the skills I needed to actually figure out how to write and make a program from scratch. Learn Python the Hard Way did, although it doesn’t exist online for free anymore, I’m sure there are other websites like it.


You really need to eat your own dog food to learn coding. You can go through all those technical books and run examples and exercises to familiarize yourself with runtime environment and syntax BUT you will never be a productive programmer.

Pick a project/topic you are genuinely invested in and try to utilize language of your choice in its problem domain. Language like c++ is too generic and big so you might end up learning to use somebody else's library but that's OK. I truly 'got' c++ while writing opengl demos despite using it 4+ years solving artificial algorithm problems.


This. I've tried learning to program many times before, but it only amounted to anything when I had some kind of project to actually build. You can't learn programming in the abstract sense, only in the concrete sense of actually doing something.

I tip I can give is to check out this repo (or any of the other ones like it) https://github.com/tuvtran/project-based-learning
. It's a list of programming projects and tutorials, structured around the languages they teach. Choose a project that intrests you and do that. I'm currently doing buildyourownlisp.com and it's been going well enough, though it's not a perfect introduction to C, so I'm going to check out other books like C Programming Language and Modern C as supplementary material.


I'm probably more project orientated than most, I want to make some cash coding obviously but most of the compsci students I've heard about have no real vision of a thing they'd like to create, and I've already got a notepad full of things I'd like to do. Not to shit on compsci students but I thought they'd be more technical-creative kinda people rather than plumbers that learn plumbing because plumbers make bank.
I want to learn C++ because it's been sold to me as a very good foundational language to branch off from, and my limited understanding of compsci tells me it will make me more understanding of the other branches as I go into them.
Thanks for the list, I will come back to it.

One thing I think I will struggle with is that lots of projects are complex and involve lots of files all referencing each other, is there a way to understand this other than poring over it for hours?


you get used to it as you familiarize yourself with tooling for your language.

it's worth investing your time and energy because 75% of programming is about structuring/packaging your idea. core algorithm/optimization is too fun to be a burden anway 24.999% of work is finding witty name for it


So I have been wanting/needing a portable Linux drive for a while, having just explored some of the versions tonight I am quite interested in POP_OS or just standard Ubuntu but it seems for installing onto a USB Manjaro might be easier just because of the installation process and less messing around.

Do any comrades have experience in this or just linux distros in general, maybe give me some guides or point me in the right direction

I will mostly using it for programming and work (networking) and its just going to be easy to have one if not a couple of USB's ready to go at any time.

p.s fuck CURRENCY (dollars)


Why would you start with pop_OS? I have never used that, but, that isn't something I would recommend. How much experience with linux distros do you have? Because, you are going to have a hard time if it is none. If you want to install something on a USB I would suggest Trying your hand at tails, or, lubuntu. I dunno, ubuntu is probably too bloated for a USB drive and prolly Linux mint too.

Alternatively you could always just accept the meme and install gentoo.


I have I'd say medium experience and have used some to set up servers at work and have have used linux OS for personal use years ago, but installing an OS to a USB is completely new to me

I am about to give manjaro a whirl though but I have never used arch before to my knowledge


>POP_OS or just standard Ubuntu but it seems for installing onto a USB Manjaro might be easier just because of the installation process and less messing around.
What's the difference? Any distro can be installed on a USB, plus both of those you mentioned have simple graphical installers which will make that even easier. In this sense, what distro you choose makes no difference whatsoever.

If I were to give you tips, I would advise choosing a system with a fixed release schedule over a rolling release system. You don't want your USB system to die when you update after 3 months of no usage and have a bunch of packages break. Get something like Debian or Ubuntu/Mint/Pop. It might also be worthwhile to get a system that comes with nonfree drivers installed out of the box, in case any of the machines you plug the drive into need those. Debian offers the nonfree iso, and Ubuntu/Mint/Pop already come with those.

In any case, why would you want a USB like this for work? Do you often work in machines that don't belong to you? I understand doing this for something like Tails, but if it's just for normal usage, you'd be better off dual booting, or better yet, wiping windows and installing gnu/linux.


I regularly work on machines that don't belong to me, I also think (assume) having some usb's about set up would be very useful.

after testing manjaro im going to stop being a lazy nigger and do the partitions needed for something ubuntu based, its just going to be much more simplistic


Update: I just got it done with Ubuntu no problem seems I over thought the process, thanks for the help anyway comrades

File: 1610163067325.jpg ( 16.47 KB , 300x300 , 1545859105707.jpg )


Is there anything I should be wary of with bluetooth dongles? I might grab a random one off aliexpress unless you guys tell me not to.


Just that the whole protocol is super insecure and a vector for exploits.


Isn't bluetooth 5 pretty secure now?

File: 1610083843578.png ( 1.02 MB , 680x900 , Eml7e1iW8AEnsrc.png )


Okay so I was trying to fix my PC but I'll skip past the details, eventually found out it was a case issue, but in the process of trying to diagnose issues I ended up removing 3/4 of my ram sticks. 1 was locked in place by cpu cooler so didn't get that far. Anyway, I got my PC running once again but only if I don't have those other three ram sticks in. I can't figure out how to get it back how it was. If I try to put the three sticks back in the PC just turns on and then turns off. I don't remember what order they were in before but they are all from the same set so it shouldn't matter right? I tried inspecting them for damage from removing/installing them but the sticks all look fine, and I can't see any obvious damage to the ram ports. Is there a special way to get 4 channel ram working that I've messed up by booting the PC with only one stick in it?

Sorry I know you guys deal with more complicated stuff than this usually but I don't really know who else to ask. Thanks!


Never mind, I got it eventually, just needed to try insert a few more times.

File: 1608872335975.png ( 260.66 KB , 1125x645 , b234e9c676ec49dfc5a66d0f37….png )


The message here is that every VPN that isn't shut down does deals with the feds

You aren't safe


no, just the ones that get used by criminals. smaller ones probably fly under the radar as long as no one uses them for illegal shit. real criminals probably dont use vpns anyway they likely use tor


I'm not using them to protect against nation states or feds. I'm using them to help defend against surveillance capitalism.


The reason it was shut down was because they advertised to criminal elements.
Also here's the link to the full article you forgot to share, jackass:


this. the Internet is a utility that the Feds can abuse at whim. Web 2.0 was developed by the US Military!
It was decades before they were banned from wiretapping and most of laws don't apply to 'cellular devices.'

Revolutionary communication will /always/ be in the vanguard paper, comrade, would you like an issue for $1?


File: 1610031123307.mp4 ( 11.39 MB , 640x360 , b34674dt46adf5.mp4 )

Well then, why don't we seize the means of communication from the Feds?

File: 1608526426376.jpg ( 686.87 KB , 1685x2418 , Urias-A-McGill.jpg )


Do chemists just mix and heat weird shit together just to see what happens?
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Well what would YOU do?


well based on their previous understanding of the chemicals and what they're made of, they can infer what the effect will be.


A good number of them died trying to isolate chlorine.


>Do chemists just mix and heat weird shit together just to see what happens?
they also sometime stick electrodes into flasks and see what happens when they zap something, that's how we got batteries.


Most of what goes on in chemistry could be boiled down [spoiler] :^) [/spoiler] to that yes.

File: 1608526394717.jpg ( 218.97 KB , 800x1000 , thebotnet.jpg )


Google violated US labor laws by spying on workers who were organizing employee protests, then firing two of them, according to a complaint filed by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) today. Several other employees were fired in the wake of the protests, but the NLRB found that only the terminations of Berland and Spiers violated labor laws.
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It's kind of telling that they don't use this motto anymore. Now it's 'Do the right thing', and what this 'right thing' is up to anyone's guess.


It's "don't [b]be[/b] evil". I.e., perfectly fine to do evil as long as you keep your image clean.


>The union's formation comes after years of rising employee tensions at Google over the company's business and operational decisions, including its work with the defense sector, plans for a censored search engine in China, and the company's handling of sexual misconduct claims, the last of which resulted in a massive employee protest. The union's demands hit on many of those issues.

>"For far too long, thousands of us at Google — and other subsidiaries of Alphabet, Google's parent company — have had our workplace concerns dismissed by executives," the workers wrote in the Times op-ed. "Our bosses have collaborated with repressive governments around the world.

When the CIA's anti-china rhetoric backfires and it makes the employees of the most important spyware unionize.
lmao. Based, but also cringe.


File: 1608526277606.png ( 7 KB , 497x111 , yt.png )


We all should have known this was coming


This should be an indication that all git repos need to be mirrored *somewhere*

At the moment there are many mirrors on gitlab.com, including https://gitlab.com/pintert3/youtube-dl.git
Last known commit according to IRC is 416da574ec0df3388f652e44f7fe71b1e3a4701f
The last few commits via git log:

commit 416da574ec0df3388f652e44f7fe71b1e3a4701f (HEAD, origin/master, origin/HEAD, master)
Author: Sergey M․ [email protected]>
Date: Fri Oct 23 21:31:37 2020 +0700

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What's stopping youtube from using widevine?


nice ass


Why the fuck can't I download anything from YouTube even with the newest youtube-dl version? There aren't any sites that work right now either

Shame it's ruined by those god-awful faces


Oh, I just remembered that I can in fact download the video I want, only on one site, and only in 360p.


Have you tried pwnyoutube.com?

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