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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature"
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File: 1608526091029.png (104.85 KB, 837x803, 1501117252661.png)


https://forms.gle/3sBQnaFXdv5jhBAa7answer some questions about how you would like the hypothetical open source software to be written.
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File: 1608526097131.pdf (270.29 KB, plan_with_AIT.pdf)

>>553Cockshott's plan, also detailed here in this (PDF), is a bit confusing in the sense that hes using a neural net for something non typical. Neural nets under capitalism are typically used for machine learning tasks like classification, regression etc. Wheras he is using it for a very atypical purpose (tractable solution to an LP problem).


>>563As far as I can tell, Rocket and Actix-web have mostly the same layout for projects. Rocket just has a few more nice macros. On the other hand, Actix is much faster at the moment due to having async capability. Rocket says they're implementing the capability right now, but it's not there yet.


Pain to get working on gentoo.
You must force the java-vm since the gentoo java project doesn't seem to wat to fix problems with the java eclass.


>making polls for just ten people


keep in mind that was in the late 80s/early 90s when machine learning was in its infancy

File: 1608526315829.png (671.58 KB, 768x621, hawke1-768x621.png)


>The body of a man found shot inside a burned out vehicle in Canada three years ago has been identified as that of Davis Wolfgang Hawke, a prolific spammer and neo-Nazi who led a failed anti-government march on Washington, D.C. in 1999, according to news reports.


Interesting, but he died 3 years ago, it seems.

File: 1608526308368.png (591.92 KB, 950x1079, 1604770138265.png)


big if true
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i hate this timeline


section 230


I thought this was fake.


fucking hell now all the internet understanders from the nytimes and wapo will be paid with state salaries to call for the banning of anything on the internet outside of the neoliberal mainstream. and who knows, they may come across this albanian rakia lovers forum


Biden will accomplish even less than Obama because, straight out of the gate, Republicans have a majority in the Senate and have increased control in the House. This is, of course, assuming that Trump will be unsuccessful in his bid to overturn the election via legal maneuvering.

File: 1608526312739.png (949.28 KB, 1588x1520, 1604852432231.png)


Ransomware as a service.
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Isn't LineageOS even worse?


File: 1608526314367.png (146.44 KB, 1131x387, deleuzeSoscOfControl.png)

>tfw those faggy french social theorists were right all along


They always were.


Daniel Micay is legit, but he's very upfront about what he's building: ultimately he is concerned with security and system integrity over privacy.


Yeah exactly, it's a shame I'd rather have privacy over security since I hardly ever use my phone anyway.

File: 1608526309075.png (131.68 KB, 713x886, 2020-11-08-002742_713x886_….png)


Pic related has become normalized over the last four years. Big Tech has far too much meddling power in politics and as long as its for bad orange man no one bats an eye. If the Biden-Harris administration is smart they will immediately seek to break up Google and Twitter as their power increasingly threatens the federal government. I really hope the 20s see a return to the decentralized web instead of almost all internet traffic being owned by 3 companies.
The FSFs fight against DRM in web content is essentially the same fight.


I remember some retard on the main board (lots of retards there now that I think about it) larping and applying the logic of owning the means of production to Big Tech. Like, literally taking over their platforms somehow as a response to others talking about decentralized non-botnet alternatives to mainstream social media platforms. Fucking lol.

Anyway, yeah, social media has always been cancer but holy fuck is it getting bad these days. Have you noticed they've also started adding warnings to accounts on twitter/youtube that belong or are associated with Russia/China at all?


LOL can you post a screen or link?


nevermind, i think ive seen it already on youtube, they use warnings under all kinds of conspiracy shit like the illuminati or flat earth lmao

File: 1608526309343.png (842.29 KB, 1798x1030, screenshot_example.png)



now that we know how to extract AES key that encrypts the audio stream, we are one python script away from spotify-dling all those musics


comrades get in here!


Hooks.cpp relies on hardcoded addresses for the hooked functions. Still very cool.


Interesting I guess but there's nothing worth stealing on sporify that you couldn't get from somewhere else easier


>// key is encoded with some sort of algorithm; decode it here
Here's what happens. A 64-bit key is present as two u32 values: key0 -> keyPtr and key1 -> uVar3. This encodes the real key which has four u32 values. For decoding the current position starts at 3 and cycles to 0 four times, this is keyDecoded[index & 3]. The value to the left of the current position with wrapping is uVar1. At each step a delta is computed from the left value, the step/index and the two key values, and this delta is used to update the current value:

current = current + delta

The delta in Hooks.cpp is:

(((((uVar1 + index + keyPtr & uVar1 * 16 + uVar3) * 2 + uVar1 * -17) - index) - uVar3) - keyPtr)

which can be reorganized as:

(((left + index + key0) & ((left &lt&lt 4) + key1)) &lt&lt 1) - (left + index + key0 + (left &lt&lt 4) + key1)

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File: 1608526014124.jpg (6.69 KB, 300x225, 11-119-233-21.jpg)


Just building a semi-cheap PC to replace my old one I built 3 years ago, it's not really meant to be a brand new state-of-the-art computer but just one that's supposed to have the same power as my old one but that runs better. Also yes I'm using Intel because my past 4 computers have used Ryzen or AMD and milage has varied, intel is shit but at least it's shit that won't turn into a nuke like my AMD did(it was their very first 8-core) and also I'm trying to skimp on money so while expensive and probably not the best performance I at least know it won't require a fucking swimming pool for a cooling unit. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/8W2Gq3
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Noctua D15 is better than 99% of "liquid coolers" and cheaper in most cases. Unless you're into extreme overclocking you don't need liquid coolers and Noctua's, they're noisy they leak and breaking down will shortcircuit the motherboard.


>they're noisy
excuse me?


Should I go for the Corsair H100i or MasterLiquid 360 for my 3900x? I've heard good things about the H100i but apparently the 3900x has offset heat distribution from the centre of the chip to combat heating on its own and the H100i is designed to dissipate the heat from the centre where it's supposed to be concentrated so it kinda works against Ryzen's design and as a result most people use the Masterliquid with 3900x. So which one should I go for? Or should I go for another liquid cooler entirely? Also yes I'd like to stay with liquid coolers even if I can get an air cooled one with comparable stats.


Liquid cooling makes more noise than shit like Noctua lol while also being more expensive and a hassle to install.

If you aren't using an overclocked (not like overclocking makes much sense these days either) housefire like modern Intel shit or pre-Zen 2 AMD then a moderately expensive air cooler will be more than enough and more silent if you set up fan curves.

Holy fuck I looked up the prices of that garbage you mentioned, just get a Noctua or a bequiet (though at the risk of sounding like a shill I like Noctua more, also comes with a lifetime warranty). Oh yeah, and don't fall for the liquid cooling gayming shit.


I should mention I'm currently using an FX AMD housefire with a Noctua NH-U12S, not even the NH-D15 which is the best cooler in their lineup, coupled with two shitty cheap fans and temps never go into dangerous territory.

After some quick googling it seems a NH-D15 or a DRP4 should be more than enough for a 3900x, even when overclocked.

File: 1608526307373-0.png (26.57 KB, 1604x1064, wind.png)

File: 1608526307373-1.png (18.13 KB, 1604x1064, wind2.png)

File: 1608526307373-2.png (32.31 KB, 1604x1064, wind3.png)


CAD thread, preferably using free/libre open source tools. FreeCAD, LibreCAD, SolveSpace etc. Where are my CAD anons at?

Pics related are a mostly wooden wind turbine design I came up with yesterday. 45x145 and 45x95 mm lumber. Around 1500 W. Drawn in SolveSpace. Critique welcome!

File: 1608526045441.jpg (94.89 KB, 500x645, cockshottvulture3.jpg)


Have you heard of Riot.im?https://about.riot.im/freeits a federated discord alternative.
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It's not an alternative.
It doesn't even have voice channels


I stopped using Discord a year ago and exclusively use Matrix now.


It does have voice communication, though it is generally less good than Discord in every way.


Its one of the best projects


You should be using mumble for that.

How so? Discord's voice chat is laggy and low quality.

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