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File: 1608526187130.jpg ( 17.42 KB , 243x255 , dance compilation.jpg )


There's various sites/programs that do this but I haven't really found a good one yet.

Features I would like:
- 320kbps
- Capture of a still of the video as song art
- Download whole playlists automatically
- No daily limit or whatever

As a bonus, are there any applications that automatically convert a folder full of mp3s into versions of those mp3s with levelled audio? IE, all the songs will become roughly the same volume.

I know there might be better ways to organise your music but I like to do it like this. Thanks in advance people. Currently I use 4K Youtube to MP3 but it has a daily limit and no automatic playlist support (without a paid license).
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This is doing nothing but downloading jpegs of the thumbnails.


Download a program called "Freezer". It takes directly from Deezer and you can download in whatever audio quality you want (if storage space is a concern). Simple as searching for a song/album/artist then hitting the big blue download button.


Okay never mind, I did get it to work, thanks! It is missing volume control which is unfortunate, does anyone know a tool that automatically fixes sound levels in folders of songs to equalise the volume?

I appreciate that but I was asking about YT because not all songs I wanna download are gonna be on spotify or whatever.




File: 1612663635459.png ( 22.12 KB , 340x361 , tartube.png )

This is the kinda crap I wanna download so you see why I can't use spotify or whatever (I'm sure some of this is on there OFC but not all)

I am having a problem now though, how do I clear my 'unsorted videos' folder? It doesn't seem to do anything no matter what deletion method I try. I tried 'empty folder' and 'tidy all' and it deletes the files but not the videos from Tartube itself so I can't refill the folder with new stuff

File: 1608525826111.png ( 11.63 KB , 265x314 , Tux.png )

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Why aren't you using Linux? If you are, good job. If not, you better start soon.

>Open source vs. Free Software


>List of free as in freedom distros approved by the FSF


>A really good linux distro that doesn't have systemd, but a fast and simple init/service management system called runit


Image credit:
By [email protected] Larry Ewing and The GIMP, Attribution, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=80930
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oh I'm sorry what large scale collaborative civil movement did french schizophrenics spearhead to combat privatization of essential commodity?

Someday when you parent a child, you might understand that there's certain age cap where esoteric flitting attempt stops being cute

lesson I learned while wasting my time on this topic again after two years seem to be that I have certain guilt and trauma involving masculine culture to the point where I have to overcompensate by cancelling of irrelevant figure.

I'll fuck off no worries


File: 1612136829149.jpeg ( 61.62 KB , 640x480 , children.jpeg )

> irrelevant figure
> large scale figure to combat privatization
youre full of shit, also pic related


wrong post, im not sure if im making my ire known, but seriously fuck you and your authoritarian bullshit spearheaded by a nebulous appeal to a child's innocence.


by irrelevance I'm implying he's not the atlas maintaining GNU/Linux ecosystem contrary to your victimization complex. redhat's gcc/glibc/systemd team and linux foundation is. along with countless other projects under umbrella of GNU license who never gave two cents of fuck about RMS.


File: 1612141006712.png ( 87.95 KB , 286x319 , Zoidberg.png )

>Poetteringware is maintaining the GNU/Linux ecosystem
Your opinion is bad and you should feel bad.

File: 1610159681028.jpg ( 119.42 KB , 1280x853 , lain.jpg )


What happened to the internet?
I wasn't alive back then, but pretend it's 1984
A friend of you asked for the source code for the software you've made
you put it in your university's ftp server tilde
he downloads it
while he downloads it at half kilobyte per second, you talk about Neuromancer.
The internet used to be the user's network (hem, Usenet) but now corporations have taken over the internet, for example, cloudflare have 4 million IP addresses, google has 10 million.
They have big corpos an absurd number of IP addresses, and they won't give selfhosters even half IP address. Not to mention that ISPs won't even bother on implementing IPv6, which can solve the problem the horrible distribution of IPv4 gave us.
We could have given self hosters an IP address for whatever they want. Personal websites (remember geocities?), non-profit services (searx, peertube…) for everyone.
The internet was made to be distributed, but cloudflare, google, facebook and all of them are trying to centralize it.
Is there any chance for us to have a distributed, corp free internet?
Maybe the solution for this is Tor, but Tor is a centralized network (nothing wrong with it, because it is still very anonymous) but well, we can use tor for hosting services and websites. because creating a .onion is very easy, you don't need to pay for a domain, or worry about dynamic IP address.
There's also I2P, which is somehow like tor, but it instead of using tor nodes, you use someone else's I2P router, This router cannot MITM your traffic in I2P because it's always end to end encrypted. The problem with both tor and I2P is that they need a server to serve the website. Thankfully, there's freenet, which is basically, anonymous torrents, these "torrents" are used for websites (they're called freesites)
When you visit a site in Freenet, you download it from its "seeders", and when you finish downloading it, you are now seeding the website. Just like a torrent. This means that the site can still be online. even if the first person's server goes down.
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>free software
What does that have to do with active users, requests per second, and terabytes? Software is not enough.


>I wasn't alive back then,
Every time.


File: 1611724639246.jpg ( 66.42 KB , 1194x756 , althea.jpg )



>It is considered illegal to use the ARPANet for anything which is not in direct support of Government business … personal messages to other ARPANet subscribers (for example, to arrange a get-together or check and say a friendly hello) are generally not considered harmful … Sending electronic mail over the ARPANet for commercial profit or political purposes is both anti-social and illegal. By sending such messages, you can offend many people, and it is possible to get MIT in serious trouble with the Government agencies which manage the ARPANet.
spoiler yeah, yeah, yeah the "no politics" bit is lame, but the getting rid of the "no commerce" rule is unironically the biggest mistake in global networking history.


you know that was always going to happen, it was literally inevitable in a capitalist society that once the internet was invented it would be used for profit

File: 1610753296203.jpeg ( 94.79 KB , 1024x768 , snipson.jpeg )


I want to learn coding in python, but the problem is, I just don't know why I should do it.
Game development is meaningless since gaming is purely infantile and a psych ops made by porky to keep the proles sedated with pointless "fun"
High end programming has no use outside of web design and programming garbage like malware and some preexisting services that have been done a thousand times
Almost everything is proprietary garbage that cannot be tampered with or learnt from, so I am forced to learn from pre-existing tutorials which only go over normie shit (no biggie)
So to sum up, I just don't see any purpose in learning to program, almost everything surrounding it is just some CIA psych ops or a tremendous waste of time
I'm seriously at a block here.
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Sure thing edgelord.

It's dozens of other monsters, actually. Some are adorable little pets, like PDP-8 assembly. x86 assembly, on the other hand, is more of an encryption algorithm all its own.


Lol, don't listen to this guy. Start with javascript, php, python. Build things, modest things, but build shit. It's the #1 way to learn.


Should I make and add an Extra Mega Titty mod to my Fallout?


coding is for the gays


I don't know the technical requirements to make mods. I'd expect for there to be detailed guides. Maybe you should. The problem is that you might have to work with textures and geometry. That complicates things significantly.

File: 1610934454148.jpg ( 84.9 KB , 420x560 , terry.jpg )


Does discontinued shit like windows 7/vista still have feds spying on you thru it?
Im planning on having a 32 gb usb stick so I can flash w*ndows 7 on it, and I don't want to give it any network access, just use it to run applications that Linux cannot run and record footage for stuff (I'm planning on becoming a content creator, not the point here)

My question is that, are there still feds spying on you even on old discontinued stuff?


The feds don't really target any one single individual unless they are suspect. They spy by dragnet surveillance and build dossers on people and then if you start acting sus they pull your name and interrogate you. That's how it works.


On this note, what is the true extent of the CIA/NSA being able to spy on you through Windows? Are there actual backdoors that are meant specifically to be backdoors?


The last service packs for W7 that came out around the same time as W10 added the same spying shit. W7 now has unpatched, widely-known vulns. You will also likely be running proprietary software in userspace in W7, which compromises your security.

> I don't want to give it any network access

if it's offline/airgapped that's pretty good.

Overall you should always assume a proprietary OS is spying on you.


Remove telemetry updates for Windows 7 and 8.1

File: 1610479445567.png ( 137.13 KB , 800x430 , a5554132d1de42a64fec0665f1….png )


So, this is a thing now.
Come hang out with us fellow tech junkies.




File: 1610870753511-1.png ( 126.85 KB , 768x576 , gramsci.png )

File: 1610870753511-2.jpg ( 165.98 KB , 1020x667 , 3116657364.jpg )


Don't listen, the wunderweapons are not worth the effort compared to good workers' unionization efforts. If the feds actual go for action that's more useful than any of the lifestylist solutions here.
Boomers didn't stop the January coup attempt because there wasn't anonymity.

File: 1608526437232.jpg ( 64.06 KB , 1271x760 , TRIGGERED.jpg )


>rioting in India $6 against Apple is BASED

Is Louis becoming a comrade???



File: 1608526437727.png ( 51.81 KB , 250x251 , xd.png )



Rent must be something awful in New York


File: 1610326973039.png ( 105.63 KB , 894x546 , unbased.png )

>Is Louis becoming a comrade???


Sectarians just love to scare resources away from their flock, don't they.


what a fucking jew lol

File: 1608526372668.jpg ( 281.31 KB , 1210x1436 , rust.jpg )


Do you use any proprietary garbage against your own will because your peers refuse to switch to better alternatives?

Pic related, though only the web client. I don't use anything else that's proprietary, not even youtube.
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You are a winrar!


You have to take yourself by the balls and organize the means of communication yourself. Pool a couple of bucks with your comrades for server hosting each month. Don't forget about threat modelling and police investigations. Let's say being a person under 30 using Discord on their ISP logs against person under 30 who visits same jabber server with 10 other people looks entirely different from investigator's perspective and the latter is much easier to investigate since the metadata is already there, no need to send a warrant or set up wiretaps on foreign networks. It becomes even easier with f2f protocols like Tox, Retroshare or Scuttlebutt since traffic never leaves the country if you chat with a neighbor, and it plays on hand with ISP and police profiling. Popular proprietary chat software hosted within foreign jurisdictions is objectively harder to investigate for third world police, bear in mind they can pull tricks like number revocation and reissue to access your chat history on apps that require phone registration, and you already used your real number there. Take adequate precautions with burner phone numbers not associated with your identity, locations, and set up security confirmation codes if available. Otherwise I strongly recommend on utilizing anonymous darknets like Tor and i2p for hiding both server and chatters locations, obfuscating their destinations from ISPs and local law enforcement to a higher degree than using popular chat software which would more eagerly cooperate and in a faster manner than mailing in abuse to all 7 Tor nodes. Anon darknets are not suitable for low latency large capacity voice chats, but otherwise are adequate for file sharing, and probably you shouldn't do voice chats when planning a coup online.


Is there some onion service that lets you set up chats through tor?


You can run XMPP chats through Tor.


File: 1610755448244.jpg ( 21.57 KB , 279x445 , faggot.jpg )

Discord, and I fucking hate my guts for using it
Pretty much everyone uses discord, it's programmable with all the bots and whatnot
Every single human on earth that i've ever spoken to uses discord as a side effect of using social media
It's proprietary shit outside of the bots that are programmable, it scans every word you say so you can't be a meanie butthead (god forbid) and it does deals with the feds, its a psych ops done by the agents in ((Langley))

Element is bare bones in userbase compared to discord
and there's literally no other alternative for socializing with people who aren't total schizoids most of the time

File: 1608526279689.jpg ( 139.23 KB , 640x1529 , 1603597122688.jpg )


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The writer is such a faggot I want to rip his skull off


Why the fuck do I have to upgrade my phone at all?
The things a smartphone can do didn't change at all in 10 years yet every fucking year I need more battery and more CPU, what for? To display a bunch of text and pictures on a fucking screen?


Nothing new from CONSOOOOOMERS. You would be surprised at how many articles out there are as dull and lifeless as the one in the pic.

>Why fight it?

>4 IPs:9 posts


Jokes on you, I have no one to communicate with. Eat shit porky.


Because your phone is full of proprietary shit that makes you vulnerable. Here, upgrade to this:

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