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File: 1608526277606.png (7 KB, 497x111, yt.png)


We all should have known this was coming


This should be an indication that all git repos need to be mirrored *somewhere*

At the moment there are many mirrors on gitlab.com, including https://gitlab.com/pintert3/youtube-dl.git
Last known commit according to IRC is 416da574ec0df3388f652e44f7fe71b1e3a4701f
The last few commits via git log:

commit 416da574ec0df3388f652e44f7fe71b1e3a4701f (HEAD, origin/master, origin/HEAD, master)
Author: Sergey M․ [email protected]>
Date: Fri Oct 23 21:31:37 2020 +0700

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What's stopping youtube from using widevine?


nice ass


Why the fuck can't I download anything from YouTube even with the newest youtube-dl version? There aren't any sites that work right now either

Shame it's ruined by those god-awful faces


Oh, I just remembered that I can in fact download the video I want, only on one site, and only in 360p.


Have you tried pwnyoutube.com?

File: 1608933106474.png (22.29 KB, 831x70, 26،12،2020-00:45:29.png)


ecured.cu uses google analytics, why is that? WTF is Cuba's youth club is doing?

I thought socialism wouldn't sell our data to google wtf.


cuba is capitalist so no surprise there


Write a letter to them.
They use FLOSS for other purposes, but this could be a mistake.
At least from a security perspective they should remove proprietary software, as others like the Chinese had done.


Where can I send them a letter?

File: 1608526431927.png (1.41 MB, 1194x1078, adobe-flash-eol.png)


Friendly reminder that flash is gonna be dead in less than a month and alongside it a large chunk of the old internet in the form of flash animations and games,Because the software is old and full of so many security flaws that Adobe just can't be arsed to fix it anymore at this point so they're just ending support altogether.

What does /tech/ think of this? Is it a good riddance?

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Does anyone have a copy of this book ?


Flash was shit, even when I was a kid, and don't get me started on the programming language it used that was completely reworked with every new edition.

Fuck Macromedia, fuck Adobe and fuck nostalgiafags. We can emulate this shit now anyway.


Adobe is full of greedy fucks who rely on this garbage trend of having "software as a service" be their business model, anybody who pirates Photoshop should knows this.
The real question is why don't let they let anybody else take Flash off their hands?


mfw i got a flash certificate in like 2006

File: 1608526407663.jpg (45.59 KB, 800x398, pinephone.jpg)


Is this my best option for removing the Google/Apple yoke of servitude? I want to piss off all my proprietary fag coworkers who think applife is the future of computing.
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This isn't even what the thread is about and you started autistically screeching about an article I didn't even post. Good night.


Second hand or refurbished Samsung flagship model like S5 or S7 installed with LineageOS and properly degoogled is the answer you are looking for.

The online guides are easy and Samsung also provides Odin tool for loading the recovery which is only for windows, but an alternative to heimdall.


i got a pinephone because of the open source bootrom


Seconding. The way to prevent apps from violating your privacy is to refrain from installing garbage on your phone. It's definitely worth to have a non-gimped OS that makes the device a tiny computer, rather than an appliance with more computing power than it can use.


>>6303 (me, after board transplant)
This being said, I do understand people being mad at Purism for their misleading marketing. They're making an expensive toy for nerds who want a combination phone and single-board computer, while marketing it as a privacy-oriented phone for normies. This isn't going to end well.

File: 1608526430727.jpeg (14.97 KB, 474x357, le hacker face.jpeg)


>US national security agencies issued a joint statement Wednesday acknowledging a "significant and ongoing hacking campaign" that's affecting the federal government. It's still unclear how many agencies are affected or what information hackers might have stolen so far, but by all accounts the malware is extremely powerful. According to analysis by Microsoft and security firm FireEye, both of which were also infected with the malware, it gives hackers broad reach into impacted systems.
>On Thursday, Politico reported that systems at the Department of Energy and the National Nuclear Security Administration were also affected. Also on Thursday, Microsoft said it had identified more than 40 customers that were targeted in the hack. More information is likely to emerge about the hack and its aftermath.

One of the worst parts about mass surveillance is that the people doing it are embarrassingly bad at securing the data they're hoarding.
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I honestly don't know if I believe it.


The only part that's probably not real is that this was done by le russians.


well, there is a good chance that it was. They have a pretty extensive cyber warfare setup.


Prove it. Until then, consider who stands to gain by producing an intangible enemy. Also see >>6226


Sure thing Ivan

File: 1608526416858.jpeg (8.27 KB, 290x174, images (24).jpeg)


For a site known predominantly for leftism and marxists ideology I was expecting more threads on factories and better methods of mass producing state demanded goods on its tech board. Oh well, stay in school and work hard y'all
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I always like hardware manufacturing over software.

Whenever I've visited mills or shops, even once a real industrial smelter and forge, the machines and ambience were amazing. Some of this tech runs well even though it's over 100 years old.

Recently I visited an old 19th century factory that had been converted into a fabricator centre with 3D printing and CNC milling




You can't 3d print steel you need to mold or shape it into useable machinery dipshit!!


3D print metal microparticles and then put it in a kiln.
nothin personnel kiddo


Apparently there's an Australian one that does it by blasting the stuff out so fast it welds on contact.


source ?
how do they deal with oxide layers ?

File: 1608526105675.jpg (1.38 MB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20200715-102330.jpg)


Can I see your home screen?
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Oh God oh fuck hopping phone images is even better than hopping distros, its like distro hopping but with an actually important device

How the fuck do I clean myself from google services? It seems insurmountable, I installed clean lineage with nanodroid so I could spoof the playstore to get some non fdroid apps but I can't get off of gmail and my proper youtube account, it seems insurmountable setting everything back up on non google shit


File: 1608526176192.jpeg (284.2 KB, 794x1588, Screenshot_20200818-14572….JPEG)

Slowly deglowing myself,google is almost removed,fb messenger is a bit of a sticking point with my tech illiterate friends though


why does the samsung choccy font feel and look so comfy


Anyone here using a PinePhone or Librem? I'm waiting for mine, but alas, Purism has supposedly finished the production batch of Librem5, but didn't get around to ship mine yet.


>I can't get off of gmail and my proper youtube account
If you truly can't delete that shit then sign in via your browser instead of using their apps.

File: 1608526429582.jpeg (37.62 KB, 474x379, itx.jpeg)


Do itx mobos without (((wireless))) even exist anymore?
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I don't want mandatory wifi/bluetooth on my motherboard.

Such as?


isnt that shit pretty easy to disable? I dont think niggas are gonna pull up to your house and hack your bluetooth.


The ones here that don't say WiFi should be WiFi free https://www.gigabyte.com/Motherboard/AMD-X470-B450


I'd switch to ITX if actually small cases weren't so expensive.

File: 1608526428001-0.webm (4.89 MB, 360x386, marble-framework-size.webm)

File: 1608526428001-1.png (137.34 KB, 1276x4670, LOC-2015.png)


Seven hundred million lines of code written over a period of thirteen years. That's how large the CIA's Marble framework was at the time of its 2017 Wikileaks "Vault7" exposure. At Bill Binney's estimate of $50 per line, that's a $35 billion program.

Ever since learning this I have been attempting to find programs of a similar size. The Linux kernel is currently roughly 27.8 million LOC. Windows Vista was 50 million LOC. Mac OS X v10.4 was 85 million LOC. Supposedly some "high-end" proprietary car software is at the 100 million LOC range. And according to many sources, the entirety of Google internet services is 2 billion lines of codes–but I don't think that really counts because it's hardly a discrete piece of software.

So is the Marble framework one of the largest pieces of software ever created? Is there nothing else that compares?


is LoC really sound metric to use for measuring size of a project? Language like C can really blow up when you attempt to replicate object oriented programming concepts (systemd code base is verbose not bloat IMO). I don't know anything about proprietary car software but if they are one of those real-time control things that needs to be written in assembly or very low level constructs, they will also blow up in terms of LoC.

if there is a way to measure information density of a program by complexity of feature and then combine it with number of features, that will be really cool application of information theory.


well OK then I'm just counting number of instructions of binary but there could be a way to measure this in more abstract ways through flow analysis or something

File: 1608526419630.jpg (187.37 KB, 717x996, bdh9rut6qe941.jpg)


>with the power of ai and machine learning we built this 300% efficient quantum supercomputer to make the world go fully green and STOP climate change by 2025


I know people like this. talking to them is pain


Any type of "AI will fix it" talk makes me roll my eyes, really


File: 1608526419998.jpg (132.07 KB, 800x803, computer science wasted ta….jpg)

What will really happen:


As someone who got into a job that had machine learning knowledge as a requirement, this is completely true. They had a database of all their phone calls and wanted me to improve an algorithm that tried to determine the mood of the person they called to get to sell them useless trash.

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