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File: 1675636127757-0.png (6.37 KB, 225x225, nitter.png)

File: 1675636127757-1.jpg (66.73 KB, 950x655, twitterapi.jpg)


Twitter is apparently pay-walling it's api in a few days

Does anybody know if this will affect front-end-sites like nitter.net ?

I found this discussion on gihub
<It's very unlikely Nitter will be affected since the APIs aren't used in the official way with developer credentials. I'm slowly moving stuff to use their newer GraphQL APIs anyway, so if it breaks it'll be fixed soon-ish.

So will nitter continue working ?
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>Twitter is apparently pay-walling it's api in a few days
it was bound to happen sooner or later with custom front-ends for various social media platforms circumventing advertising popping up

don't care about twatter and other social media, but youtube closing its api would suck balls
they already tried to throttle youtube-dl downloads and hit github repos with dmca and booted newpipe from their store, seems like it's not enough


also to add, google is very dangerous with youtube in the social aspect because of all the shill """influencers""" ie propagandoids on its payroll who pretty much have a common interest and can be quickly mobilized to defend their income streams

In this sense it's even worse than traditional media, because of more personal connection between a propagandist and his platform, on the one hand, and a propagandist and his audience, on the other

no surprise there, capitalism always was good (relative to other modes of production) at incorporating various local elites into its framework
when it fails at this it gets Lenin, Stalin and other talented individuals as its enemies that can cause much damage


>it was bound to happen sooner or later with custom front-ends
Can't those evolve an get the information they previously got via api from parsing the webpage directly ?


not a webdev, but I don't see why not
tho I imagine it would require more maintenance effort than using standard api


You are right , a simple filter algorithm that decides which bits of data it keeps and which it discards would have to be adapted almost every time they make changes to the website.

But if you make the thing as a ranking algorithm based on Markov-chains that applies probabilities to bits of data, it can be made adaptive, and even use User signals to help it adjust. User signals can be as simple as giving the users a try-agin-button if it doesn't render correctly.

User signal inputs have to be grouped into User bias-groups, so that if bots are used to insert noise into the ranking signals, they just group together in noise-groups and all the regular users group together in a human group.

This is 2 technical generations before machine learning stuff, so a 20 year old trick.
Maybe that's doable.

File: 1608525876036.png (5.37 KB, 100x100, XMPP.png)


Tech nerds will not comprise the entirety of the revolution. We know this. It's going to include a lot of normies, who can't exactly communicate and coordinate everything through text messaging. As we also know, we live in a world of mass surveillance. We have to give normies options for communicating that can protect themselves from the corporate surveillance state. This thread is for evaluating those options. I am currently looking at phone conferencing options and can't make up my mind on these:
-some Matrix protocol tool
-some XMPP protocol tool

What I really want is something supporting phone call-ins, for stupid old people who cannot into computers. Phone OS support may also be important. Some options are more suited to these things than others. Maybe even better ones than I've listed. Discuss, please.
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Welcome, Don't mind the uyghurs like >>11301

We're glad to have new faces around here. Make sure you read the rules sticky on /leftypol/ so you know what we're about. Free speech leftist board.


Can someone explain to me the difference between Matrix and XMPP?
Both are client-server based. Both support chat, voice, video. Both support encryption.
So why the FUCK two of them get shilled at the same time? I already have Whatsapp/Skype/Signal/Viber/Zoom/Telegram/Wechat/Whathefuckelse, why yes give me ANOTHER two! Retard!






One is obscure and next to no one uses it. The other is especially obscure and even fewer people use it.

File: 1608525836641.png (80.97 KB, 961x1024, 46456456g.png)

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General for all things piracy related:
Share Torrents, Private Trackers, information about how to obtain a particular commodity for free on the internet; Requests.


Current onion for the piratebay^

Pirate the planet.
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I've been pretty much exclusively using TOR as my go-to for pirating shit. How secure is that shit in reality?


>ctrl+f audiobooks
>zero results
So do I just rip these off of youtube or what.






Fuck off faggot, it's a retarded thing to do and harms the whole network. Kys

File: 1621197621376.png (18.14 KB, 700x487, g-monitor-fedoralogo.png)


You WILL use Pipewire
You WILL use Wayland
You WILL use systemD
You WILL install everything from Flatpak
You WILL use GTK
You WILL NOT have thumbnails in the filepicker
You WILL use btrfs
You WILL accept the code of conduct
And you WILL be happy
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>what's the catch?
oh and something else, all packages in guix have to be "bootstrapped", meaning built from pure source code, because there's a method of inserting malware into a binary called a thompson compiler attack. guix is basically the only distro that is completely committed to being secure against this vulnerability so they don't package programs using languages that are not bootstrapped (this includes kotlin, ada, and javascript), so you can't package those things until you bootstrap the language first.

also KDE isn't available on guix yet. there's a patchset for it on the mailing list that is still being reviewed.

and selinux doesn't work on guix/nix, if you care about that


>so you can't package those things until you bootstrap the language first.
there's actually a channel for beta-quality packages that upstream won't accept, you might be able to find it there or submit patches to them


>there are undercover cops roaming around the net
Lol, hi, Officer!




>pulled 2GB runtime for a 90MB binary
kek, that's what Electron app running in a flatpak runtime looks like. Still more sane than Steam runtime running in a flatpak runtime tho…

File: 1667593060839.jpg (346.62 KB, 1472x1984, 34.jpg)


Ok, lads, I need to vent.

Why the FUCK is every fucking shithole on the www is trying to make my life as much miserable as possible?

Try to view aurora store homepage from tor - Forbidden. Try to do it from a vpn - stuck at the loading screen. Try to view some reddit thread - everything is falling apart at the seams. Oh, just FUCK OFF!

Every fucking shithole is making gorillion connections to some fucking cdn network, every fucking shithole is so heavy with js that I can almost hear it shitting its pants when trying to load a two paragraph page.

every fucking shithole is using cloudflare that forces me to solve retarded google captcha 10 times that doesn't even make sense I clicked on the fucking boat GODDAMIT! GIVE ME A BREAK!!
and it's getting even worse, now sometimes it doesn't even give me any captcha and just blocks my ass, nhentai I'm looking at you bitch

with every year internet becomes more and more unusable, I might as well install windows that connects to M$ servers over 5000 times a day and then resells this data to gorillion third parties and be fucking done with it
every fucking shithole wants your email, phone number, or whatever the fuck anyway
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How is this better than Invidious?


freetube is a standalone desktop app, even tho Electron based

you need to self-host invidious, or use someone else's instance
instances tend to go down and be slow as fuck, buffering like a motherfucker when youtube embed flies

freetube local youtube scraper backend is as fast as embed, and it can fallback to invidious instances in case of failure

also, it allows local subscriptions, remembers history, playback state, etc, etc etc

and it frees your browser for actual browsing

only thing is lacks are proper tabs, it only has separate windows as of now, but it's still in beta


oh, and also freetube can buffer the whole video and is not limited by your browser cache
and in general it's fast and smooth


>freetube is a standalone desktop app
>instances tend to go down and be slow as fuck
There are always more of them.
>freetube local youtube scraper backend is as fast as embed, and it can fallback to invidious instances in case of failure
That's a legitimately nice feature.
>also, it allows local subscriptions, remembers history, playback state, etc, etc etc
Fuck all that.
>and it frees your browser for actual browsing
Yeah, but so do tabs.
I just download the videos and then watch them. Playing it back in VLC lets me skip around in the video at will.

You know what a program like FreeTube would be good for? PornHub. Make soemthing like that for PornHub and other online porn sites, and you would crash the internet porn industry with no survivors.


>what do you mean "recorded live-streams"? it plays both live-streams and recorded video alright for me
It plays livestreams for me too, but only if i know their specific title or link and search for it. I'm asking about discovery. As in going to a channel page and then looking for what's been uploaded to it. In those cases i don't see any way to find live-streams i don't already know about.

File: 1673728841127.png (22.54 KB, 922x814, Logo_Haas_F1.png)


Guys are there any keygen or something for HAAS machines' option codes? I can't buy it anymore because i live in country with which HAAS stopped all business relations



Can't you buy options through Kazakhstan or Belarus or somethin?

Anyway, don't think there is a keygen, as codes are unique per machine, and I imagine it would lock up if you try to brutforce it

you would need to hack the OS or something


russians are stuck with chinese equipment now
you better start learning kanji because they're not known for their customer support lmao


> as codes are unique per machine
well yeah but looks like code depends only on serial number and model, so it sounds possible. moreover, as i know there are some people who already did it, but of course they won't share information
> you would need to hack the OS or something
their main board has NXP Coldfire CPU and architecture is really similar to Motorola 68k. i tried to decompile their public firmware, but didn't find anything. also there are some FPGAs on the main board

File: 1608526379648.png (729.09 KB, 1009x812, 1606340810843.png)


Google(tm) Task Mate(tm), the new quirky way of wageslaving for less than minimum wage!


All this trash is missing is EXP points and levels


If my life ever hits such a low point that I'm less-than-minimum-wage cucking myself in this gimmick economy shit I'll just quit everything and become a fucking NEET.


we’re already getting there with shit like Uber and Lyft.


No you won't, you grit your teeth and take it because that's what it actually means to be so desperate you don't have a choice.

File: 1672536962125.jpeg (110.07 KB, 2400x1260, gpt-3.jpeg)


Do you think the internet will eventually be so full of computer-generated text that traditional text-based interaction will become intolerable? Will we all be forced to adopt real-time audio-based interaction because eventually it'll be the only way to be sure you're communicating with a real person?


people are already so unthinking and conformist that it won't matter if they are replaced with literal robots.


Also, robot artists are already better than human artists.


You could ensure that you talk to meat-people by making everybody buy a cheap cryptographic signature dongle that generates a key when people link their dongles in meat-space.

That way you get proof of meat based on a chain of meat-space link-ups. If you link your dongle you are vouching for that other person not being a bot. If your dongle vouches for too many bots, your dongle won't be trusted anymore and you'll no longer be able to vouch for the non-bot-status of others.

Bot makers can't really fake a realistic meat-space activity.

Audio and video communication can also be faked, it's a lot harder to make it convincing, but there are really realistic and natural sounding speech synthesizers already. Convincing real-time video is eventually also possible. Bio-metrics won't save you.

If bots get advanced enough to grasp complex concepts, it might be interesting to have a Marx-bot.

Maybe that's because there's too much AstroTurf online already.


>You could ensure that you talk to meat-people by making everybody buy a cheap cryptographic signature dongle that generates a key when people link their dongles in meat-space.
I remember when Freenet had a system like that. It's not a bad idea, and it can also be used to encrypt traffic. Nothing can break analog.

File: 1668700109429.jpeg (9.19 KB, 474x266, th.jpeg)


I've had a question for a while that I've wanted to ask leftists and I figure this is as good a place as any. I can think of only one thing the right and left could ultimately come together on, and that's when it comes to suppressed technologies or suppressed science.

I'm talking about things like free energy, cancer cures, anti gravity tech. Because, if this stuff were available to humanity you'd be able to have the Utopia you want without having to tax the rest of us to death in order to fund your socialist pipe dreams. Plus, don't you guys hate fat capitalists lining their pockets by fleecing everyone and profiting off of human misery (like the cancer industry does)?

Could we not agree that the people behind this sort of suppression need to die? I'd happily eat the rich if it's those fuckers. I'd happily set them off into the wilderness and give them a head start before hunting them down as trophies.


I guess the issue is that the existence of suppressed technology is speculative. There's really no clarity on if it exists or if its a bullshit rumor. In principle, I agree though. People who supress technology for profit should be fed to lions in a stadium.


I wouldn't call it "suppressed" i would call it neglected technologies, capitalists simply do not fund technology development unless they see a way to profit from it. And we definitely are missing out on some fancy tech because capitalists did not see a business-case for it.

>I'm talking about things like free energy, cancer cures, anti gravity tech.

If you define free-energy as some kind of technology that can reverse entropy (Clark tech named after science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke) I think that's extremely unlikely that somebody can do this, and it might not be possible at all.

But if you define free energy as, energy that is too cheap-to-meter, yes you are right about that. If we had, for the last 50 years, spend half of the worlds military budgets on fusion power, we would now be able to produce so much energy that electricity for households would basically be free of cost.

As far as cancer cures go, i think you have to broaden you view. There is a open conspiracy to not develop one-off cures that fix an illness for good, and instead focus on perpetual treatment, to get captive customers and "recurring revenue".

>anti gravity tech

To be fair that is being funded.
I know of several research projects that could be a precursor to anti-gravity-tech.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


I'm fine with a discussion on that so long as it includes something actionable that the left and right could come together on in the furtherance of such a future. Clark Tech, post-scarcity, these would make many of the gripes between the right and left irrelevant.


>I wouldn't call it "suppressed" i would call it neglected technologies

A little of Column A, a little of Column B.

As for free energy, I don't rule out the reversal of entropy, but free energy can also mean energy that is so cheap that it's practically free.

>As far as cancer cures go, i think you have to broaden you view.

Cancer is just one of the more blatant examples of suppressed science. Back when I used to binge on walls of text, one of my favorite haunts was https://ahealedplanet.net/ which goes into a lot of detail about this, and lots of other things.

>anti gravity tech

Viktor Grebennikov


>capitalists simply do not fund technology development unless they see a way to profit from it
You're forgetting that governments control immense amounts of money and have zero interest in "profit". Same with central banks and their cronies on wallstreet, the people who actually print all the paper money we use don't need to worry about what's "profitable".

>A little of Column A, a little of Column B.
Governments can prevent their citizens from acquiring technology but not each other. USA lost their atomic weapons monopoly after like a year. The idea of "Suppressed Technologies" existing in a globalized multi-polar world is unconvincing.

Apply occam's razor:
[_] all these psychopaths at the top of the world's government, military and financial institutions are all in perfect cooperation and none of them have ever been tempted to exploit the super advanced technology for their own benefit
[_] the super advanced technology simply doesn't exist

File: 1670071029951.png (12.63 KB, 539x680, jpegxl-logo.png)


So apparently Palemoon became the first browser to officially implemented JPEG XL a week ago. At the same time, Google just dropped it from Chromium despite supporting it behind a flag for months. What the hell is going on here? Is Google that desperate to push their video-codecs-as-image-formats that they're willing to sabotage a massive step forward for the web? JPEG XL is capable of replacing both original JPEG, PNG, and animated GIF/PNG all at once with a single file type that produces superior file sizes for all three categories of use cases. Neither WebP, HEIC, nor AVIF were ever able to make such a broad, sweeping improvement because they are geared more towards features important to video encoding than still images or lossless animation.

It seems like every few weeks these days I find something new to get mad about in the world of web development.
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Holy shit I didn't know this was a thing hell yeah. Fuck google. I use FF anyways.


>muh firefoox


Everyone knows firefox is spyware but it's the best choice out of all the choices you have because it allows you to de-spyware it.


you can de-spyware chrome too
the only thing good about the foox is that tor uses it

there are just no good browsers period

it's all either straight up spyware or outdated shit that gets updated once a decade
the best variant I found is falkon that uses qtwebengine (ie chromium blink engine)


Palemoon gets updated pretty regularly actually. The problem isn't that it's outdated, the problem is that Google aggressively pushes constantly changing web "standards" that developers without tens of millions of dollars worth of resources can't keep up with.

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