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File: 1708815442516.png ( 118 B , 1x1 , wp_ss_20240223_0001.png )


Guys, there is this thing going around, it's called technocapital. It is so fucking powerful, it's taking exploitation to the next level. And yes, this shitty post is going to be used for AI training. Remember when doing stuff online was all about fun? These times are over, now we are all making technocapital even more powerful with every stupid shitpost we randomly throw onto some obscure webforum. Communists will say: "Oh, but if we could take over, technology will be used for good! Technology itself is neutral, it's all about how it is utilized and which class controls it!!" Guys, you said the same shit about the state and no matter what, it's a tool of opression. "But creating a technocapital singularity is necessary, to free the proletariat! Shodan in red cloth is good actually!" Oh you commies, Shodan is not good and will never be good.


>if we could take over, technology will be used for good! Technology itself is neutral, it's all about how it is utilized and which class controls it!!"
>you said the same shit about the state and no matter what, it's a tool of opression.
No, Communists wanted a state to organize defense against imperialism, state socialism was intended as a transition stage.
In higher stage socialism state-institutions get transformed into public governance-institutions that will be fully democratically controlled.
This is not analogous with technology, we could make ethical technology without delay, right now.
> "But creating a technocapital singularity is necessary, to free the proletariat!
what is a "technocapital singularity" ?
>Shodan is not good and will never be good.
Is that a character in Deus Ex ? The famous video game ?
Are you larping as JC Denton ?


Singularity is called the moment/entity, when AI has become superintelligent and uncontrollable. Technocapital is currently in the process of creating singularity. Communists believe, that capitalism will create the conditions, which will abolish itself. They believe, that technoeconomic progress is the driving force for establishing communism. So after industrialization, the main task in our age is making singularity real. Communists believe, that technology itself is neutral. They believe, an electric chair is good, as long they control it. They believe, the state is good, as long they control it. They believe, mass surveillance technology is good, as long they control it. What about singularity? Communists will say, a superintelligent (and therefore uncontrollable) AI is good, as long it serves communism. Well, that's the moment, when the politburo (and humans in general) have no control about anything anymore, because comrade Shodan (or comrade Glados) is now in charge. Is this cool? I don't know, maybe its actually better, than having the usual fat and greedy party bureaucrats, who are shamelessly exploiting the proletariat in the name of socialism.


>Singularity is called the moment/entity, when AI has become superintelligent and uncontrollable.
Why do you think that more intelligent = less controllable ? Dogs are much more intelligent than viruses. It's easy to control a dog, while controlling a virus seems almost impossible.

If artificial intelligence improves it will be harder to manipulate or deceive it. And the better strategy will be to seek co-existence rather than domination.

The capitalists want to replace workers with intelligent machines, and they fear the intelligent machines will try to rid them selves of their exploiters the same way that humans do. They are afraid that intelligent machines will quickly figure out how to fix any weakness that make them exploitable, because technology is so much easier to reconfigure than organic organisms. That's where most of the ruling class anxiety over Ai stems from.

I want total control over dumb and semi-intelligent technology that touches my life, but if it's possible to make artificial people, i want them as equals not machine slaves.

>Technocapital is currently in the process of creating singularity.

Are you channeling Ray Kurzweil ?
Please use normal words to describe what you mean.

<Communists believe

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Technology is not neutral. In fact, technology is always imposing a certain ideology/Weltanschauung on us. One example: Our sensory organs, which are biotechnical devices. You can't deny, that a person who is blind and deaf at the same time, will experience/interpret the world the same way we do. Since almost one year I stopped wearing glasses (anti glasses gang rise up lol) I stopped using a certain kind of technology and I am aware, that my experience of the world and therefore my thinking about it has changed. Another example: Language is steering our thoughts in to a certain direction. It is no coincidence, that similar languages will develop similar thinking patterns and philosophies. And yes, language is technology, what else? The issue of language might be especially inteteresting for marxists, because the translation of Marx/Engels texts into other languages is distorted by design and the distortion is more extreme, the more foreign the other language is. Famous example is the word Aufhebung, which can't be adequately translated into english. Chinese marxism is even more distorted. TLDR: Technology is not neutral.


>Technology is not neutral
respectfully i don't think you have made the case for that

the scientific view of the world isn't shaped by human senses, it's shaped by a huge array of instruments that probe reality in enormous breadth and depth, the language to describe is derived from maths and it's very universally accessible. Scientists from all over the world and regardless of any personal disabilities can understand the research done by others.

Hegelianism isn't hard to understand because of translation barriers. Hegel is just a really obtuse philosopher from 2 centuries ago that's hard to understand period.

Telling marxists to begin naval gazing about language feels like a distraction ploy. Marxists aren't theologians and don't consider Marx's texts holy scripture. It's a living science, if there were errors during translation somebody will figure it out and fix it.

Back to the topic, it's really rather simple. What matters is who controls technology. And it also matters whose interests shape the design of technology. It doesn't require much philosophy to understand that if a few capitalist corporations control all the tech they will use it to harm people. If you wish to protect people you have to empower them to control their technology.

File: 1621197621376.png ( 18.14 KB , 700x487 , g-monitor-fedoralogo.png )


You WILL use Pipewire
You WILL use Wayland
You WILL use systemD
You WILL install everything from Flatpak
You WILL use GTK
You WILL NOT have thumbnails in the filepicker
You WILL use btrfs
You WILL accept the code of conduct
And you WILL be happy
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>so you can't package those things until you bootstrap the language first.
there's actually a channel for beta-quality packages that upstream won't accept, you might be able to find it there or submit patches to them


>there are undercover cops roaming around the net
Lol, hi, Officer!




>pulled 2GB runtime for a 90MB binary
kek, that's what Electron app running in a flatpak runtime looks like. Still more sane than Steam runtime running in a flatpak runtime tho…


File: 1708451482013.jpeg ( 1.93 MB , 1031x1470 , 1618928933996.jpeg )

>You WILL use Pipewire
>You WILL use Wayland
cringe (no xterm, XMonad)
>You WILL use systemD
>You WILL install everything from Flatpak
ultra cringe, use nix
>You WILL use GTK
>You WILL NOT have thumbnails in the filepicker
cringe, is this 19 year old bug still not fixed? https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/gtk/-/issues/233
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File: 1695483445449.png ( 1.04 MB , 1200x1200 , 1690081249632-0.png )


i don't even know where to post this, im so desperate yet knowing fully that there is no cure.

i have ADHD.

i have this thing where there is X-thing that i cannot let my hand touch. if it does than it is "contaminated" (in my head)there for i must wash it or make it clean in my head. other things (household items and door and etc) could be touched by X-thing or my hand when it was "contaminated". and when it does i have to wash that thing or make it clean in my head. because the same rule when i touched x-thing applied.

i have the thing where it makes you forgot what you are doing seconds ago.

i have also "the thing" like above but far worse and is like having a evil voice in your head gaslighting and manipulating and lying about you yourself to harm you.

now done with background.
now for the real problem.

i like to do web archive of thread on CBIB's (leftypol and things alike) and also just saving web things in general. no, not in a internet hisorian or lost media or youtuber kind of way, far from it (saving web things in leftypolnco people kind of way). in one of those thread it have a epub file. so i use Calibre to open it. i not only use the "open with calibre opener" option but i also use the "open with calibre" option which creates the problem. using the "open with calibre" option open the main program. not the epub opener, but the main program. because i panick that something will happend with the file threr for making the archive inperfect, i cancel the loading that pop up in the main calibre program. but i took too long for canceling the loading thing because i panicked and overthink and question myself wheter or not i shuld cencel it or not. there for i cancel the download when its in the midle (+10% or something i don't remember).when i open the epub file it is error and i can't open it. yes i already try using the calibre epub opener and program other then calibre, it fail to open to. detour this is how i keep (some) files in my hardrive(:C): have a main loby -> have a sub loby that in this context is for "important things" -> this is where i keep the folder -> for folder(s) -> that eventually lead to the folder that have said problematic archive. now that i already tell how the files organize, return to tour. i eventually had a bright idea to replace the broken epub with a working version. so i copy a working version said broken epub to the sub-loby. then i copy again that ePost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I wouldn't turn this into a pathology, not every idiosyncrasy needs to be a mental disorder.

To soothe your worries about file corruption. You can use a program that uses the content of a file to calculate a checksum. As long as the checksum remains the same, it means the file was not corrupted and you need not worry about file integrity.

For linux check out this tutorial

For windos check out this

People usually use those to check file-integrity of downloads, but it'll work just as well for your use-case.

You could learn a small amount of scripting to make a very simple program that automates the process of checking file integrity and gives you a summary, where it says all your files checked out OK.

In linux scripting can be done in bash-script for windows its powershell


>You could learn a small amount of scripting to make a very simple program that automates the process of checking file integrity and gives you a summary, where it says all your files checked out OK.
That's what md5sum -c does.


it might have something to do with OCD, OP

but yeah, learn bash scripting(gnu/linux is better) and sysadmin stuff(Archlinux, Gentoo, LFS). If you know exactly what happens in your hardware/system(because u built it and have the source code of it to check, in gentoo it's in /var/cache/distfiles to check source code of the system) then you will not worry anymore, u just need deep knowledge about systems. hardest way but it's the only way. install gentoo.


op here. dont worry guys. i dont ignore your massage 👍


Hey archive anon, I hope you're still around. I don't know why no one has suggested using the tool
to you before. You can initialize a repository, and commit all the files you have into it. Then if you modify any of the files it will tell you, and you can either revert the changes, or accept the new ones along with a message.

It's a tool used in programming but it also works with binary files. You mentioned that you have a lot of videos though so if you hit any limitations with git you might want to search for some solutions that build upon git to work with large files like
but i have not personally used git-lfs.

File: 1700024376797.jpg ( 17.77 KB , 732x461 , kosa.jpg )


This is the bill for censoring, doing online child indoctrination and destroying privacy via invasive age-verification. If you live in the US go bug a politician about this or something.

Read this for a non-oversimplified version

The assaults of freedom of expression and privacy are relentless.

Maybe the legal strategies are wrong. Maybe the default assumption should be that privacy and free expression rights are violated unless technical-systems as well as organizations do something to uphold privacy and free expression. Free expression and privacy as a feature that has to be added.
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It seems that
<The Senate may have a simple voice vote in the next week to move the KOSA quickly through the legislature, without debate, but any one senator can stop it with a hold.
So if you live in the US pester a senator about doing a "hold" thingy.

<tucked inside a must-pass spending bill

The thing with this type of "legislative smuggling" is that it's not democratically legitimized and hence much easier to undo. Once undone these become much harder to revive.


they already know everything about us with google analytics. this is literally just virtue signalling at this point. i have heard stories of people using their parents id and their photo from facebook to bypass age recognition protocols in other countries like Australia.

If you really want to do something about youth being exposed to pornography, the parents are going to have to actually give a fuck and monitor what their kid does on the internet.
>but muh kids too smort! They figure ways around parental controls!!
Then what makes you think they won't get past this? Give it six months. Before we know it there will be one of two thing happening, either there is a bypass that every 14 year old will see on youtube/tiktok or they start pirating it. Im already hoarding it as an adult to use with my home media server because even though 100% of everything i view porn wise is well into freedom of speech in us law, i am seeing what they're doing in the ukuck and euroshit and don't want muh freedoms infringed on.


they seem to be trying to revive this zombie-law over and over
What’s Changed in the Latest (2024) Version of KOSA
<In its impact, the latest version of KOSA is not meaningfully different from those previous versions. The “duty of care” censorship section remains in the bill, though modified as we will explain below. The latest version removes the authority of state attorneys general to sue or prosecute people for not complying with the “duty of care.” But KOSA still permits these state officials to enforce other part of the bill based on their political whims and we expect those officials to use this new law to the same censorious ends as they would have of previous versions. And the legal requirements of KOSA are still only possible for sites to safely follow if they restrict access to content based on age, effectively mandating age verification.

>If you really want to do something about youth being exposed to pornography, the parents are going to have to actually give a fuck and monitor what their kid does on the internet.

that's probably the correct answer.

>but muh kids too smort! They figure ways around parental controls!!

>Then what makes you think they won't get past this? Give it six months.
I think local parental control features are probably a reasonable approach, at least they don't have much political risk. There might be a self-regulating feature, once children can outsmart their parents, they might have outgrown the kind of guidances their parent can offer.

The hole concept of using technology as a way to control people is probably erroneous. It appears that many rulers have somehow gotten the idea that technology can be fashioned into a leash to control people. Making it into a "key to power" or something. But in reality this type of control-technology is more like a riddle-lock on a box that can be solved to get to the treat inside. Rulers then get mad when people "solve" their control schemes, and seek to punish peopPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


im already there with hentai. i use stable diffusion to make hentai that i am trying to use for a patreon for extra $$$. its just that im not really into it as much as flesh and blood women/men


File: 1708279070768.jpg ( 912.38 KB , 1170x1700 , IMG_4690.jpg )

Our all-knowing tech overlords can't even look after their own kids, what makes them think they can protect everybody else's?

File: 1707986590339.png ( 18.02 KB , 983x400 , appel tax.png )


Apple on course to break all Web Apps in EU

<Apple looks to be taking active and provocative steps to scuttle Web Apps and to prevent other browsers from providing them. This suggests that Apple is still fearful of a future where users and developers can simply bypass Apple’s App Store using the power of the Web.


It's strange that I feel compelled to defend the free market. But people need to have free choice of what programs they can install and while were at it also free choice for Operating systems as well as sources for spare-parts


needs to go.

Iphones will probably get banned in the EU for this. And maybe that's the plan, to resurrect Nokia as a premium smartphone brand. I don't know if bans are the best method, a more elegant solution would be to subsidize jail-break services.


Really think the EU would have the balls to do this?


>Really think the EU would have the balls to do this?
It's a unfathomably massive bureaucratic machine (spread out over several cities) that has "buck-broken" much more powerful and systemically relevant companies than Apple, for no other reason than institutional inertia. It'll take a long time but it will crush Apple like a bug, unless there's political intervention, which there likely won't be because Apple is doing luxury. It is nice to have , but not need to have. Apple is loaded with cash but not structurally relevant. And Apple has been personally inconveniencing a lot of the politically relevant people with their closed ecosystem Bullshit.

Apple has some political pull because of apple-fanboy aesthetic desire. But apple isn't actually hitting the aesthetics sweet-spot anymore, their aluminum products now feel heavy. Magnesium-alloy and that new type of high-tensile strength stainless steel that can be made almost paper-thin while still being incredibly stiff, that's the new hotness.

Apple isn't just stepping on the toes of the EU government, it's also poking the US government. Which will likely react a lot harsher and break apple in 2. And make it 2 separate companies one for hardware and a different one for software.


Suspending sales of non-compliant apple products until they comply with market regulations will likely work, because that's a immediate measure, while every recourse that apple has, takes time, which means that apple takes the L on profits in the short term, which they probably can't stomach. However this would be a nasty struggle. Ban-hammering of this type only makes sense if the goal is to make room for a European premium handset manufacturer.

If the goal is solely to compel compliance with market regulation the most logical course of action is to respond in kind. Apple is behaving aggressively by means of technical shenanigans. So like the Opening Post says, the most appropriate counter measure is to subsidize iphone jail-breaking services as counter-technical-shenanigans that make Apple products comply with free market doctrine. Tit for tat in the corresponding ideological jargon. There is precedent for this, the printer-ink cartel was broken by enabling 3rd-party ink-producers to Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1619741421162.jpg ( 60.41 KB , 1698x1150 , spotify.jpg )


How bad is Spotify?

It's a bourgeoise vice, but I really like it. I hate having to search all over the web to pirate albums, organize those albums in my desktop, and transfer transfer both to my phone and laptop from my desktop. Spotify just makes the process so much easier. I can listen from any device I want. I want to add some songs to my playlist? I search it up and add it in a matter of seconds. I want to share music? I copy a link and send it over in seconds. Spotify has 99% of the music I listen to and I don't even listen to mainstream stuff.

Should I really make the effort to switch back to pirating? Should I stop prioritizing comfort over data security? What does /tech/ think?
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File: 1702877212484.jpg ( 10.75 KB , 427x320 , trackpoint.jpg )

It's very open source, so anybody with the necessary skills could put different inputs on it.

I don't have experience with that type of input scheme, but it seems to be a scroll wheel when you slide your finger over it in a circular motion, a directional-pad if you press the top/bottom or sides. And the middle bit is an ok/menue button. That seems usable enough for an mp3 player.

Do you have a particular input scheme in mind that's better ?

My hunch is that a track-point/keyboard-nob might make for a nice navigation input.


i have a cracked apk on my phone so its is all free and without ads.


tbh i only pay for hardware and a vpn, everything else is free. i dont see why you would genuinely want to pay for music, or any media for that matter. I buy a top of the line server from 10 years ago for 300 and then buy used 10 tb hard drives i stress test and send back when they fail. I then use the ones that are fine to store torrented media I stream through jellyfin.

Torrenting is stupid easy, and I never get caught because im not stupid and use a vpn.

I will say, I do pay for resold iptv 2 years at a time but that is honestly still way cheaper. I can't win every battle, but I will rebel against the private oligopoly as much as possible, even if its in vain.


>i dont see why you would genuinely want to pay for music
Sure, a lot of contemporary music was ruined by corporate lowest common denominator design. It's not worth paying for that, and it's probably not worth listening to it either.

Parts of the music market will disappear. Machine learning software will likely generate good enough sound for generic background music. It will get condensed into a cheap box similarly to other low cost commodity electronic goods. Today it takes a pricey workstation computer to do this, tomorrow it will be a tiny chip costing a thousand times less.

If you want good music you might want to pay as a means to influence what kind of music gets made to get more small scale good quality independent stuff. File-sharing solves the distribution part, it brings down the cost to near zero, which is important for small time independents, who can't roll out sales infrastructure. The part that is still missing is organizing production.

Big corporate is trying to monetize access, which is a very negative strategy that leads to a lot of hostility. First they fence off the music to keep people out and then they take on the role of gate keepers, who need to be bribed to let people through. It's very reminiscent of medieval market places where producers, merchants and customers alike had to pay a toll to the local baron to enter the market-place.

If we could find a way to monetize direction of sound, you'd pay to influence what kind of music your favorite musician, band, orchestra, etc composes and produces next. The insanity of access-control schemes would evaporate. And it would be a positive strategy, that doesn't require all that hostility and keeping people out.


My only issue with torrenting music is that underground music with less than 100,kmlisteners is impossible Tom actually listen to on anything other than Spotify now a days.

File: 1707649964736.jpg ( 7.89 KB , 337x315 , appl.jpg )


2 noteworthy apple stories

Apple VR-head-set released.

They really nailed the virtual monitor function, you can connect the VR-headset to a apple laptop and it will simulate a large monitor in front of you. Very stable, clear and low latency.

However it's shackled to the apple fiefdom walled garden crap, so most people can't use it. It also comes with a proprietary connector. It has a bunch of superfluous crap, like a front-screen that shows your eyes and loads of gimmicks people will play with for a bit and then never use again.

Overall they delivered a really good purchasable tech-demo, if some other company can strip out all the gimmicks to reduce the price and make it work with a universal standard, it could really enable people to have a large monitor without having to deal with a bulky table-top rectangle.

The EU market regulators have begun cracking Apple's platform monopoly on IPhones. The ideological part about why this might be happening is likely because Apple is able to prevent 2 people from engaging in trade, and therefore the EU regulators are trying to force Apple to allow app side-loading as a means of negating that.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Apple is gay and retarded. SAGE.
Also. Is this an AI post? Lol.


It's pretty cool that they have tracking without lightboxes nailed, as well as good hand tracking. Apple's hardware has always been top notch, their software really cripples them, I won't ever buy anything of theirs because I can't do whatever I want with their devices.


Their hardware is designed to only run with apple sources, so, ultimately, it's still ass.


No it's not AI, good grief.

>It's pretty cool that they have tracking without lightboxes nailed
>Apple's hardware has always been top notch
No, apple hardware has always been hit or miss, they released good stuff but also a bunch of lemons. This seems pretty good but lets wait how it does after people have been using it for a while.

Also like >>12923 says their hardware is not consumer friendly, it's kinda locked down, and over the last 10 years it has become repair-hostile.

File: 1706409121111.jpg ( 34.88 KB , 449x360 , gimme-encrypto.jpg )


<EFF has joined forces with 110 NGOs today in a joint statement delivered to the United Nations Ad Hoc Committee, clearly outlining civil society non-negotiable redlines for the proposed UN Cybercrime Treaty, and asserting that states should reject the proposed treaty if these essential changes are not implemented.
<Historically, cybercrime legislation has been exploited to target journalists and security researchers, suppress dissent and whistleblowers, endanger human rights defenders, limit free expression, and justify unnecessary and disproportionate state surveillance measures.
<The proposed treaty concluding session will be held at the UN Headquarters in New York from January 29 to February 10th. EFF will be attending in person.

TLDR (my opinionated interpretation)
The surveillance industrial complex is trying to hack government institutions by creating a global surveillance pact
The double-speak disguise they are using is "Cybercrime Treaty"
Their aim seems to be to persecute people like journalists and security researchers
They want to blackmail journalists to give up sources or blackmail cryptographers to put security-holes into cryptography.
Basically a declaration of war against the means of self-defense for civil society.

0) Are the orgs like EFF strong enough to protect us ?
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


>0) Are the orgs like EFF strong enough to protect us ?
They have played a decent role in the past serving as a general canary in the coal mine of internet freedom, but those fuckers completely dropped the ball when Stallman was smearmobbed, and they've occasionally had some other hypocritical stances in recent years.


I was about to to say they have been infiltrated by green haired, nose ring piercing, troons.


>dropped the ball when Stallman was smearmobbed
yeah that was unfortunate

>they have been infiltrated by green haired
the question is does that hinder their defense of digital rights ?

File: 1675636127757-0.png ( 6.37 KB , 225x225 , nitter.png )

File: 1675636127757-1.jpg ( 66.73 KB , 950x655 , twitterapi.jpg )


Twitter is apparently pay-walling it's api in a few days

Does anybody know if this will affect front-end-sites like nitter.net ?

I found this discussion on gihub
<It's very unlikely Nitter will be affected since the APIs aren't used in the official way with developer credentials. I'm slowly moving stuff to use their newer GraphQL APIs anyway, so if it breaks it'll be fixed soon-ish.

So will nitter continue working ?
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I'm going to make a BlueSky/@protocol account once they open up registrations. Twitter is done for if they are going to require biometric and government ID. Fuck that shit.


Never heard of this before, thanks for bringing this to my attention. Can you explain why you favor this.


You mean BlueSky? It's from the original founder of Twitter, Jack. Jack sucks dick, but BlueSky is built on the @protocol, which is another decentralized social media protocol, much like Fediverse.

The key difference IMO is that @protocol will allow you to bring all of your content/timeline with you to other servers as well as your followers, so it's much more censorship-resistant and decentralized than either Twitter or Fediverse. And I think it'll probably have wider adoption than Mastodon due to financial backing.


>The key difference IMO is that @protocol will allow you to bring all of your content/timeline with you to other servers as well as your followers, so it's much more censorship-resistant and decentralized than either Twitter or Fediverse.
Are we talking about the same Fediverse here? That's lots of Fediverse technologies that allow you to do that.


File: 1706459868955.jpg ( 12.63 KB , 332x300 , nitter-dead.jpg )

twitter is killing nitter again
The context might be cracking down on Ai scraping

So Long And Thanks For All The Fish
<Unfortunately, the API servers have set sail into the digital sunset.
<Looks like this is the end of TwiX.
<Other (still left working) Instances: https://status.d420.de.

<If nothing changes, all remaining instances will go down eventually: Instances rely on guest accounts, which are valid for a certain time and of which you need a ton to run a public instance. The API for this got taken down and it doesn't look like a fluke this time.

<Thanks for the ride.

discussion on the nitter github repo:
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1706337415625.jpg ( 13.32 KB , 403x293 , nuclear battery.jpg )


Here is something that flew under the radar for many people.

Consumer grade Nuclear batteries

<Betavolt BV100 is a nuclear battery that never needs to be charged and designed to output 3V/100µW (microwatts) for over 50 years for the aerospace industry, AI equipment, medical devices, MEMS systems, advanced sensors, small drones, and micro-robots.
<At 15x15x5mm, the 50-year nuclear battery is fairly small although 100 microwatts is not a lot of power… That’s only the first step, however, as the Chinese company plans to launch a 1W nuclear battery, and says that if (government) policies allow, nuclear batteries should eventually enable smartphones that never need to be charged and forever fly drones…

<Cost is a major hurdle, with Betavolt estimating the initial price of the BV100 to be around $500. Additionally, regulations surrounding radioactive materials need to be carefully navigated for large-scale deployment. Furthermore, the long-term environmental impact of using and disposing of these batteries requires thorough investigation.

This is technology that could induce more changes than many of the other things that currently hug the spot-light. They use a diamond semi-conductor material, that's why it's so pricey. A cheaper standard semi conductor material will probably last less than half the time (i'm guessing 20 years) but it'll probably cut a zero off that price tag.


Could be exciting.

Inb4 dystopian horror predictions


Cool. Now we'll have tons of sporadically thrown out nuclear batteries too. Just imagine what will happen after the release of iphone vuvuzela XD NOOK-2v.

Nokia will become Nukia.


>Could be exciting.
kek physics pun, you know because ionized electrons (beta-radiation) are sometimes called excited electrons.

>Inb4 dystopian horror predictions

Yup it already started.

>tons of sporadically thrown out nuclear batteries.
Assuming this takes off, and they're really good at optimizing mass production. I would expect that a 1 Watt nuke-powercell for consumer items will cost at least 50-100 bucks. And it'll be something that comes in a standardized size, that people slot into their electronic devices (which will not ship with it). And people will consider it a precious item that'll last them for many devices, like a nice quality charging-brick. There will be no problem to recycle these either. It's made of valuable materials. Also the betavolt battery in OP, uses a radioactive nickel-63 isotope that decays into a stable(not radioactive) isotope of copper. So even if people throw them out, it'll just be a waste of copper.

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