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Hello people. I'm looking for an instant messenger which satisfies most of those needs:

Anonymous, private & secure [decentralised, encrypted & safe] (Hard necessary)

Audio & video calls [configure volume, deafen, mute, select camera/screen/window & support for group chats] (If there is an app which satisfies most other needs but does not have audio/video, I might do fine just using Jitsi instead, so it's mid-necessary.)

Clean, fast, professional, responsive & smooth design (Can also go with terminal)

Cross-platform [android, linux & windows] (Hard necessary)

File transfer [no limits] (Hard necessary)

Free & open source (Hard necessary)

Group chats [customisation & moderation] (Hard necessary)

History [clear, search system] (Favorable, but not necessary)

Notifications [togglable] (Favorable, but not necessary)

Presence [do not disturb, online, idle] (Favorable, but not necessary)

Stable & optimised [performant & lightweight] (Hard necessary)

Status [media & text] (Favorable, but not necessary)

Folders [contacts & groups] (Favorable, but not necessary)

Text messaging [block, delete, edit, embed, emoji, format, mark as unread, mention, mute, show typing, pin message/user, quote, react, read receipts, reply, saved messages, spell checker, etcetera] (Not all those features listed are hard necessary)

I'm just looking for an alternative to fbi.gov, there has to be no ZOG crap, that's the first need listed.


>File transfer [no limits] (Hard necessary)
Whatcha' uploadin' buddy?


Tox meets most of your demands.


Maybe he just wants it to be future-proof. You know when people will send you a funny Meme-Ai that's a leisurely 10 gigs. To not be that guy that predicts that nobody will ever find use for more than a 640KB floppy disk.

OP has pretty tough demands, if this Tox program you talk about can deliver on most of that, that's gotta be really good.


I use conversations because I have xmpp texting so that is what I would recommend. You can use multiple protocols on it.


Matrix is the only really viable option


I like everything about Jitsi Meet except the fact that it's trapped in a web browser.


I once sent someone a jitsi meet link to a client I was going to do some work for and it didn't work for us. I use Linux and they have a Macbook. We ended up using google meet because we both already have a gmail account.

I like open source but I'm tired of making excuses for shit not working. It can't be that hard, skype has existed since 2003.


What about it didn't work?


I forget the details but I was trying to share my screen and the other party couldn't see anything. I don't remember if voice worked or not.


X11 or Wayland?




Tbh I mostly chat on Urbit. It doesn't have forward secrecy yet, but they're working on it. Although, my Urbit preference has nothing to do with most of the reasons OP listed.


Matrix isn't a private or secure platform, it's literally BUILT for datamining. Also it sucks


Quite an assertion. Elaborate.


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>OP has pretty tough demands, if this Tox program you talk about can deliver on most of that, that's gotta be really good.
It's pretty decent. Drug dealers in my country use it quite often. It's cross-platform and there's a very fucking comfortable to use TUI client that is easy to compile on anything. Besides that there are windows and android clients with proper user interface, i never tried them.
It's peer to peer but you can use it through tor by connecting to the DHT nodes. Because it's p2p the file transfer is limitless and it's as decentralized as it gets.
It supports group chats and calls. Although, i never tried calling anyone with it so i can't comment on it. The calls are encrypted, so they are probably quite stuttery through tor.
It's lightweight as fuck too.
I don't really get why OP wants limitless uploads, you can just use a bin for the heavy stuff.
Outdated and retarded. Encrypting your messages is a full blown CBT and there are literally two usable clients, both are bloated as fuck.
Mastadon tier shit. Last time i checked every single client was very heavy. The servers however are just fucking disgusting, i am pretty sure they are so heavy people had troubles running them on RPI's. You also need an account to use it, just like with XMPP.
But if you would ignore all that it's pretty decent. Currently has the most trinkets in the FOSS messaging protocol lane.


It's open source and has end-to-end encryption despite being annoying to use sometimes, it was AFAIK marketed to some military at one point as a secure communication tool. You can always just host your own homeserver and turn off federation for total privacy. Stop spreading FUD


>It's pretty decent.
Nah, it's broken.

See https://github.com/TokTok/c-toxcore/issues/426


>Encrypting your messages is a full blown CBT and there are literally two usable clients, both are bloated as fuck.
What about Dino? it supports even voip encryption with srtp.

Also, what about NextCloud Talk? https://nextcloud.com/talk/
You would need to self-host anyway.


Still FUD. Mostly.

Here's the thing: even if there is legitimately too much data being sent to matrix.org from using the element app, the whole thing is still open source, so you can run your own app, your own server, and have it be secure as far as anyone can make anything secure. And that is the state of it today.

I am a bit concerned about their connections to Israel however.


File: 1704928441081.png ( 213.7 KB , 1080x942 , Screenshot_20240110-180933.png )

Holy fuck element just locked the issue for the most requested feature of having multiple account support. What a bunch of faggots




Most of your requirement are met by simplex.chat


How come I haven't heard of this before? It's self hosted, and seems like it might be more stable than element. I wonder if you can use it to send files?


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