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File: 1678626418451.jpg (110.73 KB, 1200x675, pedo surveilance attack.jpg)


So the EU is apparently pondering to make a mandatory pedo scanner for software.

Many people have pointed out that this is just a pretext to attack:
IT security
and maybe even free open source software.

Many people think it's surveillance organizations them selves that are uploading the CSAM on purpose to push for laws that expand their legal permissions.

And all of the above is undoubtedly true.
Consider that if you invert the assumption of innocence and declare that wanting privacy makes you into a pedo-suspect that means that secret organizations have to be considered pedo-guilty by default, because they can't prove their innocence while keeping their secrets either.

If you argue that effective encryption that can't be broken which is absolutely necessary for the very concept of privacy, has to be undermined for the pedo-scanner. Then that same argument has to be made for proprietary software. Many pieces of proprietary software are in the range of tens or hundreds of gigabytes, and without publicly available source-code it's possible to hide a huge assortment of pedo-content in there. By contrast it's not possible to hide pedo-stuff in open source software.

Effective unbreakable encryption is not only necessary for privacy but also essential for IT security because without cryptographic signatures it's impossible to verify whether or not software hasn't been compromised.

But one glaringly obvious thing that is overlooked in this debate, is how a CSAM scanner works.
Every possible method of scanning for CSAM requires building a giant database filled with pedo-content.
There are relatively simple methods that use the pedo-data-base to create pedo-signatures of files, and there are more sophisticated methods, like using it to train machine learning algorithms to detect the pedo-patterns.

I can't help but think that a bunch of pedophiles got together and said
<"how can we create a pedo-pornhub without the rest of society trying to burn us at the stake for eating their children"
<"how do we get new pedo-content for the pedo-pornhub"

Because what they are doing is violating privacy and compromising the IT Security of computers used by children and scan it for potential "content" that has pedo-characteristics, that can than be uploaded to their pedo-data-base.

Basically the pedo-mafia has made an alliance with the surveillance-mafia.
But this isn't just about them creating a pedo-pornhub, they will indubitably find actual pedophiles with this, and then will be able to blackmail them to either go to prison or join the pedo-surveilance mafia. So it's also a recruitment tool for their crime-organization.

The Apple corporation which was the first that has implement the pedo-scanner-collection-tools and pedo-data-base might be the epi-center of this massive pedo-spiracy.

Before you dismiss this as schizo-ramblings, consider the following:
Since the assumption of innocence is being inverted, we have to consider that those people who are lobbying to create a giant data-base filled with pedo-content and legalized mechanisms to basically scan and scrape every computer for new content, that this is in fact a great pedo-conspiracy until they can prove their innocence. And that everybody who doesn't agree with my accusations is a suspected pedo-co-conspirator until proven innocent.

short talking points in case a wall of text won't do:
Attempting to weaken/undermine privacy/encryption = pedo-creepers that want to spy on kids
Attempting to attack free and open source software = furthering the goal of hiding csam in proprietary-pedo-ware
Appearing to combat pedo-philes would be the best predator-disguise for a pedophile.


Sometimes the EU does some quite admirable legislation to protect user privacy, but what in the actual fuck is this?


File: 1678670250677.jpg (237.67 KB, 806x747, 1678377890273283.jpg)

Apple as a company did the same thing not to long ago where they scan user images in search of CSAM.
"Save the children" is the rallying cry of modern attacks on our right to privacy and security.

ITT: Eurofags don't know what it's like to be preotected by S230. The ends do not justify the means and, to quote the founding fathers (broken clocks etc etc) Those who would trade liberty for security deserve neither.


File: 1678701096230.jpg (104.9 KB, 1000x500, pedo-surveilance-capitalis….jpg)

>Apple as a company did the same thing not to long ago where they scan user images in search of CSAM.
>"Save the children" is the rallying cry of modern attacks on our right to privacy and security.

You are not going far enough without your accusations. They aren't just committing the heinous crime of mass-assult on privacy.

Their CSAM scanners are based on a massive collection of pedophile-porn. And their scanners also hack into the phones of children. So in essence it's an organization that collects massive amounts of pedophile-porn and hacks into the phones of children. And it claims that it wants to protect society from pedophiles, talk about the fox guarding the hen-house.

On the very small chance that this "initiative" wasn't started by pedophiles in the first place, it's going to become overun by them. They will get paid to look at CP instead of getting prosecuted. It's a massive pedo-magnet.

Even if you think what I'm saying is over the top, accusing these people of having pedophile intentions is likely a more effective narrative. They are associating privacy with pedophilia, it's high time to return the favor, and associate hacking into personal computers that are also used by children , to scan their private photos, with pedophilia.


>inb4 praxisless theorycel midwits offer their dead end 'critical perspectives' about this


File: 1678702760299.png (49.12 KB, 200x402, glow-imp.png)

You are most likely glowy looking to discredit a pro-privacy / anti-surveillance position
You could potentially redeem your self by making an actual argument.


Nope, I'm highly pro privacy. It's the modern muhleft which is so quick to give up rights, liberties, and privacy to protect against imaginary/overhyped threats.
>Mass shooting
>Climate change
>Omg that girl's 17.5 years old

Granted, the modern right is hell-bent on rescinding the right to [checks notes] crossdress and creep on women in the bathroom.


Hmm that's kind off an unexpected reply.
I don't know if this really is about right-left bourgeois direction-politics or a cultural issue.

If you want to fight pederasty you need to fund investigative police-work, like with detectives and crime laboratory stuff. And you need highly trained social workers that can figure out if children are in social conditions that could lead to molestation.

I don't really see the point of bothering with computer and internet stuff, by the time pedophile-porn ends up on the internet it's too late and the damage has been done.

If you find the pedos in meat-space that will fix the internet content problem by extension.

If this really is about protecting children online, then i would be onboard with a general ban to post pictures of non-adults online. Because that makes it a privacy argument. You can argue that children can't consent to their likeness being published, because they aren't legally able to consent. Parents arguably don't have that right either because it might have effects beyond childhood and that would be violating the privacy rights of future legal adults.

The big advantage of a general age restriction mechanism is that there is no need to have a data-base full of CP to create anti-CP-filters. And you won't end up with government institutions or private corporations that are filled with pedophiles ""managing the illegal content containment"". You can have a relatively simple algorithm that is very accurate at guessing the age of somebody even when photos don't include a face. There's no need to do any invasive stuff like hack into the phones and computers of private persons either. And the age-guessing algorithm has no legally problematic technical components derived from CP, so it can be opensource code that can be inspected to make sure there are no malicious features. It's also very light on computation resources, cheap compact-cameras with 500mhz MIPS-architecture processors could do this a decade ago. You can add this to any website or app without it becoming a regulation that promotes big tech-monopolies because only they are able to have the technical and legal capacity to implement it.

I don't believe for a second that the people who have proposed the CP-scanner laws care about protecting children, because they want to undermine the privacy and computer-security of devices used by children. What they want has a technical requirement that a big stash of child-porn exists somewhere in a vault. You can't claim to fight against child-porn and than proceed to build the largest collection of child-porn. That's not a valid line of reasoning.

People use their personal computation devices as a prosthesis for their brains, hardware is just so much better at accurately remembering information than wetware. Any kind of access to personal computation devices is the same thing as asking for access to a pulmonary-pace-maker (fixes irregular heartbeats) or cochlear-implant (artificial hearing). I think it's madness, this is some kind of mental assault. People have a right to perfect privacy to their brains, and that includes the parts that are made out of silicon. We're already cyborgs, just not the creepy kind with mutilated bodies that have technology bits poking through the skin like the monsters in science fiction.


File: 1678748475723.jpg (166.71 KB, 680x383, 1678496065365100.jpg)

Can you not derail the thread with your crackpot conspiracies about Covid and Globla warming which are actually real threats you moronic faggot and mass shootings are too even if liberals have a dumb ass backwards way of fixing it.

Are you seriously this dumb?
Covid and global warming are not comparable to this at all.


>Spooked, cartoon watched, failed adult


>Another retard with nothing of value to say/


>Quotations of comrade dunning kruger

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