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File: 1698188821832-0.jpg ( 17.06 KB , 771x700 , love linux.jpg )

File: 1698188821832-1.jpg ( 146.83 KB , 2518x1024 , fosschad.jpg )


Because freedom matters.

If your computer still is running a proprietary prison.
And every time it fails you, your frustration grows.
When the system's not free, you will always be hosed.
Put a GNU system on and reboot it
Put it in your horn and toot it!


File: 1697818333429.jpg ( 1.52 MB , 1488x934 , Welcome to the Soyviet Uni….jpg )


Suppose a special commission is tasked with drawing a random sample of a particular size from the list of names. Suppose that the commission uses existing PRNG software to do this. How could the general public independently verify that the drawn sample is TRULY random? If commission publishes random seed used and the list of names, and if PRNG software could be run on personal computers, then the sample could be independently reproduced.

My question: assuming that the commission could run PRNG procedure on an infinite number of random seeds, what is the chance of it arriving on a premeditated outcome? Obviously such outcome would be not random at all.
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well, the list of names could be compiled in the strict alphabetical order to prevent manipulation on this end

but the seed looks like the chicken and egg problem - ideally you would want a random seed, but to get a random seed itself you ideally would want another random seed..


I guess we need to assume that the seed is a-priory DETERMINED.

So the source of randomness should come from the list of names.


>but the seed looks like the chicken and egg problem - ideally you would want a random seed, but to get a random seed itself you ideally would want another random seed..
ie the genuine source of entropy could be only in some physical process

but who controls access to this process - controls derived randomness


>the seed looks like the chicken and egg problem
not really, in (1) and (2) the seed is predictable
with (3) you start with a random seed (the list of names). remember, any piece of data can be a seed, and in a weird way, the list of names is a physical source of entropy

still, the smaller the list of names, the easier it is to manipulate the result. and the bigger the list is, the easier it becomes to add fake names without people noticing. take this python example

import random
def seed(names):
str = ", ".join(names)
def choice(names):
return random.choice(names)
def fake(names, fake_name):
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a combination of (1) and (3) may work better:
instead of using the current list of names as the seed, you could use a previous list

File: 1695387333841-0.png ( 277.72 KB , 2000x1800 , 1690257943582-2.png )


i hang around the end page of boards here to do some archiving. My problem is that i have this insanity-adhd (idk what it is) thing that makes it so that it's impossible to archive thing since everytime i open my own file i always worry (and believe) that i deleted something from said file or edit said file or mess it. is there any software that could help ? a software or something that could prevent me from deleting or messing or editing the file ?

(crossposting from org)
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OP you need to start using linux my friend if you aren't already.


This, install gentoo MX Linux, or AntiX (if you love a shitty UI).

>sudo chattr +i filename
Alternatively, regularly sudo move and chown your files to a different user account.
You can automate this with a suid root script to avoid fucking up with typos.

Also consider reducing the consumption of whatever drug you're overdoing and meet some people IRL before schizophrenia gets you into serious trouble.


im learning to use linux


when can i use Arc ?


>when can i use Arc ?
If you are talking intel arc graphics, that should work out of the box without a fuss on any linux with a kernel 6.2 or newer
To find out your kernel version, open a terminal and enter the command:
uname -r

For example on Ubuntu that would be the two latest releases
23.10 Mantic Minotaur 6.5
23.04 Lunar Lobster 6.2

File: 1642607298033.jpg ( 59.83 KB , 640x920 , IMG_20210904_114347_891-1.jpg )


Anyone else here dabble in cryptocurrency?
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>Only nazis are interested in crypto. Stay poor comrades.
how's that "to the moon" going for you buddy lol?

the only use value of this fancy toy is to pay for vpn and vps
I can't even reliably circumvent capitalist banks with this shit because they ban your ass as soon as they see a "suspicious" activity

I have money essentially stuck in the computer, anything more than paying bills and your bank will ban your ass for suspicious transactions from randoms

the only way is to bend the knee and go to backdoored regulated exchanges


If technology is being suppressed by the establishment then it is a threat to the establishment.


>Only Nazis are interested in crypto.

What did he mean by this,.?


File: 1695990298896.jpg ( 11.21 KB , 300x273 , glowinginthedark.jpg )

>I have money essentially stuck in the computer, anything more than paying bills and your bank will ban your ass for suspicious transactions from randoms
Argument to the cudgel? You serious?
Enjoy your nanolipids



File: 1697742069672.mp4 ( 4.35 MB , 640x360 , ko -.mp4 )

fuck u cunt

File: 1696368309285.jpg ( 1.56 MB , 3089x2234 , Constructivist.jpg )


I'm going to work on building an archive of all your shitposts.
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Attachments can have another special column: a bigint representing a 64-bit unsigned integer, that we compute using a perceptual image hash algorithm (there's libraries to do this). We can add a special index on this column, using the bktree postgresql extension, that will let us compare the distance between these numbers efficiently, bit by bit (called the hamming distance).

CREATE INDEX attachments_phash_bktree_index ON attachments USING spgist (phash bktree_ops);

This column will let us do reverse-image search on similar images.

Attached is the full sql file, where I have added some users and granted them permissions


File: 1696449844187-0.png ( 2.33 KB , 383x383 , Git-Icon-1788C.png )

Next I'm going to get postgREST serving locally on port 3000. Postgrest will automatically create a REST API for our database. (https://github.com/PostgREST/postgrest)

Then I can build a script that will read in the board's json api files and populate the database. I prefer to just hit this REST api than write database queries out as strings in some way, I've tried different ways of doing it, using and ORM or a domain specific language and using postgrest was the most pain-free.

I will also throw this repo up online here: http://git.leftychan.net/0/chan-delorean
(or here http://git.wz6bnwwtwckltvkvji6vvgmjrfspr3lstz66rusvtczhsgvwdcixgbyd.onion/0/chan-delorean for onionfans)

I've also written a postgrest service for nixos if you want it: https://github.com/towards-a-new-leftypol/devops/blob/spamnoticer_deploy/nix-support-production/postgrest.nix


File: 1697644302692.jpg ( 43.48 KB , 600x347 , fence_posts.jpg )

I wrote some more glue code to shove all of the posts from the board into the database, by simply reading the json api files, transforming the data structure slightly and passing json to PostgREST.

To not take too long I shove all of the posts on one board into the database at once: the sql code takes an array of all the posts, does a SELECT to get the ones that exist already, inserts the ones that don't yet exist, and returns all of the internal post ids. This is quite boring, you can go read the source if you care, but it takes about 2 minutes to save leftychan.

I have monthly snapshots dating back to around the bunkerchan split, so I ran those through the script as well. Perhaps not every post ever posted is there, but I have around half a million posts. Now we can get to the fun part of attempting to query the database for what the board looked like at an arbitrary point in time.


File: 1697645062824.jpg ( 44.36 KB , 736x736 , thumbsupcat.jpg )

that is impressive work


File: 1697650877009.jpeg ( 59.6 KB , 640x480 , 640px-Diamond_Core.jpeg )

👍 Thanks anon! There's more:

I want to see the board as it was a year ago. I need to get all of the threads that were on the board, at t = (now - 1 year).

Threads are ordered by bump time. We need to get the first, say, 400 threads if you order all the threads by bump time.

In lainchan each thread has a bump column (threads and posts share the same table called posts_a or whatever), which makes it simple to get the current top threads, but it doesn't help us calculate what the bump times were one year ago.

So first I recognize that a thread's bump time is just the time the most recent post was posted to that thread.

Maybe I can use SQL's aggregate function to get the MAX post creation time, if we group the posts by their thread_id. Then, since I have indices on the creation_time and thread_id columns, (and another index on both), if I limit the number of threads that I want then hopefully this won't be slow:

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1691466102391.png ( 80.13 KB , 1050x700 , Untitled.png )


someone on gitee made a multi-platform notepad++ called notepad–
which is nice because notepad++ is windows only and the author is a rabid anti-china shill, and his mental illness had begun to creep into the actual code
anyway, has anyone tried it? does it still compile with qt6? I hate qt and gtk so much it is unreal
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it doesn't affect any foreign policy because it's just a guy that made a commit with something like
<if (IP from X countries) then rm -rf $HOME
to a library that is used by another library […] that is used by a relatively popular software

at this point I don't know if you are trolling or are just dense and stupid, but you don't need to make a full background check: they are vocal and deranged enough that you don't even need to check. you are so retarded that it hurts and this is my last message because you are too dumb to use a computer and yet you evidently spend too much time online


>t this point I don't know if you are trolling
I'm not trolling you. I get your point, a bunch of radlibs blew a fuse over geopolitical events and began screwing with software packages. And you want to yeet them because that's a breach of trust. I also understand that for this particular case it's relatively easy to zero in on who's doing this, and nip it in the butt.

However I'm also thinking about the general case. We'd be introducing the principle of discriminating based on political affiliation. I would like to avoid this kind of stuff. I would much prefer to have a politically neutral purely technical solution. I don't particularly care about what political or philosophical views some programmer has, as long as the program they make is good quality and does not include malicious features. If we could find a way to make some kind of automated code-audit-system that makes it sufficiently difficult to spike a software package in this manor, we could screen out bad actors, without having to deal with politics and all the bad blood that brings.


Libs banned Strelok from the app store too so now it's hard to find an apk without using yandex and a translator. Fag dev couldn't monetize it so he shut it down. All the more reason to go open source. We desperately need a FOSS app to estimate holds!


>Libs banned Strelok from the app store
So apparently that was a "ballistic calculator". I've only heard that in the context of Naval artillery. Your hobbies must be wild.
>We desperately need a FOSS app to estimate holds!
i tried searching for this online but, i got nothing, what's a "hold" ?


some cool afghanistan boomers at my USPSA and they taught me some long range stuff too with their Rem and vortex. You can use the app with your caliber barrel length etc to calculate what hold to use on the reticle. You can also turn the top turret to adjust for drop. It's nicer than other apps because it has a lot of reticles pre-loaded and can select between mil and moa dots. Boomers I talked to like mil because you can estimate range based roughly on shoulder width and height. They had it in a notebook with a table for it but it was something simple. Go talk to boomers anon they have a lot to teach and no one to listen.

File: 1678626418451.jpg ( 110.73 KB , 1200x675 , pedo surveilance attack.jpg )


So the EU is apparently pondering to make a mandatory pedo scanner for software.

Many people have pointed out that this is just a pretext to attack:
IT security
and maybe even free open source software.

Many people think it's surveillance organizations them selves that are uploading the CSAM on purpose to push for laws that expand their legal permissions.

And all of the above is undoubtedly true.
Consider that if you invert the assumption of innocence and declare that wanting privacy makes you into a pedo-suspect that means that secret organizations have to be considered pedo-guilty by default, because they can't prove their innocence while keeping their secrets either.

If you argue that effective encryption that can't be broken which is absolutely necessary for the very concept of privacy, has to be undermined for the pedo-scanner. Then that same argument has to be made for proprietary software. Many pieces of proprietary software are in the range of tens or hundreds of gigabytes, and without publicly available source-code it's possible to hide a huge assortment of pedo-content in there. By contrast it's not possible to hide pedo-stuff in open source software.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>It's OK
nice double standards nazoid

>No clue what that does

<The System for Operative Investigative Activities (SORM; Russian: Система оперативно-разыскных мероприятий) is the technical specification for lawful interception interfaces of telecommunications and telephone networks operating in Russia. The current form of the specification enables the targeted surveillance of both telephone and Internet communications. Initially implemented in 1995 to allow access to surveillance data for the FSB, in subsequent years the access has been widened to other law enforcement agencies.


>nice double standards
No it is not a double standard to take into account the level of economic development. I want a free and open internet for the users, not shill for enabling the biggest players to suffocate every potential competitor in the crib.

>The current form of the specification enables the targeted surveillance of both telephone and Internet communications.

This is vague jargon, it does not say anything about whether the Russians have a free internet or not.


>No it is not a double standard to take into account the level of economic development.
So it's okay to censor internet in third world reactionary shitholes.

Totally no double standards at all lol.

>I want a free and open internet for the users

And yet you're against open internet for the Chinese and Russian users. Curious.

>whether the Russians have a free internet or not.

They don't.

<In Russia, internet censorship is enforced on the basis of several laws and through several mechanisms. Since 2012, Russia maintains a centralized internet blacklist (known as the "single register") maintained by the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media (Roskomnadzor).

<The list is used for the censorship of individual URLs, domain names, and IP addresses. It was originally introduced to block sites that contain materials advocating drug abuse and drug production, descriptions of suicide methods, and containing child pornography. It was subsequently amended to allow the blocking of materials that are classified as extremist by including them to the Federal List of Extremist Materials.[1] According to Freedom House, these regulations have been frequently abused to block criticism of the federal government or local administrations.[2][3]

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Also, russkie blacklist now includes hentai resources lol.

Russkie Ivans are not even allowed near superious anime girls lol, they must slave away for their Natashkas. Such freedom kek.


This has nothing to do with the thread-theme about malicious scanners.

Anyway can you at least address the point about enabling less developed countries to do protectionism. Do you have a better way of doing that ?

File: 1681915604290.png ( 12.54 KB , 1170x663 , rep.png )


A topic that was almost completely neglected in Marxist circles , was the privatization of online reputation systems. Most of the big tech corpo platforms just deploy some kind of algorithms or payed reputation badges. Technically this isn't a new phenomena the first privatized reputation system probably was something like banking credit-scores.

I think that maybe the toxic elements of social media like cancel-ism might have been the result of those privatized reputation systems.

I'm wondering why there don't seem to be any prominent non-commercial community p2p driven scoring systems ?
There seem to be very few people working on stuff like this, i only know of Ian Clarke the Creator of Freenet that is talking about this stuff.


>I'm wondering why there don't seem to be any prominent non-commercial community p2p driven scoring systems ?
because it's gay
go back to reddit if u want upvoots


>reddit upvoots
That's a rating system, which is something else entirely.


File: 1695980944753.jpg ( 154.88 KB , 1080x1091 , therealityofasocialcredits….jpg )

>That's a rating system, which is something else entirely.
Reddit upvotes go into your Karma score which is exactly the technocrats' social credit score mechanism of fascism.

Watch the Black Mirror leddit episode (s03e01) and you will see what is planned for us, and that doesn't even talk about government shills like e.g.

>privatization of online reputation systems

How young are you?
Reddit is run by alphabet soup (and so are both leftypols)
Alphabet soup is the result of government because centralization of power makes it really easy for psychopaths to take control and push their agenda.

Do you think it was capitalism that removed stories about the NSA from reddit?
Do you think reddit made money by allowing government shills to act like this?
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Why do you think reddit karma is reputation? It just tells you how many internet-points somebody got, it doesn't tell you what they got it for.

If i tell you Fred is good at math, and then 10 other people confirm that they too think highly about Fred's maths skills, then Freds gets a reputation for being good at maths.


>Reddit upvotes go into your Karma score which is exactly the technocrats' social credit score mechanism of fascism.
The problem with reddit is that it is fully centralized so the reddit servers have ultimate control over your karma. Even if a million human beings saw and liked your post the server can give you zero karma because fuck you.

Distributed reputation systems like nostr are not necessarily a bad thing though since public key cryptography makes it impossible to forge and you can use a blacklist/whitelist to disregard the votes of bots and shills and people who don't matter.

File: 1691460394629.jpg ( 33.55 KB , 678x504 , bookbot.jpg )


Are people using generative AI backwards ?

For example, lots of people AI-generate text and try to publish it as paper-books on Amazon, which amusingly clogs up Amazon's pipes. In essence they use new AI computer technology to make more content, faster, for an old paper interface technology.

What people could be doing instead is make the content for a book them selves and then train a limited AI on that. Resulting in "ai-books" that you can talk to, ask it questions and what not. Which would make AI the interface for the content instead of the author.

A human book author combines 2 types of inputs.
1. all the books the author read.
2 all the experiences outside the textual book-world, aka the "real world".

AI only gets the first type of input, because AI has no experiences in the "real world".

If AI replaces all human authors, there won't be any new experiential inputs. Shit will stall for a long time until AI get advanced and corporal enough to have it's own experiences. It would make vast quantities of new works from a stagnant source.

The AI-interface-book that you can ask direct questions, is obviously most useful for text-books that you query for knowledge. But if would also offer new ways of story telling for fiction, like letting you talk directly to various characters.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


>like letting you talk directly to various characters.
Great, let humans unlearn the ability to have fictional conversations with fictional characters in their own mind (aka daydreaming) or roleplaying characters in chat or LARP and replace it with a bot that doesn't even understand what it is talking about and whose every word is controlled by some crazy transhumanist silicon valley dipshit nazi eugenicist technocrats.
Also this (don't let the misleading title trigger you):

File: 1670071029951.png ( 12.63 KB , 539x680 , jpegxl-logo.png )


So apparently Palemoon became the first browser to officially implemented JPEG XL a week ago. At the same time, Google just dropped it from Chromium despite supporting it behind a flag for months. What the hell is going on here? Is Google that desperate to push their video-codecs-as-image-formats that they're willing to sabotage a massive step forward for the web? JPEG XL is capable of replacing both original JPEG, PNG, and animated GIF/PNG all at once with a single file type that produces superior file sizes for all three categories of use cases. Neither WebP, HEIC, nor AVIF were ever able to make such a broad, sweeping improvement because they are geared more towards features important to video encoding than still images or lossless animation.

It seems like every few weeks these days I find something new to get mad about in the world of web development.
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There's new buzz around JpegXL apparently apple is now putting support into their safari browser and other programs, so maybe there's a chance it'll become a web-standard after-all.


>what is private property
>what is market share
>how owning the infrastructure leads to ownership of other things it connects to

You're using the internet, retard. It is spyware by design.

FUCKING FINALLY, coming from someone who waited for FLIF to become a(n) (A)PNG succeeding standard for 6 fucking years.

Also, Pale Meme is the memeiest shitty spyware shyce with retarded shitty devs as its parents. Read Bordigdeeper:
http://5essxguxi5enurgtuquvrjuvikss4gc5lbhmtz57cq4cedqx5tqvaxqd.onion/articles/browsers.xhtml#palemoon (https://digdeeper.neocities.org/articles/browsers#palemoon)
A frighteningly autistic List of browsers with quick notes (there's one on email operators too)
http://abrx6wcpzkfpwxb5eb2wsra2wnkrv2macdtkpnrepswodz5jxd4schyd.onion/browsers.xhtml#PaleMoon (https://m.13f0.net/shadow_wiki/browsers.xhtml#PaleMoon)


>Read digdeeper:
Have you, contrarian edgelord? They still openly admit that Palemoon is the best of a bad situation.


>However, it recently went off the deep end so much that I cannot in good conscience call it an "alternative" to anything anymore.
>Now, the stage is clearly advanced, the cancer has metastasized and cannot be removed anymore.
<Can't even install your own addons to block pozz
Curl back into your arsehole, retarded bitch.


File: 1695975036125.png ( 24.27 KB , 791x680 , botnetmaps.png )

>Palemoon is the best of a bad situation.
[citation needed]

On the contrary, they recommend Webbrowser aka WereFox.
And the Palemoon website blocks Tor users so fuck them.

FYI you can use Tor Browser without tor:
network.proxy.type 0
network.proxy.socks_remote_dns false
extensions.torlauncher.start_tor false

You're welcome.

For some reason those settings change back to default when I restart the browser, it's seriously about fucking time that someone who isn't evil or an idiot creates a web browser.
Or to ditch the concept entirely and create usable P2P software for content and thought sharing.

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