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File: 1622703983228.png ( 1.08 MB , 1920x1080 , Screenshot-165_png.png )


Are commercially available fingerprint sensors a fake?

I mean how can they read the intricacies and curvatures of a phone while being so flat and tiny? I litearlly don't understand or think they're real

And wasn't a old wives tale that all fingerprints are unique?


Probably. They get so much shit on them sitting in peoples pockets and each time you use it. Why doesn't the skin from the previous time you used it not affect it? I think they do something, bu they're not "secure" by any reasonable definition.


>Are commercially available fingerprint sensors a fake?
Lets say it's a very low security hurdle.

The biggest flaw is that you can't change your finger-print, so if somebody has managed to lift your finger print from a surface you touched, the security is broken and you can't reset it. There are already black markets for finger print databases. Some smartphones scan your face instead of your finger, you can't change your face either.

You can get a special usb-stick that plugs into the charging port of your smartphone to unlock it. That's very safe if you can hold on to the usb-stick.


>a special usb-stick
Wouldn't any stick with USB-C or micro USB work?


>Wouldn't any stick with USB-C or micro USB work?
You need the special stick so it will not release the phone unlock codes unless it's actually plugged into the phone. That prevents duplication.

File: 1608526235974.png ( 250.14 KB , 2331x2400 , hammer-keyboard-2.png )


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Capitalism didn't create any of those things. Human labor did. Read Marx, schizo.


>It must be because the creators of this IB basically are fucking disgusting commies
You know how refreshing it is to not see fucking delusional neolibs and nazis rotting your brain away with their poorly crafted and boring tirades over and over again for once on the goddamned internet? Don't ruin the fun, libtard.


Holy shit we got the next Sherlock Holmes here.


>What's really funny and contradictory is that without capitalism you wouldn't have the hardware or internet to post or host this project from
>what is ussr computers


All that technology was developed by dynamic public and state sector research, Capitalism doesn't create technology it just sell's it.

File: 1622872497177.jpg ( 10.9 KB , 400x469 , giga.jpg )


Chad is going to reveal people's names, job titles and other private information from web traffic. Beware!


>Chad Sneed
This CANNOT be real.


File: 1621315184303.png ( 250.61 KB , 1024x576 , nexus2cee_Magisk-Generic-H….png )


>Umm sweaty, looks like you have root access to your phone and are using a custom rom, Looks like we're going to ban you from our app


Such a based app.
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Fair phone us friendly towards rooting and custom roms


What? It shows up fine


not when i clicked 2 days ago
does nitter self-host the twitter post?


File: 1622561537470.png ( 19.81 KB , 1823x142 , disqus.png )

Unrelated but is this trick really possible?
Can I trick the behemoth to get free storage by editing some files?


okay idk why but i'm uploading google photos (lots)

and it isn't counting any storage as used? wtf is going on here

it's a new phone with no root or anything

File: 1619521363360.webm ( 1.54 MB , 1280x720 , 1618793533492.webm )


how much it would cost to build something to shoot that down, or maybe EMP the drones
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this isn't Final Fantasy the military doesn't use airships


File: 1622692552552.jpg ( 372.24 KB , 2120x1422 , blimp.jpg )

You will ride the blimp and you will be happy.


Yes and no, airships for recon still have uses if there is no risk of them attacked and DARPA is devloping drone airships that job would be just sit on a boarder and listen in to radio signals with a nation they are technically not at war with.


Hover your drone in front of it. Then when it crashes into it, you sue Amazon for $100000000000000000000000000000.


Is making money off suing companies really as comically easy as they show in TV?

File: 1620954221727.jpg ( 38.21 KB , 400x500 , 8f30a118bfe78df8b04e1d6248….jpg )


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*The last two patterns are unnecessary, unless you want to add an EOL($).


> A, I, gg, G, gd
This is some kabbalist secret code, don't deny it.


File: 1622528650601.png ( 63.77 KB , 800x184 , communism().png )

OP back again, thanks >>8880 for the bindings, ive been able to speed up my scripting as well as have an overall better quality of life.

this should be a banner.


Made the banner, >>>/leftypol/294250 (with a extra shebang line)


this is the correct take

File: 1622434116742.png ( 47.55 KB , 873x675 , 1622408458090.png )


notepad++ is radical centrism gang.
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Better is subjective but you could use Visual Codium or even Emacs if you have enough time to learn it.


>Better is subjective
Brain worms. Stop defending proprietary trash.


Visual Copium


your FLOSS won't protect you. the NSA has an entire division dedicated to infiltrating FOSS projects. The Linux kernel is MILLIONS of lines long and i no Linus and friends are not sitting there auditing every single line of code. it's a pipe dream. just use mac or windows and air gap the fucking thing. your welcome.


>just give up bro, you've already lost
t. NSA

File: 1622681139430.jpg ( 69.41 KB , 600x404 , 1613301273006.jpg )


Opinions on suckless? I kinda like the concept but the idea of sharing the space and potentially looking for problem solutions together with alt-right retards who unironically rant about "social marxists" makes not wanna use their stuff. I know it's kind of illogical but I get a weird feeling whenever i'm about to git clone their repos or if I'm trying to look at examples and all I get is Luke Smith's videos about it.


How convert them if no interact w/ them?


You think I should appropriate their technology and do a leftie takeover?


How that convert them to communism?


what did he mean by this


and I cant believe people are actually able to be this fucking retarded yet here you are

File: 1622580315641.jpg ( 821 B , 20x20 , 1622565767176s.jpg )






A magnifying glass.


lighters work pretty well, and are reusable to a point. More than matches at least

File: 1622361248628.png ( 268.56 KB , 640x500 , 1622303584785.png )




It relieves stress to travel long distances and imagine never going back


introduce them to traffic jams


File: 1622366071311.jpg ( 225.18 KB , 1311x1842 , 89863791_p0.jpg )

Nazrin is a mouse!


I really really like this

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