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Getting a wireless keyboard, good or bad idea?


Do you need to buy batteries? I find that to be annoying, I would prefer a rechargeable keyboard.


good idea.


It's a bad idea if you're concerned about the inherent insecurities of having everything you type passing via bluetooth (or worse) and/or you don't want to charge your keyboard for hours every 5 days or so assuming heavy usage.


Rechargable keyboard otherwise bad idea liek dis anon said >>8706


There are rechargeable batteries my man and they're no less annoying tbh
If the keyboard comes with its own lithium battery, usually a proprietary design, that's even worse because when its full capacity starts getting unbearably low you're going to need to bother looking up where to get a battery that fits and open the keyboard if you bought a mechanical one or discard it and buy a new one if it's some shitty plastic one


Rechargable batteries i find are shitty quality unless theyre dedicated ones built in like in phones n shieet.


Bluetooth keyboards are becoming faster than wired day by day


I think you might be comparing NiMH batteries to Li-ion ones.


Yh srry i cbf to look up the jargon


I mean if the the li-ion battery dies it'd probably be harder to replace, but would be more convenient.


I quit using a wireless mouse for this reason and just started getting USB ones.


I have to charge my mouse every 2 months and I use it a lot, maybe you should get something in the $30-40 range.


Is there any reason to use a wireless mouse, unless you own a laptop?
All my mice have >2m long cables.


It's more comfortable for me.


How do you even notice a mouse cable?
It is literally opposite of where your hand is!

I still use an old mouse, I got from someone who works in IT.
You can comfortably rest your hand on it and the buttons can effortlesly clicked, though they are started fail recently and it has a scrollwheel.

I once got a (wireless) gaming mouse, but I found it to be extremly uncomfortable, to constantly grasp its shape.
I used it with a netbook a couple of times after that, until it mysteriously broke.


What does its shape got to do with it being wireless and why ask this question if you already find them to be uncomfortable somehow


I guess I was trying to make a point on the shape being more noticeable for comfort an essentially weightless wire.


File: 1623629052637.jpg ( 55.47 KB , 400x400 , 1623618068418.jpg )

wireless technology is pretty gay in general, with the notable exception of GPS.
Think about it


sucks ass compared to wired connections, disconnects all the time
>other radio wireless for accessories
you lose the dongle every time, battery life nonexistent
slower speeds than ethernet, lags constantly, huge security risk
>GSM / mobile connectivity
enables normies to communicate everywhere and anywhere, democratized technology and is a huge factor in the deterioration of society (and don't get me started on the harmful radiation)

Did I mention wireless in general is a pretty huge security risk?
Wired is superior, there is no getting around it. I mean think about it.
Would you life suck significantly more if WiFi, bluetooth and mobile data dissapeared overnight?
Less connected means a more down-to-earth, true life. No more overusing your laptop on the sofa, the only device with an internet access is at your desk wired to the Ethernet jack.
Nobody calling your mobile phone 24/7. Don't wanna get calls? Just unplug your landline. Radio silence.

I am a strong believer in a wire-only life.


>enables normies to communicate everywhere and anywhere muh degenecracy, muh nerd club

kill yourself boomer
we will come and steal the headphone jacks out of your life


Looks like you never used a mouse with a short wire. I still dread the feeling of trying to move the mouse but getting stuck.


>we will come and steal the headphone jacks out of your life
Bourgeois degeneracy. Pay more for less (quality).


USB extension cables are still a way better option.
They sometimes come with a wireless mouse :^)


File: 1624074244849.png ( 466.03 KB , 2518x1170 , techwear.png )

Never wireless.

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